Spare A Click For Crysis 3’s “Interactive” Trailer?

Woo! It’s almost like playing the game! Ah, sorry, yes: the possibilities for mockery when a scripted shooter chooses to promote itself via a trailer in which you just have a couple of choices and then you let the rest of it play out are basically pretty mean. So I won’t go there, and instead point out how pretty the ruined jungled New York of Crysis 3 is. Yep, it’s super pretty! It’s not the first game to feature a future-New York taken over by jungle, of course, but this time you get a bow and arrow! The trailer shows off some neat features aside from prettiness, of course, including weapon modification and shooting people in the head. That always goes down well.

Twenty-four years on from Crysis 2, Crysis 3 tells the ongoing story of Prophet, who returns to New York to find it encased in a dome for some reason. He’s not an old man, either, so that must be the nano-magic. Inside the dome it is a jungle, some aliens, and a corrupt future-corporation. All the ingredients required for action!

The game is set to hit in February 2013.


  1. freetup says:

    Is it just me or do the guys at Crytek not know what stealth means.

    • phelix says:

      That’s also what bugged me. I clicked ‘stealth’ and thought I’d clicked ‘armor’ because apart from the cloaking the two sequences are both mindless shooty-shooty.

    • Ultra Superior says:

      They know they’re hunting invisible predator, so all it takes is one kill to trigger them all off. Seems legit.

    • Jason Moyer says:

      Looks exactly like how stealth worked in the first 3 Crytek games. i.e. not really at all unless you were invisible.

    • LionsPhil says:


      Also Jesus Christ that dialogue.

  2. Eophasmus says:

    This does look pretty and I hope it’s more Crysis 1 than 2, but I have a question.

    Don’t get me wrong, bows are great and all, but in this future-day and future-age, why use a bow over a gun?

    • freetup says:

      It allows you to be stealthy while shooting exploding arrows.

      • theallmightybob says:

        i hope that exploding arrow has a really big charge on it, or its just gonna make that bad ass robot suit mad.

    • CaspianRoach says:

      Say thanks he isn’t running around with a claymore.

    • f1x says:

      Remember Rambo III? that should answer the question

    • kzrkp says:

      have a nanosuit that can punch-out cars, a bow strung with steel bridge cable sounds like an awesome idea. hope the strength mode with the bow out gives you a power-shot :]

    • Ultra Superior says:

      Because you dont get the gunpowder residue all over your hands and clothing and there’s no barrel mark left on the arrow to prevent forensic ballistics match with your bow.

      So you can just walk away and pretend you didn’t kill anyone, it was that indian that ran the other way.

  3. nasenbluten says:

    Hmm I think I’ll pass, didn’t liked what they did with 2 and looks a lot like it.

  4. IshtarGate says:

    Wait, I’m sorry, does the game actually gives you a two-way choice asking you explicitly if you want to go action or stealth? That is the most retarded design decision I’ve ever seen.

    • libdab says:

      Isn’t it just asking which video you want to see? … still a bit lame.

    • Squirly says:

      The VIDEO gives you the option you …. “special” person.

      • IshtarGate says:

        How the hell does the video give me an option? It was just there on the screen and the player picked one. Clicking on the ‘options’ just paused the video, as it should.

        • jimbonbon says:

          Not sure what’s going on with your video there, but it definitely allows you to pick one or the other (essentially they are links to other videos but smoothly combined). First time I have seen that in youtube actually, seems to work well.

          • elevown says:

            Realy? ive seen it loads of times! What about like in a review video theres a box to click to jump to gameplay, or there might be a link on the screen at some point when they mention some other video.

            As long as you dont always have annotations off.

            As for being a smooth transition- only 2 of the 4 arnt part of just 1 playthrough- and those 2 alternates are triggered in empty corridors- its pretty easy to go back there are make sure you are stood in exactly the same spot before they start.

          • simonh says:

            What makes it smooth is that all the options are actually baked into the same video. Instead of having to load a new page with another video it just skips you forward to specific point in the same video. Pretty clever.

        • jikavak says:

          You probably got yer captions disabled.

    • elevown says:

      Are you trolling or just never used youtube before?

      As long as your annotations are on (the red box) you will be able to see defined click areas that link to certain videos/places in videos. If you dont click tho the video will keep playing and go to which ever route is the one he played first.

      Ofcourse you dont have to pick one mode or another in the game! you can select armour or camo modes whenever you feel like! They’ve just made a choose your own path video with 4 differant clips.

  5. Bharg says:

    Kind of weird that they’re already calling it Crysis 3. Looks more like an update like Warhead.

  6. Spengbab says:

    Is this duder playing on a consolebox? He’s staring at the ground half the time, like he’s fumbling with an analog stick.

    • BobbyDylan says:

      My money would be a PC (to make it look puurty) played with a controller. Which to me seems a bit like buying a sports car and driving in the slow lane.

  7. sunkillmoon says:

    at the end it says “preorder now for the composite bow” so i won’t be getting the bow then?
    not that i mind. i have an awesome daedric one.

  8. libdab says:

    Good to see that Psycho’s making a welcome return …

  9. BobbleHat says:

    Looks like they haven’t fixed the problem of MASSIVE GUNS that 2 had.

    I reckon this’ll be the first Crysis that I don’t buy within the first week of release. Crytek have taken the series in the wrong direction, in my opinion.

  10. theallmightybob says:

    why is that man firing a bow at someone in a crazy robot suit? thats just….. silly.

  11. yourgrandma says:

    You still move like a snail and using cover every 5 seconds… this isn’t crysis.

  12. elliott says:

    I used to be a great Cell Recon soldier,
    Then I took an arrow in the knee…

  13. jimbonbon says:

    I’m actually really looking forward to it – I seem to be one of the minority who enjoyed Crysis 2 more than the original (and Warhead for that matter). Although that was NOT stealth :P

  14. Stevostin says:

    Well it really is a beautiful game. I am surprised by the amount of bitching there about the “pick your vid” gimmick as it was all coll yesterday with Dishonoured. Or about the stealth being as relative as in… dishonoured, again. BTW the cloak seems high enough to avoid most of the fights, actually.

    The thing that did bug me was the bow in the air vent. We’re really ask for a lot of indulgence with those bloody air vents already, but now a bow… Tsss….

  15. Monkeh says:

    That was stealth? Almost thought I clicked the wrong option..

  16. Ultra Superior says:

    Manhattan Jewry of the future. Going after the prophet: AGAIN !

  17. PitfireX says:

    Looks like Crysis has become Call of Duty with an armor button…. it’s sad what consoles do to gaming.

  18. zaik says:

    Whoever was playing that is damned horrible at stealth.

    Also, who else heard them mention a dam and thought “That went REALLY well last time, let’s destroy it again and drown some more, excellent plan”

    • Grargh says:

      They’re damned horrible in the action part, too. It was basically activate armor, run into the middle of the fighting ground and shoot in random directions until another enemy has finally come close enough to hit them with your gamepad “precision”.

  19. RPSRSVP says:

    After they are done with Crysis 3, I hope they sit down and do a remake of Far Cry with less monsters, more human enemies, with enemy AI being a mixture of original Crysis and F.E.A.R.

    Don’t get me wrong, I loved Crysis but after 3 games, I want Crytek lose the nanosuit fetish.