WRC 3 Trailer Shows Off Shiny Spanish Tarmac

It has become a familiar refrain among racing-game blog posts to lament the DIRT series’ slide away from World Rally sort of action, and towards the EXTREME world of offroad sport, or whatever it’s called nowadays. But they aren’t the only people operating in the theatre of four-wheeled danger, no, because Black Bean are actually still making the World Rally series, the third iteration of which impends on our release horizon. The game is due on October 12th, and you can glimpse a bit of in action below. That looks more like, eh?

Fifty teams (count ’em!) from the real-life World Rally Championship appear in the game. There are thirty five unique car models, a list which includes a Volkswagen Polo R WRC test car, the cute Renault Twingo R2, and the futuristic-sounding Proton Satria Neo S2000. Cars! They’re not all red, you know.


  1. Scoke says:

    I didn’t know they still made PS2 ports for the PC.

    • Ginga121 says:

      It’s not THAT bad… though it is clearly being played with a controller of some sort heh.

      More to the point, who the hell plays rally games in that view?!

  2. nasenbluten says:

    Looks somewhat nice, lets hope it handles well. Those clone trees…

  3. Zeewolf says:

    What is absolutely needed with a rally game is a large variety of stages. I only played the first of Milestone’s WRC-games, but there were way too many track segments that were repeated over and over again. Each rally needs at least five entirely unique stages, in my opinion. Some variations and some stages driven in the other direction are fine, as long as there’s a solid foundation of unique stages.

    Edit: Oh, and the proper championship must be available from the start. No lousy career starting with one-stage rallies and junior cars.

    • Chris Evans says:

      I most certainly agree with you, I remember the classic Network Q RAC Rally Championship from 1996 which had 28 stages from Rally GB that year. Now that was a rally game.

      I talked more about this issue with rally games on The Reticule last year. Older titles did things better ;)

  4. Jekhar says:

    While it looks fine graphicswise (i know it isn’t top of the line, but i think it’s good enough), the movements of the car look somewhat off. Like in those old racing games with the simplified “bobsled” driving physics. Where only one tire was simulated for the whole car.

    • Saarlaender39 says:

      ^ this! ^

    • Chaz says:

      Yep, the physics and handling just look way too off the mark. The previous game had really bad floaty handling too.

      Shame Codemaster won’t do another straight rally game like the old Colin McRae days.

  5. Phinor says:

    Maybe next year. Or the year after that. Hey it’s the ten year anniversary of Richard Burns Rally coming in two years actually. It’s been pretty ridiculous eight years. None of the challengers have been one tenth, no, one hundredth of what RBR was and still is.

    Also, I think the world is ready for Rally Trophy 2. Am I right? On a similar note, it would be absolutely fantastic if GoG were to fix the original Rally Trophy (controller config doesn’t work in modern operating systems) and put it up for sale on their site.

    • Jekhar says:

      Sad but true. Where is the Rally game to finally overtake good old RBR?

      • tlarn says:

        After watching this video and the one in the article, I can start to see what people mean. And I’m not even big on racing games in general.

        I know WCR’s a work in progress, but the car shown doesn’t really feel like a car as compared to the RBR video, huh?

    • Saarlaender39 says:

      Man, I so wish for a 2nd Richard Burns Rally.
      Hell, even for a nicely done remake I would spend my money.

      Only fear is, that they defile the corpse, the way they did with Colin MCrae.

      • grundus says:

        St. McRae (that’s sincerity, not sarcasm) was actually starting to get into the X-Games style of ‘rallying’ shortly before his death, he was involved with Dirt 2 and totally happy with it from what I’ve read. Dirt 3 didn’t carry his name but it wasn’t too far removed from Dirt 2.

        I’m not expecting RBR-beating miracles from this but something more realistic and challenging than Dirt 3 would be nice. Also it would be hilarious if there was a co-driver difficulty setting: Easy = BBC news presenter, medium = a drunk Brummie, hard = Delhi-based tech support call centre operator, extreme = Brian Blessed, suicidal = the guy from the Go Compare adverts.

        • Saarlaender39 says:

          Well, I agree with you, that MCRae was definitely involved in the development of Dirt (released in June 2007).

          How far he was involved in the making of Dirt 2 – I would say – depends on how far it has been developed, up to the day he died (15.09.2007).

          However, only in november 2008 (=14 months after MCRae`s death!), Gavin Raeburg (Executive Producer for DiRT 2) confirmed officially, that a sequel to Dirt (= Dirt 2) is in development.

          Dirt2 was released in early september 2009 (on consoles), respectively in early december 2009 (on PC), thus two years after MCRaes death.

          So – How much influence, do you think, might CMR actually have had in the development of Dirt 2?

  6. MeestaNob says:

    I really like the Dirt games overall, they look fantastic and handle really well, but the only thing I don’t like is that they go out of their way NOT to be about rally driving. That and the appalling DLC debacle of Dirt 3.

    I just want a hard core rally game in the Dirt engine, why wont Codemasters do it?

  7. Jason Moyer says:

    At this point I’d be happy simply having something with DiRT style physics but stages like Rally Championship 2000. This 2 minute stage thing completely defeats the point of rallying.

  8. SominiTheCommenter says:

    Funny, I just dusted off my copy of Colin McRae Rally 2 and it’s absolutely brilliant. As someone said, there was also a great game called Rally Championship or something. I remember it having a yellow CD.

    • vedder says:

      Used to love Rally Championship 2000 which came with my PC that I bought in 2000. But then came Richard Burns Rally and every racing game released ever since has been a major disappointment because it wasn’t Richard Burns Rally. The only other racing game worth a damn is TracMania United, but that’s only because it’s the complete opposite of everything Richard Burns Rally tries to be. (O.k. fine FlatOut has a right of existence as well, but only on LAN parties…)

  9. matnym says:

    Looks interesting. Hopefully there’s a nice cockpit view as I can’t play racing games in third person (it’s just too weird). A map reader would also be good. Found that really useful in Dirt, especially when they say things like “hold left”, “cut”, “don’t cut” and so on.

    Rally was the only mode I enjoyed in Dirt but unfortunately there was’t enough of it :(

  10. Faldrath says:

    WRC2 is quite fun, actually, so I’m reasonably excited for this one. I hope there are more tracks and that the career mode is less grindy. This trailer certainly looks somewhat prettier.

  11. jimmycrash says:

    Would love to see head-tracking with ‘trackir’ supported for this one… obviously for use within a cockpit view.

  12. Calabi says:

    Looks kind of like a space car in space land. I mean the car behaviour. The body doesnt roll or the wheels dont seem to be interacting with the ground much.

    • identiti_crisis says:

      Yeah, funny you should say that. Alec Guinness just turned up and said to me: “this is not the game you are looking for.” I have an unnerving amount of certainty that he’s correct.

  13. Veracity says:

    I saw someone (on here, I think) rambling about how they want a rally game with tracks randomized from chunks that limits your ability to do trial runs until you have every quirk of a track memorized. Even though it’d inevitably be called ProceduRally, I’d likely buy that. Probably even less of a market for it than a RBR successor, though, and half the people who would buy it would only savescum around it.

    Meanwhile I can’t even play RBR any more because it crashes on launch once patched. Google has identified a few mentions of what might be the same problem, but no solution.

  14. Khann says:

    Looks as awful as the last WRC game. And really? Third-person camera for the entire video? I wonder how many of the devs on this game wish they were working on an RBR2.

    All this has made me do is break out my RBR disc and re-attach my wheel to my desk.

  15. SmittyBit says:

    I love rally games, but this looks terrible so far. Will add better graphic?? How about working on the dead-stick-glued to-the-track physics? Because all cars can of course go 60mph, powerslide around a hairpin – staying in the middle of the road of course – then whip the front end back straight and keep going.

    RC PRO-AM had better physics than this. Forget the audio and ‘graphic’ guys, there’s much bigger issues with this one so far.