Spread The Word: Secret World Free Next Weekend

You - yes, that's right, you - could have a chance to party with this thing! Who could pass up an offer like that?

I don’t imagine it’s easy being a subscription fee in this free-to-play world of ours. At best, you’re viewed as an anachronism. At worst, a pariah. You walk into places of commerce, only to find people talking about you as though you died years ago. And others… well, others aren’t so kind. They all-too-willingly bring out pitchforks and torches, which is among the more enthusiastic ways to communicate the message “Please go away.” I mean, just look at The Secret World. Funcom’s throwing a giant party next weekend, and TSW’s subscription fee isn’t even invited!

Funcom’s billing the big bash as a celebration of a successful first month for TSW. In addition to giving everyone a chance to try out the first “Issue” of new content, there’ll also be a contest to complete the most missions, “special prizes,” and even fireworks (!!!). Here, however, is the part most of you will care about:

“We want to share the joy with as many people as possible! Any player, who has any type of The Secret World account, may join us over the weekend to celebrate our first month! Early Access, Inactive Accounts, and Beta Accounts may all join in! If you do not currently have an account for The Secret World, you may register to participate starting today, Friday, July 27th, to have open access to this special celebration weekend! You can find the celebration event registration on the right side of the official website!”

Speaking personally, I recommend you give it a shot if you’ve been on the fence up until now. Funcom’s ode to all things supernatural certainly has its issues – ho-hum combat, a skill system that’s not as versatile as advertised, general clunkiness – but it’s such a fantastic place with so much character and personality. I mean, I’ve taken missions from a shotgun-toting grandmother and a Stephen King parody. I’ve battled Cthulhu through dimensions and lived to tell the tale. And then there are the investigation missions, which will chew up and spit out your brain until it looks like silly putty.

On the downside, Funcom’s sort of front-loaded TSW with its best content, but if you’re trying it for the first time, that’s pretty much perfect. So go! Claim your free weekend! And if you see any subscription fees glaring in throw the window – face pressed enviously against the glass – don’t feel bad. They’re not people like us.


  1. RF says:

    Well, Funcom, I hope you’ve learnt your lesson. Shitty Facebook games and social networking promotions do not mix well with hardcore MMOs.

    Also, in response to the beta weekend: Christ, subscriptions must’ve plumetted, if there were that many there to begin with.

    • Malawi Frontier Guard says:

      “Hardcore MMO” is an oxymoron.

      • loloquaker says:

        Eve online would like to talk to you.

        • Kuraudo says:

          I laughed at the “‘Hardcore MMO’ is an oxymoron,” comment until I saw the one about EVE which immediately followed. Damn, he shot that one down mid-laugh : \

        • Malawi Frontier Guard says:

          EVE doesn’t count.

          See, I won this argument.

          • sinister agent says:

            So’s your face.

            There. Now I’ve won this and all subsequent arguments.

          • Wreckdum says:

            Eve isn’t an MMO. It’s a “Let your character learn skills for 2 years while you’re at work then actually start playing the game” game.

            And stop substituting the word hardcore for NERD. It seems the more nerdy it is people seem to call it hardcore. Another reason I agree with the oxymoron statement.

          • Jesus H. Christ says:

            Wreckdum nailed it.

          • Vorphalack says:

            I’d be willing to wager that no two people posting in this thread have the same definition of hardcore.

          • sinister agent says:

            Mine is “oh, pull your head out of your arse”. Anyone else?

          • Xardas Kane says:

            Wreckdum didn’t nail it, not by a long shot. Wreckdum obviously has no idea what EVE Online is. Within my first month I was speculating with ore prices based on their current price trajectory, went on several occasions into Low-Sec space to fight pirates both alone and with fleets of 50-100 ships and even had an alliance battle with around 250 ships. My first MONTH.

            Never for a second did I wait for ANY skill to finish.

  2. JohnArr says:

    You’re not wrong about the front-loaded content. It’s a fucking nosedive after Kingsmouth. I’ve only found a single investigation mission in the two areas after, and they aren’t shy with their ‘Kill X of Y’ missions either. Dull bloody grind. Hoping things will pick up in Egypt, but not sure if I’ll have the patience to push through Blue Mountain.

    Those first 10 hours are great though.

    • Elmokki says:

      Hah. Sounds so much like Age of Conan. Voice acting and epic quests through the first 20 (?) levels in the starting zone, then a total dive to voice acting only in the main story quest and quests in general going back to kill x enemies because they happen to be there.

      EDIT: Obviously I meant Age of Conan at release. I have no idea if it has gotten any better but I believe it may have.

    • Contrafibularity says:

      Hmm there are several investigation, as well as sabotage missions on Solomon Island after Kingsmouth, although everyone ought to get used to having them NOT MARKED on the map. Not that they’re hard to find, but Blue Mountain is basically the area where things, including gameplay mechanics, get a little bit tough. This is also why you’re meant to add your own markers to the map (protip!).

      Anyway, I’m about to leave Blue Mountain, but I must say the grind in this game is mostly in the PvP (which nets you currency to buy stuff you need at faction HQ making it semi-mandatory) and Dungeons (so far at least, I haven’t found Dungeons particularly enjoyable, or good, they’re just hard and chalk-full of horrible MMORPG-ish mechanics, which I suspect everyone who came to this game from WoW or SWTOR thoroughly enjoys, but which seem abysmal and stupid to the rest of us). Although I am glad that Funcom contained all the horrible WoWy grind in PvP and Dungeons, and keeps it out of the rest of the game. Only MMORPG players would find these mechanics challenging and enjoyable (avoiding boss attacks, dealing with adds, and most annoyingly of all the scripted “stand inside these magic circles in a particular order to receive a buff so you can defeat the 5 million HP boss” sequences). Those dungeon boss fights aren’t puzzles, they’re just bad game design that was unfortunately made popular by ActiBlizzard

      But yeah, it’s still slightly disappointing every time I encounter (not often though) another mission of the type “Kill 10 Things, that was Tier 1/5, Now Kill 10 Other Things, that was tier 2, Now go Kill 10 Yet Slightly Different Things at the other end of the mob-ridden valley, that was tier 3, Now Kill Teh Boss, Oh no wait he ran away, kill all his minions first, now find him again, and Now Kill Teh Boss For Reals”. I don’t really feel bad about skipping the odd “Kill 50 Things” mission (first one I skipped being the “Game Hunting” mission in BM). Most action missions aren’t like that, though.

      That said, I’m playing this like a third-person adventure action game, avoiding MMO trappings wherever I can, and enjoying it thoroughly, niggles aside. I’ll totally agree about the clunkiness though, which is most apparent in regular missions when it’s not clear whether you have to use an item, use it ON something, equip it, or just use something in the environment whilst having it in your inventory, or use it once or several times etc. but these are mere nuisances. If you strip away the WoW stuff there’s a really good game here, so here’s hoping Funcom will go even further and de-WoW it completely. Most of the people I’ve met in-game don’t seem to like WoW either (or rather, outright hate it with a vengeance) so it’s a no-brainer for Funcom.

      Also, to make it a little more playable for MMORPG-haters, use a Mouselook Toggle script from here:
      link to pastebin.com
      (copy-paste that in notepad, but save it as a .ahk file, launch it with AutoHotkey)

      Although it’d be so much better if Funcom could add in a proper mouselook toggle key so we don’t have to lose some responsiveness and framerates to AutoHotkey. Whoever invented MMO-combat ought to be tarred and feathered.

      • StarkeRealm says:

        Nah, for the problem they were trying to solve at the time, it was a rather good call. That said, whoever keeps perpetuating MMO combat 15 years later? Yeah, they need to be tarred and feathered.

        Having gotten into the second Transylvania zone I can say that yes, there actually is a lot of variety in the missions. The only zone I know doesn’t have an investigation mission is City of the Sun God, but that zone does need a lot of work.

        I haven’t seen an investigation mission since The Scorched Desert, though, so they do need to get more of those in the game.

        • malkav11 says:

          They’re aware of that, and the first big update is scheduled to add new investigation missions to every zone, among other things.

  3. Kein says:

    How is this a free if in order to make an account you need to buy the game for 50EUR? Am I missing something?

    • Aquarion says:

      You are missing something. You can register for the free weekend on the right hand side of link to thesecretworld.com

    • StarkeRealm says:

      It’s free next weekend. I had a friend try to log in yesterday and he had exactly that experience. I finally had to track down the weekend’s official dates for him.

  4. slerbal says:

    I’m not going to play the free weekend. I am interested in the setting of the game, and much about it, but I’m going to stay away from the free weekend in case I do like it, because no matter how much I do like it I’m not going to fork out for a subscription. Of course the painful irony is that I’m not interested in free-to-pay either… The Guild Wars approach is somewhat palatable for me, but I guess MMOs generally are just not for me. My life is too short for grind.

    Also – not everyone is/was a WoW player – I have no idea what most of the acronyms they throw around mean. I don’t think they realise how impenetrable the game is to gamers who don’t play MMOs (though they are not unique about that – I had no idea what the f*ck DOTA was until very recently)

    God I wish they had done this game as a small group co-op game. That would have been awesome. Pretty much all the wonderful gaming experiences I’ve had in the last few years have been co-op.

    • Contrafibularity says:

      The MMO lingo is easy enough, it’s only a few (dozen) terms or so. There’s nothing complicated about it whatsoever, although I can tell you from experience that MMO-players like to pretend it’s rocket science. It’s just another niche on planet earth where people like to act like they’ve mastered something, and secretly take pleasure in the exclusion of outsiders and newcomers. Although I suspect the MMO-lexicon was written by 12-year olds;

      Tank – someone with massive HP and who keeps the bosses focused on him/her by “generating hate”.
      Healer – keeps everyone’s HP in the green.
      DPS – Damage-Per-Second – if nothing else the term is self-explanatory.
      (keep in mind that for PvE, ie for the game itself, you need to balance some of these, so for example you obviously need some +HP gear even if you’re a full-on damage dealer)

      DoT – Damage-over-time – an effect which does its damage over several seconds
      AOE – Area-Of-Effect, a certain attack that does its damage/etc. in an area rather than on a single target.
      TAOE – Target-AOE, attacks on the target and in an area surrounding it
      GTAEO – Ground-Targeted-Area-Of-Effect – the same as above, but you can/must manually click on the terrain to place this attack (annoyingly, the toggle-function which makes it so you can perform these attacks without having to click on the ground is buggy, which is also why a lot of MMO-haters go with shotgun or melee).
      PBAOE – Point-blank-AOE – attack which deals damage in an area surrounding the player
      Buff – A good or bad effect
      Adds – minor bosses (probably summoned by a major boss)
      Aggro – players aggravating nearby AI enemies, causing the enemies to attack (in MMOs the enemies are inexplicably completely unaware of your presence until you enter within, say, 5 meters of them, which is the “aggro radius”)
      Pulling – literally pulling an enemy from across a distance (which usually doesn’t alarm nearby enemies)

      The new thing with TSW are the “states” and the ability synergy, but finding that out is part of the game (and the ability wheel can explain all that stuff better than I can, but there are some excellent guides too, which I wish I’d read beforehand). For example I wish I’d read these pages about character statistics and states beforehand:
      link to wiki.crygaia.com
      link to wiki.crygaia.com

      Still the game does explain these along the way, but also assumes you take pleasure in gradually coming to grips with the system’s possibilities. If you’re like me and will go to lengths to ignore MMO and RPG-mechanics as much as possible, you shouldn’t have too hard a time, but there’ll probably be a fair few moments of feeling overwhelmed (however brief). It’s simple at heart though, just comprehensive and somewhat fragmented.

      • Obc says:

        some other important acronyms:

        Mob: any enemy, mostly weak
        Elite: Tougher Mob, can be a boss
        Counter/CS: Counterspell, silencing the target in order to stop it from casting or stopping an ongoing cast.
        slow: any movement impairing effect
        root: spell that roots/sticks you to one place. in TSW there are under the “hindered” subcategory
        DW”Something”: Dual-Wielding some weapon

        • jrodman says:


          LFG – Looking for Group (of people to participate in a shared activity)
          LFM – Looking for more (people to join the advertised activity)
          LF2M – Looking for 2 more “. Other numbers may apply.
          Raid – a cooperative activity requiring a larger number of people (such as 10) or the special type of group containing/allowing this many people
          DKP – Dragon Kill Points — pretend fake currency that doesn’t exist anywhere, and exists primarily for guild leaders to take all the good loot without appearing to be greedy
          CC – Crowd control — really this means disabling enemy attackers (players or monsters); or the skills that do these things (“polymorph is a cc”), or sometimes the types of characters who are set up to do this well or assigned to this task
          WTB/WTS – Want to buy/Sell, used to indicate commercial intent
          PST – Please Send Tell. Used as a coda on a public message, and lets the readers that you should not contact them via magic or telepathy. For example WTB 5gold orbs PST
          MMOLAS – Massive Multiplayer Online Language Atrophy Syndrome — refers to effects on language skills experienced by avid MMO players, eg “kk, soz, herp derp, MMOLAS acting up again”
          AAA – Acute Acronym Attacks – one potentially severe symptom of MMOLAS when players temporarily lose the ability to type full words
          KK – “i have no interest in expressing appreciation for how you have just helped me”
          LOL – something that is not funny just happened. Likely I was just extremely rude. By typing this you should excuse it for no reason.
          PLZ – I’m so uningratiating, I can’t be bothered to type the vowels in ‘please’
          TLA – Three Letter Acronym
          ETLA – Extended Three letter acronym — has one more letter than a TLA
          TMA – Too Many Acronyms

          • sinister agent says:

            MMO = “fuck this, I already have one job I hate”.

          • Ninja Foodstuff says:

            Seriously? You don’t seem to appreciate the irony of this. You’ve just listed at least 20 acronyms there, thus proving the original point.

          • jrodman says:

            @ninja foodstuff: are you seriously asking if I’m aware of the irony? Did you read my post? Or do I completely misunderstand you.

          • frightlever says:

            @jrodman failed humour is failed humour. Don’t blame the reader.

          • jrodman says:

            @Fright Lever: If his or her point was “you’re not funny”, then fine. But the claim was “you do not appreciate the irony” which doesn’t make any sense at all.

        • Chris D says:


          I thought it was funny, but even if you didn’t, it’s still very obviously a joke.

    • Ninja Foodstuff says:

      I have to agree with you on a lot of points. If ever there’s something that makes video games come across as nerdy, it’s MMOs. I understand that when you put a lot of time into them, it kind of makes sense to have a shorthand, but for new players it’s just nonsensical.

      This is really the big thing Valve should tackle with DOTA2 in terms of getting new players interested but by all accounts are failing miserably (or have decided there’s no point).

      • Vorphalack says:

        What the hell are you smoking? There are no acronyms used in DotA 2 (aside from the title) other than what players themselves use in chat. All item descriptions are full text, all skill descriptions are full text, all hero names are full text. There is a learning section in the game browser where all spells, items and heroes can be studied at players leisure, and co-op / solo vs bot games to practice. If that’s not enough, there are dozens of game play and hero guides on youtube, and Valve occasionally highlight the good community content in the blog updates. Really, the only thing keeping new players out of DotA 2 is their own ignorance and fear of failure. Valve have done more than almost any other developer to make life easy for you in a new game environment.

        • Ninja Foodstuff says:

          I’m not referring to acronyms in dota 2, but the jargon. Sorry if that wasn’t clear.

          For instance: link to dota2wiki.com


          Gankers are Heroes with abilities that deliver long duration crowd control or immense damage early in the game. Their goal is to give the team an early game advantage during laning phase by killing enemy heroes in their proper lanes. Many Gankers become Semi-Carries if they are successful in their efforts, owing to a large gold and level advantage; but because their abilities do not scale they will usually suffer in late game (hence the need for a Hard Carry).

          • Vorphalack says:

            I don’t think Valve can really do anything about the game jargon, nor should they. DotA has been around for around 12 years now, and has accumulated a huge international following that rivals some traditional sports. Attempting to change the jargon at this stage would mean changing the habits of tens of millions of people. That would meet resistance and ultimately fail. Imagine trying to convince all rugby union fans that a ”scrum” is now called a ”man push” and the teams ”hooker” is now the ”ball throwing and play making guy”, just for the sake of people who have never experienced rugby. Your wiki link proves that there are officially sanctioned resources are out there for anyone to learn the lingo. It is what it is and Valve can’t change it.

      • frightlever says:

        Experiences are not homogeneous. No matter what you do there will be jargon. That’s kinda in the etymology of the word. Jargon is part and parcel of a shared experience which is largely unseen or ignored by the majority.

        I wish you luck in conducting your life free of jargon. But you won’t.

  5. PoulWrist says:

    It’s nice to have subscription based games still. I hate totally free 2 play titles. I enjoy paying a final amount and getting something for my money rather than having the whole game siddle around in a puddle of messed up microtransaction items where I end up spending twice the amount of a regular subscription to buy healing potions, character slots, revives, xp boosts, access to areas, items and levels. No, sod that. Give me a subscription and a pricetag any day of the week.

    • Jumwa says:

      Secret World has all that too though. It went the WoW route of having a base fee, plus subscription, plus microtransaction shop. Which is the main reason why I haven’t given the game a go yet. Was quite excited until then.

      Personally I like subscription games, and I like free-to-play. But I don’t like when a publisher gets greedy and mashes both together. Pick one or the other, please.

      • DClark says:

        If the microtransaction shop is what has you concerned, the free weekend will be the perfect chance to try the game. I know I was leery of the subscription plus microtransaction shop model, but based on what’s in there now (mainly clothing, along with some vanity pets and character titles) I think it’s a way for Funcom to hedge towards a future pay model like Age of Conan (F2P/Premium Subscriber).

        There was only one item in the cash store that interested me (a clothing outfit) and you can get clothing from completing missions and using in-game currency, so the cash store is just a third option.

  6. sinister agent says:

    If anyone hasn’t yet tried this, I do suggest you give it a go. I hate MMOs, and I hated the MMO parts (combat, controls, Other People) of this, and am unlikely to be trying it again this weekend.

    But it’s still worth giving a chance.

  7. Funso Banjo says:

    How can you incorrectly spell “through”?

    Ok, understandable if you miss an h, or something. But spelling it as “throw” is just mind boggling. You people write for a LIVING. Not a great amount of money perhaps, but sheesh, a bit of professional pride, please.


    • Solskin says:

      Be quiet.

    • Vorphalack says:

      You are reading it wrong. It should say:

      ”And if you see any subscription fees glaring in, throw the window”

      That’s what I do every time I see a subscription based game trying to get my attention, and let me tell you, it’s a bugger clearing up all that glass.

      • Jesus H. Christ says:

        And really hard decoupling the frame from the studs, but yeah it is quite satisfying.

    • jrodman says:

      While I sort of agree, I couldn’t think of an amusing or tasteful way to mention it, so I kept quiet.

  8. Tom OBedlam says:

    I’m still absolutely loving it at the moment, nearly at the end of the main story so I’m hoping that they gain more subscribers soon so I can have more content :)

  9. Morte66 says:

    ” ho-hum combat, a skill system that’s not as versatile as advertised”

    “On the downside, Funcom’s sort of front-loaded TSW with its best content”

    I’m now even more inclined to think that inside that MMO there is an excellent single player rpg struggling to get out.

    It could have been Joss Whedon meets Fallout + VtMB.

    • Xardas Kane says:

      The parallels between Joss Whedon’s and Ragnar Tornquist’s writing styles are absolutely staggering really.

      And I agree, I think TSW should have been a single player MMO. It just makes no sense to turn it into a MMO, after all it’s a game that emphasizes story for crying out loud.

    • Runs With Foxes says:

      “It could have been Joss Whedon meets Fallout”


      • ffordesoon says:

        Yeah, that would be disgusting!

        Oh, wait, I’m sorry, it would be the exact opposite of that.

        • Runs With Foxes says:

          How do you even get a Fallout connection from a narrative-driven MMO? Don’t say ‘theme’ or something asinine like that.

          The only thing of the three mentioned that has any sort of similarity with The Secret World is Whedon and his brand of American tweed humour that’s been infecting impressionable minds worldwide since 97.

  10. TehK says:

    I’m just now going to the second Egyptian area and I’m still loving every inch of it. Great world, lots of lore and the investigation stuff gets really hard! I That said I can see (as I did with a colleague) that this may be frustrating for people who are not into the adventury kind of games.

    Just this week I wanted to login, do some relaxed quests and an hour later, I was translating words from Arabian to Hebrew…. That basically sums up the game pretty well.

    • Choca says:

      “Just this week I wanted to login, do some relaxed quests and an hour later, I was translating words from Arabian to Hebrew”

      This quest was my favorite in the entire game (so far, I’m not done with Transylvania yet) :D

  11. internisus says:

    This is tempting, but I’m inclined to ignore it. With a game like The Secret World that will be around for quite awhile and will only improve and add new content over that duration, I want to wait a long time before playing in order to ensure that I experience the best version of the game.

    • Jesus H. Christ says:

      & it’ll be f2p.

      • internisus says:

        Indeed. I find it hard to justify any game that requires an initial buy in addition to a monthly fee, much less micro(not-so-micro)transactions. Every MMO game should follow EVE’s model, making the actual software free and only requiring a subscription.

        • jrodman says:

          Eh, I’m OK with that model. I’m also OK with the Guild Wars model (pay one fee for content).

          I’m even (to a lesser extent) okay with the modern Lord of the Rings: Online model, where you can choose between paying for unlocks or a subscription.

          But a high fee and then a high subscription.. no.. no thank you.

          A 30 dollar game and 5 dollars a month subscription? Possibly. I could warm up to a game like this.

          A 50 dollar game and 15 dollars a month subscription. No. No thank you.

  12. drewski says:

    This will be awesome when it’s F2P!

  13. Godwhacker says:

    I was enjoying it for a while- the writing is excellent, and I loved the investigation missions. It’s just a shame that it’s tacked to an MMO. I finally decided that I’d rather just read a book and save my money.

  14. Lagwolf says:

    Secret World downward spiral is quick innit. BTW if you want a rather fun MMO get yourself into Age of Steam. It is damn good fun & even better than Path of Exile.

    Besides steampunk… what do you need?

    • jrodman says:

      Downward spiral is rather a *large* surmise from a free weekend.

      Meanwhile can you direct to this age of steam thing? All I can find is the rather well known (and great!) board game.

      • Xardas Kane says:

        I think he is talking about City of Steam: link to youtube.com

        • Malk_Content says:

          If he is then that looks absolutely terrible. An impressive feat for a browser based mmo? Yes I guess it is. Ugly character models, entirely static combat with auto-attacking and the slow gain of new powers and a dull traditional quest system make it not worth looking at unless all you absolutely ever wanted in the world was a Steampunk game and nothing else matters. Though even then I would suggest picking up Arcanum from GoG instead.

          • Xardas Kane says:

            But… but…. Steampunk!

            Nah, I completely agree, doesn’t look good at all. Arcanum still remains the by far best steampunk game out there.

  15. The Random One says:

    If my computer has recovered from its spiral of doom I’ll check it out, but I stil can’t see myself paying for the game AND a subscription AND microtransactions.

    • malkav11 says:

      So don’t do the microtransactions. They are 110% optional. (The extra 10% comes from them being not only optional, but imho completely unappealing.)

  16. Jerakal says:

    Sigh. I told myself this time would be different, surely they learned their lessons from AoC. Oh how wrong I was.

    Funcom will still release a bug-riddled MMO whose entertaining content runs out in less than a week and call it good.


    • zerosociety says:

      I got burnt by AoC, but it seems the only people complaining about lack of content in TSW are people skipping most of the content to grind through to the last zone as fast as possible in the hopes of… errr…. beats the hell out of me.

      This game does not reward powerleveling or speed grinding. There is no “real” game at endgame to run for.

      I’ve been playing MMOs since UO and MUDs before that and TSW is easily the best MMO experience I’ve ever had.

  17. drinniol says:

    Man, I feel like buying it on principle to make up for all the stingy-arse mofo’s that sounded off in these comments.

    • Malk_Content says:

      I don’t think people refusing to pay the ridiculous price of a subscription based MMO are being stingy. I don’t care how well supported it is, if there isn’t content equivalent to a whole new game once every two months, then the value for money isn’t there and that is not even taking into account the box price as well.

      • Valkesh says:

        You would be paying more for the same content/number of hours in a “F2P” game. No exceptions. The amount of rallying behind the flawed and blatantly anti-consumer F2P model is sad.

        • malkav11 says:

          It’s weird talking about free to play as if there were a single universal anti-consumer model in place. All sorts of people are doing it in all sorts of different ways. Some of which are very consumer friendly, depending on what exactly your needs are. For example, TF2. Here’s a game which you used to need to buy, and now you don’t. Can you buy hats? Sure. Can you play indefinitely without ever paying a dime? Absolutely. Is this somehow not an improvement? I’m not seeing it. Turbine has a model that will definitely require you to pay, and it may turn out you spend more than you would for a subscription, but you’ll have done so on your terms, of your own volition, and you’ll retain access to the things you paid for indefinitely. And if you don’t want to, you can subscribe and play it just like you used to. Is that somehow not an improvement? I’m not seeing it.

        • Malk_Content says:

          1) I never mentioned F2P. There are games out there (hell even MMOs) that charge you for the product, but don’t expect you to continue paying until an expansion pack comes around.

          2) Not all free to play games charge you for content and even if they all did it you cannot say it will charge more as buying modules (ala DnD online I think) doesn’t get more expensive the longer I play.

          To a consumer I can’t see anyway in which a subscription can be justified unless the devs really are pushing out new content at a phenomenal rate.

          • zerosociety says:

            The claim is monthly, and so far it looks like they’re going to deliver. That said, DCU said that and look how that worked out.

            After playing since launch, $50 + $15sub seems a bargain. But if content dries up, that opinion could change.

          • Malk_Content says:

            Is that new content equivalent to half a whole new game? Also (and here is the real kicker with subscription mmos even more so with than normal games and DLC) doesn’t the value for money go up the longer I wait to play this and not subscribe for more than a month?

          • drewski says:

            The only way I could ever justify paying a subscription would be if I could get through enough content in the subscription period to make it a worthwhile transaction.

            As I get perhaps 20 hours a month to do all of my gaming, and I can pick up a 100 hour game like Torchlight II for $20, I just don’t see any way I can possibly justify an MMO with a $15 monthly fee – let alone the purchase price on top of that.

            I don’t have anything against the MMO subscription model but it has to work for the gamer as much as it does the creator, and for someone who doesn’t have a lot of time for gaming, it’s hard to see how it ever could.

          • zerosociety says:

            I don’t know if it’s “half a game” but it looks to be a movie’s worth, which makes it a cheaper alternative to a night at the movies. Or dinner out… or cable or the most recent $60/6hr AAA title or…

            I want to play the Secret World. I find it extremely enjoyable. I am happy to continue to pay for it if it remains enjoyable. I find it a bargain compared to some of the crap that competes with it for my attention.

  18. DAOWAce says:

    Thanks for sending us all an e-mail about this, Funcom.

    Oh well, not like I want to play another hotkey based MMO anyway, even if the story is really interesting.

    FWIW I did play beta, but didn’t enjoy the game. Never actually tried it again after their massive beta patch which supposedly made combat better.

  19. alilsneaky says:

    No thanks!
    And it’ll be f2p in 6 months anyhow:p