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The RPS Bargain Bucket: Pretend Men’s Heads

Music describing whether our royalty is a human being or not, films about hunting for drugs in toilets and the entire bloody concept of industry aren’t our only exports, you know. Britain is also one of the leading producers of information regarding what games are cheap right now, as is evidenced by my ongoing record of the discounts over at That link to the Olympics was a bit of a stretch. I’m sorry. I don’t get to do the national pride thing very often, I’ll be returning to my usual cynical self soon. In the meantime, why not read this week’s bargain bucket? It’s right here:Orcs Must Die! – £1.74/€2.49/$2.49
Quite good tower defence/action mashup, that’s due a sequel in a couple of days. Alec liked this one:

It is repetitive, but not unhappily so, plus I know I can revisit it using different traps and upgrades to have a reasonably different time (particularly, I’ve not played with the traps that hurl orcs into the air/lava, instead favouring instant evisceration in some form). It’s got that dark, just-one-more-go alchemy to it, plus the pull of what trap you might be given next, as well as the guilty sense that you could have done better and perhaps you should. But it is pop, throwaway stuff that certainly won’t make you feel as though you’ve explored the darkest, most strategic reaches of your brain: it is as serious as its silly name clarion-calls.

Seems fair to me, more here. You can get it with all the DLC for £2.24/$3.24/€3.24 if you feel like it.

A Virus Names Tom – £3.17/€4.05/$4.99
This out in a couple of days, but you can still get it at the 50% off preorder price, and that gets you a DRM free copy plus a steam key, in addition to instant access to the beta version if you’re inpatient. It looks quite neat, I reckon, but as always with preorders like this you’re taking a gamble. The trade off is that you get a rather decent discount, but you might not like game at all. Anyone going to take the plunge?

Geneforge Saga, Oniken, Mutant Storm Reloaded, Puzzle Agent, Rose & Time, SWIFT*STITCH & Unepic – £3.54/€4.52/$5.57 at time of writing.
As with all Indie Royale bundles, the price fluctuates over time, as outlined here. Geneforge Saga, Mutant Storm Reloaded & Puzzle Agent register on Steam, the others do not. Geneforge Saga is a collection of five meaty RPGs that Adam said this of:

It boils down to this – if you enjoy old-school RPGs and thrill to the idea of turn-based combat with monster creation and magic, you can bag five of the blighters for a very good price indeed, wherever you buy them.

Is that you?

The Darkness II – £7.93/€10.14/$12.49
This is from Amazon US, so you’ll need to enter a US billing address. It registers on Steam. John thought this about The Darkness II: This Time It’s a Bit Darker:

It’s a decent, if overly-busy shooter, a cacophony of gore and screaming. But it’s also a surprisingly smart take on familiar territory, with some really interesting twists. I really was only expecting brains to feature when splattered across my monitor.

More can be read over here.

Deal of the week
Spec Ops: The Line – £15.87
Another deal from Amazon US, so you’ll need to enter a US billing address, and this also registers on Steam. Mr Meer thought these thoughts about this game:

This is a game where the man you’re shooting at might shout ‘murderer!’ at you with clear distress, and that makes for a sobering look at yourself in the mirror of the mind’s eye. I do wonder with some discomfort whether repeatedly placing a cursor over pretend men’s heads and pressing fire is truly an appropriate medium for the questions Spec Ops poses (and only poses – it does not lower itself to answering them), but perhaps doing, rather than merely watching, is a necessary evil on the path to understanding. One thing’s for sure: I feel sick at the idea of playing another shooter any time soon.

The rest is here.

Also of note:
Awesome Adventure Promo at GOG.
Hitman: Codename 47, Hitman 2: Silent Assassin & Hitman: Blood Money – £4.76/€6.08/$7.49
Planet Stronghold – £7.49
Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition – £23.99. Apply coupon “PCGAMER20”. Registers on Steam and uses GFWL. Probably a UK only deal.

For more games at prices that are low, visit

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