The RPS Bargain Bucket: Pretend Men’s Heads

Music describing whether our royalty is a human being or not, films about hunting for drugs in toilets and the entire bloody concept of industry aren’t our only exports, you know. Britain is also one of the leading producers of information regarding what games are cheap right now, as is evidenced by my ongoing record of the discounts over at That link to the Olympics was a bit of a stretch. I’m sorry. I don’t get to do the national pride thing very often, I’ll be returning to my usual cynical self soon. In the meantime, why not read this week’s bargain bucket? It’s right here:

Orcs Must Die! – £1.74/€2.49/$2.49
Quite good tower defence/action mashup, that’s due a sequel in a couple of days. Alec liked this one:

It is repetitive, but not unhappily so, plus I know I can revisit it using different traps and upgrades to have a reasonably different time (particularly, I’ve not played with the traps that hurl orcs into the air/lava, instead favouring instant evisceration in some form). It’s got that dark, just-one-more-go alchemy to it, plus the pull of what trap you might be given next, as well as the guilty sense that you could have done better and perhaps you should. But it is pop, throwaway stuff that certainly won’t make you feel as though you’ve explored the darkest, most strategic reaches of your brain: it is as serious as its silly name clarion-calls.

Seems fair to me, more here. You can get it with all the DLC for £2.24/$3.24/€3.24 if you feel like it.

A Virus Names Tom – £3.17/€4.05/$4.99
This out in a couple of days, but you can still get it at the 50% off preorder price, and that gets you a DRM free copy plus a steam key, in addition to instant access to the beta version if you’re inpatient. It looks quite neat, I reckon, but as always with preorders like this you’re taking a gamble. The trade off is that you get a rather decent discount, but you might not like game at all. Anyone going to take the plunge?

Geneforge Saga, Oniken, Mutant Storm Reloaded, Puzzle Agent, Rose & Time, SWIFT*STITCH & Unepic – £3.54/€4.52/$5.57 at time of writing.
As with all Indie Royale bundles, the price fluctuates over time, as outlined here. Geneforge Saga, Mutant Storm Reloaded & Puzzle Agent register on Steam, the others do not. Geneforge Saga is a collection of five meaty RPGs that Adam said this of:

It boils down to this – if you enjoy old-school RPGs and thrill to the idea of turn-based combat with monster creation and magic, you can bag five of the blighters for a very good price indeed, wherever you buy them.

Is that you?

The Darkness II – £7.93/€10.14/$12.49
This is from Amazon US, so you’ll need to enter a US billing address. It registers on Steam. John thought this about The Darkness II: This Time It’s a Bit Darker:

It’s a decent, if overly-busy shooter, a cacophony of gore and screaming. But it’s also a surprisingly smart take on familiar territory, with some really interesting twists. I really was only expecting brains to feature when splattered across my monitor.

More can be read over here.

Deal of the week
Spec Ops: The Line – £15.87
Another deal from Amazon US, so you’ll need to enter a US billing address, and this also registers on Steam. Mr Meer thought these thoughts about this game:

This is a game where the man you’re shooting at might shout ‘murderer!’ at you with clear distress, and that makes for a sobering look at yourself in the mirror of the mind’s eye. I do wonder with some discomfort whether repeatedly placing a cursor over pretend men’s heads and pressing fire is truly an appropriate medium for the questions Spec Ops poses (and only poses – it does not lower itself to answering them), but perhaps doing, rather than merely watching, is a necessary evil on the path to understanding. One thing’s for sure: I feel sick at the idea of playing another shooter any time soon.

The rest is here.

Also of note:
Awesome Adventure Promo at GOG.
Hitman: Codename 47, Hitman 2: Silent Assassin & Hitman: Blood Money – £4.76/€6.08/$7.49
Planet Stronghold – £7.49
Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition – £23.99. Apply coupon “PCGAMER20”. Registers on Steam and uses GFWL. Probably a UK only deal.

For more games at prices that are low, visit


  1. destroy.all.monsters says:

    No love for Gamersgate’s Paradox sale?!

    Also $12.50 for a single indie game seems rather high.

    • Squirrelfanatic says:

      Which indie game now?

      • Baines says:

        The only game listed above for a sale price of $12.50 is Darkness II, which isn’t an indie game.

        • destroy.all.monsters says:

          Planet Stronghold is $12.50 – until tomorrow when it goes back up to 25. It seems astonishing pricing in a time when we see so many Indie bundles.

          It’s also on Desura – as opposed to the usual avenues.

          • Baines says:

            People here didn’t seem to complain when Frozen Synapse was given a $25 price tag. Yes, you get a free copy, but it is sold as “$25, but you get a free copy”, not just $12.50 for single copies.

          • BlitzThose says:

            I hate that people are now thinking that all indie games should cost pennies now due to all the indie bundles, some indie games have been fairly expensive to develop just look at defense grid that only started making Hidden Path a profit in the last year.

          • destroy.all.monsters says:

            Some possibly do. However volume sells better than a greater price per piece. When I can buy a great game from a great company like Paradox, for 4.99 for instance, on say Gamersgate that’s a more appealing way to spend my money. Either you like your tiny niche that will not get any bigger at that price point or you open it up to those that might be interested.

            I didn’t even pay 25 dollars for DXHR (or Crusader Kings II for that matter) – and that was very close to when it first came out. So it’s not about indies being paid pennies – it’s them understanding the market and whether they want to see if there’s a larger one or not.

    • baby snot says:

      Maybe there is no mention because Amazon’s package deals are still up until the end of the month and for some games are much better value?

      Pint Sized paradox Package $7.49.

      1. Crusader Kings II: Dynasty Shields DLC Pack
      2. Crusader Kings II: Mongols DLC Pack
      3. Crusader Kings II: Ruler Designer DLC
      4. Crusader Kings II: Songs of Albion DLC
      5. Crusader Kings II: Songs of Faith DLC
      6. Crusader Kings II: Songs of the Holy Land DLC
      7. Majesty 2 Collection
      8. Majesty Gold – HD
      9. Warlock: Master of the Arcane

      Plentiful Paradox Package $12.49

      1. Crusader Kings II
      2. Magicka Collection
      3. Magicka: The Stars Are Left DLC
      4. Sword of the Stars – Complete Collection
      5. Sword of the Stars II: Lords of Winter
      6. Victoria II

      Plethora of Paradox Games $19.99.

      1. Crusader Kings II
      2. Crusader Kings II: Dynasty Shields DLC Pack
      3. Crusader Kings II: Mongols DLC Pack
      4. Crusader Kings II: Ruler Designer DLC
      5. Crusader Kings II: Songs of Albion DLC
      6. Crusader Kings II: Songs of Faith DLC
      7. Crusader Kings II: Songs of the Holy Land DLC
      8. Magicka Collection
      9. Magicka: The Stars Are Left DLC
      10. Majesty 2 Collection
      11. Majesty Gold – HD
      12. Victoria II
      13. Warlock: Master of the Arcane

  2. Gilead says:

    No mention of Indie Gala 7? They’re not the most high profile games, granted, but the Indie Royale stuff mentioned isn’t any better, and the Death to Spies games included seem vaguely interesting, and Armored Princess is in there as well.

    • trjp says:

      Armoured Princess probably makes it one of the best value bundles ever – unless you already have it ofc. :)

      • Baines says:

        I already have Armored Princess, and can’t decide if the rest of the bundle is worth the price.

    • malkav11 says:

      Edit: Whoops, wrong spot for that.

      Here I meant to say that IndieGala’s some decent games this time around but I already own all of them, and I definitely recommend the Geneforge Saga over any of them except King’s Bounty.

    • Phantoon says:

      Unless I remember incorrectly, the only time I got a Gala bundle, it was a bunch of poorly ported, crappy Xbox Live games.

    • abandonhope says:

      Apparently Lewie helps run Indie Royale, so there’s that. I found Gala interesting enough for a purchase, even if its indieness is pretty well shamed by Royale this time around.

      • MondSemmel says:

        No. He mentioned that when he did. RPS are big on that whole disclaimers thing.
        What actually happened was that he temporarly worked with them on PR or something, but he doesn’t anymore, so he doesn’t need disclaimers anymore.

        • abandonhope says:

          Then he should probably update SavyGamer’s about page to not read: “I help run”

  3. trjp says:

    Binary Backchat whilst killing big robots is cheap at GetGamesGo this weekend – for people who can’t dance with the Amazon “pretend you’re a cheeseburger eating war criminal/climate-change denialist” dance…

    • destroy.all.monsters says:

      Mmmm cheeseburgers!

      • trjp says:

        Made with pink goo – oh yeah baby, none of this Jamie Oliver lettuce eating shit, give us pink goo and GUNS and a man standing for President who’s a Moron

        oh Mormon – sorry

        There’s a difference?

        • destroy.all.monsters says:

          Did you know that all of us from any given country are all the same? No difference at all.

          Astonishing isn’t it?

          • trjp says:

            Oh NO NO NO NO NO *CHURCHILL*

            Every single person in Britain is sarcastic and demeaning to everyone else on earth and in no way just playing on stereotypes for a bit of Saturday afternoon entertainment – we just went through 3 hours of having our so-called “culture” rammed down our(and almost everyone else on Earth’s) throats – so we’re keen to attack anything which isn’t us – basically.

            AND I’m wearing a stovepipe hat whilst typing this mofos…

          • destroy.all.monsters says:

            Please tell me you’re also wearing a monocle –

            and twisting your Terry-Thomas mustache.

          • trjp says:

            *Leslie Phillips laugh*

            Stovepipe hats NEED to make a comeback – before that Robots game makes them passe again surely??

          • Phantoon says:

            You know what I hate more than politics?

            People that feel the need to espouse theirs, like it’s gonna change my mind.

            We need to just stop talking about politics like anyone is going to have their mind changed, ever.

          • frightlever says:

            “Did you know that all of us from any given country are all the same? No difference at all. ”

            No. No, we are not all the same. That’s a silly thing to say.

            Some people equate religion to politics.

            Some people equate politics to religion.

            Some people blind, castrate and mutilate those who offend their world-view, with the tacit support of their communities.

            We are very definitely not all the same.

          • destroy.all.monsters says:

            @frightlever- That whooshing sound you hear? It’s not a Nike logo.

  4. pixelpusher says:

    Borderlands is free to play on Steam until 1pm PDT/8pm GMT Sunday, and it’s 75% off until 10am PDT/5pm GMT Monday.

  5. ilikejelly says:

    On you can save 20% on Borderlands 2 (pre-order) with the code PARTP-ALCNO-TIESU

    Link: link to

    • trjp says:

      You hear that?



      ilikejelly was just vaporized by Lewie’s goons for mentioning GMG


      • golem09 says:

        What’s so bad about GMG?

        • trjp says:

          No, don’t say it, no….


          He’s gone too…

          My Lewie-goon-proof walls are weakening too – soon they’ll be gone.

          I just think he’s upset because they have a Bargain Bucket tbh…

          • Unaco says:

            Your insinuations of censorship would likely hold more water if, y’know, there had been some actual censorship of posts about GMG. As it is, Lewie just doesn’t include them in his deals, for whatever reason. Posts mentioning GMG deals are never censored in the comments.

          • SominiTheCommenter says:

            This + “cheeseburger-eating criminals” I will block my first person on RPS. Not even the spammers have that honour.

          • trjp says:

            Is it the cheeseburger crime which offends you? It’s just you missed the ‘war’ bit (and the US are war criminals – but then so are the UK and most other countries so I guess I’ll be using the Nuremburg Excuse now).

          • malkav11 says:

            I have personally had GMG-deal-related posts disappear. They could have been eaten by the spam filters, though.

          • AlwaysRight says:

            I think trjp is under the impression he is funny. Like how people in the opening stage to the Xfactor are under the impression they can sing like angels.

          • trjp says:

            You can actually measure whether someone can sing tho (do they hit notes, do they break glasses etc.)

            The only measure of whether you’re funny or not is – well – maybe whether the audience says – and you stayed so I’m taking that as positive reinforcement.

            Hecklers eh?

        • bill says:

          I think he’s been drinking…

          • trjp says:

            You say that like it’s a bad thing?!? :)

            Do you think I could stand being on the same website as you if I hadn’t!

            Take my wife….


            I’m here all year around – try the beef…

            My dog…

    • Vandelay says:

      Not too sure what the issue Lewie has with GMG is, but I personally got pretty pissed off with their terrible client when playing Arkham City, as well as having issues the couple of times a patch was released. I doubt I will buy much from them again.

      However, Borderlands 2 is a Steamworks game. Once the game is released and they send you the key, you don’t have to deal with them again.

  6. trjp says:

    I have no idea if A Virus Named Tom is any good or not BUT I admire a developer who’s actually on-the-ball with this stuff.

    Already on Steam – beta codes on there – forum and communities active etc. etc.

    Videos showing entertaining stuff – it’s all good.

    None of this “oh we released a game – buy it now if you like – we’ll have a screenshot next week and we’re patching in controls soon too” crap…

    Nonchallance has no place in an industry fuelled by violent and ruthless self-promotion – mkay…

    • trjp says:

      I bought A Virus Named Tom

      I corrupted “The Pet of the Future”

      I need to do it faster so ‘scuse me

      Then – teleporters!!

      • trjp says:

        It’s really good – trust me on this – $5 is a steal…

        Pacman meets pipemania is a fair take on it – but with tonnes of charm and funky tunes!

        • iLag says:

          I second that. It’s really very, very good, and the local co-op makes it even better. The later levels can be quite difficult, which is the point at which I lose interest in most puzzle games. Here, it’s motivating. Buy it at 50% off, then buy another copy for a friend. Really worth the $10 asking price.

  7. malkav11 says:

    Your deal of the week is US-only but you don’t list a USD price? Tsk. It’s $25, for the record. Also, apparently one day only, so act fast.

  8. Kevin says:

    Anyone able to confirm that the Dark Souls code only applies for UK users of Steam? Or can us amis use it as well?

    • frightlever says:

      Just re; Dark Souls. My interest in the PC version dived after the reports, on here and elsewhere, about the apparently half-assed approach to the port. I still want it on PC but it looks like I’ll be happy to wait until it hits a sale. If that means the lifespan is shortened because they only run the on-line servers for a couple of years then so be it.

  9. Buzko says:

    Hi all,

    Sorry to bother you, but me and two other chums from the forums are looking to take advantage of the Borderlands 2 4-pack deal. We need a sympathetic smuggler from the UK. We’re willing to pay in advance.


  10. Dreforian says:

    Awesome Adventure promo at GoG ->> Dreamfall is worth it for story-ness even if the action is shoddy and it NEEDS A SEQUEL DAMNIT.
    I played the time-pants off of Journeyman Project Turbo back in the day and I was always tantalized by the trailer for its next installment so I may have to join GoG just for JP2 and JP3, assuming I can get them running on Win 7….

    • gschmidl says:

      I don’t know how many more of Funcom’s terrible MMOs need to fail before they go back to TLJ/Dreamfall, but I hope they do before it bankrupts them.

      • trjp says:

        AOC was a brilliant MMO – once they got over the launch issues and the fact their client needed PCs most people didn’t have, I think it was a cracking game – with probably the nicest community of any MMO ever.

        It was Conan FFS – what could have gone wrong!? :)

  11. JoeyJungle says:

    Anyone play Planet Stronghold? Is it at least halfway decent? I’ve been looking for a good jrpg to play on the PC that’s not over a decade old

  12. therighttoarmbears says:

    It’s awfully nice of them to offer beta access to A Virus Named Tom to people in the hospital!

  13. abandonhope says:

    Total War Bundle (including Shogun 2 titles) for $30 on Amazon until around midnight Pacific 7/28: link to

  14. Tams80 says:

    On GOG, all those games are individually reduced right? I seem to remember Dreamfall: The Longest Journey being more.

    If so, other than Dreamfall, what other games from it would you commentators recommend?