Brokedown Fences: Deadly Neighbors

Oh, cack and ashes, the bastards have only gone and brought a cat to the party. The party is the kind where kids chop at each other with knives while their hulking mothers punch each other in the face. Dad’s in the background with his rifle, drawing a bead on Sanity Claws, the neighbours’ recently purchased feline. Deadly Neighbors 2 is a simple Flash game, teams of three fight to the turn-based death on a small grid, but it’s free and it manages to be cute despite featuring children in Jigsaw masks being eaten by dogs. There are plenty of upgrades and classes to unlock and a neat feature whereby beating all the randomised computer households sees a final scrap against a player’s family, all levelled up having completed the game. If you win, your family becomes someone else’s boss fight.


  1. Randomer says:

    Is this animated by the artist behind the A.Typical RPG?

    • nerdook says:

      Nope! It was coded, designed and animated by me… :D Thanks for the mention, RPS Hivemind!

      • PodX140 says:

        I saw it and immediately knew it was a nerdook game, the art style is just so defined. Your games continue to shock me with the level of polish and thought that goes into them, and they’re too damn addicting!

    • cvety says:

      there are other cool zombie games on link to

  2. Heliocentric says:

    I played it, and it was clever and cleverly used both crowd sourcing and procedural generation, but I don’t think I want to ever play it again… Yunno?