Out(break): A Virus Named TOM

Robot dogs will kill us all.

Few people know this, but Rock, Paper, Shotgun was only started after Jim, Alec, Kieron and I were fired from our jobs working for a super-secret underground laboratory, responsible for a utopian society. In our rage and fury, we sought to take revenge against this unjust action by creating a website about PC games. We’re playing the long game. It happens to also be the plot of puzzler A Virus Named TOM, that is out today. And it has the best trailer.

The puzzler, in which you must infect circuits with your virus in order to break down society, is already available in beta form on Desura for £7. Then there’s the Steam version, currently without a price, and due to unlock this evening. Or, you can get it from the developers, using the Humble Store, for just £4.80. That sounds best to me, and with that option you also get a Steam key, which works on Steam now even though it’s not released yet. Huh.

We’re going to take a look and get back to you with our thoughts soon. But meanwhile, here’s a really brilliant trailer:


  1. fyro11 says:

    Robot dog goes “woob woob”.

    Wish I had more patience for puzzle games these days.

  2. Arathian says:

    This trailer

    This fugging trailer

    (is brilliant)

  3. Mr. Mister says:

    A virus infecting CIRCUITS?
    Sounds reasonable.

  4. welverin says:

    “And it has the best trailer.”

    You sir, are incorrect, Chu Chu Rocket has the best trailer.

    • LennyLeonardo says:

      I love you so much.
      Chu Chu Rocket!!!!!

      I won a free copy of that game somehow. I don’t remember, maybe I won it just for owning a Dreamcast.

      I am giddy.

    • trjp says:

      Serious Sam HD’s trailer scores high in this respect

      link to youtube.com

      and the trailer for Tiny Wings 2 is so awesome it’s hard to know where to start

    • Bhazor says:

      Having David Lynch direct your trailer = Best decision.
      link to youtube.com

      Also is it really a good idea to name your console “The third place” at the start of a console war?

  5. LintMan says:

    Seems like an interesting idea, but this looks a lot more like “arcade action” than “puzzler” to me. It didn’t look like there was a whole lot of puzzling, but there certainly was a whole lot of “dodging the baddies”.

    • Morph says:

      Played 15 mins of it and yes it does seem a lot of dodging with some light puzzling

    • Premium User Badge

      kowh says:

      I played a fair bit of the pre-release and yes, don’t get this if you want a puzzler. It gets really twitchy, really fast, and throws in an un-fun amount of memorization on top.

      The first few sets of levels were fun, but it rapidly became non-fun to the point where I don’t recommend buying unless you really like twitchy gameplay.

    • LintMan says:

      @Morph & kowh: yeah, that’s what I was afraid of. Thanks.

    • mechabuddha says:

      There’s a demo if you’d like to try it. I played through it, and kowh is absolutely correct. The presence of enemies makes it real twitchy, even in the beginning levels. I’m more of a “take my time puzzling” kind of person, so this game isn’t my sort of thing.

    • Hmm-Hmm. says:

      The trailer reminded me a bit of ye olde classic Pacman.

  6. Hunchback says:

    Best trailer of 2012 so far!

  7. RagingLion says:

    That was indeed a great trailer – and to think I was dubious.

  8. The Random One says:

    I’m on a loaned computer, so I can’t check out the game, but it looks like Pipe Dream.

    It’d be funny if this game used Pipe Dream’s mechanics in an electronic setting to represent hacking after another game use Pipe Dream’s mechanics in Pipe Dream’s setting to represent steampunk hacking.

    • Gabe McGrath says:

      Yes, a bit of Pipe Dream, but I suggest a much larger debt might be owed to Zenji, an awesome game I used to have on cartridge for the C64.
      link to youtube.com

      Oh, and god yes, what a wonderful trailer with it’s crisp writing, characters and Jetsons-esque vibe.
      Bravo, anonymous trailer maker, bravo.

  9. Nixitur says:

    The trailer is pretty amazing, but the game itself is definitely not everyone’s cup of tea. I do enjoy me some puzzle games, but the demo (available on Steam) already made me dislike the game.