Pig Out: Warsow Hits v1.0

I’ve visited Warsow a number of times during RPS’ years of activity, and so it’s pleasing to see it arrive at version 1.0. There are no doubt youthful readers among the RPS hordes who were not, er, in their prime for the bouncy, bunny-hoppy, ultra-faced paced era of the multiplayer FPS, and for whom such things seem like an anachronism. But it was only a decade-and-a-bit ago, and it remains and thrilling and compelling form of the FPS. It’s been recalibrated to near-abstract extremes by Warsow, and if you are not familiar with such things you owe it to yourself to take a look. You will be hammered by the denizens of its servers, of course, but perhaps you will break through into the joy that sits on the other side of the difficulty precipice.

Oh and it’s free, of course. And you can see the 1.0 trailer below. Great stuff.

Magnificent. Congratulations to everyone on the Warsow team for making this so good.


  1. JB says:


  2. Kaira- says:

    For those wondering, Warsow uses Qfusion, aka modified Quake II engine, which by extension means that the game itself is open source.

    Good job, indeed.

  3. UrLossMyGain says:

    Plus it’s about 100x better than Quake Live.

    • Psyke says:

      I’ve read this on several occasions now, but what exactly is wrong with Quake Live?

      • Smarag says:

        Pro subscription?

      • UrLossMyGain says:

        Well other than the fact that the latest patch pretty much ruined the game or any non-paying players I just prefer the graphical style of wsw. You an take my first comment as an opinion.

      • Shodex says:

        This is a personal gripe, but I can’t stand the stat tracking social networky crap. I like to just get into the game and shoot people, a simple client based game with a server list does that fine. I don’t need matchmaking, and all that other browser stuff Quake Live has.

    • squareking says:

      Back when my laptop could barely run this, my nick was wubwub. Back before dubstep was a widespread thing. Those were good, lag-filled times. I haven’t tried it in years. /hipster

      • DellyWelly says:

        If your name is indeed a Nels Cline reference, you can put /hipster in caps :P

  4. Ernesto says:

    Congratulations to the devs. So this is the final version now?
    I remember having a lot of fun with this. Reinstalling…now. If only I wouldn’t suck so much at aiming…

    • UrLossMyGain says:

      It’s the final version where huge things are added. From here on out, updates are going to be mainly bugfixes. I’m okay with this as the game is pretty much perfect as far as content goes.

      • MagusZero says:

        This isn’t exactly the ‘last version’. Warsow will continue to be developed, and maybe have very large features added. The main thing is that the game is at a level now where the developers consider it ‘ready’ and want to take a break from heavy-duty updating for a bit.

  5. salejemaster says:

    very nice indeed, I’ve been playing this one on and off for what seems like a decade now…congrats

  6. Cooper says:

    I too have dipped into this on and off over what seems like ages now.

    It truly is an almost perfection of the rocket-jumping, bunny-hopping, fast moving fast shooting take on the genre that seems to have almost dissipated bar the somewhat fraught re-birth of Q3A…

    Even if I don’t get hooked on it after trying it again, it’s good to know that it’s out there…

  7. psyk says:

    XD from the small glimpses of maps

  8. RiptoR says:

    So glad they decided to finally remove the “weak ammo” bullcrap. If you know the maps, it takes literally 3 seconds to get to strong ammo, making the weak sort just plain useless.

  9. Aedrill says:

    it sure needs some Polish

  10. mbr says:

    Best mod of the Quake derivative ones.

    • Cooper says:

      There is no way you can cut Warsow and call it a mod.

      Unless anything made using, say, the Unreal engine is just a mod?

      • mbr says:

        Pardon me. TC.

        • MrTambourineMan says:

          Wow, haven’t heard a word (abbreviation) TC in such a long time :)

        • Kaira- says:

          Calling it a TC doesn’t do it justice. Warsow took Quake II engine, enhanced it and built upon it. It’s not “just” a mod, it’s something more.

  11. xyphen says:

    Beautifull ! DEATH to ragdoll physics , bring death animations back !

  12. vdo says:

    Great that your posting about this awesome game! so fun and fast. Hard to learn but really fun to learn!

  13. felisc says:

    didn’t know about his ! hop, on the “to play next week” list !
    the trailer has some not-so-tasty sound fx though… well it seems to me. Do they work well in game ?

  14. Tei says:

    I remember playing this game… After some great deathmatch, I joined a jumping map. I was supposed to travel all the map withouth touching the floor, just doing the tricks (bouncing on walls and the like). There was a helpfull dude tryiing to teach me, but I did not advanced much :P

  15. Victuz says:

    At first I read it wrong.
    “I’ve visited WarsAw a number of times during RPS’ years of activity” oh that’s cool “and so it’s pleasing to see it arrive at version 1.0” wait what?

    OOOH WarSOW silly me.

  16. MD says:

    (v) Yeehaa!

    It’s an excellent game. I wasn’t a huge fan of the progression from versions 0.4-0.7, but with 1.0 I think they might have nailed it.

  17. GallonOfAlan says:

    You can’t invert the mouse as far as I can see. Next.

  18. bear912 says:

    Warsow is fantastic. I can’t believe I missed this news for four whole days. Good stuff. Updating now!

    Edit: I feel obliged to wistfully hope that it develops a pro-scene. There are some very good players and a very high skill ceiling, and I’d love to be able to watch tournaments.