Is Awesomenauts Awesomesauce? It’s Out Now

Awesomenauts is obviously a great name. It’s also a 2D platforming RTS that’s now out on PC. And if you don’t like the song on the trailer below, then everything is wrong with you.

Out in May on Xbox, it’s finally made its way to us, bringing 2D team-based competitive arena play (a MOBA, basically) to a platformer, which is quite the mix.

To get a better idea of what actually happens here, take a look at this “How To Play” trailer too:

You can get it on Steam now, for £7, or your local currency flavour.


  1. Jesus_Phish says:

    Bought it last night and played a few games very badly. First MOBA I’ve ever played but afterwards I started thinking about what I was doing wrong. I probably annoyed my team really badly, however I enjoyed playing it, reckon I’ll enjoy it more if I stop sucking!

    • Wreckdum says:

      Yeah I’m loving it. Played it all day yesterday. I’m around level 51 I think I’m almost done unlocking everyone’s abilities and I’m still not bored.

  2. Flukie says:

    Gave it a go last night, a great break inbetween LoL and Smite atm. Mobalicious.

    (Please don’t shoot me down for that word)

  3. inertia says:

    Having played this with a bunch of friends last night, I can confirm that it is rather good. I might also add that one can buy 3 copies of it for the price of 2, and then give the extra copies to your freeloading friends. Thanks, Snukk!

  4. MajorManiac says:

    The first trailer gave me the sudden urge to eat large amount of sugar-based cereal.

  5. yabonn says:

    Retro games ! Y U NO Beat ’em up?

  6. Hisui says:

    Didn’t we agree to call those games AoS or ARTS or MOBA or whatever, but not RTS? This is clearly a VERY HUGE MISTAKE you need to be VERY HUGELY ASHAMED of.

    • BlackestTea says:

      Yeah, I was struck by this as well. I’m usually not upset about genre definitions, but this game seems very un-RTS. I mean, I think calling MOBAs (using this word because it’s still the best I know) “ARTS” already feels a bit off. They come from RTS mods, yes, but they are very much action and not really “strategy” in a “strategy-game’ kind of way. This one doesn’t even have the traditional trappings such as isometrical viewpoint anymore. It’s very much ACTION.

      • pkt-zer0 says:

        Well, it’s in real-time, and it has some strategy. So I guess you could call it an RTS? I’m partial to Frantic Action Real-Time Strategy myself.

        • ZeroOne says:

          You can fire crossbows and bows in Skyrim but that doesn’t make it an FPS.

          You take on the role of Dante in Devil May Cry but that doesn’t make it an RPG.

          There isn’t a clear distinction between genres at the best of times but you can use common tropes to catagorise different games and if you do you will clearly distinguish Awesomenauts and C&C.

          There are so many MOBA style games that it only makes sense to consider the gamestyle a genre of it’s own since it vastly changed the way the original game of it’s origin played. (Warcraft 3)

        • geebo100 says:

          I had to register to appreciate a fart joke. Bravo, sir.

  7. Tei says:

    I tried this, but I expected a game where the characters are faster and the map is bigger. humm..

  8. Cruyelo says:

    I played the beta on Steam for a while, and it was alright.

    The main problem is that the game doesn’t have enough depth to stay fun for a long time.
    Mixing characters to find a good combo is fun, that’s for sure. And you can find some tricks to give you an advantage.

    Downside : the maps are pretty small, don’t hold many characters at once, the characters are quite slow and all of those put together don’t make for a very strategic game in the long run.

    On the bright side : the game has a LOT of charm and personality and those do a great job of carrying the game. Nice variety between characters too.
    I would say that the price they ask is fair. If you play with friends it could be quite fun.
    It’s not a homerun or anything but for 10$, it’s a nice game for people who are fan of the genre.

    Just don’t expect this to be the kind of multiplayer game you’ll play for a long time.

    • Gnoupi says:

      I would say that it has indeed less depth than a regular DOTA-like, indeed. But since it plays like a platformer/shooter, the MOBA depth doesn’t seem particularly “needed”. I mean, even if you play with the same items, against the same kind of opponents, in the end, it’s not the same person behind, and it makes a much bigger difference in this game.

  9. Malk_Content says:

    For someone who just got into loving DOTA2 this is a such a pleasant change of pace. I want to play with a small group of my friends, in a slightly competitive game but sometimes you don’t have an hour to spare. The drop in drop out nature is so very nice as you don’t have to deal with the bullshit abandoners who leave as soon as the game become 2/0 on the kills. That and things like levels don’t seem to matter as much (or maybe I’m just a bit shit.)

    • Gnoupi says:

      It’s a “lighter” version, mostly because mistakes are less dramatic than in another MOBA game. That’s why they can allow people to drop out, and replace them with bots, because while they play probably worse, it’s still acceptable.
      Bots in another MOBA game would ruin the game even more for the team with it, as it would dramatically feed the other team.

      It’s very pleasant because it feels less serious, more fun.

      Though that doesn’t prevent some people to have their usual reflexes: “This game is unbalanced! Leon is OP! He just killed me in a few seconds! This game is so stupid!”. (For information, Leon is the stealth/assassin guy. Of course he deals a lot of damage if he sneaks up in your back)

      About levels, they are more here to unlock more possible loadouts, it’s not especially giving you a big advantage, just something different)

  10. RegisteredUser says:

    It looks like a 2D sideways team platformer, how on earth does that become a MOBA. :P

    These new genres confuse me.

    Might check it out.

    • Malk_Content says:

      In the sense that it is a game in which several (Multiple) people engange over the internet (Online) fighting (Battle) in a small confined space (Arena.)

      As a more serious answer. You are essnetially doing the same thing as other MOBAs, killing creeps, fighting enemy plays and pushing tower on several lanes in order to reach the enemy base and destroy it. It just happens to be 2D instead of top down.

  11. WinTurkey says:

    Multiplayer Online Battle Arena is a bad designation for this sort of game, it doesn’t mean anything.

    A better one is Aeon of Strife Styled Fortress Assault Game Going On Two Sides (ASSFAGGOTS)

  12. NathanH says:

    When people say things like “And if you don’t like the song on the trailer below, then everything is wrong with you” I find it’s generally safe to assume that the song is rubbish.

    In this case, however, if you don’t like the song on the trailer above, then everything is wrong with you. In fact it just needs some heavier guitar and drums and it’d be indistinguishable from most of my music collection.

  13. Porkolt says:

    Bought it. Played it.

    The only thing I’ve experienced so far is getting my ass repeatedly kicked because the enemy team is snowballing. Disappointed!

    • Gnoupi says:

      Actually, from what I experienced, it’s less snowballing than your regular DOTA. There is still a lot of dodging and aiming to do, so even if the enemy has a higher damage, it’s possible to kill them or avoid them.

      This is assuming that the enemy team doesn’t have a Voltar and its Clunk pushing non-stop. Because then, if you don’t have something in your team to get rid of the healer, they will just go forward, and nothing will really prevent them.

      • LoveIsGood says:

        What do you mean by snowballing? If you’re talking about what I think about when I see the word snowballing I’ll buy 10 copies!

  14. Premium User Badge

    particlese says:

    “And if you don’t like the song on the trailer below, then everything is wrong with you.”
    Indeed! I now feel like it’s Saturday morning in the 90s.

    • Gnoupi says:

      Also worth noting that each character has its own soundtrack (and quite a bit of personality in it). You can get an idea of that in TB’s video: link to

      When you get a killing spree, the game music is changing to an upbeat version of your character’s theme, very nice details.

  15. spectone says:

    Reminds me somehow of Armor Alley. When I looked at it earlier on Steam there was no video just screenshots and I thought back then that it was some sort of Worms clone.

  16. ChocolateWaffle says:

    God, this August sure packs a punch, we just got Awesomenauts and the Dungeons of Dredmor: Conquest of the Wizardlands DLC, and the 7th we get the big bomb, the Payday: The Heist DLC Wolf Pack, can’t wait for that one!

  17. solymer89 says:

    Anyone else wish this was a Mega Man MOBA? Certainly looks like it could be…

  18. Spider Jerusalem says:

    been playing this a lot the past two days. good change of pace from smite and miles better than lol (which is just unfun. and before you ask, i’m not bad).

  19. Jerakal says:

    Nearly didn’t try it out just because of that cowboy’s terrible voice, but decided to give it a go anyway, and it’s not bad. At least, I enjoyed the first two matches I played.

  20. johnbanji says:

    one of my favourite games!!)))
    link to

  21. RvLeshrac says:

    You lost me at MOBA, which lost me at “This is a second AND third job”