Jagged Alliance Is Back In Action Again, With Crossfire

Seriously, this was the best of the screenshots.

There are too many Jagged Alliances all at once! Two! I can barely cope with two of anything, my arms constantly getting tangled as I try to do simple tasks like combing a pony. But be told that Jagged Alliance: Crossfire has nothing to do with Jagged Alliance: Online. Well, not nothing, but you know what I mean. It is, in fact, an EXPANDALONE! to Jagged Alliance: Back In Action, the delayed reboot of the formerly turn-based series. And it has a release date: September. Okay, it has a release month.

Adam wasn’t overly impressed when Back In Action finally appeared in February. But maybe this will be an improvement? It’s interesting that it’s not an expansion that requires the original game, so clearly they’re hoping to pick up new people here. Crossfire will have “all new maps, mercs and missions”, this time in the fictional nation of Khanpaa (although I’m sure I saw them appear during the Olympic opening ceremony).

You’ll be part of one of those deeply disturbing private military corps, helping out the oppressed peoples of Khanpaa after the UN have turned their back, which will make up a 15 hour campaign. Who knows if this will be an improvement over the last one at this point – they do describe Missing In Action as a “hit” in their recent press release. So we’ll see.


  1. JiminyJickers says:

    Yeah, I wasn’t very impressed with BIA either. Will see if the demo of this proves better.

    Otherwise, I will just play JA2 again, again.

    • Underwhelmed says:

      I didn’t give it a try before the most recent patch in July that added in Line of Sight rules (aka fog of war) and sector inventory, but it is now at least, pretty decent. Not as good or complex as the original, but certainly not a terrible game either.

    • kert says:

      хорожо, я буду работат для тебя, пройкятий капиталист

  2. Njordsk says:

    I bought BIA and it sucked. Camera was aweful and IA strange.

    Opponent rushing you with a shovel and taking out 4 trained mercenaries equiped with pistols and LMG can be… confusing.

    Too bad, it’s really the kind of gameplay I like.

    • Henke says:

      If 4 of your guys get taken out by a guy with a shovel you just suck at the game. I agree about the camera though.

      • Njordsk says:

        Well no, my cheap mercs were missing 3/4 shots in a row, even at close range. I can’t control the “hidden dices”.

        The guy just took out the whole squad (they were 3 in fact).

        I was doing fine the first 2/3 missions.

        • Henke says:

          Ah, well the game certainly has a bit of a learning curve. Don’t lump your mercs too close together, have them a bit spread out so if a melee-attacker goes after one the others have a good chance of taking him down before he gets close to the rest. Also a good tactic is to simply have the merc targeted by the attacker run away, which will give your other mercs more time to shoot the shovelman while he’s running around chasing your guy.

          The game is certainly difficult though. I started and played it for about 14 hours last week, and have only liberated a handfull settlements so far.

  3. Didden says:

    Have to say, I really enjoyed Back in Action. It wasn’t perfect, far from it, but I still had a lot of fun playing it.

  4. Gwilym says:

    Expandalone of course being pronounced like abalone

  5. felisc says:

    is “Missing in action” in the last paragraph a jab at their critically not-so-successfull game ? Or the mind of JohnWalker taking jabs without even knowing it ?

  6. Nick says:

    It was a “hit” in the nuts.

  7. TwwIX says:

    Shitty game is shitty. This is nothing like the original two games. It has none of its charm and character.
    I’d rather have a Fallout 3-esque FPS as long as it’s story driven, contains memorable characters and has a turn based combat system. This possess none of those things.

  8. Arkon540 says:

    I was a big fan of JA2 growing up. I just took a dive and bought JABIA during the steam summer sale, after reading in several places that “the game was improved a lot by patches and it’s somewhat enjoyable now”. I immediately downloaded the Combat Evolved mod for it as well. I quite enjoy the game, the camera is a bit frustrating(like not being able to see a gentle slope of a hill blocking a merc’s vision for example), and the ‘character’ of the mercs is mostly missing. But I do have fun with it. You just have to go into it with a different mindset. The game is more like Fallout: Tactics than JA2(if anyone other than me ever played that game and knows it as a frame of reference…)

    • RegisteredUser says:

      I did. Didn’t care for it, either to be perfectly honest(played 2 missions/got into the third then was too bored to bother further). Neither BIA nor FOT are even in the same building, heck same housing block as JA2, sadly.

      I did rather like the not-bugged-to-crap parts of Silent Storm though, even though that was rather rough around every edge. Why wasn’t more effort put into making more stuff like that? Maybe with now slightly better polygon count for the graphics, but otherwise the same variety in weapon, perks, and, most importantly, destructability.
      Also give me “shoot stuff off” please, especially if using heavy caliber and shotguns and machetes etc.

  9. RegisteredUser says:

    There are really only two Jagged Alliances.
    The first one, and Jagged Alliance 2.

    Having tried alternatives, I have very saddened come to the conclusion that in comparison to those two, everything else was/is crap.

    • Jab says:

      In comparsion to 7,62mm those two are crappy games for little kiddies.

      • RegisteredUser says:

        They have character, aren’t an eyesore and the game doesn’t crash when you blink.
        I prefer the JA games.

        Played enough 1C games in my time and held off 10:1 odds in Men of War, etc. I know where I can get my “adult fix” if you require masochism to have fun.

        Nothing however will replace the quips and interaction you can find in the real JA.

  10. coldvvvave says:

    I’m replaying JA2 v 1.13 right now for the n’th+1 time and even though I often think that the game is lacking some detail, AI is stupid and balance is weird, I still son’t understand why BIA was even made. Whos the target audience? I replay JA2 onece or twice a year since it’s official release in Russia. I don’t need BIA. I didn’t even pirate it.

  11. Olero says:

    Bought Ja:bia in the steam sales, but I haven’t touched it yet, so I’ll give this a “miss”, at least for now.

    Though this post got me wondering: What ever happened to the Jagged Alliance: Online coverage? The beta of that game already started last year. Anyone in it? Is it as bad as I fear it is?

    • Potocobe says:

      I’m in it. I stopped playing with it last year. The story, what there is of it, is mostly linear. There is no strategic layer to the game at all. Didn’t get to try much multiplayer. The tactical combat is ok. The balance feels off but that is beta so I don’t hang on that. Add to that the timed purchases and….meh. No thanks. I’ll just play JA2 again…

  12. Gundato says:

    Honestly, I like BIA. It isn’t JA2 (1.13 probably isn’t really JA2 either ,but it is what I have grown to love), but it is a fun game on its own merit, outside of the distinct advantage melee has this time around

    I think this expandalone could be what they need. Get away from Arulco, and more fans might be willing to give it a shot.

  13. hemmingjay says:

    Fun game if it lost the JA title. In fact, sell the engine and let other studios make great games instead of drawing ire from the impossible to please nostalgia gaming vets.

  14. Fatrat says:

    It’s by no means just the JA2 vets that think it sucks, like a lot of the BIA fans seem to want to make out. It seems to just be the flat majority that thinks it. Or at least the vocal one. From what i’ve seen/read.

    I had quite a few buddies buy it on release who’ve never touched JA2 and they thought the same as myself and my other “JA2 vet” friends. BIA sucks. It was AT LEAST a massive letdown, let’s be honest.

    I’ve been playing JA2 on and off since 1999. I don’t think i dislike BIA just because i enjoyed JA2 and compare it based simply off the title of the two games. It’s just a shitty game. Silent Storm was fun and BIA both plays and looks worse than that, and it’s about 11 years old too! Am i now saying it sucks because i liked Silent Storm too? Is that how this argument works? :)

    I don’t mind if some people enjoy the game. What i do think is daft is when those people say “u only think it sucks cuz u is JA2 fanboi hurr durr”. Can’t i just think it sucks because… it sucks? It’s not a “them vs us”, it’s an opnion, like with any other game release i play.

    • RegisteredUser says:

      Yea, this whole impossible to please argument is BS.

      If you can enjoy more than 1 title out of genre, obviously you are not stuck on “if its not this game it isn’t fun/good”.
      So the blame doesn’t lie with the people that enjoy good games, but the market failing to provide more of them.

      I still wish for more SStorm like destruction in a slightly update engine and with a bit more coherence and “meaning” (at least in backdrop and “feel”)than some of the stuff like Hammer&Sickle and Sentinels.

      Why on earth is that so hard to do! The blueprint of “this is what people love” is literally out there to play and build on!

  15. Stardog says:

    I bought this in the Steam sale because everyone was touting the latest patch as some sort of panacea. If you hated the demo, you will hate this.

    It has its fun parts, but there are so many frustrating problems with it. The real-time gameplay introduces serious flaws with the game. You can just agro half the map, then shoot/nade them as 50 of them run around the corner like in Commandos. It’s best to do this up a ladder. Bad guys camping inside a room with 1 door are near impossible to get at without grenades, because you don’t have a “turn” where you can move without the enemy moving. You have to run around outside hoping that one of them comes out to investigate.

    The AI’s submachine gun accuracy is somehow far better than my guy with 99 Marksmanship and a 100m range rifle.

    If you have 2 or more merc’s selected, you can’t click-drag their direction…why? You can only select one merc at a time in tactical/paused mode…why?

    Maybe they should fix these before releasing an expansion…