Resident Evil 6 Reveals New Playable Character: Everything

Wait, stop! Have you looked at this UI? I mean, like, really *looked* at it?

So Dead Space has co-op now, and reactions have been rather… mixed. But then Resident Evil 6 saunters in. “Only two playable characters?” It chuckles derisively. “My series was doing that before your main character could even talk. Now this…” it draws back a curtain everyone only just now noticed, revealing Leon Kennedy, Chris Redfield, Jake Muller, and their respective co-op partners, “this is how it’s done.” And, as it turns out, there’s more where that came from.

Via two new trailers, Capcom’s revealed that longtime series standby Ada Wong will have her own campaign – as will, er, the zombies. Kind of. If you so choose, Agent Hunt mode, as it’s known, will allow other players to take control of zombies in your campaign. This becomes significantly more interesting after watching the video below, in which someone pilots a creature with a giant centipede for an arm to glorious, hundred-legged victory.

So Agent Hunt seems a bit Left 4 Dead-ish, but with touches of – oddly enough – Dead Space 2’s multiplayer. I liked the bit where the grotesque vomiting lizard creature erupted from the husk of Edward Centipede Arms, too. It was like a Russian stacking doll, except filled with slime and nightmares. Fun!

As for Ada’s level, errrrr. I did get a bit of a Resident Evil 4 vibe from the setting, and the solitary parts were almost kind of creepy. But then a small crowd of other main characters showed up, and any sense of vulnerability or tension exploded into a high-octane action battle against a giant boss with glowing weakpoints.

The whole thing looks kind of messy, if I’m being honest. I am, however, curious to see how all these disparate elements fit together – even if they don’t pull it off in particularly cohesive fashion. At the very latest, I’m looking at sating my curiosity in early October – but only if Capcom’s rigorous trailer schedule doesn’t lay the whole game bare before then.


  1. MuscleHorse says:

    I thought you could play as Ada in RE4 after completing the game. Or some bird anyway.

    I still haven’t played 5 – this is making me think I should do so in preparation. I like millipede man.

  2. Jyden says:

    Now we just need Tofu.

  3. lowprices says:

    Resi hasn’t been about horror since 4. It’s difficult to be scared of anything when you’re LEON KENNEDY, UNSTOPPABLE DEMIGOD. Still, the Eurogamer preview was fairly positive, so colour me interested.

    • DrGonzo says:

      Yeah, I felt 4 was where the franchise really went downhill. It’s generally thought of as the best one though, so I suppose Resi isn’t for me.

      • Kaira- says:

        I liked Resi 4, but it lost some of the (arguably cheesy) magic that 1-3 had. I think it’s mainly in the loss of cinematic camera placement and more heavy emphasis on action. 5 was enjoyable in co-op, but dear lord trying to play it alone with the AI was infuriating.

      • lowprices says:

        Actually 4 is my favourite in the series, it’s just not a horror game. Also I’m just totally gay for Leon. Well, more so than usual.

      • Jerakal says:

        If by “Where the series went downhill” you meant, became playable. Then yes, the series really has gone downhill since 4.

  4. lordcooper says:

    I won’t be satisfied until I can play as Umbrella Corporation. All of it. At once.

  5. Gary W says:

    Looks alright.

    I bet it’ll have a ton of content, but none of the clever level design of REmake.

  6. Tei says:

    The first video is ridiculous gamey. The ambient is tryiing to create is defeated by the mechanics and lack of sense or rime. Once the weird mutations start, all of it would be better explained as magic. No way a dude can have a giganteous arm, and not fall to the ground by the weight of it. Maybe the whole thing would have looked better with comic rendering, but is rendered as a oh-so-real engine, with horrible antialias and bad mipmaps.

    • lowprices says:

      Wait, you see a video of videogame monsters attacking videogame protagonists and your first thought is “that’s completely unrealistic”?

    • Koozer says:

      It’s a problem the entire series has though. Round-kicking a zombie in the face seems to be more effective than using a knife. And everyone has silly hair. It’s complete pantomime, but fun.

  7. Askeladd says:

    In the first 3 games the mutations where “believable” that gave them a certain atmosphere. Without shops to buy weapons, weapon upgrades hidden behind puzzles, a plot that you had to discover.
    You wondered: “How, is this happening? What is going on? How do I survive? Will I get out alive?”.

    Now we have this… The games are fun. But they are not RE.
    The characters from the first games are as charismatic as they zombies they are killing.

    • Ringwraith says:

      I don’t think “Resident Evil” is a thing anymore, it’s not a genre or style by itself, not the series as a whole at least, but apparently a genre shift is automatically a bad thing.

    • IAmUnaware says:


      Seriously, there are a lot of valid complaints that one could level against RE6–from the fact that there are animations hitting when they’re clearly outside the character’s hitbox IN PROMO FOOTAGE to the fact that even with the little bit of plot we’ve seen so far the story already doesn’t fit with the universe–but “it lacks the intense verisimilitude of the earlier REs!” is not one of them.

      Also, seriously, why would they release these trailers as promos? They make the game look simply awful.

  8. Jupiah says:

    Glad to see Ada is wearing something a real woman might actually wear in a dangerous situation. I still can’t take her seriously after seeing her fighting infected villagers in an evening dress in RE4.

    What’s with the glowing RPG style treasure chests all over the place? And the skeletons pinned to the walls and sitting in chairs, obviously about to come to life when you get close. Those catacombs look like they were lifted straight outta Skryim.

    • stupid_mcgee says:

      Why not? Aya was able to do it in Parasite Eve.

      Man, Parasite Eve was such a badass game…

      • Askeladd says:

        Oh, my, GOD. Now you have me wanting another PE game that doesn’t suck. Well, games like that aren’t made anymore. Maybe japan got cursed.

  9. Xardas Kane says:

    They really are desperate to sell this game, aren’t they? The ultimate fan-service mashing all the RE character anyone has ever cared about, all their story themes and gameplay styles,what could go wrong? I wonder how long it would take publishers to realize that the broader your target audience is, the more unlikely it is you’ll actually get anyone to play your damn game. But hey, gotta get that inflated budget back.

    Not to mention the hands-ons so far haven’t been exactly glowing with praise.

    • stupid_mcgee says:

      Yes. Everyone know the best way to sell your game is to make it horribly obscure and niche. That’s why GTA sells so poorly. Wait… what?

  10. JBantha says:

    So the Japanese title for Resident Evils is Biohazard? I actually liked that the zombie players kind of evolve instead of repeatedly getting killed and spawning in the same way they used to be like in L4D2.

    • stupid_mcgee says:

      Yep. Japanese games often have different titles. Baiohazādo is the transliteration.

  11. int says:

    Cool! It’s that dinosaur from Jurassic Park which ate Newman!

  12. Totally heterosexual says:

    Well considering that the old RE games were dogshit and the series only got good at re4 (though it sunk back to shit again at 5 but whatever), its pretty clear that the action route is the right way to go with the series.

    Also yay spider tits :D

  13. cool4345 says:

    I honestly almost didn’t want to even watch the video i’m that uninterested in RE6. And i’m a big fan of the series.

    This is how not to make a game… where to even start?

    Well on the first video, there’s just so much going on that it completely ruins any atmosphere instantly. Not how resident evil should be.
    Then there’s the mutations. They were more gradual in the earlier games, and now they’re just insane to start with and boring.

    And from the looks of things, they’ve got rid of all of the classic monsters, though it’s difficult to tell with only a few minutes of footage.

    On the second video, there’s no emotion in the voices. Ada sounds as though she’s calm and relaxed,
    EVEN WHEN GETTING BITTEN BY A ZOMBIE… which is again not how RE is supposed to do things.

    And the music isn’t as good as the first few games either, it just sounds like the same music you hear in just about every action film.


    • Paislyabmj says:

      I agree with this guy the resident evil series is known for its superb voice acting


  14. Khann says:

    I really hope that animation is high on the improvement priority list next console generation.

  15. bahamut says:

    I loved This :” My series was doing that before your main character could even talk. Now this…”

  16. PC-GAMER-4LIFE says:

    This is highly unlikely to be a 2012 PC game most likely March 2013. As of a few weeks ago Capcom had done no meaningful work on the PC port & the same Capcom Japan teams who are coding the console versions are handling the PC port so they will not even start until the console versions go gold in a month or so.

    Even the most optimistic person cannot possibly believe they can port to PC in a few months & its going to be a decent port like RE5 was. As this game is very Co-Op heavy & with 3 times the gameplay of RE5 its going to take a while to polish & GFWL is a given so even with GFWL do not expect anything before late Jan early Feb at the very earliest.

    Capcom cannot drop GFWL either as Capcom Japan say show us some much better sales figures on PC yet refuse to pay for extra dev time which is why all their games use GFWL to make them even possible on PC. So its either GFWL or nothing before anyone gets the stupid idea to petition for no GFWL in RE6 (like they failed to do with 3 Dark Souls petitions!!).

  17. Deviija says:

    This is… kind of interesting? At least it is trying to do something different (for the series and its multiplayer modes) with the zombie mode. More content missions is always good too (Ada stuff).

    Still, I wish Claire Redfield and Jill were the partners in this game instead of Mini-Chris and Wesker-Spawn. :(

  18. stupid_mcgee says:

    It’s obviously not Gears of War. Gears was a lot more fast-paced and you could do a great deal of damage in CQC. It’s onviously not L4D because there’s no bunnyhopping and people running to the finish line. I haven’t played MP3, but there’s no hard drinking or cinematic cutaways, so I’m not getting that MP vibe, either. I think it’s just the next step beyond RE5.

    Besides, the “zombie control” thing is a game mode, similar to the Mercenaries mode. How is adding more game modes a bad thing? Why should a modern game control like RE1? When was the last time you played any of the early RE’s? I liked the premise and all, but the early games controlled like crap.

  19. Torn says:

    Perfect Dark on the N64 already had a ‘take control of enemies’ – counter-operative mode, as well as the normal split-screen coop, deathmatch and king of the hill modes.

    *Get off my lawn*

  20. grenadeh says:

    Did you…not…play or see the demo? RE6 has 7 playable characters, not counting the zombies.

  21. Enso says:

    The Agent Hunt mode looks, and sounds, incredibly annoying.