Arena Shooter For Computer: Death Ray Manta

If only all DRM were so beautiful.
Rob “War Twat” Fearon sends word that he’s making a new game: DRM, aka Death Ray Manta. It is, as you’ll discover, a game of some principles, as well as neon alien things exploding in a closed room. It’s looking rather beautiful. There’s a trailer below. The trailer is odd.

Mr Fearon says that he’s leaving as much of the game open to tinkering as possible:

“Because I detest how closed things have become over time, I’ll be leaving large amounts of data in files that you can fiddle around with, such is the joy of writing for a PC. Want to change the title screen text? You can do that. Want to change the enemy names? You can do that. Want to write “Rob smells of wee” somewhere in the game? You can do that. You can also do lots of accessibility tweaks like enemy speed, player movement speed, room FPS, total amount of graphics. Hopefully, someone, somewhere will change all the menu text to “Dave’s Laser Game by Dave Dave” and take it into school and claim they made it sort of like some people did in the eighties by hitting breakspace and changing a few things in BASIC games. If just one person does that, I’ve won. I can retire.”

Mr Fearon also has a top-secret announcement coming, but that’s top secret, right? Exactly.


  1. iamspacegiraffe says:

    Sorry… “War Twat”?!

  2. Swabbleflange says:

    It’s an homage to the opening of Casino.

  3. MythArcana says:

    Look out Isaak. Disturbing.

  4. Mo says:

    The best DRM is the kind you can totally SHOOT IN TEH FACE. Wholeheartedly approve.

  5. Junon says:

    Another indie pixel game trailer, another excellent synth track. I am most certainly not complaining.

  6. tossrStu says:



    I picked up Rob’s Bagfull of Wrong bundle a little while ago. Some excellent Jeff Minter/Eugene Jarvis-inspired stuff in there.

  7. elnalter says:

    final boss is an enthusiastic zookeeper from down under

  8. Memph says:

    I for one am supremely sick of the sight of arena shooter indie games cropping up every .32 seconds. I’d much prefer they move on from the 80’s style remakes and spiritual spin-offs of smash-tv and asteroids to something with a bit more substance to playthrough. Do an Alien Breed or Chaos Engine already. Give us a world, a place to play in. Just scrolling levels would be something, you can even keep the arty, abstract, shiny but basic looks, but there has to be more, give us more, anything more of anything but being stuck in a sodding box.