Mysteries Of The Mind: Subduction

If Fez took place in a young girl’s thoughts and tackled themes of memory and psychology, it might look a bit like Subduction. The hazy interior world has is seen from a side-on 2D perspective, like a thousand remembered platformers, but then a shift of perspective makes it a top-down corridor-crawler. Sometimes the view shifts to show hidden corridors, going up or down the walls and allowing the player to walk along them, other times it seems to change the world entirely, revealing and concealing in a single, shimmering switch. It’s like living inside a Rubik’s Cube. Not yet available, Subduction is showing at PAX Prime and the development team are Improbability Drive of DigiPen. Trailer down thar.

Nice music.


  1. Saarlaender39 says:

    Yeah! – Super Paper Mario on PC! ;)

  2. Ross Angus says:

    OK, that trailer broke my brain. Where do I get a new one?

  3. Dreforian says:

    This tickles my nostalgia hind-brain but the rest of my mind is still burnt from English Country Tune. Stuck at the branch in Planting and the last stage of Adv Whale. Perspective is a bitch.

  4. Xawery says:

    Anyone have an idea what the name of that song is? Google yields nothing.

    • Kein says:

      I’ve got a feeling this is original in-game BGM?

    • smokeblue says:

      subduction’s designer here:

      All of our music is done by members of the team. Thanks for the appreciation, though :-D. Hopefully, we’ll be able to release the soundtrack once the game is wrapped up.

  5. Bilateralrope says:

    How long till Valve hires the entire team to remake the game with a higher budget ?

  6. Mr. Mister says:

    I’m still not sure what the hell she did on the penultimate scene, before the one where she falls.

  7. Hmm-Hmm. says:

    Great concept. I wonder, though, how obvious it will be what exactly it is you have to do and how easy it is to figure out how since the areas look so similar.

    • smokeblue says:

      That’s definitely one of the issues we’re working on. The hope is to get a diverse amount of texturing in that will provide visual landmarks. As it is now, people tend to get lost ^_^.