Planetside 2 Beta Is Go For The Privileged Few

give me my suit give me my suit give me my suit waaah


That’s all this post is, really – a public lamentation that I’m not part of the latest New Hotness, said New Hotness being fab-looking MMOFPS Planetside 2, which will finally open its doors to a selected few members of the public later today (about 7pm UK time, I believe). Hopefully I’ll be welcomed to the ranks of the eternal tri-war before too long – meantime, how have you lot go on? Clearly, we shall have to form some sort of enormous RPS faction once this thing is up and running for more of the public. No doubt the recent reveal that Planetside 2 is coming to Steam in addition to SOE’s Station platform will help make what’s already likely to be a huge playerbase all the huger. Sign up for the beta here, though it may be sometime before you’re given the king’s shilling.

I remember when Planetside was the best-kept secret in gaming, a remarkable conflict known only by a privileged few. It’s going to be very, very different this time around. That’s exciting in its own way.

Here’s the latest trailer, if you’ve not seen it. It has a very growly man, and it is called ‘Death Is No Excuse.’ That is not a reasonable employment policy, as far as I’m concerned.


  1. Lenderz says:

    Boo hiss, despite being in the PCGamer beta code brigade I’ve not had my invite yet.

    • bit_crusherrr says:

      You wont get one for a week or so. The priority is Active subs > PS1 vets > Priority keys.

      • Lenderz says:

        A week? Whats the point of living knowing some people are playing PS2 and I’m not?

        NOTHING thats the point.

        Oh well I’ve still got all of Max Payne 3, Rage and Skyrim to finish this week I guess. :Steam Sales:

        • Makikou says:

          This is why i have my PS3 and FireFall Milestone Update incoming.

          • Boothie says:

            speaking of wich when is the milestone update coming? cant find even a general date for it -.-

        • bit_crusherrr says:

          A week or more :X

          • Lenderz says:

            Stop it! You’re making it worse.

            Lots of games to play, but PS2 is really the only game thats had me excited in a terribly long time.

      • chunkynut says:

        Weirdly enough I’m not an active subscriber or a PS1 vet but via their facebook page there was notification that I could apply for a beta key about a month ago. Surprisingly I got one, best thing facebooks ever given me.

        • kaffis says:

          Just to manage expectations, beta keys are 3rd in line after current Planetside 1 subscribers and lapsed Planetside 1 subscribers.

    • jimjam says:

      No biggy, seems like Tribes to me and I been there did that. ;)

    • jvu123 says:

      ive had mine for like 2 months

  2. derbefrier says:

    Being part of the great unwashed (not a former PS1 player or current subscriber, no PC gamer key etc…)
    I am not expecting i even have a prayer of getting in for the first month. I also have a very unlucky track record with getting into betas anyway and the only time i seem to be able to join them is by buying into them so unless they put out a “supporter package” I can buy for a few bucks with a beta key i am afraid I will have to wait until the OB. But who knows maybe i’ll get lucky for once.

    • Kotlh says:

      Well, you could subscribe to PS1 before 8am and benefit of the “current subs” access, even if that is a bit silly.

      • ThePresent says:

        Nope, that train has long passed. Hasn’t been possible to sign up to get the vet status for a while.

        • Asurmen says:

          Actually, some recent twitters from the president of SOE has said that the current sub cut off is 8am today.

    • jkz says:

      Yeah, being a website signup pleb myself, not much hope of getting access anytime soon.

  3. Unaco says:

    That trailer is in-game? Or is it a largely superfluous cinematic? Is it for the spin-off Live Action series?


    • Azradesh says:

      Do you really think that’s in game?

      • Unaco says:

        No. Did you really think I really thought that was in game? It was a comment on the prevalence, and disdain usually shown to, live action and CGI (i.e. not in game footage) released as trailers these days.

        • Azradesh says:

          Not just these days, it’s always been that way, and what’s wrong with that? It’s not like we can’t tell. I love a good trailer, if I wanted to see gameplay I’d look for a gameplay video. Raw gameplay never makes and good trailer, and a good trailer doesn’t mean a good game. This isn’t difficult to work out or new.

          That said, gameplay vids should always be released.

    • Lamellama says:

      I am looking forward to this movie

  4. Kotlh says:

    Wait, wasn’t it 2pm PST?

    • Andy`` says:

      Yeah, they’ve said a few times its 2pm PST, unless this is about invite emails going out. But I’ve heard nothing about that yet.

      Alec, I think you may have jumped the sharkgun?

      • Kotlh says:

        Given that SOE’s boss hasn’t said anything on his twitter yet, and that it’s 5am in San Diego, I guess RPS mixed that up.

        HOW DARE you promise me PS2beta 9 hours before I can realise I’m not getting in this week?

    • kaffis says:

      2 pm PDT is the current start of the (mostly daily) testing window. No idea when the invites will go out.

  5. Dominic White says:

    Heard good things from those in the beta, which makes me lament all the more that I’m not playing it. It really does sound like a proper sequel/update to Planetside.

    Anathema to some, I know, but the actual gunplay and kill-speeds look a lot like Halo now. It’s possible to die fairly quick (faster than in the original) to sustained fire, but the energy shields on the medium and heavy armor means that cover really does help you out – advantage to the defenders, as it should be.

    Here’s some Beta gameplay footage. Obviously not official, hence the identifying marks being blacked out:

    • Gnoupi says:

      Now that’s a weapon blocking a quarter of the screen :-/ I hope this can be reduced.

      • MasterDex says:

        Took the words right out of my mouth! Yeah, really hope there’s an option to reduce the weapon size. Also, higher FoV.

      • LionsPhil says:

        Holy crap. I think for once that’s not an exaggeration.

    • Vorphalack says:

      What FOV was that set to? Seemed quite low to me, like 70ish.

      • Brothabear says:

        wow.. you are CRAZY Good at spotting details.

        • Vorphalack says:

          If only you had used the time spent making a snarky comment for good instead of evil.

    • Grape Flavor says:

      Wow, somehow I didn’t actually expect it to look that good. Maybe I’m easily impressed, but those are some pretty high production values for a FTP game.

      • Shooop says:

        You should see WARFACE(!). Lacks original ideas and has next to no scale, but oh does it look good.

  6. Nemon says:

    Silly server availability hours, I have hardly had time to join in despite having access since the start.

    • Milky1985 says:

      Yeah, its a proper beta apparently, not the google or cod betas :P

      Kinda interested to see the testing process, apparently they might be saying tanks only for some of the testing days that sort of thing, that will be funny to watch :P

  7. MadMatty says:

    Death Is No Excuse when you respawn 15 seconds later.

    kinda takes the zeist out of it tho.

    • Manco says:

      Actually that’s the point of the quote since respawning is in the lore.

  8. Echo says:

    I was in the tech test, so I think that means I get a free pass for the closed beta too.

  9. Ultra Superior says:

    Alec, why are you so taken away by this generic looking mediocre shooter ? It doesn’t look fab.

    The only good thing I can see about it is the scale and massive multiplayer. Otherwise it looks like run of the mill generic pew pew shooter. What has changed?

    • Dave says:


      • Ultra Superior says:

        I’m big fan of Unreal XMP, in time of planet side 1 I liked XMP much better, so I never got into it.
        ( link to
        user Rorschach sums up my opinions, then)

        Unfortunately, XMP’s devs bankrupted(?) and switched off the servers.

        Can you please let me know, what makes PS2 so great ?

        • Dave says:

          Numbers mate, it was all about the numbers. Filling 3 galaxies (dropships) with you, your mates and your mates mates then tanking over to someone’s base and jumping out to spray purple death was a unique experience.

          the gameplay might look a tad generic (i haven’t played 2 in any way so cant really comment) but when its with your outfit of 40 odd fellas combined with a massed assault with other outfits from your faction etc etc et all its going to get all ride of the Valkyries.

          Have i said Squeeeee yet?

          • Gnoupi says:

            “jumping out”, pff.

            A real pilot stays in the galaxy. Drives it to crash on the enemy in the most effective way.

            And he laughs maniacally while doing so.

          • Echo says:

            That’s a waste of a Galaxy though – you have a five minute “respawn timer” before you can get a new one (unless someone else gets one for you), and a landed Galaxy also serves as a respawn/loadout point in PS2.

          • Gnoupi says:

            If I blast “Ride of the Valkyries” while I fly my dropship, I care not about the waste.

            Now if I only could install louders under the wings…

    • bill says:

      the scale and massive multiplayer

      (and the loving of the first game)

      • Ultra Superior says:

        :D That would be it.

        I wonder if dozens versus dozens players is truly desirable or if it’s just more chaos ?

        • Gnoupi says:

          The main difference is that on one side, you have team-based shooters, even with large teams.
          And on the other side, you have global war.

          Planetside wasn’t a great shooter, for me. It was boring to run and try to find someone to shoot. In the end, I wasn’t even shooting that much. But I had great fun as a pilot, spending time to fill a Galaxy, and launching a raid over a remote factory. And after dropping the squad there (and often the dropship itself), I would start again.

          The key feeling from Planetside, for me, is “being a part of a global effort”. And not many games are offering this.

    • Gnoupi says:

      And what makes you so negative that you have to deny others from being excited about a game?

      • Ultra Superior says:

        I’m not negative, I just don’t see anything that would make me excited too.

        Which happens rarely on RPS, as I love most of the games RPSers are excited about.

        • Dominic White says:

          Don’t underestimate just how exciting the scale of things can be. A 16v16 shooter is all well and good, but a completely open battlefield where you might have a dozen tanks covering your panicked rock-to-rock infantry advance, while a huge hairball erupts overhead as interceptor wings clash? That’s memorable.

          The original Planetside felt like sci-fi warfare, rather than organized small team skirmishes. PS2 looks even more like it – night-fighting looks absolutely spectacular, with tracer fire and plasma arcs just lighting up the sky.

        • kaffis says:

          Think about movies. Do you find WW2 movies that stage Normandy Beach scenes more exciting than, say, Mob movies that feature 3-man hit squads trading fire in a restaurant?

          Because that’s Planetside vs. round-based shooters.

          • Ultra Superior says:

            Interesting. Definitely mobsters are more exciting than soldiers dying in front of HMG.

    • Shooop says:

      The scale.

      It’s absolutely massive for a FPS and there’s a real emphasis on teamwork which means it’s very possible to recreate future war movie scenes with multiple dropships filled with soldiers storming an enemy base.

      It may not do anything new, but it doesn’t have to if it does it better than anyone before it. It looks more like a Battlefield game than any of the games named Battlefield the past 8 years.

    • RaveTurned says:

      I feel I should link this. Not because I think it’ll help convince you, but because it’s ace. :)

      link to

    • Shralla says:

      So the fact that the scale of conflict is literally completely unmatched by any other game doesn’t suggest to you that maybe something is different? So you think that run and gun against 11 other people is exactly the same as run and gun+vehicles against a HUNDRED other people?

      • RegisteredUser says:

        I actually agree with the guy that if you go from becoming possibly THE dude that matters in a match(even if just doing good medic support) to becoming JAG – just another grunt – then its much more a question of personality and individual enjoyment types than whether or not the game does either version well.

        At least I for one like to feel that I mattered and wasn’t just one of 100+ cogs in a huge machine.
        Kinda why we do the whole fantasy world thing, because in reality its usually the latter already/easier to “find” the latter. :p

  10. ng.aniki says:

    Sooo. In other words, we need to pay 1 month subscription to PS1 (which we won’t use), to get access to the beta of the free to play PS2 before others. Nice :)

    • westyfield says:

      I’ve heard tell that you can buy PS1, set up a subscription, and then cancel the sub before the 30 days of free time (that you get when your purchase the game) expire. That would still get you in to the beta, as you’d be down as having a subscription, but you wouldn’t have had to pay any extra than the base price of the game (about £10, I think).

    • ThePresent says:

      Nope, you can’t do that anymore. To get veteran status you would have had been signed up for a good while already.

    • Shralla says:

      Or you could just wait and not act like they’re forcing you to spend money.

      • Sidion says:

        I have been a SOE all-access member for like 3 months now. I guess thanks to that is why I got in. (I’d not gotten a key or an email prior to it.)

        Mind you I’d never played PlanetSide, I just liked the idea of 20 dollars a month getting me access to DCUO and all the other MMO’s they’ve got out there. I’ve had a blast with it. And paying 20 bucks monthly for a ton of games instead of your typical 15-17 monthly for ONE game. Makes it not feel like I HAVE to play any time I feel like gaming to get my moneys worth.

  11. FullMetalMonkey says:

    Guys, there is no need to worry too much.

    EDIT: *Currently, SOE are doing what many other ‘betas’ aren’t. Being a true technical beta. Come next week, it will probably end up being like how most betas are and being more of a exclusive demo.*

    Currently the game is still being tested as a Technical Beta and a large majority of key features, such as Certifications and the vast majority of the customization options for vehicles aren’t implemented yet. They are also upgrading their forums today. I guess Sony Online Entertainment want everything to be as smooth as possible for the majority whilst us Technical Beta Testers help SOE fix the current bugs in the game.

    Also the start times for these betas are ridiculously late for us EU players. Last week it was from 10pm through to 9am.

    All i can see is, patience. Whilst i am have a blast shooting Vanu and NC scum, it is also not a good representation of the final product at present.

  12. dE says:

    So wait, Beta Signup nowadays doesn’t mean “Give us your e-mail, we’ll keep spamming you about when and where you can pay for access”?’
    Like Path of Exile for example…

    Slightly cynical. Agreed.
    But on principle, I refuse to pay for Beta Access, If I’m doing work – and good beta testing is work – I’m willing to forfeit being paid for doing work for a game I’d love. But I’m not willing to pay, to be allowed to work. Wrong way around.

    In further news, no beta invite for me. As usual.

  13. Fythbro says:

    Methinks the guy featured in the trailer should be awarded “Commando of the Year!”

    Quite looking forward to it, I’ve been craving something macro in scale with the opportunity to really do well in a game through organisation and grit. I’ve never been able to play a true MMOFPS before but have always wanted to. Cant wait to get some drops under my belt!

  14. chromeshelter says:

    I also have a tech test access (so I can participate in all beta tests). The game seems really good, i just have one problem with it: epic lag spikes and some major graphical bugs. During the stress test we had some 100 vs 100 battles (and i believe this number is only going to raise after the start of the beta and then retail release) and when a faction captured a point the whole game stopped for like half a sec (this is getting really annoying when it happens every 2-3 mins for hours). Talking about the graphical bugs i had parts of the map and minimap dissapearing, objects blinking through other objects etc (gtx 560 ti with latest drivers) regardless of graphical settings.

    So yeah the core gameplay is amazing, the netcode is really good (even in huge battles you can headshot your enemies), the game looks and runs great (i played it on low settings, but anything besides the ground textures [which i had to pump up to medium] looked great), it just has some bugs left in it (which is normal at this stage ofc), and i hope they can get rid of those lag spikes that happen when the control in one region shifts.

    And for those who dont have access yet: dont worry, the game is really in more of an alpha stage now, has loads of problems, I wont be playing myself till they fix these major issues. I think this can be a great game in a 3 months time or so.

    • Milky1985 says:

      You might not be playing considering the massive NDA breach just there :P

      However even tho i am not playing i think i can safely say alpha is alpha for your experience and beta will be beta (again proper beta , not cod beta) so peopel shoudl expect hiccups.

  15. aliksy says:

    I’m not a huge fan of shooters or pvp, but I’m really excited for more MMOs that aren’t god damn autotarget, autoattack, stand still and trade blows bullshit.

  16. LilyzHeartzU says:

    Check your twitter Alec Meer! ^

    and planetside 2 is going to be tons of fun!
    cant wait!~

  17. Xkhaoz says:

    I was checking my email a few days ago, and just now noticed the system survey email that was sent out….over a month ago D: I doubt I”m getting in anytime soon

  18. Auzy says:

    …subbed since release of PS1, no invite! I see how it is SOE!!!

  19. Sieshin says:

    I’ve received no email yet, but after checking and logging in, got a nice surprise :)

  20. johnki says:

    Are people who used to pay for the Station Pass and play Planetside with it considered PS1 vets?

  21. Zarunil says:

    This is coming to Steam?! Yay!!!

  22. rickenbacker says:

    I’m not in either :/. Don’t they know WHO I AM, dammit?!