You Could Pre-Purchase Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

This shot always reminds me of Tomb Raider, and then I feel like I can identify with the game. I can't.

Here are some things you could do today: You could finally read that article you’ve left in your tabs for over a week now. You could give your mum a call – just to say hi. You could pre-order Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. You could high five a stranger and tell them they look amazing. Oh, and if you do that third one, you can get the game for 10% off, and get into the beta a week before it launches.

The remake of everyone’s favourite anti-terrorism/pro-terrorism shooter is only going to cost £12 at full price. But it’s £10.79 up until release day – 21st August – with that getting you into the game on the 14th. Or right now you could pick up the new game, along with the original, Condition Zero, and the Source version, for £13. But that’s only until the end of Thursday.

You can see the squillion updates that will be added to the game by the 14th over on the CS:GO blog, which includes nerfing the bots’ psychic prescience, as well as making upper tier bots tougher. And, really, hundreds of other things.

So, is this a definite purchase for you? Or are you defiantly sticking with the original?


  1. Tom Walker says:

    I don’t think I’ll bother. I’m so bad at Counter Strike. It’s not even like I’m bad at FPS in general – in an evening of TF2 I’ll pretty much always be MVP at some point.

    Counter Strike is like arm-wrestling: against someone very slightly better than you, you’ll never win once.

    • Groove says:

      A solid analogy, unfortunately (and fortunately) it will break down a little with the influx of new players. With newbs abound the better players will have to rely on/be held back by weaker players on their team.

      To rejoin the analogy, your strong bicep and vice-like grip will be undone by your elbow deciding dual berretas and night vision is a great idea, and promptly jumping off the table.

    • grenadeh says:

      How can you be terrible at CS? It’s barely one step above Doom in difficulty. Seriously, if you’re so bad at CS that in 14 years you haven’t won, just quit all games.

      • eks says:

        Once upon a time I played a video game and wasn’t very good at it. I still had fun. The End.

      • Douchetoevsky says:

        Obvious troll is stupid.

      • felisc says:

        How can you be terrible at being nice ? It’s barely one step above being polite. Seriously, if you’re so bad at communication after 5 years, just quit all comments.

      • ScubaMonster says:

        He does have a point in a way though. Everybody speaks of CS in hushed tones as if takes zen like mastery to be good. I hopped in playing it off and on and I didn’t find it to be the massacre waiting to happen that everybody says it is.

      • hexen96 says:

        “It’s barely one step above Doom in difficulty…”?

        Once upon a time, my friend urged me to buy a game called Counter-Strike: Source. We played the night I bought it, and I was continually pwnt. When my friend saw that I could use some pointers, the first tip he gave me was…

        “Listen…DON’T THINK OF THIS AS DOOM…OK?”

    • Lttlefoot says:

      Being bad at CS is a good reason to get CS:GO. It will have matchmaking so you always get to play against people who are as bad as you.

    • VladtheImpaler says:

      Thats why I absaloutely love about CounterStrike!
      I have been playing CounterStrike Since the first one and so I can say I am a big fan boy. I am actualy scared that valve are going to make the new CounterStrike too noob friendly as they are decreasing the recoil on a number of guns and makeing it generaly easyer.

  2. rocketman71 says:

    Preordered. I like the polishing they’ve done during the beta, and at 10€ it’s a steal.

    • EOT says:

      Wait….It’s cheaper in Euroland? Well that’s a bit shitty of you Valve full price is about €15. Not that I was going to buy it anyway. I’ve been crap at CS since day one.

      • Suits says:

        In Euroland the full price is €14, so it’s about the same.

        • rocketman71 says:

          Euroland has two zones. Don’t really remember which countries form each, but since I’m Spanish I’m in the cheap one.

          For me, the full price is shown as 11€. It really surprised me, since the usual is $15 => 15€, so yet another reason I bought it really quickly, in case it was an error ;)

        • rocketman71 says:

          Ok, according to (I know, sounds ridiculous):

          Tiers system currently applies to Valve games only!

          Tier 1:
          Albania, Andorra, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Macedonia, Netherlands, Sweden or Switzerland.

          Tier 2:
          Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Malta, Monaco, Montenegro, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, San Marino, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain or the Vatican City (We’re sure the pope is happy).

          and as for CS:GO:

          If you pre-order, you get 10% off, so the US price is currently $13,49.
          In the UK, the price is £10,79, which is 25,35% more expensive.
          In EU tier 1, the price is €12,59, which is 16,09% more expensive.
          In EU tier 2, the price is €9,89, which is 8,82% cheaper.

          I can indeed confirm that I paid 9,89€.

  3. airtekh says:

    I think I had my fill of CS back in the early 00’s 1.5/1.6 era. Loved it to bits back then though.

    I’ll probably pick it up at a discount at some point, to sate my curiosity; and for a dose of nostalgia.

    • Banana3000 says:

      Pick it up at a discount? It’s already cheap @ 12,59€

      • airtekh says:

        There’s not much point in me buying a game for 13 euro that I’m only half-interested in, and that I’m not going to play immediately.

    • Maxheadroom says:

      yeah it was at it’s best back around v1.6 in the orifinal HL engine. Source was pritter but was just lacking something. Looking at the trailers though, I really cant see much difference between this and the Source version

      • zeroskill says:

        “I really cant see much difference between this and the Source version”

        You are crazy.

  4. bit_crusherrr says:

    I find the lack of hats disturbing.

  5. Mrs Columbo says:

    “You could give your mum a call – just to say hi.”

    Shouldn’t be too hard for RPS readers: just shout into the kitchen where she’ll no doubt be making lunch for her little hobbity-wobbity.

    • Askeladd says:

      Oh, my mum is far away. I’m making my own meals now: Onion bread with butter, salami and pepper. Goes good together with a Guinness.

      • thegooseking says:

        My mum is far away, but I’m not sure shoving frozen pizza in the oven and waiting 15 minutes really counts as making my own meals.

    • zeroskill says:

      Son, one day when you get older, you will value your mum’s cooking skills.

    • Llamageddon says:

      Mum! Get off the comments section of RPS and make me sandwich.

  6. MadTinkerer says:

    “Or are you defiantly sticking with the original?”

    The original? Does that mean CS:Source? Or the game currently called CS on Steam? Or one of the pre-Steam versions of the mod? Or the Condition Zero version? Or the Deleted Scenes single player campaign? Or one of the console versions? Or one of the gajillions of mods for the mod of a mod… aaaaaaaaaarrrrrggghwkjerv nw;lenrvc;wkenmrvcmvc

    Brain rebooting…

    Brain BIOS 3.876 inititated.
    Biological memory systems check… OK!
    Loading BrainOS

    Select user profile> MadTinkerer

    -and besides that, pretty much everyone except Blizzard has completely abandoned retail already! You’re just targeting Steam because they’re the most successful…


    Wait, what date is it? Crap.

    Well hopefully that will teach me to make regular backups.

  7. neolith says:

    The only thing that was on my mind when I saw the picture in the article was: “It needs anisotropic filtering badly.” I think there’s something wrong with me.

  8. derbefrier says:

    think i will eventually get this i liked the beta and i haven’t really played since 1.6. I still occasionally boot it up 1.6 but my brother gave me a beta invite a month or so ago and I was having fun. i have too much on my backlog from the last steam sale to worry about pre ordering it right now though but i am sure this will eventually find its way into my games list.

  9. Milky1985 says:

    Wonder if they have got ronud to putting hte silencer for the M4 back in, was a very useful thing to have. Not just for the quietness but also the spread changing aspect.

  10. kael13 says:

    Does anyone else have serious issues with the number of tabs they keep open? My friends always seem to comment whenever they spot, what I would call, my ‘usual’ amount of browser tabs.

    This is usually at least 20. I’m at work right now and even here I have 22 concurrent Chrome tabs.

    And I’m absolutely guilty of keeping open no-longer-relevant tabs for weeks at a time.

    • Wang Tang says:

      Oh god yes :/
      I have three firefox windows open atm, with 20, 31 and 63 tabs open respectively. And I really close not-relevant tabs.

      It’s just that most of these tabs are somehow relevant to work / hobby / etc., but not enough to warrant a bookmark, which I won’t open again anyhow…

    • thegooseking says:

      It goes a bit like this.

      Open article / forum thread. Read article / forum thread. Start writing comment / post. Naively assume I’ll finish the comment / post at some point. Go and read another article (or open up the forum index in a new tab). Go to work. Go home. Have dinner. Sleep. Wake up. Find the comment / post I was originally writing. Decide it’s out of date and that I won’t post it. Don’t close the tab anyway.

      That plus what Wang Tang said. If I bookmark it, I might forget why I was interested in the page, but if it’s there in an open tab, I’ll remember.

    • Prokroustis says:

      41 tabs open atm… :( The only solution is for the browser to crash and the reload previously opened tabs option to stop working..

    • Dances to Podcasts says:

      I shut my pc off when I’m done with it. Call me oldfashioned…

    • Soundtoxin says:

      I have 8 app tabs on Aurora that I always leave open. Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Gmail,, PassThePopcorn, BroadcasTheNet. When I open something else to look at, I close it when I’m done. In rare cases I’ll pin an extra tab or two if I’m working on something for a couple weeks.

  11. grenadeh says:

    Or you could not because no one is interested in the stale 14 year old gaming offered by Counter-Strike. The game hasn’t been fun since 1999. Let’s be honest, it can be fun sometimes. GO introduces nothing new – it cannot compete with cod (Read CoD and BF3 – same game) even if free.

    As far as tabs go, I routinely have 30+ open and get up into the 100s at times. I pretend i’ll inspect those links but usually mark them and close them all arbitrarily. Thus why i have soooooooooo many favorites.

    • HothMonster says:

      “no one is interested in the stale 14 year old gaming offered by Counter-Strike” That would be why its consistently in the top 10 games being played on steam. Personally I think it can compete with the CoD likes of the world because it doesn’t include all the things I like least about those games. No grinds for weapons, no kill-streak bonuses, no 15 dollar map packs just nice balanced (hopefully) face shooting with lots and lots of privately run dedicated servers.

    • Narzhul says:

      Yes, no one is interested in Counter Strike. So much so that CS and CSS put together is consistently the most played game on Steam since forever. Or separately, the two of them are always in the top 5 most played games daily.

  12. ArthurBarnhouse says:

    I hope no one kills me, but how is controller support for this? TF2 had the option for controller setup via console, so it’s what I play the most still, but I’m still looking for a new multiplayer game.

    • DerRidda says:

      I believe so but even though nobody might kill you here, everybody in the game will, all the time.
      If you absolutely have to play with a gamepad CS is not for you, it requires way too much twitch skill.
      Compared to TF2: Everybody in CS is a sniper with every weapon and everybody only has the Scout’s HP with no medic and medpacks around plus when you die you have to sit it out for 1-2 minutes.

      • ArthurBarnhouse says:

        Buzz buzz.

      • Totally heterosexual says:

        Hey guys. Im going to totally ignore the question and instead feed my PC everything superiority dickhead mentality a bit. Hope you enjoy!

    • Milky1985 says:

      Reguardless of how silly it is to play cs with a controller, last time i checked there was controller support and settings in the options menu, probably best to use a 360 pad for best support.

      There was an option for fov changes as well for tv’s, not sure if they will have controller only servers tho, as a mouse player will destory the controller players unfortantly

      • ArthurBarnhouse says:

        Thanks for the info. I’ll probably a least give it a try then

  13. Eclipse says:

    This game is pure crap, don’t buy it, also because it’s just counterstrike, same maps, same modes, same everything. Counterstrike was awesome because was the first true “tactical” online shooter, today it’s a mess of a game and feels way too arcade-y.
    True Combat: Elite was the last “Countestrike-like” game to really nail everything, it was truly brilliant :\

    • hypercrisis says:

      CS was never a tactical shooter

      • Eclipse says:

        Yes it was. There wasn’t anything more tactical when the first CS landed.
        Fact is that’s it’s gameplay aged so much that’s now considered arcade, because many games have built on that formula and did a way better job during the years.
        Counter-Strike was released in a period way before leaning, proning and iron sight or no hud modes where widely used, and it just stayed that way because any change in gameplay will lead the community to months of flame. They’re ready to bitch around even for slight balancing or changes in any map, let alone some real changes

        • ragewind says:

          No it wasn’t. Multiplayer Rainbox Six and even Delta Force in 1998 were tactical shooters that spawned the sub-genre. Delta Force was primarily considered an ‘online’ game too. Counterstrike had its first public betas in 1999 and 1.0 version wasn’t released till 2000. If you played those games or other tactical shooters of ’98 & ’99, like Hidden & Dangerous and Spec Ops, Counterstrike came across very arcadey even then. Leaning and going prone were also commonplace by the late nineties. Once console fps games caught on, those features started disappearing for a period.

    • Magnusm1 says:

      You seem to have a bad case of being stupid. Obviously they won’t waste time creating new maps when they can just update the excellent maps that are used in MLG. The numbers of maps included is not relevant, as CS has always been driven by community-maps. And don’t forget, that at launch, TF2 had 8 official maps. Now there are 50. Also, you might just be trolling, as you say that there are no new game-modes yet there are.
      Or maybe you are just stupid.

      • Eclipse says:

        you have a severe case of being a giant dickhead, there’s no talking with stupid beings like you

  14. TechnicalBen says:

    Game aside for a second, is 10% of £12 really worth it? I mean, it’s £1.20?!

    I could understand maybe 20%, as then the game is under a tenner, but only 10%?

    I remember an old saying “anyone can give you 10% off, ask for 20%!”

    • Suits says:

      10% off is standard for pre-orders

    • Text_Fish says:

      I find your question strange. If you saw £1.20 on the floor, would you not gladly bend down to pick it up? That’s actually more effort than pre-ordering a game on Steam, assuming you were planning on buying the game post-release anyway. Plus you get early access in the form of a beta invite.

      20% would be better, but so would 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 21, 22, 23, 24 etc.

  15. Smashbox says:

    New Valve game, little to no fanfare. Odd.

    That said, I probably won’t be playing this – it’s a bit hardniche for me.

  16. Text_Fish says:

    The Beta’s really good. Much better than Source. It’s a Day -13 purchase for me.

  17. Brise Bonbons says:

    Can’t say I’m very interested in FPS games at the moment, and if I do want to have a bit of face shooting I will probably jump in DayZ or RO2, games that are more about atmosphere and crawling around in the mud than frantic no scopes.

    That said, I’m almost inclined to buy this one just because it isn’t filled with all that F2P/persistent weapon unlock nonsense. Also it would be nice to have an FPS on my list that focuses on quick matches rather than the hours long slog in DayZ. Then again, Valve doesn’t need my money, and if I want twitchy shooting, I think Shoot Mania looks much more innovative (and interesting).

    Not sure if want.

  18. newprince says:

    Very tempting. Hard to decide between picking this up or continuing my on/off obsession with TF2.

    I loved CS ever since I played the beta in 2000. And I was one of the few who actually enjoyed the transition to Source. I just wish this would be the first game on the rumored Source 2 engine. This and the next Team Fortress would have me set until 2020!

    That said, I do sort of have my plate full with DayZ, DDO, and Guild Wars 2 coming up. But I sort of miss being in a frantic shooter, so I might just get it.

    No AWPs.

  19. Stevens63 says:

    Fun game, but not very engaging for whatever reason.

  20. Hypernetic says:

    I don’t really see the point in this over CS:S. I’ve been in the beta for CS:GO for a while and it’s basically the same exact game.

  21. bear912 says:

    And I shall pre-purchase it!

  22. Ham Solo says:

    Oh gosh, do they have new weapons or game mechanics in that game? If so, all those hardcore esl (is it esl?) pro xXderpXx gamers will whine about how this game isn’t a reskinne 1.6 anymore.
    If not, I won’t buy.

  23. vecru says:

    The best Counter Strike of all!

  24. FusionPwN says:


  25. Bam84 says:

    hi all

  26. Mrwarburton says:

    When will we be able to play? When will the beta open for us who preordered?

  27. vecru says:

    when the counter strike Global offencive public beta will be ready to play?