Hordegaming: Minion Master In Beta

This is Quintin's front room.

If the number of them popping up on Kickstarter is anything to go by, PC versions of board games are likely to be increasingly common. As the blur between our Sunday interest and the weekday content increases, it only makes sense for the spirit of table top gaming to be ever better captured by PC. So maybe that’s something Minion Master can do, if BlitFlip live up to their words.

This one goes a blur further, combining collectable card gaming with miniature wargaming, so they claim. Take a look at it in action here:

Clearly PCified board games are nothing new, but there does seem to be a resurgence of interest in the combination of late, and BitFlip’s first game is looking to innovate within it all. They’re doing something called “Round Based Play”, where everyone takes their turns at the same time, and then the moves are revealed as the action takes place in front of you. It’ll also feature a level editor letting you GM your own game, along with co-op and multiplayer.

Of course, you could argue the being in the same room, touching the plastic and card, is a lot of the point. Not in these chaps’ eyes:

“The best part of bringing Miniature War Games to the computer is that you NEVER HAVE TO CLEAN it up! No more stepping on tiles and figurines, no more closets stacked to the brim with plastic bins. Just close the Minion Master application and you’re done!”

I’m not a boardgamer, but that stuff sounds like the best bits!

The game’s now in open beta, available for $15, although they’re clear it’s not finished yet.


  1. JiminyJickers says:

    Having recently moved to London and being a no-mates, this looks like quite the thing. Some single player boardgaming sounds like a good idea.

    • Malk_Content says:

      If no one else has done it yet, “Welcome to London.” There are RPSers everywhere and if you hit up one of the various geeky events you will find at least one of us.

      • JiminyJickers says:

        Thanks. Sweet, will definitely be checking out some geeky events.

        Just need to find a job now and then I can relax for a bit.

    • belgand says:

      VASSAL is certainly one of your friends in this regard. It’s not the only one, but it’s certainly one of the most popular applications to run recreations of various board and miniatures games.

  2. MythArcana says:

    Cryptic Comet has been doing it better than anyone for years now. It’s funny how the Steam-rejected companies have all the good ideas, innit? I’m checking this out currently and so far I see no mention of extra purchases, which is good. I already spent $18 trillion on MTG and won’t be continuing that chaos with any game again.

    • mwoody says:

      But to be fair, he’s been doing it with a terrible engine written in a poor piece of software not designed for what’s he’s doing. Valve had good reason to not permit his games. And I say that as someone who owns everything Cryptic Comet has ever released, who once wrote a roguelike in Flash.

  3. LionsPhil says:

    Pish and twaddle. Neatly sorting all the pieces back into their little bags and putting them into the right recesses so that the box lid closes flatly and neatly is one of the most rewarding parts!

  4. tumbleworld says:

    Gods, I’d love a PC conversion of Arkham Horror. Here’s hoping that German girl’s unofficial port is permitted to come to something.

  5. mrwout says:

    I’ve been searching for PCified board games for the last two days but haven’t realy found any… some suggestions?

    • MythArcana says:

      Armageddon Empires at crypticcomet.com is superb. Occult Chronicles is coming very soon, too. Everything Vic Davis does resembles board games and he does it quite well. Just one suggestion…

  6. Vandalbarg says:

    My goodness that looks tasty. Here’s hoping it gets a large enough and stable enough following as to last.

    That’s the killer of games like Blight of the Immortals/Jupiters Folly/Neptunes Pride. Whenever you get a hankering to play, there’s only a few other people on.

  7. wodin says:

    I’ve tried to word my comment several times without giving to much away..as my excitement is so strong..however I couldn’t find the words..so just typed this instead…

  8. mwoody says:

    Does anyone have a list of Kickstarters for PC board games? That or digital CCGs, which are awesome, but please no pay-to-win. I pretty much rely on RPS for my kickstarter news – I’m not lazy, it’s just a protective measure for my wallet – so the idea that this sorely underrepresented genre is exploding on there is welcome and intriguing.

  9. pakoito says:

    I was expecting F2P, found 15$ instead, so far so good for me, probable buy. But it needs more units IMO.