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Seems Nice Enough: Getting To Know Darksiders' Death

No, don't worry, I'm only here for your cat. You're not on the schedule until... oh. Oh my. Haha, kidding. Kidding. I am actually here for you.

Hey everyone, it’s Death! You remember, Death, right? I could’ve sworn you two met at some point. Ah well, he’s really great. Here, here, both of you grab a drink and sit down. Now then, let me tell you about this guy. Oh, sure, he acts like a half-clothed embodiment of humanity’s inevitable end with the physique of a mountain (that has great abs) and a demeanor made of solid ice (that also has great abs), but really, he’s just a big old softy. I mean, he’s hacking through the armies of hell to prove that his poor lug of a brother, War, didn’t kick off the apocalypse. Isn’t that just the nicest thing you’ve ever heard? He has such a way with words, too. Watch as he strings together both horrifyingly vicious combos and sublimely melodious language after the break.

Wow. That actually looks pretty neat. To be perfectly honest, I skipped the first Darksiders because everyone pegged it as a mix between a series I’m completely burnt-out on (The Legend of Zelda) and a series I utterly despise (God of War). Darksiders II’s crazy mythology and completely over-the-top Warhammer-meets-the-end-of-days art style, though, have me reconsidering my dismissive stance.

It seems like it’d be a really fun world to lose myself in, and Craig’s write-up makes mention of elements from a series I adore (Prince of Persia) and a series that preys on my instinctual desire to hoard shiny things (Diablo). So I’m not entirely sold, but I’ll definitely keep an eye on this one. It’s out in a couple weeks, too, so I should probably skip sleeping to maximize eye-keeping-on time. I suppose, then, that you and Death should probably scoot along so I can have extra time to– oh gosh, you started making out on the couch while I wasn’t looking. Man, this is really awkward. I’ll just let myself out.

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