Barking Up The Right Tree: Sleeping Dogs’ PC Features

Wei is a true PC gamer. For instance, here he is symbolically destroying Windows 8.

To be perfectly honest, Sleeping Dogs wasn’t really on my radar until very recently. I’ve been burnt-out on sweeping crime epics since GTA IV failed to really hook me, and my opinion of it ended up sleeping with the fishes. But I’m also a sucker for fully realized worlds, and Sleeping Dogs seems to have that in spades. The Hong Kong setting seems rife with detail, and I’m pretty excited about just walking around and seeing the sights. Or parkouring around and kung-fu kicking the sights right in their immaculately rendered faces. Regardless, it’ll all look and feel quite nice – at least, if a new trailer outlining Sleeping Dogs’ PC features is anything to go on.

In short, we’re looking at all the usual DX 11 suspects: ambient occlusion, anti-aliasing, better shadows, high-res textures, etc, etc, etc. And all of this comes in addition to recently announced TF2 bonus items on Steam. The end result looks quite attractive. Also, wet. And rainy. Now I’m really worried that Wei will catch a cold while in prison. And that’d be just the worst.

It definitely looks pretty great, but I do wish we lived in a world where “PC features” weren’t, well, features. I’d like to think we’re just about past the day and age where it was shocking, daring, and edgy to actually pay attention to PC gamers, but – even when throwing us a bone – publishers continue perpetuating the mentality that we’re second-class citizens. That leaves the door open for others to stay mired in old ways of thinking – to delay releases and saddle us with online requirements because we’re apparently just a slightly reformed den of thieves. I’ll never stop championing folks who give our platform proper love, but I hope it’ll come from a place of pride someday. I’m tired of being game publishers’ PR-bolstering equivalent of a pity date.


  1. Haxavier says:

    Looks stunning on PC, but there was no mention whether or not there are UI optimization/customizing or FOV options for PC gamers. But, given that it’s an open-world game those two particulars aren’t quite as big of an issue.

    • max_1111 says:

      Regardless of open world or not, the ability to adjust FoV is an absolute must in my opinion.
      Playing Skyrim (for example) at the console default of 70 or 75 (i think?) absolutely sucks.
      It’s especially important for those people who get severe motion sickness and/or headaches because of low Field of View settings.

      • DuddBudda says:

        can I suggest sitting further from your screen? it’s easier on the eye and the FoV will be less of an issue

        • max_1111 says:

          I sit roughly 30″ away from my screen so may i suggest you keep your sassy remarks to yourself?

          • Dr I am a Doctor says:

            go to a doctor

          • max_1111 says:

            Gimme the news Doctor

          • Dr I am a Doctor says:

            Well sir your inner ear is busted. I mean busted as in not working, look at you with your failure of an inner ear

          • max_1111 says:

            Doctor i feel your level of pent up rage is a slight bit higher than it should be for you to continue working today. This may also be affecting your ability to form a proper diagnosis as you appear to be trying to inspect my anus not my ear.

            Perhaps you should take a sick leave.

          • Saarlaender39 says:

            So, actually your anus is busted?…ouch!
            One wonders, how that could be happen.

          • max_1111 says:

            No, but should one confuse the two i imagine there might be some misplaced concern.

          • woodsey says:

            FOV should really just be a problem in first person games, shouldn’t it? It does my head in too, but never in anything third person. It looks fine in the gameplay from what I can see.

          • chuckles73 says:

            woodsey: Nope. Try playing WH40K: Space Marine. Over-the-shoulder, something like 60 degree FOV. Hurts to play unless I’m leaning back 4 feet from my monitor. Sitting where I normally sit causes headaches (never had that happen before) and triggers my claustrophobia, oddly enough.

          • LionsPhil says:

            See also: Just Cause 2 on a 4:3 (or 5:4) monitor, given it applies its FoV vertically and makes little allowance for non-widescreen. (You can, however, set it via the command line, mercifully—makes a huge difference.)

        • Revisor says:

          Can I suggest you to sit closer to the TV and stop decreasing the obviously superior FOV of the PC games?

      • lurkalisk says:

        I believe it’s actually 65. And yes, it’s terrible. Anything less than 80, for me, is just awful.

      • houldendub says:

        I hope you realise you could change the FoV in Skyrim.

        • max_1111 says:

          Where the hell am I, Gamespot?!

          • Xardas Kane says:

            WHy do you feel the need to bash anyone who replies to you? Some people just tried giving you advice, you answer with pitiful raging.

          • max_1111 says:

            To answer your question, no, I really don’t feel compelled to bash everyone responding to me.
            Those whose “help” consists of some form of passive aggression or condescension on the other hand…

            There wasn’t a single genuinely helpful post in this lot that didn’t contain one or the other.

      • mornegroth says:

        Just bring the console up and write “fov 90” without the quotation marks. Change the 90 to whatever value you feel comfortable with.

        Did I make your day?

        • max_1111 says:

          Did i really need to make note of the fact that i did not play Skyrim at its default FoV JUST so i could point out that Skyrim’s default FoV stinks?!

        • Unaco says:

          You can also change it in one if the .ini’s . Can’t remember which one, specifically. Good to do that to make the change more permanent… sometimes, changes through the console can be re-written.

    • Gunrun says:

      People are arguing about FOV in a 3rd person game. You are aware that FOV issues almost never happen in 3rd person games right? The whole issue is motion sickness caused by a lack of stationary reference points, which you always have in 3rd person.

      • Magnusm1 says:

        Lack of awareness is the main issue. I don’t want to feel claustrophobic when I play.

      • Gusj says:

        I was surprised of how much FOV bothered me when I played Batman Arkham City, and the FOV is even pretty high in that game. I had to set it to 100 to make it comfortable for me.

      • JulianPierce says:

        A small FOV bothers me just as much in 3rd person as it does in 1st person.

    • Zuolin says:

      Even if it’s not an in-game option, in most games you can change the default FOV quite simply by altering a line of text in it’s config file. It’s not ideal but it’s hardly that much hassle.

    • Stevostin says:

      What ? No it doesn’t. It looks butt head ugly. I much prefer GTAIV – even vanilla, at least the AD is good. And Watch dog ? That looks impressive. SD looks old, honestly.

      link to

  2. ExplosiveCoot says:

    Hadn’t heart much about this game before, and their idea of “PC Features” is pretty ridiculous, but it is very pretty and seems to have something of an Assassin’s Creed vibe which I dig. Look forward to picking it up on a Steam sale.

  3. Morlock says:

    The video itself features terrible gameplay. There is little that is less exciting than a chase sequence in which you cannot catch up to the person you chase no matter what you do because the entire section has to end in a cutscene.

    • Toberoth says:

    • Juxtapox says:

      I don’t really see chase scenes like this to be any big issues. The challenge here is not to catch the guy, but to stay close to him or you will lose the trail. Or something. Just a different goal.

      • xavdeman says:

        The goal is to try not to throw up from looking at these terrible wooden animations, in a 2012 game. Goddamnit these look bad, and in an open-world game – unforgivable. Also, day-1 HD texture pack? I hope that’s not what they’re using for this video because these textures are really blurry.

      • ninjapirate says:

        The goal is to keep tapping that action/jump/climb/acrobatics button. Not having a blinking QTE icon to remind you when to hit the button tells me that this game should cater to the hardcore gamers.

    • FCA says:

      The chase gameplay seemed boring, just running in a corridor with obstacles. Probably one context sensitive button you have to press in order to jump, slide or glide. Then, you fail to catch him in a cutscene, and to make matters worse, after you run from the cops, you get caught in a cutscene. Way to make the player feel involved….

      I don’t care about the textures, controls, DX11, SSAO, OMGWTFBBQ, whatever at this point, the gameplay itself (this is what they want to show us, so probably they’re proud of this part) fails to impress me.

      • Mad Hamish says:

        The way ye’re talking you’d swear that you already played the game. Can anyone here giving shit to the game say for sure that you can’t catch the guy? No? Well shut up and wait then.

    • iviv says:

      The biggest issue for me is that at around 1:05 in the video you can see the enemy slow down to allow you to catch up. That’s worse than never being able to catch up. At the very least make him trip or stumble as well so it isn’t so blindingly obvious.

      • dontnormally says:

        You guys are dummies (in the good way! smiles!).

        That guy is not an enemy; you are running from the police together.

  4. AmateurScience says:

    Square Enix seem to have the right approach to PC versions. Or am I suffering from selective amnesia? DX:HR was a great port – first time I’d seem FOV controls in the main settings in such a high profile multi-platform release.

    Anyway, for the time being it’s nice that the shonkiness of some PC releases is being acknowledged and attempts being made to rectify it. As Nathan says, hopefully it’ll become so commonplace that marketing types won’t feel the need to trumpet them. I imagine that’ll only really stop when the first question anyone asks about a multi-platform release on PC is ‘what’s the port like?’

    Game looks good too, from what I’ve seen: I shall watch with interest.

    • woodsey says:

      Valve titles have always had it and The Darkness II had it patched in (although still not quite wide enough for my tastes). But yeah, DX:HR was a very good PC job.

    • Lenderz says:

      Ah but it was the Dutch development house NIXXES that was brought in to do the PC port/release of DX:HR it wasn’t done by an in house Squeenix dev.

      • Xardas Kane says:

        And who selected them to do it and gave the enough resources to make a good port? Credit is due where credit is due.

  5. Anthile says:

    Looks very promising to me. Might be the sleeper hit (no pun intended) of 2012.

  6. JiminyJickers says:

    I like the fact that you can increase the population density for the PC version, that will make the word feel a bit more alive than it looked in the previous videos.

    Looking forward to this game.

  7. Flukie says:

    Looks pretty great, can’t believe a True Crime game could ever have that status.

    Agreed on love that Square Enix as a publisher are showing for PC gamers, they seem to “get it” and we definitely support them with sales and recommendations.

  8. RaytraceRat says:

    After I moved to UK I’m not interested in games that are wet and rainy.

    • TheIronSky says:

      A game can be wet yet not rainy, but can a game be rainy yet not wet?

      • RaytraceRat says:

        you got me staring at the screen and thinking for whole 30s or so… damn you!

      • Josh W says:

        Well we often say it’s raining stuff if lots of them are falling from the sky such as bullets or, men.

        Minecraft also can be pretty unwet despite the rain that falls on it, unless you use certain fluids or shader mods.

  9. TheIronSky says:

    Do the 20+ packs of DLC that already exist count as “features?”

  10. mrmalodor says:

    “We also added mouse and keyboard controls, as we know they’re key for PC gamers.”

    Did anyone else laugh at this statement? It’s really dumb when something as basic as this needs to be mentioned to pander to PC gamers.

    It’s nice of them, really. But still, these things should be in every PC game by default.

    • max_1111 says:

      Didn’t someone also drop that gem in regards to Modern Warfare 2?

    • onsamyj says:

      They troll you for the right reason: PC gamers spend thousands and thousands of dollars on more and more powerful rigs, big monitors, elaborate mouses and keyboards, but can’t spend 50 bucks at most to buy decent gamepad.

      • max_1111 says:

        Why would i do that when gamepads are god awful for all of my gaming needs?

      • Prokroustis says:

        Why on earth should we settle on an inferior controller – for anything other than specific genres (football, cars wot go fast etc), and even that’s debatable – when a M+K is more than sufficient..?

        • onsamyj says:

          I can’t argue with “sufficient”, but “more than”? If you playing GTA-like game with keyboard you doing it wrong.

          • Botoks says:

            Why would you even say such thing ? If you really think that then I guess you have never player GTA-like with keyboard and mouse as it is, objectively superior than controller. Only part that could be debatable is driving, but for the love of god, not whole gameplay.

          • onsamyj says:

            Why? ‘Cuz it’s true.

          • lokimotive says:

            I cannot STAND the on foot sequences in these games with a gamepad. It feels so constrictive and aiming with a mouse, for me is indescribably better; it’s far more precise and allows for much more subtle control. That being said, driving feels much more intuitive with a gamepad as you have much better control with the joystick for making turns and whatnot. I’ve seen some options to use the mouse to steer in these sequences, but that just seems wonky.

            Unfortunately, what this means for me is that I have to play with a mouse/keyboard AND a gamepad, switching back and forth depending on what I’m doing. Those conversions between gamepad to mouse/keyboard and back again and very awkward, but, because I have a preference between one and the other depending on what I’m doing, it’s just what I end up having to do. This actually works a bit better in Rage where the driving sequences are largely separate from the on-foot sequences, but GTA type games don’t work this way. Oh well, there’s not much I can do to fix this besides getting used to inferior control choices, or manufacturing some sort of horrific chimera of a gamepad mouse keyboard controller.

          • Mordsung says:

            I can probably out drive and out-shoot a guy with a controller in GTA.

            As long as we turn off the lock-on feature that only controllers get in that game.

            Driving combat missions were a joke in that game with a mouse since I could head shot the driver of any car with ease thanks to the precision of the mouse.

          • NeuralNet says:

            Actually I find car control with the KB in GTA 4 to be superior to the gamepad, it’s more sensitive and adjustable, not to mention aiming is a hell of a lot quicker too.

        • njursten says:

          I use my gamepad for driving, flying and 2D platformers. Also used it for Dear Esther, much more comfortable. I’d never use it for an FPS, though.

          For flying a gamepad is so much better, using a mouse and keyboard for that is a bit of nightmare.

      • SanguineAngel says:

        Urgh. Sure, a game pad can enhance gameplay in some games but the simple fact is that the native control for the PC is the Mouse & Keyboard. Any game coming out on the PC NEEDS to include those. You can’t expect gamers to own specific OPTIONAL peripherals.

        PS. I bought my PC 5 years ago when I could afford such things. I am now struggling financially and have to be quite tight with my funds. regardless of your opinion on what I can and cannot afford.

        • onsamyj says:

          You need this video card or better to play. You need this processor or better to play. You need M&K to play (well, you already have them), but gamepad is better for this game. What so controversial about what?

          I understand some complaints of PC gamers, like 60 fps support, but others just boggles me… We are on superior platform, why not use all of it?

          And if you can’t spend money… there are “cheaper seats” for you. No offence, I don’t have high-end machine either, but having a gamepad is so worth it.

          • SanguineAngel says:

            Yes the cheaper seat for me is the keyboard and mouse that I already own. Thanks.

            Also you will notice that most games on the PC will have graphics options that allow them to run on old hardware. There are minimum requirements which are unavoidable of course. But a good dev will have a game that looks stunning on new machines and runs well on machines older than mine.

            Just like consoles, at some point hardware becomes outdated and so devs develop games for new hardware. You don’t demand to be able to play your ps3 games on your ps2. That line is a blurred when it comes to PCs though, so I see your point but it’s not the same

          • onsamyj says:

            No, my point is, what demanding, or, rather, whining about some feature, what you can so easily “fix”, is stupid. That’s the beauty of PC. Can you play PS3 game with mouse? Kinda (I did that, it’s not good, but more or less ok). On PC you have an option. You don’t need to go into .ini file, or download some mod, or anything, it’s just there.

            Do games must have M&K support? Yes. Do it need to be really great? Er… In ideal world – yes. In our, why not help yourself.

            And with money… again… Dude, seriously, am not trying to annoy you or anything like that, but is how life works :)

          • SanguineAngel says:

            “Do games must have M&K support? Yes. Do it need to be really great? Er… In ideal world – yes.”

            Well that’s what I’m saying…

            Money wise, I appreciate you’re not trying to be personal, I am just saying that you cannot assume you know about anyone’s financial situation and that claiming you can buy an isolated 3rd party product does not excuse a developer not catering to the platform they are developing on.

          • aliksy says:

            Don’t like gamepads. Not interested in why you think they’re better. Please stop.

      • MasterDex says:

        You might have a point maybe 5 years ago but most PC gamers I know own a gamepad of some sort, a majority of them use the 360 pad on PC. However, even if every single PC gamer in the world had a gamepad, being on the PC means we should expect keyboard+mouse controls, not cheer when we discover they’re in there, gamepad or not.

        • top8cat says:

          I know I’m going to get flak for saying this, but PC games do not need to feature M&KB support(Besides maybe exiting). A game developer should have absolute freedom to choose his preferred form of input. Just like Wii games that only use the classic controller, or Kinect and Move games that don’t use the controller.

          Not every game put on PC has to use your preferred input(save a predeveloped series). You don’t like it, don’t buy it. However this notion of “A PC game must support M&KB” I feel is ridiculous. I’ve been PC gaming since the Apple II and I feel it goes against to the basic joys and freedom of developing/gaming on a PC. Some games were designed around a controller just like some a M&KB, no one is forcing your hand nor should we theirs.

          • onsamyj says:


          • max_1111 says:

            I get what you’re saying and kiiiind of agree, but being that keyboard and mouse is the de-facto operating scheme for PCs, to say that they shouldn’t develop for keyboard and mouse just because they don’t want to seems unwise.

            If the shoe were on the other foot (a game requiring K&M on the console), I imagine it would be as equally well received.

          • Josh W says:

            Exactly, and flight simulators are another classic example; nothing like having proper analog positional control, so you can hold a certain turn and just slide through a gap between buildings, while gently pulling off the throttle.

            Having more analog control methods than just the mouse is amazing, and we should design games that use them to their fullest, even if it means that you can’t do everything without having them.

    • Desmolas says:

      It actually scares me that he even said this. I think it basically means “We buggered around with the mouse a bit, added some mouse smoothing here, some mouse acceleration there. Its really quite broken now and you will have to tweak our .ini to fix it”

  11. PC-GAMER-4LIFE says:

    Waiting on trusted player reviews for this one before or if buying. I am not so sure about it from a gameplay aspect it looks like another Max Payne3 with a lot of interactive cutscenes.

    Activision cancelled it then sold it to Square to recover some of their loses they may know something we do not!!

    • AmateurScience says:

      Activision suit: Hey is this True Crime: Hong Kong game Modern Warfare?

      Game Dev: Er, no.

      Activision suit: CANCELLED!

      Game Dev: Fuck.

    • Narzhul says:

      You trust Activision to know what’s good and what’s not? *Shudder*

      • PC-GAMER-4LIFE says:

        Nope far from it but I trust Activision to have good reason to take a big financial hit on a game like this & cancel it then sell to a rival.

        What you think Square Enix are going to say yeah BTW Activision are right when they have to recoup what they paid for this!!

        Check out some of the leaked console gameplay vids youtube is filling up nicely with them now it looks like a cross between GTA4 + Saints Row3. The one with the main character taking a piss & you have full control in his bathroom looks interesting…………… if your into that sort of thing but to me it looks like a prettier GTA4 + Saints Row 3 set in asia instead of NY!!!

  12. f1x says:

    *random negative comment just to keep the atmosphere*

  13. wodin says:

    Whether it’s silly or not to announce things as PC features or should be in the game in the first place the fact they are actually putting them in has to be applauded.

    People moan on here to high heaven if we don’t get mouse control or have poor console graphics, then a developer puts them in and makes the game look pretty, so people moan the developer has mentioned he has put them in for us….

    • SanguineAngel says:

      I think what people are moaning about is that these things shouldn’t even need to be said. They should just be a given. The fact that devs continually pat themselves on the back for including basic necessary functions indicates a different mindset that accepts lazy porting as the norm

      • MasterDex says:

        This is it exactly. By making a deal about having added these features, developers undermine the platform. It’s like they’re saying “Look at us, we put all this stuff in! Aren’t we awesome?!” when we’re all thinking “Congratulations, you did the bare minimum!”

        A similar situation on consoles would be a multiplayer developer touting XboxLive support in their latest 360 game. It’s expected. There’s no need to make a deal out of it.

        Perhaps it’s a symptom of years of bad ports. With PC gamers hounding developers to hit a certain standard, they (the developers) now feel they have to state exactly what they’ve done in trying to reach that standard so they can sell copies.

    • onsamyj says:

      People like to moan, I guess.

  14. abandonhope says:

    For anyone actually interested in picking this up, keep watching Green Man Gaming. With codes it can be had for anywhere between 30 to 40% off, and the deal keeps cycling back around.

  15. Desmolas says:

    Hehe. Its funny that what they consider features, the PC populace sees as essential. Things that i think every third person or first person game should and should NOT have:

    Should have: Adjustable FOV.
    Should have: 19:10 aspect ratio support. (Bioshock failed at this amazingly enough)
    Should have: Extended graphical options enabling toggles for all my bugbears. Bloom, Motion Blur et al
    Should have: Dynamic V-Sync (The V-sync at 60fps, tear if unable kind)
    Should have: Sound designed for 5.1 systems with proper use of the LFE channel!
    Should have: A UI designed with absolute responsiveness first and foremost. These D-pad designed UI’s have this crazy latency problem sometimes. Im not even bothered if its designed with D-Pad in mind first.

    Should NOT have: Mouse acceleration/Mouse Smoothing. In fact, dont even touch the mouse. This is crazy in an shooter.
    Should NOT have: Checkpointed saving exclusively. You just saved me into an unrecoverable situation. Now i have to restart the level.
    Should NOT have: GFWL

    • AmateurScience says:

      Here’s the thing though, what if it was a toss up between any of those essential features, and making the gameplay better, or including more content?

      Unless they’ve got extra time, they’re going to focus on getting the core game done, and getting it out before they run out of money. I can imagine from a developers perspective it can be a tough choice between features. Also I have no idea how difficult it is to implement these things.

      • SanguineAngel says:

        If it’s a toss up between essential features and additional content then you choose…. essential features. They are essential. It’s a matter of priorities surely?

  16. Lacero says:

    I’m aware this is a different game, but the similarity of the name to Watch Dogs and the similarity of the art direction just means every time I see this I think of hacking traffic lights and then I’m not interested in it any more.

    What’s it actually about? Any reason I should try and take it seriously?

    • Maritz says:

      Same here. I was watching the video wondering where all the HUD markers etc were for a good minute or so before I realised it was a different game altogether. And then I too lost interest.

    • admiraltaftbar says:

      I think it’s worth at least keeping your eye on. It’s an open world game that takes place in Hong Kong and attempts to emulate the feel of Hong Kong action film, like say Hard-boiled. The story tells the tale of Wei Shen who is an undercover cop infiltrating the Triads. The developers have stated that they drew heavy inspiration from Foreign Affairs and The Departed. The game started life as Black Lotus which was to be a new IP for Activision. However out of fear of it not selling due to no brand recognition, Activision changed the name to True Crime Hong Kong. Activision lost general faith in its ability to sell as much as they want it to so they pulled the plug on the project which was eventually picked up by Square-Enix who have stated that Activision was crazy to let a game go especially since it had been in development for something like 3 or 4 years.

      Basically the game wants the player to feel like they are the protagonist in a martial arts film so the fighting is quick, brutal and stylish (the system is similar to batman), the driving is suppose to be fast and somewhat arcade-like, and the shooting mechanic was designed for you to jump out from cover to cover quick and ever moving forward rather than just hiding behind each piece of cover (basically you vault behind cover and you get bullet time and each headshot you get gains you more bullet time). There’s a joystiq stream on youtube I think that shows a good chunk of pc gameplay if anything I’ve said interests you in the slightest.

      • Lacero says:

        Thanks, that actually does sound interesting.

        I like open world games, but while SR3 is fun it’s not much else (if you see) and GTA is a bit… lets say a bit self confident.

    • Josh W says:

      It’s grand theft auto vice city with arkham city martial arts basically. It’s not actually, but it feels that way when we play it.

      Oh and you can jump from car to car while in motion, any time you do something cool complicated and want to shoot people, it obligingly slows down for you.

      It also has a nice jolly freerunning system, where you keep more of your momentum if you time hitting the run button just as you hit your obstacles/gaps, and that’s basically it, but like all the rest of the systems, it operates constantly whatever you are doing. So after a while you find routes you can use to evade police, (although it’s not actually that hard to do it by driving). It also folds nicely into the combat and shooting systems.

      There are more lovely subsystems for rewiring stuff and placing bugs, nothing that’s very hard, just nice and relaxing.

      It perfectly has that old grand theft auto pacing, where it’s leisurely but still reasonably challenging, and it also has a nice multiple objectives system.

  17. Gap Gen says:

    Windows 95 – 87 better than Windows 8.

  18. WJonathan says:

    Oh hell no. This is exactly how True Crime NYC suckered me. Those preview vids looked cute too, and that was one of the worst piles of open-world steaming, stinking garbage I ever played. As a matter of fact this looks like the exact same game engine, with more sparkles.

  19. WinTurkey says:

    We still get a game version that:
    Has better graphics
    Has a better control scheme (you can choose)
    Has free extra items
    Costs less than on console

    And you say we’re treated like second-hand citizens because our superior game version is not superior enough?

  20. Shooop says:

    So it’s GTA4 but in Hong Kong and with Direct X 11.

    That “gameplay” was so boring I want a refund for time wasted watching it. Chases in video games in general are the least fun and most pointless activity there is because they’re so damn linear.

  21. tumbleworld says:

    Wow. It’s like Canabalt, only boring.

  22. Jesse L says:

    Dude, most of what game publishers do is the “PR-bolstering equivalent of a pity date”. Most games are not created out of a sense of pride in the possibilities inherent in gaming, no matter what platform you’re on.

  23. JoeGuy says:

    Do you think we can play the whole game in Cantonese with English subtitles?
    That’s be pretty bad ass, like the old movies, like how I need to watch anime subbed.

  24. Ultra-Humanite says:

    GTAIV was released in April 2008. I think it’s time to move on.

  25. PC-GAMER-4LIFE says:

    Someone is live streaming this now on console!

    link to

    • Fwiffo says:

      That’s a rather amusing announcemt from someone called PC-GAMER-4LIFE.

      • PC-GAMER-4LIFE says:

        Gameplay is the same on all platforms!!! best way to research PC games to buy nowadays is watch the streaming leaked console footage its always 1-2 weeks before release date & this one is approved by Square-Enix.

        From what I have seen so far its GTA4 in Hong Kong with small dashes of Saints Row. Not bad gameplay but nothing special & the streets look deserted which is a little weird!

  26. ericks says:

    “comes with a day one HD texture pack” – this guy

    Wow. That screams PC support. Just like Dragon Age 2.

  27. golem09 says:

    There is one reason why this is interesting to me:
    You don’t play a thug.
    You play an undercover cop, and you can actually be the GOOD guy in town.
    And this doesn’t just stop at dialogue options, but doing actual policework and solving murder cases.

    I was never able to get into GTA, because I hate playing assholes with a passion. And I hate spending a lot of time killing innocent cops and waging meaningless destruction- And GTA didn’t just make me do this in missions, but also because of shitty vehicle controls.

  28. Erithtotl says:

    Would love more info about the ‘World Density’. I took it to mean more civilians on the streets, which was enough for me to decide to cancel my Xbox pre-order and get this on the PC (that and a good $10-15 price difference).

    • golem09 says:

      And the fact that you digital Steam Edition will probably last longer than you physical DVD for the console.
      And that’s not even mentioning how long your xbox will last and whether there will be backwards compatibilaty in the next one.

  29. Hardtarget says:

    unlike all of the negative commenters that RPS has these days this was finally what was needed to convince me to shell out on a pre-order
    GMG has been running a deal where it’s $33 this week instead of $50 which sounds a-ok to me! (Since it’s a steamworks game)

  30. Xardas Kane says:

    That was a rather shameless PR video in my opinion. They basically said “we have high res textures, some new graphical bells and whistles and you can play the game with a keyboard and a mouse.” Oh wow, that’s amazing, I can’t believe it, no other port has ever offered fantastic features! Oh, wait…

    Still, it’s nice that those are in the port I guess. But making an entire video about it? My, my, are we starving for attention.

    I will pick up the game for sure because it looks interesting, but quite frankly this video didn’t really do much for me.

  31. buzzmong says:

    I’m waiting for reviews on this game.

    It’s got the potential to be very good due to the setting and general theme, but I just hope it doesn’t fall into the trap of putting QTE’s* everywhere alongside some other annoying game mechanics.

    If it gets good reviews, I’ll probably buy it. You never know, it could be the next Mafia 1.

    *I fucking loathe context QTE’s.

  32. RockandGrohl says:

    I couldn’t agree more with the last paragraph. I remember the whole hoo-hah Activision made about Black Ops have Dedicated Servers. Well, duh! EVERY MAJOR MP FPS PC GAME up until MW2 had them (I’m obviously talking about in this day and age) so it was a huge slap in the face when Acti / IW decided to remove them.