Rift’s Storm Legion Expansion Is Huge, Handsome

He might look threatening, but his name is Howard, and he's out looking for romantic locations that he can snap on Instagram and send to his girl.
If there’s a surefire way to improve your fantasy MMO, it must surely be to add one continent of techno-magical robots, and one continent of bony mega-fiends, consequently tripling the size of your playable world. That, by pure chance, is exactly what Rift is doing with Storm Legion, which seems imminent, but does not yet have a release date. There’s been some game footage released, along with the developers blathering about their creation, which you can see below. As well as raising the level cap, and expanding the character creation stuff, they’ve made some incredible-looking locations and populated them with intricate dimension-skipping hyperbosses. And I have to admit it looks pretty dreamy. I can see why so many people have stuck with Rift, especially when stuff like this is in the pipeline. Go take a look.

Thanks, Gamespot. You’re the best.


  1. Obc says:

    looks awesome, sadly i have never delved more into rift than the beta events. if GW2 wasnt so close on the horizon i might have checked it out already.


  2. Sandiiman says:

    Rift was an alright game, played for a few months and met some great folks. But I’m not sure whether its something lacking from MMOs or me just being completely burnt out from them, I just have no desire to play.

    • Crainey says:

      I think the latter, personally.

      • Sandiiman says:

        That may be why I was looking forward to Guild Wars 2, but found it underwhelming while playing during the last beta >.< Electro shock therapy please so I can start enjoying the mmo genre again please? :P

        • Drayk says:

          Sorry Dude, when you’re burned its for good. I tried Warhammer, Aion, Rift, SWTOR, AoC but could never find what attracted me first in MMORPGs… Never played them for more than 2 month…
          I don’t know if I am gonna try GW2 or not… I feel like I am past those games but don’t accept it yet…

          • mnishan111 says:

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  3. Crainey says:

    Certainly looks epic, I enjoyed Rift for 3 months then got bored and moved on like every other game before it. Almost afraid to say this but, if Guild Wars 2 fails, I’ll give this a try!

    • pupsikaso says:

      *if* GW2 fails? Have you even played the beta?

      • Cryo says:

        I have. It was good.

      • Valvarexart says:

        That could mean several things. If you listen to the people who have been raving about it since the announcement, the beta was wonderful and if you haven’t played it you won’t understand why it will be such a success.
        I and many others, and I presume you, think differently. Personally I thought the beta was a disappointment. I honestly could not see what differentiated the game from the thousands of similar games out there. Of course there are minor details which differentiate themselves, but on the large scale I can’t help but use the buzzword “gimmicks” to describe them. I can barely see GW2 doing any innovation at all, all it has going for it is the pay-once-keep-forever model, but it has been known for a while now that it will be on the verge to pay2win.

        • Vorphalack says:

          ”it has been known for a while now that it will be on the verge to pay2win.”

          Not true at all, even if ”being on the verge of pay to win” made any sense. Either it is or it isn’t.

        • clownst0pper says:

          Right…not a single item in the store improves your character statistically.

        • derbefrier says:

          exactly how i feel about it. I was on the hype train for a bit then took the blinders off. I am sure it will be a solid game but i just don’t see why it has the reputation it does of being so innovative when just about everything it does has been done before its just the first time its all been in one game. I dunno i got to mess around with the beta a bit and was completely disillusioned when i had to start doing the same old fetch quests it wasn’t supposed to have cleverly disguised in these dynamic events. maybe thats enough for some people but for me to get back into the MMO genre its gonna take a little more than some smoke and mirrors I need real innovation.

        • CletusVanDamme says:

          I hate to be all negative when it’s nice that people are still excited about an upcoming MMO, but I pretty much have to agree. I wouldn’t go so far as to say it’s a terrible game, but I absolutely agree with the notion that it’s the same as what’s gone before with just a few gimmicks that give you the feeling of doing something new, at least for a little while. That feeling didn’t last until even the end of beta for me, which is a shame because the very first beta event I came away much more positive than I am now.

          Maybe I’m just sick of hotbars. Planetside 2 and Class 4 are the only MMOs I really want to play right now.

      • gunny1993 says:

        I thought GW2 was pretty average (i bought it and played betas). But since there is no raiding, i doubt i will play it for long.

  4. lexoneir says:

    how active is rift? It seems like all I heard about it is that it fell apart, like all the other new mmos.

    • Vorphalack says:

      Well, it didn’t. I remember way back when to a time when it didn’t pass WoWs subscription numbers, and it was proclaimed a dying MMO by the unwashed masses. They were wrong. It has been pretty stable and probably sets the bar in terms of theme park MMOs for content generation. As a game there is not really much wrong with it other than being quite derivative at its core.

    • Obc says:

      it only fell apart in that it didn’t become the chosen one, the prophecied wow-killer.

    • Dowson says:

      Its got a pretty stable community at about 200k-400k last time I heard, apparently that’s more than enough to have recouped the initial investment already.

      1-20 are free now so you can always make an account and check what the population is like,

  5. Dakia says:

    I often find it funny how much the game was bashed and mocked when it came out. Now, apparently, Trion are the good guys of MMO devs.

    Go figure.

    • DK says:

      Trion is literally the only MMO Dev who actually honors the MMO contract – constant content updates in exchange for a monthly fee. They have come out with more content at no extra cost than WoW or any other MMO did with 2 pay-for-expansions combined.

      It’s frankly shameful what other MMOs get away with – and really sad Trion are putting all that work into gameplay that had the misfortune of being outdated when it came out.

  6. Cryo says:

    Yes, nobody ever imagined magical robots before.

  7. ain says:

    So did they improve the PvP in this game?
    At release open-world PvP was almost nonexistant and battlegrounds were boring.

    • Ghyll says:

      Slightly – PvP rifts gave likeminded players a reason to go find each other (one faction or the other always seems to be opening one on my server, at least), and Conquest can be fun if you like huge fights.

  8. ShinRyuuken says:

    I wish I had the money to play this game x.x
    That’s the only reason I haven’t been. Can’t wait to see more about this expansion. Hell, if I had the money, I’d dual wield this and GW2.

  9. solymer89 says:

    You know what I want, I want an MMO that plays like SMITE. Something skill based that doesn’t allow you to go in to zombie mode… ever. PvP in MMO’s would be amazing i think.

  10. elfbarf says:

    I’ve been interested in RIFT a few times but I’m always turned off by the fact that later on the best way to play the game is to just macro most of your abilities to 1-2 keys and mash them endlessly.

    • Ghyll says:

      The best way to play rift is certainly not to macro everything to 1-2 keys. You can do that, but you’ll be a fraction as effective as people doing it properly, for any given role.

      At endgame the skills and rotations are more or less the same complexity as WoW’s (in that there’s everything from relatively simple specs that only use a few skills in a simple rotation, through to more competitive priority-based specs that have you managing 3 or 4 resources or buffs as well as your cooldowns).

    • gunny1993 says:

      The developers have removed and do remove all classes (or nerf them at least) that require only 2 marcos, highest warrior dps used to be like that now its been destroyed. Now the high warrior is an insanely skilled 4 macro set which relies on you have complete focus.

  11. Esoteric says:

    Although I don’t play Rift anymore, it really is a quality MMO with a great dev team behind it that listens and pushes out a lot of content. I’d say Rift and LoTRO are the two best MMOs out right now (…ignoring WoW, which I personally don’t like). I’m going to be playing GW2 on release (and yes, I’ve played all the betas and really liked it), but if there was no GW2, I’d definitely check out Rift again.

    If you’re looking for an MMO and haven’t tried Rift (and GW2 isn’t up your alley), give it a try. Pretty sure there’s a trial to level 20 or something like that.

  12. Evil Betty says:

    Really have to hand it to Trion, they have been doing a great job by getting involved in the community and pushing out updates. Wonder if you’ll have to pay for the expansion though or if you can just resub?

  13. Snakejuice says:

    I don’t even know why I stopped playing this game, I just remember enjoying it a lot. Maybe I’ll pick it up again when the expansion launches..