Good News: Jet Set Radio HD Will Launch


We have, of course, alerted you to the existence of the absolutely wonderful Jet Set Radio’s HD remake (and first ever appearance on PC), but there’s one thing even our 120 percent proven brain-and-attractiveness-boosting infobytes didn’t include: a release date. Truth be told, I feared there wasn’t ever going to be one. I just figured Sega was playing some cruel joke on all of us – serving up mouthwatering morsels of its graffiti-covered opus, but never delivering the main course. And somewhere, Sega brass would just laugh and laugh while our dreams of rocket-powered skating shenanigans poofed into bitter nothingness. But that’d be a pretty silly way to run a business, so Sega’s doing the normal “exchange money for good and services” thing instead.

Specifically, Jet Set Radio will be coming to Steam on September 19th, and it’ll run you $9.99/£5.99. Given that it’s a modern (oh god, when did 12 years pass?) classic, that seems like a more-than-acceptable deal to me. Steam pre-orders aren’t up yet, but probably expect them at some point soon-ish.

For the uninitiated, the original was a gloriously stylish ode to youthful rebellion – both in terms of visuals and soundtrack. In short, it was about skating fast, tagging walls (and occasionally people), and fleeing from bands of hilariously identical police. As a Dreamcast-owning youth, it brought me tremendous joy while also imparting the aforementioned wholesome values.

And now a new generation will be able to have a similar formative experience. Or will they? I mean, the last boombox went extinct 42 years ago, and nowadays, “tagging a wall” merely means posting a rude picture on Facebook. World, what happened? You used to be so cool.


  1. Rauten says:

    Oh I’m gonna tag a wall alright; SEGA’s wall; with my money.

  2. fish99 says:

    Will buy.

  3. Cam says:

    This seems fine, but why not make a new one as well? As a wise person once said, “we have the technology.”

    Surely a game featuring the ever-changing theme of music could manage a new release in a decent time frame to keep fresh.

    • Yglorba says:

      Especially since the first game already added two new very original and interesting US levels for the international release; I think that that was a brilliant move (much better than most of the localization we see), and in keeping with the game’s rebellious air — rather than trying to make every culture into a bland monolithic marketing-thing, they played up the idea of international youth rebellion and music culture.

      I’d like to see a version of Jet Set Radio that takes that further, with levels in cities all over the world (and music, of course, from the scene in those cities, to match.)

      • wodin says:

        yeah music from all the different cities, which will be rap music in different languages…nice….not

        • Babrook says:

          JSR and JSRF both had incredibly unique and varied soundtracks. There is nothing that suggests that a new title would have just hip-hop music.

  4. Totally heterosexual says:

    The best thing.

  5. psyk says:


  6. PodX140 says:

    Haven’t played the first, but I really hope JSRF also gets an hd remake That was an absolutely incredible game, and the SOUNDTRACK, oh god that glorious soundtrack…

    • Matt-R says:

      Yeah, Original is great but Future is even better, I hope that they’ll bring it out later and dare I say it a new installment aswell.. It’d make me happy atleast.

      • welverin says:

        Huh, I didn’t like Future as much. There was something off about it and thus just not as much fun.

    • Nick says:

      Understand understand..

  7. Monchberter says:

    ‘Out of the box’ controller compatibility for us tellycomputerers or i’ll be sad.

    *glares at PC Crazy Taxi HD*

  8. DuddBudda says:

    oh goody

  9. Njordsk says:

    Never understood what’s so great about that game. Don’t throw rocks at me, I’m honest.

  10. elnalter says:

    Facebook generation is definitely the most uncool.

    • Blaaaaaaag says:

      I think the facebook generation is the same generation that popularized disco. I left facebook when I realized just how many of my ‘friends’ were my friends mums. So yeah, not a cool generation at all.

  11. remote says:

    This is one of the best games ever made. I might buy this version twice.

  12. Torgen says:

    Ah, the glory of the Dreamcast. I was so certain you were going to rule the world….


  13. thecat17 says:

    I’m glad this game is coming out on PC because, oh man. The Dreamcast controls in that version?

    The worst. Ever.

  14. mtjerneld says:

    That first paragraph is the best combination of words I’ve read all day.

  15. wazups2x says:

    I really want Jet Set Radio Future! That was the better game, IMO. I hope they do a PC HD remake for it too.

  16. Madzack says:

    Please, oh, please, let there be a GunValkyrie HD for the PC!!

    • Burlypenguin says:

      I hear you. Loved that game but hated the control for it. It was too easy to trigger the hover and nuke your combo.

      • Madzack says:

        Just hope they rectify that by simplifying the controls.

        My biggest regret is not getting the XBox. In Malaysia, where I live, back then, it’s too rare to get an XBox, let alone get an XBox Live membership. It’s unfortunate that XBox 360 have no backwards compatibility for GunValkyrie.

  17. Burlypenguin says:

    I really don’t hope they pull a Crazy Taxi. When they released it on PC they changed the soundtrack which I consider a core element of the game. I consider the soundtrack for JSR just as important.

    • Yglorba says:

      Isn’t the soundtrack for Jet Set Radio rather more important, given that the game is entirely about music and rebellion?

    • Jason Moyer says:

      I’m pretty sure that when this was first announced (or at least, first linked on RPS) Sega confirmed most of the soundtrack was returning. As long as it has the Guitar Vader tracks so I can properly schoolboy crush on Gum I’m happy.

  18. Creeping Death says:

    “oh god, when did 12 years pass?”

    Tell me about it. I realised last week that 12 years ago now they were filming the Lord of the Rings trilogy. Time flies O.O

    On topic, I never got a chance to play Jet Set Radio when it first came out. Not because I didn’t want to, I saw a lot of coverage for it and it looked awesome but I never had a Dreamcast. I’ll definately be picking this up!

    It’s nice and cheap too.

  19. Delixe says:

    Instabuy. Now can we have a HD remake of Panzer Dragoon Saga please Sega? If anything happens to my copy it’s way too expensive to replace with eBay prices.

  20. TaroYamada says:

    Oh I miss the days of Sega consoles desperately. Nintendo’s great too, but for me Sega will always reign supreme. One of the few companies that can make consoles preferable to PC for me, their games were always off beat and fresh, and if they weren’t they were generally so well done with time tested gameplay ideas that you didn’t even give a shit.

    • psyk says:

      The DC was great but the customer support was HORRID and not because they were rubbish but because they helped way to much even if you gave them the wrong info.

  21. Driveshaft says:

    Played this in ‘high quality’ 3-4 years ago on a Dreamcast via a VGA cable and monitor (good old Sega) and loved how crisp it looked. It’s looking even better now.

    I’m rather worried about the controller support though. Sega couldn’t even get the Sonic Mega Collection right. I don’t think I’ll have the confidence to buy this any sooner than RPS post a review.

    It doesn’t seem like the sound effects have been improved either – which is a(n albeit minor) shame. They sound a bit tinny by today’s standards.