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The RPS Bargain Bucket: Protective Clothing

I’ve just completed my usual weekend routine of scouring the digital distributors for the best gaming curiosities for not very much money, and would you just look at what I’ve found. There’s probably something for everyone in this week’s discount selection, and getting all five featured games would set you back not much more than ten English pounds. If this lot isn’t enough to satisfy your appetite for cheap game, you can rely on SavyGamer to bring you all the best deals across all platforms as they happen. Bucket go!Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory – £2.78/€3.98/$3.98
Still to this day I’d say this is Sam Fisher’s peak. This was before Ubisoft decided just shooting was more fun than shooting and thinking, but after they’d got the knack for really interesting non-linear level design. The first two games were just practise for Chaos Theory, where all the ideas from the first two games were taken much further, and in a much more slick and stylish package. How about that soundtrack?

Test Drive Unlimited 2 – £2.84
A racing game about driving cars. This is John’s opinion after getting into the cockpit:

What’s remarkable about what I’ve seen so far is the volume of things to do. At the start your options are kept pretty slim, but after only a couple of hours you’ll find huge areas of the Ibiza island smothered in challenges, stores, luxury homes and car dealerships. I’m not sure how much I’ll ever care about my haircut (and in the game), or the furniture in my house. I’m after a racing game, not The Sims. But it looks as though the way leveling will work means that even if you don’t focus on one of the four aspects, those that you do will contribute enough to see you rising through the ranks.

Supreme Commander: Gold Edition – £2
Includes the original game, and the Forged Alliance expansion. Pretty sure this registers on Steam. Comrade Meer reviewed this for Eurogamer. With a score and everything.

The overwhelming sense from SupComm (apart from the need to sleep for a week after a bout of it) is that its design brief was mega-war first, player sympathy second. The mega-war it gets absolutely right, but this is an RTS that could have bagged itself a 10 if it had reigned itself in a little, had tweaked its flow just enough so that there wasn’t quite so much exhausting struggle.

Pathologic – £3.18/€3.98/$3.98
A scary game about people, disease and people dying from disease. As Quinns put it in his diary:

It’s easy to get yourself into a situation where poverty or disease will be the end of you, and if you fail to buy more and more serious weaponry and protective clothing (both of which degrade with use anyway) as the town’s situation becomes more dire, then you might find that the only way out is restarting the game. This means that survival can never truly leave your mind. Your own safety can never be an afterthought.

More here.

Deal of the week
Renegops – £3/€3.90/$4.50
Renegops 4-Pack – £6/€7.50/$9
Registers on Steam. Find some friends to split a 4-Pack with for improved savings.
A healthy slice of Saturday Morning cartoon playful rough-and-tumble. You and up to three other human players had to drive/fly around a big map shooting all the baddies, rescuing the people that need rescuing, and blowing everything else up. I’ve only played this single player, and it’s a great bit of arcade action, I imagine it only improves with more players.

Also of note:
Summer Promo at GOG.
Kalypso promo at Steam.
Binary Domain – £7.49/€9.99/$9.99
Earth Defense Force: Insect Armageddon – £7.48/€9.48/$9.98. Registers on Steam.
Red Faction: Armageddon – £3.74/€4.99/$4.99. Registers on Steam.
Darksiders – £4. Registers on Steam.
Bagfull of Wrong – £3.82/€4.87/$5.99

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