Clench And Watch The Aliens ‘Tension’ Trailer

It’s impressive how effective the ping of the motion tracker from Aliens is, even after all these years. It tensed me right up the moment it hit in this trailer, but then it showed that the tracker was actually pinging an Sega logo and it all drained away. I’m not scared of corporate logos. Then a man with a beard appeared and told me what tension was, which I believe is probably the definition of ‘untense’. By the time another man in the hat turned up, I was positively blaise. No matter, it’s more of a discussion about how they’re hoping their game will be tense, rather than making me ten – what, what was that noise…? Er, there’s a Sega logo crawling towards me.

While I deal with this, sit down and watch the Gearbox – get off my leg – team talk about how they’re dealing with the – stop trying to brand me to death – clammy action and fear of the original, while putting their own spin on it. I’m totally up for a co-op bug hunt – look, you don’t have teeth and you’re in 2D – from a decent FPS developer – oh god, get off my face! Blarrrrrgh!

Aliens: Colonial Marines is out Feb 12th, 2013. Seeeeeeeeggggaaaaaaa.


  1. Artist says:

    Seriously? This game looks and sounds just horrible… Alien? Just formal…

    • Sc0r says:

      Colonial Marines of Duty.
      Did the devs watch even a single one of the movies? Doubt it.
      This is just duke nukem style through the masses.
      In the movies, even a single Alien was a problem, killing you instantly from anywhere, while here its more like target practice.
      Close combat machinegun vs an alien meant, you’ll die in acid.

      • atticus says:

        Exactly. What made the movies so great wasn’t the spectacular sight of the aliens, but their unseen presence. This looks like a generic shooter trying to cash in on the Alien name.

        I’ve seen a fair share of trailers in my time, but this has got to be one of the most off-putting to date. Completely lost all interest in this game.

        • NYMinuteMan says:

          That bit of tension they try to sell here goes straight out of the window when a fucking “Double Kill” pops up. Game over man!

          • Sic says:

            Honestly, I have absolutely no idea what went through the head of whomever though that would be fine.

            It’s simply moronic. Utterly moronic.

          • Eclipse says:

            agreed, all those popups are just lame, I know I just killed two of them damn it!

          • exenter says:

            That’s because it’s multiplayer footage. Single Player will not have that kind of stuff.

          • Hendo says:

            Isn’t that just the multiplayer? Looked like it to me. Not sure if I think they should have gone for a very basic team deathmatch mode here, given the possibilities, but I still think it’s not too bad providing those messages don’t pop up in single player.

            Basically, I’m not writing this entirely off until I’ve seen more.

        • Geen says:

          Yes, they’ve removed everything that makes the alien different from a reskinned fast zombie. No acid-blood, no sneakiness, no jumpy-hard-to-hit stuff, just run at you and take bullets and die. AVP2 did it right, it was a fantastic game. Couldn’t melee an alien without getting acid damage, shotguns were risky, and the motion tracker was never 100% accurate. The aliens could kill you fairly easily, they snuck up on you, and facehuggers were more than just tiny zerglings. No health regen, no points, no HEADSHOT!!1! messages, only you, your gun, and the aliens.

          • a71236aszaa says:

            I guess having to make the controls work with the xbox’s fiddlesticks mean that precision leaping and doing a mid air 180 to bite somebody’s head off are out of the question.. :-/

            wait.. have they even announced that you can play in the alien at all?

          • NathanH says:

            Caution, well-disguised spammer.

    • ResonanceCascade says:

      Agreed. Just makes me want to replay the first two AVP games again. Nothing about this looks remotely enticing.

      • fyro11 says:

        I’d say the late AvP game was better than the way this has been shaping out. I don’t /want/ to feel ‘excited’ or like a ‘badass’. I want to feel piss-scared and after barely fending off a few for a breather, I want, at the most, to be able to nod in respect as I wipe the perspiration off my forehead.

      • Sic says:

        Keep Predators out of my Alien, please.

        While the first AvP was a good game, I still much rather want to see a proper Alien game.

        • ResonanceCascade says:

          Good luck, friend. For that is NOT what we have here.

    • Tinus says:

      Completely agreed. How can those aliens be scary when rub them in your face every shot? The suspense was in not seeing them, or at least not seeing them clearly.

      And those constant score notifications? What the hell, just, what the hell.

      • Syra says:

        Indeed lol nothing takes the tension out of survival horror like “SMARTGUN SPECIALIST – 5000 POINTS WOOOOO”

        • Gorf says:

          This type of shit is whats annoyed me the most……. nevertheless i’m remaining optimistic that i’ll at least enjoy the game to the kind of degree of disappointment that ive gotten used to.

      • Toberoth says:

        Agreed. This is a joke.

    • atticus says:

      The proper genre for a game from this franchise should be some kind of “survival-horror”, like Amnesia but on a spaceship.

      You, a large spaceship and just one single alien, of which you’ll only ever see teeth gleaming in darkness before you die.

      • Cardinal says:

        Or a Walking Dead / TellTale style game, that would give a little space for personalities, and tightly scripted drama.

        • werix says:

          Do you mean like Aliens: A comic Book adventure? Its an old DOS game from 1995 that was all point and click action game. As I was like 9 at the time it was too deep for me. Still got the discs, maybe I should figure out how to get em working. Wiki entry for information:

          link to

        • Christian Dannie Storgaard says:

          No, no, definitely Amnesia style. I’ve been going on about this since Amnesia came out; that I really want an Alien game in the style of Amnesia. Maybe there could be a gun or two, but they’d have to be so tricky to use that you’d rather just run instead of being eaten away by Xenomorph blood acid.

    • Cinek says:

      Best part: guy says: “how scary the character is” and then on the screen: “DOUBLE KILL!”
      WTF?! That’s suppose to be a game with “tension” – they’ve got to be kidding me. It’s a JOKE. Not a horror-themed game.

  2. Bluefox says:

    So the gameplay looks alright for an FPS (at least it’s not a cover-based shooter), but what’s with the immersion-breaking text popping up in the center of the screen every time you score a kill? Relegate that junk off to the side, in a corner somewhere, so I can focus on the action, and the shooting, and the not dying when a xenomorph tries to rip my face off.

    Then about two-thirds through the vid, a pop-up asked “Xenos vs Marines: who will win?” I had to answer “xenos.” The xenomorphs always win the long game. Ripley has been the only one to stave them off for any length of time, but this game doesn’t have Ripley in it. So the Marines are screwed.

    • EPICTHEFAIL says:

      Eyup, devs need to realise that cramming the CoD model into everything actually degrades quality, funnily enough. Not really shure about the whole “at least it`s not a cover shooter” deal. Cover shooters are a viable platform for horror games. The incompetence of modern devs does not mean the model itself is flawed. Also xenos winning against marines? Not in anything published in the last five years they aren`t (I will be very surprised if anyone gets that).

  3. atticus says:

    So, anyone else not happy with the large quantities of aliens running around in the open, and the ridiculous achievements/bonuspoints popping on the screen when they die?

    Nice blip-sound though.

    • varangian says:

      Hell yeah. An Aliens game should have you jumping out of your skin when a shadow moves or a window shutter slams in the wind and crapping your pants when an actual alien appears. This is alien shooting gallery with a load of scripted NPC deaths you’ll get fed up with in no time at all. And just to make sure any sense of immersion gets broken your HUD lights up with the usual bogus achievements. Wonder if you get one for reloading a gun or opening a door, if not it’s surely a matter of time.

      And note to man wearing a silly hat indoors. If you’re bald just own up, that’s far better than looking like a pretentious twat.

  4. woodsey says:

    Looks and sounds really, really cheap. Embarrassingly so, in fact. The assault rifle sounds like one of those foam-disc shooting plastic guns you can buy for about £5.

    • Gregg B says:

      Yeah that assault rifle sounded spectacularly bad. Next to the pulse rifle and smart gun — two of the meanest sounding weapons in game and movie history — it’s going to sound even worse. I fondly remember shooting both of those weapons for the first time in Rebellion’s AvP from 1999. Happy days.

  5. Hug_dealer says:

    it looks like aliens the game. Exactly what i would expect from it.

  6. Casimir's Blake says:

    The last Sega Aliens game was a hideously lame, simplistic, hugely linear FPS that signposted the very place the player would need to stand – at all times – just to progress the story and obvious set pieces. There was none of the sense of discovery, exploration, tension and sense of risk vs. reward present in the “older” Aliens vs. Predator games. I fear this will be similar.

  7. Wang Tang says:

    They need to swap Exposition for Explosition.

  8. Kefren says:

    I don’t remember the bit in the films where Vasquez saw “Objective Complete! +100 points!” or Drake had an updated inventory of kills and score flashing in the middle of the screen. Immersion, that does not make.

  9. magnus says:

    Knee-Jerk posts? Sigh, I never saw that coming, ‘I’m pirating it instead’ – comment coming up soon.

    • Dervish says:

      There’s no knee-jerking here. This is just the latest in a string of bad previews. The disappointment has been building for quite a while.

      • magnus says:

        Bad previews? Oh dear, not much hope then.

        • Vesuvius says:

          Poor Magnus, you sound like a PR guy. You’re putting down everyone’s disappointment and acting as though the fact that there have been repeated previews that all look BAD is somehow not a reason to feel pessimistic about the game. Should we be excited when they show clips that miss the point of the franchise?

          Also, I can let you know the actual game is bad too, or at least the earlier builds were. I played it at PAX East and saw their intro videos. My friend and I are both Aliens franchise fans, we both enjoyed the original 1999 game and the much more scripted but still true to the franchise feeling game by Monolith.

          This game looked ridiculous from the get-go. My friend and I were laughing at the idea that you get stranded because a body floating in space is somehow strong enough to break your ship’s umbilical to the Sulaco. Seriously, what do they make this gantry out of if it can’t handle ~150 lbs of pressure?

          The aliens were plentiful and were, moreover STUPID in the single player demo. The repeatedly popped up only to dance back and forth in front of the player rather than pounce. There was nothing scary about it.

          And multiplayer seemed, well, not terrible but much worse than earlier offerings in the series. Now there’s much more of a focus on alien classes and unlocks. I can’t say that made me optimistic either.

          Anyways yeah, Other than repeated bad videos, press releases that miss the point, and playing it and being underwhelmed you’re right- all of our points are totally baseless.

          • Nico_101 says:

            Seriously, I doubt its even worth pirating.

          • magnus says:

            Well it doesn’t seem like it worth it then, still, a PR job would be nice. Can I count on you for a reference?

    • Berious says:

      The sound in particular did strike me as pretty dire. Pulse rifle sounds very weak and tinny like they’d recorded it off the telly on a mobile phone or something. Considering they spent a good chunk of the video talking up the sound I hope that’s just a very rough first draft. Motion detector sounded ok but the weapons were blah.

    • MarloBrandon says:

      I’m pirating it instead.

    • TwwIX says:

      Pirate it? I have better use for my bandwidth.

  10. TheMrSolaris says:

    Call of Aliens: The Comic Book Adventure Close Quarters Elite Limited Premium Edition!

    With box-cutter knife!

    (link to for reference)

  11. Dervish says:

    You heard it here. When Bishop said “this area’s gonna be a cloud of vapor the size of Nebraska,” he meant that it was going to be explode up, not out. So all those movie sets are just fine.

  12. Text_Fish says:

    I like the bit where the guy moved his hat and glasses and then looked smug at another camera. It was very dramatic and established him as a badass game dev. Then another guy tried to do the same thing, but he didn’t have a hat so he failed. Fail.

    • fyro11 says:

      Since this is just about ‘looks’, the specs don’t do him any favours. Not to mention the irrelevance of the hat to, well, anything given the context.

  13. mehteh says:

    gameplay with controllers is so painful to watch

  14. Skabooga says:


    Wait a minute . . .

  15. whatisvalis says:

    I liked all the dramatic close-ups of the 360 controller.

    • Gorf says:

      yeah i didnt get why they had to include at least 4 overlong close ups?

      • aurens says:

        probably a little arrangement with microsoft.

      • Iskariot says:

        That’s because that controller is even more dangerous and scary than an alien xenomorph.

  16. drakkheim says:

    I’m actually kinda looking forward to this. My biggest concern is that the aliens seem slow and come to a complete stop before switching up and down a wall / ceiling.
    The original AvP’s aliens were the perfect cyclone of lightning fast crazy spinning snarling leaping clawed death and nobody has ever managed to replicate them.

    I guess having to make the controls work with the xbox’s fiddlesticks mean that precision leaping and doing a mid air 180 to bite somebody’s head off are out of the question.. :-/

    wait.. have they even announced that you can play in the alien at all?

    • Hug_dealer says:

      thats the problem. the aliens in those games, were not aliens canon. Canon aliens are not that fast, they use more stealth and cunning than speed to make their kills. Which we can see the aliens come from all kinds of places in the new game, which is much more canon than the ultra fast aliens from avp.

      • drakkheim says:

        I’ll forgive breaking canon for making it fun and exciting..

        I won’t forgive making it not fun or exciting because of sticking to how guys in rubber suits danced around 30 years ago in a totally different medium where linear time isn’t a sticking point and you can just cut away the 5 minutes spent walking down a corridor and calling that ‘canon’

        And if it were really canon with Giger’s work, there’d be a lot more weird alien sex things.

      • Vesuvius says:

        Is it canon for the Aliens to, as Drakkheim said, be ” slow and come to a complete stop before switching up and down a wall / ceiling.”?

        I always thought they were fluid and steady and stealthy, not pausing in front of the player and fumbling about cluelessly for a moment or two. I thought they were clever and graceful, not clumsy and dull-witted.

        • Hug_dealer says:

          Sadly its a game, and games have not quite mastered animations entirely so far. Even the other AvP games were fairly clunky in that regard.

    • Ross Angus says:

      Your opinion was stolen by a Spambot, on the first page of comments. Booo.

  17. noom says:

    Speaking as somebody that loves the first film and considers the second mediocre at best, I can’t help but be saddened at what I’ve seen of this game so far. It may well turn out to be a solid shooter, but what I’d really like to see is something that tries to capture the fear and isolation of the first film. Preferably without a goofy marine in sight.

    • PoLLeNSKi says:

      First film was way better than all the others put together. Second is watchable in the same way I might watch an Arnie film.

      This game looks terribad from the clips shown in that video.

      Also, why do the devs wear their glasses so that the ear hooks are way above their ears? Hat guy has them tucked into his hat!!

    • rustybroomhandle says:

      Well there was this:link to

      And no, not being sarcastic – it was a great game. It’s like FTL, but with alien on the loose.

      • Gregg B says:

        I didn’t play it back in the day (I was too young to be honest) but having played it recently on a Speccy emulator I’ll say that it was pretty damn creepy for a game that’s 20+ years old, and ambitious too. Mind you, the Spectrum did have a knack for scaring the shit out of me. Silence… silence… silence… CRACKBLEEPWHIZZ ARRRGGGH!!

  18. McTerry says:

    I’m an fan of the first three Alien movies and the lore and all that. But this looks just horrible. Another stupid plastic looking game with horrible sounds indeed. No wonder people are downloading pirated copies of games, it’s not even worth buying.

  19. Xari says:

    I think there is more production quality in those overly dramatic developer shots than the actual gameplay. God it looks so boring, what a waste of the Alien franchise.

  20. thelastlambda says:

    From the looks of this… and I am sure any fan of the series will note, it looks like it is taking from ALIENS, not ALIEN. This is a crucial difference Aliens is more of an action movie (that resembles current video games today a bit), Alien was more a suspense horror movie.

    I was also disappointed to see them taking down the aliens so easily. It was like they were bots or reprogrammed skags.

    • ResonanceCascade says:

      Aliens was an action movie, but it was also terrifying, riveting, and well-crafted. AVP 2000 (and even AVP 2, to a certain extent) got it.

      This…this looks like they don’t got it. And that’s not just based on this video, but all the media I’ve seen so far.

  21. Vandelay says:

    I don’t understand why there are people sitting in front of a keyboard and mouse, but using a 360 pad. That is just ridiculous (well, not as ridiculous as the Look At My Cool Hat guy, but almost.)

    I don’t think the game looks THAT bad. Not great, but probably worthy of being picked up in a cheap deal a little ways down the line. They really need to get rid of the popping up text stuff though. It might work in Borderlands, but not here.

    • fyro11 says:

      Ironically, the only cue they have in the fore in Borderlands is the damage you do to your enemies. A la ARPGs. I think there may be ‘Mission Completed’ ones too, but that’s better timing than this ridiculous CoD-tribute.

      • Vandelay says:

        It also has the challenge messages, much like (I imagine) the ones we are seeing here are.

    • Gorf says:

      Yeah none of that “DOUBLE KILL” sillyness in Borderlands.

  22. NightShift says:

    Natural selection 2 looks like a much better game. And it doesn’t have ironsights, so there’s a huge positive from the start.

    • Xari says:

      Yesss. Natural Selection 2 has been giving me that original AvP vibe all over again.

  23. Dubbill says:

    Should we call you Blaise Pearson? Or Blasé Pearson?

  24. ReV_VAdAUL says:

    This was a really quite terrible video from beginning to the bit near the end where I gave up watching but the thing that really jumped out at me was how insincere Randy Pitchford sounds.

  25. buzzmong says:


    While the graphics look pretty nice, everything else looks and sounds like pap. The sounds were rubbish outside of the motion scanner and the gameplay looked horrible.

    Ditto for the other people mentioning the kill achievements and other pop ups, same goes for the hit marker that cropped up in a couple of shots.

    I think this isn’t going to be the game I was hoping for.

  26. neolith says:

    Watching people player shooters with a gamepad makes me cringe.

    And I’ve got to say, I didn’t like much of what I saw in the video. The pulse rifles don’t seem to have enough ooomph and the game did not look scary at all to me. :( Maybe I should reinstall AvP2.

    … and somebody wake up Hicks.

  27. fyro11 says:

    Can’t really expect them to go anywhere with a franchise which may change hands after their contract with Sega. But still, that’s no excuse for this.

  28. Shazbut says:

    Make. A Game. Based. On The FIRST Alien. Please.

    Things that you could be doing instead of killing things:

    Performing tasks for crew members, like fixing parts of the ship
    Taking your character through their daily routine
    Chatting to the crew, different dialogue trees and choices blocking off others, etc.
    Glimpsing things that are wrong.
    Using a motion tracker and not finding anything.
    Doing an expedition on some moon or something and taking a sample of an egg and bringing it on board and then…maybe one of the crew members disappears shortly afterwards.

    I mean, CHRIST, I haven’t even started and I’d already buy ten copies of that right there.

    • Gorf says:

      TBH whenever someone mentions doing a game based on the first Alien movie and just using the one Alien, it sounds like it just wouldnt work and the suggestions youve made, no offense, sound boring.
      I’m more of a fan of the first movie then the second and i love games likes Amnesia but i just cant see it working.

      • Shazbut says:

        None taken, and it doesn’t necessarily have to have just the one alien. I just think some kind of survival horror with light choices and RPG elements would be the perfect format. Maybe there were 5, or maybe it varied depending on choices, or…oh I can see it in my mind! Don’t get me wrong, you’d still be killing the things, but how much more fun would it be if there was this terrifying predator roaming the ship and you didn’t know where it was going to be, and you stood almost no chance against it. What if you didn’t even know if there was one on the ship?

        That Slender man game that appeared just recently is that in a low poly environment and with almost nothing to do and it’s still utterly terrifying. Amnesia too. I suppose it’s just a case of always feeling like you’re under threat, and that seems possible considering it’s an alien in a small space and we know the circumstances from the films.

        Just a pipe dream anyway.

        • EPICTHEFAIL says:

          An Alien-esque, as opposed to an Aliens-esque game would be excellent. Give the player a wimpy sidearm and throw them into a ship with less than a dozen people and a stealthy alien who can instakill anything and you don`t have enough ammo to kill it, only slow it down… I would buy it. And then refuse to install it lest I have a heart attack the moment the game starts.

        • Gorf says:

          Well if there was at least a few boss type aliens to try and kill, in between all the stuff you mentioned (and no trash type mobs) then that would be cool.
          I remember playing Condemned when it first came out and it scared the shit out of me (especially the shopping mall level). You had lots of exploring and some cool investigative missions but there was always plenty of bludgeoning to be done with your trusty rebar or lead pipe, and there was always very limted use of firearms.
          But unfortunately, looking at it realistically i dont think anyone will make another Alien game unless its in the same format as this one right here.

      • rustybroomhandle says:

        Has been done though. See the link I posted further up. It’s an old and basic game by today’s standards, but what they did with it actually worked.

    • ResonanceCascade says:

      I want an Alien immersive sim ala Amnesia.

      Make it happen, internet.

    • Gregg B says:

      I’d buy ten copies of that Shazbut, sounds like a bold and interesting (and natural) direction for the franchise, as opposed to what Gearbox are throwing up… The only problem I foresee is that, as a player who knows what a xenomorph is capable of, within the confines of the game you’re going to look like an overreacting idiot. You’d already know the apparently unknown. Still, it would be bloody atmospheric and no doubt terrifying.

  29. Ganjatron says:

    This game looks pretty terrible. Flat textures, terrible shallow sounds, and the aliens seem to act like standard AI enemies, not the stealthy, quick aliens we know. Go back to the Atari Jaguar version or the earlier 2000s AvP to see how to make a proper Aliens game, not this trash.

  30. CommanderZx2 says:

    This looks pretty terrible especially the graphcis and the annoying XP popups from getting kills.

    Hopefully the XP thing is limited to multiplayer… I’m hoping the PC version looks far better.

  31. Shooop says:

    Is it even possible to be excited for this at all? There isn’t a single thing in it that isn’t excessively mediocre and done to death already.

    • Hug_dealer says:

      I am excited.

      Its still way to early to decide how this game will go, there are plenty of other videos released that do justice to the alien brand. This one might not be the best, but that doesnt mean the game is going to suck.

      Also the people complaining about the scores, thats because its game mode. Single player will not have it.

      • Shooop says:

        Have you actually watched any of the videos? There is nothing in this game that hasn’t been done by someone else better. It’s not in alpha or beta anymore, this is exactly what you’re going to get: dude/bro guys shooting at melee-only enemies who put you in a QTE if you don’t shoot fast enough.

        I guess some people just have lowered expectations.

  32. Shortwave says:

    Oh wow man, that was bad.. Dammit.
    I was so hopeful. DAMMIT.

    I made it till he said “Man you feel so badass” at 1:20 and couldn’t handle anymore.
    Uh man. Seriously show the pc version at least guys! The aiming and motion was so bad.
    The aliens couldn’t even like run straight or some crap. Looked worse than the last game to me since it was on console so… The gameplay looks so dull as hell. That simply sucks.

    • westyfield says:

      “Man you feel so badass”

      Yeah, watching my character do cool stuff in cutscenes really reminds me of just how awesome I am.
      Wait, no, the other one.

      (Also is that Walker at 3:37?)

    • thecat17 says:

      I like how Randy’s all, “Man you feel so badass”… and then it cuts right to that QTE scene where the Alien grabs onto you and you really aren’t controlling your character’s actions.

    • Shazbut says:

      There was once in my life when I felt a wish to be badass. I was nine, and it involved me wanting to dress up as a ninja for a school fancy dress party. Never since then that I remember.

  33. Iskariot says:

    Can we play the alien in this too.
    I really liked that in previous games.

  34. kibble-n-bullets says:

    I wonder if the people financing this project notice any of the feedback from forums like this, because if they’re not angry right now they should be. The developers should be ashamed of their bumbling, uninspired efforts but choose instead to smugly bastardize a franchise.

    I foresee humble pie making an appearance on the developer’s dinner menu.

    • aurens says:

      i was going to something snarky like ‘what do they care, we’re pc gamers’ but then i decided to read youtube comments for once and they are actually echoing the same sentiments. they are probably banking on ‘mass market’ appeal where it will just be ‘An Awesome Movie I Remember + First Person Shooter’.

    • Shazbut says:

      I’m never sure who to blame. Surely there are many talented developers working on this who know the flaws all too well. Who is the one who actually says, “Guys, I want you to make a game based on the generic and shitty spin-offs that were inevitably spawned from the original piece of genius.”

      The original is a masterpiece and rightly gets a huge following, so lesser artists come along and take the clothes that the masterpiece was wearing and put it on something crap in order to hook the fanbase. How many times has that happened in history?

  35. smoke.tetsu says:

    I hope somebody at Gearbox is testing the game out with Mouse and Keyboard setup and they aren’t just all testing it with gamepad controllers.

  36. TwwIX says:

    Leave it up to Randy Pitchford to hype shitty games up.

    This looks terribly lackluster and cheap.

  37. Christian Dannie Storgaard says:

    I saw a [bweewep] penguin in the video! [bweewep] You heard it [bweewep] here first [bweewep]: [bweewep] It’s like [bweewep] totally coming to [bweewep] Linux!
    How do you turn off the motion tracker? [bweewep]

    Also, the game looked kind of shitty. I don’t get why they even have the motion tracker in the game when they make so sure we see every Alien as soon as it spawns. Maybe it’s actually an ACHIEVEMENT CHALLENGE UNLOCKED sound.

  38. Uglycat says:

    I liked the bit at 1:33 where it said ‘Chief Creative Officer’ and the bar went up to 25%.

    Sums it up well.

  39. Laythe_AD says:

    AvP Gold anyone?

  40. Vivian says:

    Nope, I cannot look at or listen to Randy Pitchford without wanting to drown him. Massive douchechills radiate off that guy like stinklines from Ren and Stimpy. As a consequence, I can’t really tell whether this looks good because all that happens when I try and watch the video is my brain shouts YOU GUYS ALL LOOK AND SOUND AND ACT LIKE THE WORST IDIOTS and then they cut to like two seconds of something that looks like a bump-mapped Alien 3: The Gun. The Aliens franchise is waaay past it’s sell by date anyway, much as I love the original three. Maybe expecting anything other than an utterly generic, mugging cash-grab was wishful thinking, Who knows, maybe it…. maybe it won’t suck?

  41. Chaz says:

    When this was first announced some few years back, it was looking bloody good. Squad based co-op with engineers opening and sealing off doors etc. Possibly checking out blue prints of your area, trying to find the best routes to objectives. Or at least that’s the impression I gleaned from what scant information was available.

    Fast forward to present and it’s become a rather generic and uninspiring looking FPS. I only hope this turns out to be one of those games where I dismiss it as it looks pap in the trailers but actually turns out to be really good.

  42. wodin says:

    Do you think developers really want to make games the way we want them made but they are under orders from higher up to make it a certain way? As I’m sure to god they must think to themselves “oh fuck” when they are told it has to have points show up when an alien is shot etc etc.

    You can tell someone wants the CoD and BF3 crowd buying this..and that is the brief..make it like CoD but against Aliens..

  43. MajorManiac says:

    To me this trailer just scream “BRANDING!!!” in a hollow dispassionate voice.

  44. Network Crayon says:

    I REALLY wish you didn’t have to actually see the people making games. I don’t care how awsome they think Their game is.

  45. S Jay says:


  46. dee says:

    >”Gosh, our game is going to be tense”
    >”we want the player to feel like a badass”
    >”We want the players to feel the loss of characters by making them likeable”


    Failure on all counts?