Magic: The Tankening – World Of Tanks Generals

The twist is that WoT players have actually just been reenacting a giant card game all along.

Huh, this one sort of came out of nowhere. You know World of Tanks? The game with all the explosions and tactical action and worlds and tanks? Well, it’s a collectible card game now. Or rather, Wargaming’s releasing an F2P TCG extension of the absurdly popular mechanized carnage semi-sim, because why not? These sorts of things tend to be pretty hit-or-miss, of course, but as a childhood TCG fiend, I must confess slight interest in World of Tanks Generals and maybe a relapse-borne cold sweat or two.

Currently, Wargaming’s being fairly vague about precisely how it’ll all play out, but the basic description sounds fairly intriguing.

“World of Tanks Generals is a free-to-play collectible card online game focused on World War II gameplay. Using a variety of units, players must destroy enemy headquarters at all cost… World of Tanks Generals features over 220 unique cards, each with their own unique strengths and weaknesses. Units include tanks, artillery and infantry, as well as special bonus cards that can grant the player additional firepower or defenses, adding a new dimension of strategy to gameplay.”

Generals will also apparently “combine elements of real-time strategy and collectible card gameplay,” but for now, Wargaming’s staying mum on exactly what that’ll entail. It is, however, touting multiple modes, which include an SP campaign, PVP, “historic campaigns,” and clan-based struggles on a “Global Map.”

It’s also browser-based and ties right into your World of Tanks account, so access is as easy as one-two-why-are-you-counting-you’re-being-attacked-by-tanks. And then there’s this bit:

“World of Tanks Generals will also be available as a card-based strategy board game.”

Ooooh Rab? I think I have something for you.


  1. comedy says:

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  2. Greggh says:

    “absurdly popular mechanized carnage semi-sim”

    By that did you mean it’s ‘ridiculously popular’ or that it’s ‘unreasonably popular’?

    I ask because this game is making quite the stir lately, and it seems to be garnering the crowds; yet I fail to see any sort of thrill in it.

    EDIT: poor HTML skills :

    • bonjovi says:

      I must have sunk 200+ hours into WoT since Beta. Almost exclusively playing heavies or mediums. What’s the appeal for me?
      1) Pacing – The action can be thrilling at times, but usually it’s about tactical approach, It’s sort of relaxing for me. Think about where everyone is going, where enemy could be and take my chances :-). Usually decisions made at the start when a lot is unknown are most important.
      2) WWII – love the setting
      4) tactics more important than skill – I got my mate playing it, he hates multi player games, because most of the people are so much better than him, loved this one.
      3) team work – playing with friends, one of the best coop games, very easy to pick up.

      • shyguy badman says:

        I love WoT and I’m sure I’ll love this silly card game too as I very much enjoy Magic the Gathering…although I couldn’t be bothered to play it with real cards…

        @ bonjovi if you actually want to see how many hours you’ve played on WoT go to then follow instructions. If multiple people use your computer to play tanks then pick the correct dossier (for me it was the oldest). Then use the time tab and scroll to the bottom of the list where it’ll give you a total time played. If you play a lot be in for a shock… I have played 11000 games plus so my time played was rather large…… 850 hrs +

        I would agree with the “absurdly” comment because I don’t know why I love WoT but I do and on the face of it it looks rubbish but it sucks you in HARD…. Years of playing rubbish/identical FPSs finally has pinacled with WoT

        Best free to play game for serious gamers! Let’s see how many people that annoys ;) especially the people who are rubbish and think it’s pay to win. I am only an average player.

        I played for free until tier 9 but then I thought **** it! I have played this game so much and I really enjoy it so I will happily give them some money…. Have bought camos and garage slots and as I have a new job I might even buy a type 59 next week so I can earn in game money quicker because I don’t get as much time to play it these days! I have paid lot’s of money for some incredibly shit games in my time that purported to be good. I enjoy this game and I didn’t have to shell out £40 to find out if it sucked.

        See you on the battlefield!

        Roll on WoT and WoT generals!

  3. alilsneaky says:

    Over 7000 rounds played in WoT, best f2p game by far, and one of the only modern games with a good learning curve.

    It deserves its popularity despite matchmaking tier spread being a flaw (not that the flaw affects me when I mostly play tier 8-10 tanks)

    • Eightball says:

      This is what turned me off the game when it got out of beta (and the free gold stopped flowing in). It’s essentially pay-to-avoid being reliably outgunned. If it was pay-to-avoid-grind *or* pay-to-avoid-being-higher-tier-food I could deal with it. But both? Pass.

  4. Torgen says:

    Closing in on 3900 games (not counting the jillion games played in beta) and love it when a plan comes together. Having regular platoon-mates makes a HUGE difference.

  5. Utgaardsloke says:

    Best f2p game yet. Soon clocking 3000 matches, and still going strong. The gameplay is just excellent, even the grind is fun!