XCOM: Enemy Unknown + Gamescom = Screenshots

It looks alright, but it's no XCOM FPS, is it?

Alec can’t post these XCOM: Enemy Unknown screenshots. We’ve had to ration him to only thinking about the game in safely designated times, to stop him from exploding with excitement. For safety reasons, I’m bringing you the seven latest images of Firaxis’ take on the classic game. You may stare at them and probably worry that they’re doing it all wrong below.

We learned last week, the game will also feature competitive multiplayer, to add to the pile of exhaustive coverage Adam and Alec have provided us. Just dig in to the feast here. Meanwhile, here are seven more pictures of it:

It’s out on the 9th October, and you can pre-order its silly “Elite Soldier Pack” now.


  1. mcwill says:

    Ha. “Aliens terrorising Cologne” indeed. They’d have a hell of a time just getting through the airport security, then they’d mistakenly drink about 15 glasses of Kolsch and wind up unconscious under the bridge and wake up wrapped around a transvestite named Jurgen like everyone else.

    … what, was that just me?

  2. TheWhippetLord says:

    Epic plumber’s cleavage on the sectoid in that first shot.

    • Hillbert says:

      *sucks air through teeth*
      I dunno mate, I could repair that Abductor but it looks like your elenium is shot, you’d do better to replace the whole thing.

      Let’s call it $2,000, cash in claw and no need to tell the Master Brain. Stay lucky.

    • Lars Westergren says:

      But if there are no clothes at all present, is it still plumber’s cleavage? Isn’t it just butt?

      Anyways, very excited for this game. Still looking forward to see what 2K Australia may do with the FPS, I like them as a studio. Considering the positive online feedback for instance Dishonored have gotten so far, compared to the outrage against the announced GoW/Mass-Effectivization of the title a couple of months ago, hopefully they’ve gone back a bit on the path of adventure/strategy/complexity and away from Waist High Wall Spectacle Shooter land.

      • TheWhippetLord says:

        You have a point. Not sure that “nice arse on that sectiod” would have gone down too well. Rule 34 and so on.

    • remoteDefecator says:

      ….so the Sectoid Plumber says to the Navigator,

      “Yea, that’s more money than I made when I was a Navigator, too!”

  3. TheWhippetLord says:

    The pre-order pack doesn’t seem that bad – gives you a classic UFO styled squaddie (with the same silly haircut,) among other things. Pity that this implies that you won’t be able to configure your entire squad to that style though.

    • Torgen says:

      Is that the same for all preorders or just Amazon? Are there any differences? I asked 2K Games and Firaxis on twitter, but no response.

      • TheWhippetLord says:

        Seems universal:
        “Pre-Order now and receive the Elite Soldier Pack DLC, free in limited launch copies of XCOM: Enemy Unknown. The Elite Soldier Pack includes:
        Classic X-COM Soldier: Players will instantly receive a new recruit in their Barracks inspired by the original X-COM: UFO Defense. The blonde, flattop hairstyle will return in its full glory, modernized with the rest of the XCOM universe.
        Soldier Deco Packs: Players can customize their soldier with several aesthetic upgrades to armor suits including the new Hyperion and Reaper soldier armor kits.
        Complete Color Customization: A variety of colors and tints for all armor sets provides complete customization of your squad’s appearance.”

        Also PC ‘Special Edition’ (seems to be the only PC version on sale) has:
        “Includes the following exclusive items:
        Fold out poster of the XCOM base.
        Art book detailing the conceptual journey of re-imagining the classic.
        Patch of the XCOM “Vigilo/Confido” insignia.
        Digital bonus items including multi-monitor desktops, soundtrack, and more.”

        Which seems a bit meh. I’d have gone for an inflatable Skyranger more tbh.

        • socrate says:

          meh il wait to see the actual game before i buy it….remake or follow up so far aren’t doing great in my list all of them so far were horrible and just there to get easy $$$$ for company

          and DLC and exclusive pre-order content make me even less interested in buying it and instead get it by other mean that will give me pretty much all the benefit

          at least they went more cartoony compared to the first few screen which look alots more like X-com then before

          also its going on console which isnt reassuring at all

          and the big emphasis on multiplayer from the last report doesn’t really sound that great….i really hope the meat of the game is still there

  4. torchedEARTH says:

    For me this has to be *the* game of 2012, multiplayer is like the icing on the icing on the cake.

    (Has RPS mentioned this link to eurogamer.net ?)

    • Squirly says:

      Oh oh me too! Seriously, there’s nothing on the horizon that has me as excited as this. In fact, i can’t really mention anything that I’m looking forward to. Nothing.

      Just XCOM please. Chop chop. Hurry it up!

    • povu says:

      The only other game I’m as excited about is Dishonored, which funnily enough is released on the exact same day.

  5. maweki says:

    Does anybody know whether this game is going to come to Steam?

    • RedViv says:

      2K has switched to using Steamworks, so you’ll be stuck with that in any PC release in the foreseeable future.

      • maweki says:

        That’s nice. I prefer it that way. I am working on linux and once or twice a week I boot into Windows to play games (this puts an upper limit on my time I can burn playing). I really don’t like to be bothered with manually installing, updating and other gubbins.

        • rawrty says:

          Prepare to lose all productivity when the Linux Steam client is released :)

          • maweki says:

            I am fearful for that day. Let us hope that not so many games will be available. All my work machines, be it office, laptop, desktop etc. are Linux. I won’t get anything done from there on. Ever.

  6. Drake Sigar says:

    Most anticipated game this year. Though after watching multiplayer I’m going to be a little sad you can’t overcome and absorb each alien race in the single player campaign like Fallout Tactics.

  7. Diogo Ribeiro says:

    The two first and two last screenshots look like everything was covered in unicorn vomit (ie, rainbows), or what would happen if XCom had been turned into a saturday morning cartoon slapping anime colors into their serious business drawings. Ok otherwise.

    • aurens says:

      if you need a blue filter that badly you could always wear half a pair of those old school 3d glasses.

      • Diogo Ribeiro says:

        I said it was ok otherwise. Note how “ok” isn’t synonymous with “terrible” or “i can’t support this game because it does not subject itself to my chromatic fascism”.

        All I’m saying is there’s a lot more about color than candy or crayons in my face. I don’t doubt for a second it will play a lot like XCom, but those pics actually make it look like XCom Enforcer.

    • pilouuuu says:

      Well, developers are starting to notice again that there are more colours than brown and grey. The original X-Com also had a very colourful cartoony look to it, so I think the style is perfect for the game.

  8. Premium User Badge

    FhnuZoag says:

    Do these videos suggest sectoids fighting on your side? What’s up with that? Mind control? Or some kind of mysterious plot development?

  9. Totally heterosexual says:

    Socked the shit out of that chrysalis.

    *Rocky victory theme*

  10. RegisteredUser says:

    I, too, have very high hopes for this, despite all the killcam and 1 base and loadout whatnot stuff.

    If only my first reflex weren’t always “god that looks simplified and consolish” for the UI. :/

    • colw00t says:

      That’s the console UI, so you’re spot on there. They haven’t shown the PC UI yet AFAIK, but it’s been described as substantially different and more… PC-y.

      • RegisteredUser says:

        Ah that’s right, there was some sooth-saying in one of the interviews, wasn’t there!

        Good, good..they better not screw it up! :)

        This is the one game I’m cautiously, secretly excited about.

        (And sincerely hope the data formats they used are either hackable or modable and not encrypted out the butt or something)

    • lithander says:

      I played a gamescom demo version today on a PC and controls were superb. During missions you use mouse to select positions on the grid and everything else is accessible using shortcuts. Basically rest your left hand on WSAD and you dont have to click a single button. The game is now #1 on my wanted list!

  11. Dariune says:

    I still cant help but be concerned that this will be a letdown. Despite the fact that IMO there has been as much good news as bad news with this game, experience has lead me to believe that AAA titles with nice graphics are generally shite.

    I will watch this one and buy it a couple of months after release if people are still positive about it.

    Hopefully I will have Xenonauts to occupy me as that looks like a week 2 buy.

    • Eddy9000 says:

      Is it a AAA game? I thought it was coming in around the £20 mark.

  12. aircool says:

    9th October! Fuck Yeah :)))))))))))))))))