Secret World Issue Two Adds Rocket Launchers, Surgery

Soon, you too will have the chance to trust this man with your life. Hooray!

As a red-blooded member of the game-playing populace, I must confess that I quite enjoy rocket launchers. However, as someone who has blood and doesn’t particularly want to see it outside my body, I’m not the biggest fan of surgery. But then, I suppose that means The Secret World Issue Two is adding something for everyone. And honestly, aside from the part where the man performing it looks like he wants to take all your organs and replace them with giant centipedes, even the surgery will do the body good. Specifically, you can get a new face! Then you can use your new face to look at more hair customization options, new story missions, and two more nightmare mode dungeons.

Titled “Digging Deeper,” Issue Two’s centerpiece is TSW’s first auxiliary weapon: the rocket launcher. In effect, it allows you to equip a third weapon, adding a new ability hot bar slot (for a total of eight) and bringing seven new skills to the skill wheel. Funcom has also confirmed that it “goes ‘Boom!'”

The much-requested addition of more robust character customization is also on the way in the form of the Modern Prometheus’ plastic surgery (read: new face options) and the most marketably titled barbershop in the world, Ockham’s Razor.

And, of course, there’ll be a smattering of new missions to conquer with your devilish good looks and centipede organs – each with a chewy, Ragnar-y center of story goodness. Among them, Digging Deeper continues the main plot, “sending players back to Pastor Henry Hawthorne at the Kingsmouth Congregational to dig deeper into the town’s secret history and Illuminati legacy.” Meanwhile, Solomon Island and Transylvania will be receiving new investigation missions, and you’ll have to “travel to a brand new location” to unlock the rocket launcher.

Issue Two will be available for consumption by your PC’s mighty data mandibles on August 28th. It sounds like quite a hefty chunk of new content, too, so you should check out The Secret World because it’s great, and if it fails, I will blame you specifically. Can you really live with that weighing on your conscience?


  1. The Hammer says:

    “Issue Two will be available for consumption by your PC’s mighty data mandibles on August 28th”

    Haha. Oh dear. First World of Warcraft’s pre-expansion pack, and now this. I’m wondering if both Funcom and Blizzard are trying their very best to slay GW2 at birth. I very much doubt it’ll succeed.

    • JamTheFab says:

      TSW is just doing what it promised. Monthly updates with new content not just bug fixes. Which they have been doing so far. TSW will fail less then TOR for TSW has many times sent out trials to people who signed up for beta but haven’t bought the game. Now they have a 3 day trial since yesterday. Secret World is a fast game where you can get a lot done in 3 days. Not only do they have a monthly subscription fee they also have a cash shop for new shirts and prettier guns which people want because the shirts and clothes are nice and it’s not that expensive and it’s permanent stuff mostly.

      With monthly updates, great voice acting, interesting crafting[sort of Minecraft like]. It’s like your paying 60 dollars for the base game and every month your 15 dollars go towards the updates like your buying expansions for Sims. It’s a fun game and it has a trial so if you can you should give it a try. A modern MMO that got good love from the developer has been my dream and this barely disappoints my expectations.

      • JamTheFab says:

        Oh! And your first set of missions. Not sure if it’s different per class but i was Illuminati. Is to fight zombies. Hello! Day Z? In a MMO? If that’s not a good enough reason to want to play, killing zombies, then either your a WoW lackey or you just don’t like MMO’s. Or you are a poor kid who doesn’t get much allowance to spend on computer games.

        • stiffkittin says:

          Enjoyed reading your support for the game. It was an encouraging and positive overview. Then you got pejorative, pity.

        • Contrafibularity says:

          Have to agree with stiffkittin, you sort of ruin it at the very end. And unfortunately that’s an attitude which can be frequently observed in videogames, and MMOs especially.

          In general chat, some will frequently call people criticizing the financial aspect of the game any variation of poor, losers, commies or accuse them of living in the past (or some alternate universe or fantasy land). I have to say this is an excellent game (also like most excellent games it’s flawed, but in ways you won’t notice because you’re having fun) but this is the single most off-putting aspect of MMOs for me, and I’m not big on Sartre’s Hell Is Other People or anything, and most every player in this game is unusually nice to each other (for a multiplayer game).

          I think it simply goes back to the nature of capitalism. People have developed such a sense of entitlement over everyone else they can not ever be content. So for example instead of having a really nice and easy and convenient coffee-maker, people will quickly replace it with a “premium” model, and instead of drinking the tasty blends, they will switch to “premium” blends (which of course are simply slightly different blends, but sold under a “limited edition” name and package). Why? It gives them the illusory feeling of being a cut above the rest, because a century of advertising has made them think that this is what individualism is all about (and of course, that individualism is the holy grail of life, the universe and everything). I only have to watch 3 minutes of commercials to learn that I am a sub-par human being who is not a member of the Cool Club of Winners Who Get The Most Out Of Life by buying lots of stuff which I will never use, even though the commercials make it seem like a life necessity.

          I don’t even know specifically why MMOs are like this, as opposed to “retail games”, which also now almost always come in 4-15 flavours of “special” or “limited” editions. Perhaps a decade of abuse towards MMOs has made these few players really defensive about “their games” or something to that effect, perhaps this is one of those few “premiums” that they enjoy and feel the need to point that out to others (and of course, in a world where 0,14% of the world population owns 84% of all wealth, not a whole lot of people are actually as wealthy as they think they are).

        • Runs With Foxes says:

          TSW is like DayZ because it has zombies? Are you serious? I guess Dead State is just like DayZ then. I guess Lollipop Chainsaw is just like DayZ too. No one plays DayZ just because it has zombies in it. Theme does not matter.

      • Faxmachinen says:

        That’s fair enough, but I don’t like that you have to buy the new monthly Sims expansions because you’ll get cut off otherwise.

  2. unangbangkay says:

    I’m looking forward to this, and I have a sub to The Secret World, and yet the game I visit daily and make time for is Star Trek Online. Does that make me a bad person?

    • Mr. Mister says:

      Not at all. It just makesw you someone who doesn’t spend his money wisely.

  3. frightlever says:

    “so you should check out The Secret World because it’s great, and if it fails, I will blame you specifically”

    You’re going to have to specifically blame a couple hundred thousand players who didn’t feel the urge to renew after their first month. Or a few tens of thousands (more?) of players who tried the free weekend and didn’t feel the urge to upgrade to paid. Or just quit telling people that a game is great, without acknowledging that the consensus is that it’s deeply flawed.

    EDIT: I’ll make myself clear – Nathan says the game is great so someone goes and drops 50 or 60 bucks on it. No mention of the 3 day free trial even.

  4. Enzo says:

    Secret World is brilliant. Finally something fresh in this dead genre.

    • Revisor says:

      I’d rather play live genres. :)

    • Zepp says:

      TSW is as fresh as rotten meat.

    • Brise Bonbons says:

      TSW certainly has a good amount of fresh meat in it. Unfortunately the tasty fresh bits (investigations, setting) are currently clenched in the rotting jaws of an extremely not-fresh zombie (the combat. Oh god the combat, why is there so much of it wasting my time, fuck you you fucking monsters get away from me and let me play the part of the game that’s actually interesting).

      Such a shame. I would love to support this game, but I refuse to slog through a bunch of combat that bores me to tears, just to earn the right to play the parts of the game I want to play.

  5. TedDahlberg says:

    I tried it for a little bit during the free weekend they had (they apparently have a three day trial offer now, too), but while I loved the world I didn’t care for the gameplay (or the 35GB install). I’d suspected as much but was still disappointed to be proven correct. I’m sure it’s a great game if you like that sort of thing, but it wasn’t for me.

  6. jrodman says:

    I love the secret world.

    Let me know when they fix the combat, so I can give them my money.

  7. jezcentral says:

    I still can’t hear/read the word “centipede” without being a little bit sick in my mouth. And that’s just after hearing what the movie is about. God knows how I would be if I actually saw it.

  8. Zepp says:

    Looks like Nathan Grayson is huge TSW fan yet I can’t understand his urge to push this medicore game down our throats.

    If TSW succeeds with its dungeon grind and (soon) raid focused endgame it will be huge step back for all MMOs. If themeparks will be forever the most profitable way of making mmo no other dev will make something different, ever. :(

    So “so you should ignore The Secret World because it’s devolutionary, and if it succeeds, I will blame you specifically”.

    • Runs With Foxes says:

      But it also has fully-voiced cutscenes, so at least you have something to watch even if it kinda sucks to play, highly recommended.

    • Lorewin says:

      Maybe, and I’d like you to try and consider this wildly left field possibility for a moment, maybe, JUST POSSIBLY he doesn’t consider it mediocre? Perhaps, and this is of course utterly wild supposition on my part, he ENJOYS it and considers it worth playing?

      No, no. Ockham’s Razor, after all.

      Clearly you’re right. The more rational explanation is that he’s in the grip of a clandestine (but not subtle) conspiracy to foist mediocrity upon you, personally.

      Brace yourself. Because I’m part of the conspiracy too! (Note to self: clearly we need to work on the “clandestine ” aspect). I like the game a great deal. The setting, the stories, the variety, the voice acting – and I’ve even come round to enjoying the combat.

  9. caddyB says:

    I don’t really understand why some parts of RPS tries so hard to push TSW. It has great writing and awesome investigation missions, but rest of the gameplay is worse than EQ.

  10. aliksy says:

    Played free weekend, was horrendously bored by it.

    People need to stop trying to tie single player games to shitty MMO mechanics.

  11. Zhiroc says:

    I grant that The Secret World has an fresh setting, and its de-emphasis on levelling (let’s face it, it’s not levelless if two people with vastly different SP/AP totals aren’t equal in ability, so at least the first N of that total makes a big difference) is better than most levelling schemes. However, for a game that puts as much weight on its story, the fact that your character is a voiceless (even textless) entity that simply dutifully executes missions with nary an opinion, even, makes what should be the games strong point merely a flavoring.

    It seems to be in the end just another grind for gear, XP, and endgame raiding/PvP, none of which I really enjoy. Mass Effect and SWTOR forever broke me in that I have trouble enjoying any RPG that doesn’t give me at least the illusion of choice in the story (though I’d agree more so in the former than the latter), and probably full voice overs as well.

    • macnbc says:

      If you play far enough in the main story you actually do make some Choices of Significance(tm). The developers have strongly hinted that the factions in the game will be affected in the future based on how many players have chosen certain things.

  12. Kimikaze says:

    I was sure I was done with mmos forever, until TSW came along. Looking forward to the update and some new investigations!

  13. Quietavenger says:

    Finally an mmo for Adults , instead of the comic cut teenie bot simpleton games of world of warcraft and copy cat Guild wars (and its crap successor again basic pvp wow going by the beta ) and stwor.
    Most if not all copy cats of WOW have failed and as for swtor , it was a let down from start to finish and nother on the concept of the original soe pre combat revamp for starwars galaxies

    Its about time some one leaves the wow copies behind, of course the people with the attention span of a gold fish ( ie those instant fixes i want it now type game ) wont like it , because they cant instantly level etc etc

    But i suspect TSW (not television south west :-) will make enough profit with the people that choose to stay for it NOT to go F2P. Because funny enough i dont mind paying the subs for the game . BECAUSE I ACTUALLY LIKE IT.,

    Personally i like the graphics, i line the part in savage coast where you enter a fair and it goes initially like the fuzzy screen effect followed by ominous black and white visuals ), i like the investigation puzzles , even the kill loads of zombies

    As for the whines about combat and pvp effects, I have seen no better in wow or guildwars 1 or 2 .

    Well done developers , well done FUNCOM for doing a game for adults and not KIDS

  14. Quietavenger says:

    Oh yes , no purile General spam in this game unlike the kiddie games of wow and guild wars.