Don’t Suck! Castlevania: Lords Of Shadow 2 On PC

Red suits you
Sharpen your stakes and, eh, blanch your garlic? Castlevania’s vampire hunting is coming back to the PC. The rebooted action adventure series did well enough on the Xbox and PS3 last year to warrant a sequel, and for some reason Konami have decided to share Castlevania: Lords Of Shadow 2 on the PC. I’ll bet Dracula has them in his thrall. That Vlad! What will he get up to next?

I’ve had to poke around the internet to find out if this is a good thing, and the consensus is that it is. But remember, we’re dealing with Vlad Tepes, here. He’s likely to have some mental sway over all the reviewers of the original game, who state that it is a huge, ramblesome combo-based action adventure game with a whip, a bit like Darksiders 2 in its ability to liberally borrow from other game. But in that you were hunting the vamps, and here you are a vamp.

[sound of thunder and lightning]

Weren’t expecting that, were you? In fact you’re the hero from the first time who was unmasked as Dracula post-credits, so in this game you’re playing as our Lord of Darkness, the Unholiest of Holeys, the Suckmaster General, the Blight Fangtastic, Drrrrrracccccula. Apart from that nipple twist of a plot, there’s not a lot known about the upcoming game. Just this spooky (almost impossibly dark to watch) cinematic. Enjoy.

It has no release date, other then “when the moon is at its fullest, and the blood of man stains the oceans crimson”. What an odd calendar.


  1. Ninja Foodstuff says:

    Fangs for the warning.

    • felisc says:

      Not these bloody puns again !

      • jondare says:

        I really am a sucker for a good pun

      • Xardas Kane says:

        They sure are sucking the franchise dry.

        • MasterDex says:

          I disagree, I think the rebooted series really vamped up the franchise for the modern age.

          • Lambchops says:

            Now you’re just making me cross.

          • JiminyJickers says:

            They are putting a lot on stake releasing just the sequel for PC.

          • StranaMente says:

            I was worried about the realism of the game, even after the battle the protagonist didn’t look bat-tered at all…

          • NailBombed says:

            Konami has me Whipped up into a frenzy about this release. I hope this doesn’t Suck.

          • says:

            I just hope it’ll be full-blooded PC version, not some un-dead abomination of console game..

      • McDan says:

        I just hope our expectations for another great game aren’t in vein.

      • Godwhacker says:

        What’s the problem? Most people go completely batty for the puns.

    • Spacewalk says:

      I don’t know, I was under the impression that it was pretty blah.

    • Vagrant says:

      Thanks for sounding the warning Bel. Mont Cheyenne shall be my refuge!
      (ugh that was sloppy)

    • says:

      You guys are un-bleigh-lievable.

    • Fumarole says:

      If this comes out soon I will go from being excited to Stoker.

    • Droopy The Dog says:

      From what I’ve heard about the first one, I’m sanguine about the sequel coming to PC.

    • anotherman7 says:

      The trailer, as always, obfuscates gameplay. But I have the fortitude to wait and see its true potence.

  2. AmateurScience says:

    I have somehow managed to avoid ever playing any castlevania game, despite at various times owning and playing most of the consoles upon which the critically lauded ones have been released. AND really digging metroid and games of that ilk. It’s probably something I should rectify. Absolutely no idea where to start. Here I guess.

    • Xan says:

      Obviously start with the first game, Castlevania for the NES

      Or you can skip all the early games and go straight to Symphony of the Night for the PS1 since it’s often regarded as the best in the series.

      Personally I always liked all the GBA Castlevania games.

      • Slinkyboy says:

        I played Harmony of Dissonance for the GBA first and I totally loved it! Then I finally got my hands on SOTN and it was so much fun until I got to the reverse castle. It’s the same fucking castle but it’s upside down which is much more frustrating getting around especially the clock tower, OMG. You might as well call it quits while you’re having fun before you reach the reverse castle. Stupid idea.

        Harmony of Dissonance did it perfectly. They completely changed the background and theme on each area of the other dimensional castle and really made you feel you were somewhere else! I really thought this game took the idea from SOTN which is why I was so excited to try it but SOTN had an upside down castle, wtf.

        Super Metroid will always be the superior game.

    • MasterDex says:

      Start with Symphony of the Night or Rondo of Blood, though the first game in the rebooted series is enjoyable on its own merits, it’s quite different gameplay-wise, to the original series.

      • MadFox says:

        Wasn’t Rondo of Blood pretty linear. Never played it but I heard that and it turned me off.

        • thepaleking says:

          Rondo is the pinnacle of the pre-SotN model of Castlevania games. It is linear, but with branching paths, and it does retrain the stiffer movement of the NES/SNES era games. I highly recommend it, especially if you can get the PSP verison, which updates the graphics and comes with SotN.

        • MasterDex says:

          Yeah, it’s pretty linear compared to the likes of SotN but many levels had alternate paths, secret rooms and optional bosses. It makes for a good introduction to the series though since the player only really needs to worry about getting through each level as opposed to the intimidating depth that SotN’s open-ended gameplay brought.

    • Tommando says:

      Perhaps you shouldn’t start here; not only is it a sequel it’s a sequel to a reboot/ reimagining/alternate universe sort of thing. I myself am not much of a Castlevania guy but I think Symphony of the Night is as fantastic as everyone says it is and I only just played it for the first time a couple of years ago.

    • Eclipse says:

      if you have a PSP, there’s an awesome thing called Castlevania: The Dracula X Chronicles.
      It starts with Castlevania: Rondo of Blood, that’s one of the best and least known Castlevania as it was a PC-Engine exclusive, and then you can unlock it’s sequel, that’s Symphony of the Night.

      If you don’t have a psp, grab a psx emulator and start directly with SotN

    • MadFox says:

      Symphony of the night is a classic. If you have a DS I would bring about heresy and say Dawn of Sorrows is just as good if not better.

      • TheApologist says:

        Madfox speaks truth! I started with Dawn of Sorrow and had a blast and it’s sequel Aria of Sorrow is pretty fun if very similar. Symphony of the Night is great, though Rondo of Blood is, to my mind, not quite as good, but fun if you find you like the series.

        That said, Dracula X is a good package for PSP as it does contain Symphony of the Night. Just be aware you have to unlock it by playing Rondo of Blood visiting particular areas of the game, which is clearly daft.

      • AmateurScience says:

        I do have a DS, and as it happens, a still functional and much used PSX. I’m off to ebay!

      • mrwout says:

        The DS Castlevanias are indeed very good games. To me they seem the perfect entrypoint to the series: they still have that old-school feeling to them but the experience is modernized and streamlined.

    • Spacewalk says:

      I’m going to suggest Bloodlines on the Megadrive as a jump-in point for old school Castlevania. It’s not as hard as the other entries in the series, you’ve got two different characters (a square-jaw with a whip and a fey with a spear), it looks pretty good despite not going overboard on the sprite effects and has fantastic music. Megadrive soundtracks were either god awful or completely fantastic and never in between.

      For something that’s more current I’d say both Portrait Of Ruin and Order Of Ecclesia on the DS because I’m having a really hard time deciding which one I like the most. I guess Ecclesia since I like the character art more. Oh, but Portrait has a Yuzo Koshiro soundtrack. Um… shit.

      • MadFox says:

        I bought portrait and was not impressed. It wasn’t bad by any means but it didn’t grip me. Maybe it was that I had my fill of castlevania or that my expectations were too big.

    • DrGonzo says:

      Symphony of the Night, I would say. But don’t be scared to look at a guide. And if the new one is anything like the previous new one, it will be phenomenally boring.

  3. D3xter says:

    What’s the point of releasing Part 2 when the first ain’t available? :/

    Also I’d much rather have this one to be honest xD
    Castlevania – Harmony of Despair: link to

  4. nasenbluten says:

    That is quite nice and unexpected. Really liked the variety, gameplay and length of the first one on 360.

  5. Roshin says:

    I played the first one on the 360 and thought it was really good and it’s nice to see the sequel on the PC. I just hope they add high res textures and take the platform somewhat seriously. If it’s a sloppy port, then I’m not really interested.

    • MasterDex says:

      Being a Konami game, it’s hard to imagine that’s going to happen. It’s likely going to be a straight port with the option to up the resolution – although if Dark Souls is any indication of how a Japanese developer is going to port a game to PC, it won’t even have that.

      • Railan says:

        The game is being developed by MercurySteam and published by Konami, but I don’t know about the PC port. In the case of Dark souls, who did the actual PC version? Was it From Software?

        • MasterDex says:

          As far as I know it was From Software. I suppose there’s some hope when it’s MercurySteam since they’ve some experience on the PC. The question is, however, whether or not Konami will allow them the leeway to do a good job.

          All we can really do is wait and see.

  6. Eclipse says:

    and how about a port of the first one? ktnxbai

  7. Erim says:

    Hate to be that guy but don’t get your hopes up. Konami does this all the time; they announce PC versions of their titles and then cancel them. I don’t know why they do it. But they love doing it.

    • alundra says:

      Not only that, their ports are piss poor and vastly unsupported. And what’s with release the second part before the first??

      Very said state of affairs, Konami is one of my favorite game makers of all time.

  8. Obc says:

    nice, i guess?

    lets see how the port is. also there is something about these 3D Castlevania i really don’t like. there is something missing from the great 2D games like Castlevania 3 or SotN.

  9. Totally heterosexual says:

    The first one was wank. This does not look much better.


  10. Jojolion says:

    Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2: Chupacabra’s Revenge

  11. Godwhacker says:

    Your man there really needs to put a shirt on.

  12. Trillby says:

    Blanching one’s garlic is surely the worst thing one could do – as any self respecting cook knows, this would dampen the flavour and the smell and cause the garlic to become far less pungent. No sirree, just let it age for a week or so, then let that baby fly fresh and untreated…

  13. Valvarexart says:

    The sound of lightening?

    So let me guess, it sounds like lamp-switches and matches being struck against boxes?

  14. maicus says:

    Wait, what? The final cutscene of the first game shows the sequel taking place in modern day New York. Ah well, I guess I’m not that attached the canon. First game was fantastic by the way, incredibly well put together.

  15. Zepp says:

    Blaaargh! Metrosexual vampires again. :S

  16. Commander Gun says:

    I played the 1st Castlevania’s up to IV on the SNES. Those were the days, it was pretty hightech back then. For the Catlevania fans, here’s a link to a mix of Castlevania tunes with a speedrun through IV :)

  17. YogSo says:

    Ah, cool, by MercurySteam, a Spanish development studio integrated by former members of Rebel Act Studios (of Severance: Blade of Darkness fame). Pity the first game wasn’t ported to PC.

  18. Kein says:

    Nice, that was a pleasant surprise. I really hope they decide to port the first game as well since sequel being released on PC.

  19. BatmanBaggins says:

    Played the first entry of this rebooted series on the PS3 and loved it, so this is good news.

  20. NightShift says:

    So who is supposed to be dracula and who is supposed to be Simon Belmont(if there is one in this game)?

  21. Eight Rooks says:

    The hell? Mercury Steam have ex-Severance people on board? So they went from not one (Jericho) but two of the worst games I’ve ever played to one of the best third-person action titles of recent years? That’s an even more drastic turnaround than Starbreeze and Riddick.

    The first Lords of Shadow was excellent – a bit rough around the edges but a lot of fun to play, just the right blend of serious drama and camp (without going completely into ridiculous comedy nonsense like the originals) and some stunning art design. The level where Gabriel meets Pan is one of the few visual moments out of all the games I’ve ever played which I can honestly describe as jaw-dropping. No idea why Konami want to put this on PC but I just got rid of my Playstation, so if they’re really porting this I’ll buy it, no question.

    • DaftPunk says:

      Two worst games you played ? What are you smoking dude,if those two are worst games you played very small amount of them..Severance being highly rated very challenging tps with innovative combat system,and other one is quite decent squad fps game with some light horror elements,i mean it have flaws but its not bad or worst game ever as you said..

  22. blainestereo says:

    It’s not Vlad Tepes we’re dealing with, Craig.

    It’s Castlevania, so it’s Vradu Tepesu.