Hit Factory: See Hitman’s New Contracts Mode In Action

Mr 47, in the library, with the glockenspiel
Slowly, ever so slowly, Hitman: Absolution has won me over. I was pretty distraught at how Square-Enix were representing the game: it didn’t look stealthy enough, it looked overly linear, and there were sexy hitlady nuns. It felt like one of my favourite series was slipping away. But it seems there was a Hitman game there all along, and the closer we get to release the more interesting it looks. I really enjoyed the Sniper Challenge pre-order level. So I’m happier showing off this trailer for the new ‘Contracts’ mode, where players get to design their own hits and upload them for friends to complete.

Adam’s already had a lot to say about this, so I’ll just get in and get out quickly. The Sniper Challenge leaderboards look to be the precursor to this, with a pile of online challenges and interaction resulting in ubnlocks. I do wish they’d figure out some sort of multiplayer mode, but until then this is the closest you’ll get.

It’s out on November 20th.


  1. bonglord420 says:

    It really is remarkable how much effort the Hitman PR squad put into making each and every game look as unattractive as possible before release.

    • Real Horrorshow says:

      How does this trailer make it look unattractive? Unofficial missions is something http://www.hitmanforum.com has been doing for many years, this is clearly a nod to them which is awesome to me.

      • bonglord420 says:

        Not this trailer in particular, but every detail they have released about it since it was announced sounded absolutely terrible and it’s only recently we’ve started to see things that actually look good. Exactly the same thing happened with Blood Money too.

  2. UmmonTL says:

    Meh, this doesn’t really show much above what was announced the other day. I was hoping for some actual footage of the contract being set up (more than arrows over some peoples heads). I wouldn’t say it makes the game look unattractive, I guess they just wanted a video for the annoncement they made before?

    • ruyen says:

      I saw another youtube video with a long-form walkthrough of a Contract. Think it was on the Hitman youtube channel, but can’t remember.

  3. jezcentral says:

    NO. No multiplayer mode. Bad Pearson, bad!

    • BoZo says:

      Co-op could be awesome, kind of like how I imagined Payday: The Heist would be. But wasn’t.

    • woodsey says:

      It’s closer to a level editor then multiplayer. Although the other news about each regular mission having scores attached to how you kill targets is best summed up with an ‘eugh’. I mean, if you were telling people stories about Blood Money, it’d be because you’d come up with your own stupid method to kill someone, not one of the game’s prescribed methods.

    • PoLLeNSKi says:

      “I work alone, understand? Alone.”

    • LionsPhil says:

      But this is only multiplayer indirectly, the same way as leaving grave files on a Nethack server is.

      They could still cock this up with nonsense like “you have to have your spinal column wired into our DRM nexus to play contracts”, but there’s no technical need from this game mode, nor should it be a different gameplay experience (=> detract from and derail the design), because it’s just conducts, and people do those anyway in the previous games, because they’re fun self-imposed difficulty.

  4. johnkillzyou says:

    I hope that one day, a Hitman game comes out where you aren’t dropped into a mission area but are dropped in an open world, and you have to stalk your target for hours (Ingame days) and learn their routine. Perhaps you work your way into a position in which you can easily observe the routine and work from there, or maybe you watch from afar? That would really open up the gameplay, and really improve this Contracts mode.

    • Shy_Otter says:

      I’d really enjoy the open world play as well as the stalking, but I fear that others may not be so patient with the game and would declare it “effing boring” before the first hit was even done.

      • Kynrael says:

        Also the concept of Hitman is that he doesn’t have to stalk. The organisation he’s with points him in the right direction and lets him loose !

        It’d be interesting, but it wouldn’t be Hitman :)

      • DrGonzo says:

        Shenmue Hitman? Could be brilliant. I’m sure there are mods for Skyrim that achieves something similar. If DayZ proved anything it’s that people respond to ambitious games. But the new Hitman looks lazy and safe.

  5. Pemptus says:


    • LionsPhil says:

      *selects “Inevitable Steam Sale GOTY edition”*

    • Alenthas says:

      The Pirate Bay Edition.

      Sorry, I’m not willing to lose anything that’s already on the disk merely for chosing to buy it from somewhere else.

      • ruyen says:

        Best PreOrder “pack” is the Sniper Challenge you can play now (not on-disc content).

  6. DClark says:

    Retailer specific preorder packs again?!? This is how Dishonored went from being a day one purchase to a GOTY version purchase. To be fair to Square Enix, clothing in a game where you’re changing clothes anyway and a single weapon isn’t as egregious as Dishonored’s giving retailers in-game skills and abilities, but it’s still annoying.

    I’ll have to think about it, but publisher marketing departments really need to be told that these things annoy the hell out of people and tend to work against their game not for it. I’m now leaning towards the GOTY version sometime down the road.

  7. Mrs Columbo says:

    I’ve never played any of the Hitman games. I remember the first one being received with a rather lukewarm review by PC Gamer back in the day and have never paid much attention to the franchise.

    Are there any episodes of the game that I should have paid more attention to? What’s the best?

    • Jac says:

      Defo go for blood money and work backwards.

    • lordfrikk says:

      Blood Money is great, Contracts was pretty good at the time I played it, not sure how it would fare if played after BM, though. The first and second one (especially the first) might be kinda hard to get into now and the second installment features some sections that are dull and require precise timing in order to get Silent Assassin (which I assume most people will go for) which kinda sucks IMO because you can’t invent your own ways to do the assassinations.

    • Mrs Columbo says:

      Thanks. I’ll give Blood Money a shot.

  8. Bobtree says:

    I much prefer the old neutral looking 47 face to this new one. He doesn’t need to appear angry.

    The trailer’s closing tagline of “the original assassin” is flat out nonsense.