The Blood And The Beautiful – Trine 2: Goblin Menace

It's so beautiful that I want to lick it. Is that weird? I'm pretty sure it's not weird.

Truth be told, I’m not entirely sure how goblins – lumpy, stumpy little monstrosities – can exist in Trine 2‘s world. I mean, I have to imagine it’s like a snowman going for a stroll on the sun; we’re talking about two entirely opposing forces, and one has to give. So naturally, you’d assume ugly ol’ goblins would immediately explode into flame volcanoes when exposed to Trine’s blindness-curing beauty. And yet, they’re still alive and kicking – and menacing, no less. So, of course, it’s up to us to fix that little problem while accidentally walking off tall ledges because we’re distracted by all the pretty thi–

–OOOF… Things. Pretty things. No, no, don’t worry. I’ll help myself up. Anyway, here is a particularly pretty thing to be distracted by.

The newly christened Goblin Menace will – as previously reported – feature six levels, new skills, and puzzles centered around low gravity, magnets, light, and more. It’s currently slated for a “fall 2012” release,¬†making it – if I’m doing my math correctly – the only¬†game still coming out this year.

And now, if you’ll excuse me, I must take my leave. There’s also an entire screenshot gallery, you see, so I’ll just absent mindedly stare at it while moving toward these precariously high ledges to get a closer lo– ooohhh nooooooooooooooo






Whoa, there’s a whole dollar down here!


  1. LemonyTang says:

    Is Trine 2 the greatest game of all time?

    • StranaMente says:

      Surely it’s one of the most beautiful.

    • povu says:

      Best 2D physics based puzzle platformer? Yes.

      • jrodman says:

        I think that depends a good deal on what you expect out of a platform puzzler. Trine 2 isn’t very puzzly, and the puzzles it has are often overcome by something like “make a lot of boxes”.

        Not that I mind. I’m not big on puzzles.

        But there are a variety of other contenders that are heavier in that direction.

        • povu says:

          What I like about the Trine series is that there always seem to be multiple solutions. Sure you can cheese most of it with boxes and levitation, but there are more interesting ways of doing stuff.

          • maweki says:

            They fixed the person-levitation in a not so recent update. So you can no longer levitate boxes with people on them. You can still activate it for more cheese, though. But default it’s off.

        • Ratherly says:

          Hang on. I finished Trine 2 recently and some of the puzzles actually stumped me, ultimately needing a walkthrough. Did I screw my builds because I went rogue heavy? Or am I just terrible at games?

          • arccos says:

            You are not alone. I really liked playing around with the combat and the movement, but the puzzles took too long to do and were often just “mess with this until you solve it.”

            I still haven’t finished it for that reason. :-(

            Trine 1 was a better game in my opinion.

          • tetracycloide says:

            I didn’t have any trouble finishing the game without help but several times I’d finish a puzzle and look back at and wonder how I was ‘supposed’ to have beaten it because my solution felt so… dirty.

          • Dragon Master says:

            I’m with tetracycloide on this one.

    • Grovy says:

      I found the gameplay and puzzles really really dull. The art is probably the most beautiful I’ve ever seen in a 3D game though.

    • MondSemmel says:

      I found it abysmal.
      – no improvement on its predecessor in any meaningful way; EDIT: I think it actually takes a few significant steps backwards.
      – puzzles so shallow that I wasn’t challenged a single time in my playthrough
      – horrible story, dialogue, etc. – Yes, it’s supposed to be a “fairy tale”, but that doesn’t give them the right to make it horribly boring. In fact, the Grimms’ fairy tales are nothing like this sanitized, boring story.
      I realize the atmosphere is great, but “atmosphere” or “great graphics” don’t make otherwise shallow AAA games great, and it’s the same with this one.

      • tetracycloide says:

        It’s a AAA game? It’s $15 and done by Frozenbyte. Dose that really qualify as AAA? AA maybe?

        Edit: Oh, I see what you mean now. I must not read good. I think it’s much easier to give a low-budget game a pass than on some areas. It’s not a double standard because the resources available to both games are the same and they’re not asking the same price.

        • MondSemmel says:

          Yeah, I’m sorry if my sentence about the “AAA” part wasn’t clear. I meant that Trine 2 undeniably has excellent graphics – perhaps even good enough to compete with AAA games _in the area of graphics_. _However_, it seems to me that in comparison to the graphics, all other aspects of the game were neglected during development. I wish the devs had actually focused on making the game fun instead of just atmospheric.
          I’m not disappointed about spending money on the game (I got it during a Steam sale anyway); I’m disappointed about spending so much time on a mediocre experience (Steam claims 8 hours; I have no idea how accurate that is).
          And I don’t understand how they managed to make Trine 2 a worse game than its predecessor.

          But in general, I think we should hold indie games and AAA games to exactly the same standard: Was your time spent on the game fun? Was it worth your money? More importantly, was it worth your time? I actually think great indie games beat most AAA games in this regard because AAA games contain so much filler to get to the “necessary”/”standard” 8+ hours of gameplay, whereas good indie games are usually much shorter but contain much less filler.

  2. ain says:

    Im throwing money at the screen but nothing is happening!

  3. Hoaxfish says:

    I assume this is paid DLC? Nobody seems to mention pricing

  4. Axyl says:

    I actually preferred the original. If that’d had the Multiplayer features and improved visuals of the 2nd game, it would indeed be one of the best and most beautiful games ever.

    • sweetcraspy says:

      Absolutely agree that the first was better. The second had unbelievable graphics, but I thought the puzzling was much weaker. With the first one, I was constantly charmed by the way the game let you use the Wizard’s powers. I loved looking into a room, seeing a very carefully crafted death pit with shooting flowers, spikes, etc. and thinking, “No, I don’t want to deal with all of that. *Box* *Platform* *Platform* Ah, much safer.” It was as if the traps were designed without such abilities in mind, and that made the Wizard feel supernaturally powerful instead of merely having a competent set of tools like the Thief.

      The lava and acid of the second game were less fun obstacles for me, and I felt like the physics platforming tried too hard to make sense in the world, instead of being more like a playground. The plot was also weaker, though neither was great.

      I did like the character changes. Removing the mana from the wizard was a good choice, and the level-up system was better thought out. Overall, I enjoyed both, but the first one really stood out.

  5. MythArcana says:

    Speaking of games done right, this series is a charmer. It’s nice to know someone actually cares these days.

  6. Shantara says:

    Hopefully “Fall 2012” means September 1st…

  7. Kleppy says:

    Yeah, I’ll jump on the “first game was better” bandwagon. The second game, I felt had two major issues.

    One, it was too long, and felt quite repetitive. It felt like they took the same, or similar, environments to the first game and multiplied each by three. Two, the puzzles were often way too annoying and finicky to be enjoyable. I didn’t enjoy playing around with the acid and portal puzzles at all.

    It did make me feel like it was making sweet, gentle love with my eyes. That doesn’t sound right. I mean it looked incredible.

    • tetracycloide says:

      I feel like a big problem with the acid and the lava is they didn’t tune the physics quite right so things that should work, like using the warrior’s shield to deflect one or the other where you wanted it, often didn’t because this time the stream decided to bounce back in your face just enough to count as ‘damage.’

  8. Maritz says:

    As well as being one of the most visually stunning series of games I’ve played it’s also one of the most musically stunning. I’ll be snapping this up ASAP.

  9. pilouuuu says:

    And I thought in this day and age I couldn’t be impressed by graphics anymore…

  10. Johannes says:

    Hey Guys, Johannes from Frozenbyte here. I’ll once again be demoing the expansion at the steam booth in hall 7 at Gamescom tomorrow.

    Stop by if you’re around and I’ll even give you something extra if you say you’re coming because of the RPS article :)