Castle Crashers Dev Hoping To Bring Next Game To PC

I honestly have no earthly idea what's going on in this screenshot.

Last week, I got excited and gush-puked all over this very website because The Behemoth’s Castle Crashers is finally crashing (in a good way, I mean) our most castle-like of platforms. And hey, it only took… four years to get here. For now, meanwhile, the paradoxically tiny developer’s next project, a co-op/competitive platformer called BattleBlock Theater whose main character is named Hatty Hattington (sold!), is only slated for release on Xbox. However, The Behemoth has told RPS that – if all goes according to plan – things won’t stay that way for too long.

Speaking in a highly sensual Hivemind-to-Hivemind brain meld, an entity that simply signed its emails as “The Behemoth” explained:

“Hopefully [we can get BattleBlock Theater onto PC]. We’d like to be on as many platforms as we can, just need the resources and time to accomplish it all.”

Further, the strange and majestic creature broke down the reasons why Castle Crashers has taken so, so, so long to reach our shores.

“We have a small team and we can only do so many projects at the same time. BattleBlock Theater is taking the primary focus for all of our development, but we had the opportunity to get it on Steam and we ran with it. Outside of the timing though,¬†Castle¬†Crashers is our baby, as all our games are, and we want to support it and see it across as many platforms as possible.”

So, at this point, it’s really just a matter of timing and resources. The Behemoth, however, prides itself on being a small, tightly knit collective, so it’s doubtful that it’ll expand simply for the purpose of putting more ports on more platforms. Hopefully, though, Castle Crashers’ arrival on Steam leads to a faster turnaround time for BattleBlock.

And now, for your viewing pleasure, here’s a trailer of gut-wrenching, heart-stopping peril set to very tasteful elevator jazz.


  1. Drink says:

    This is very welcome news.

    I got to play a demo version of this at Comic Con and it was a blast. Another super-fun party game from The Behemoth.

  2. Andrigaar says:

    No, no, Behemoth.

    Please bring ALL of your games to PC.

  3. welverin says:

    Apparently it takes them about two years to port a game.

    Castle Crashers was released in 2008 for the 360, 2010 for the PS3, and now this year for the PC. Hopefully they can speed that up quite a bit in the future.

  4. Bauul says:

    I literally just finished Castle Crashers last night after 3 years of not being able to.

    It’s amazing what you can achieve with jolly cooperation!

  5. pakoito says:

    The guy had it running on a tablet at gamescom, lol amazing

  6. skooma says:

    Oh yay, another indie 2D platformer.

  7. kwyjibo says:

    The indie gaming space on PC is so much better for everyone involved than the end of life console generation. Take a look at Steam vs the 360 certification process. Take a look at humble indie, it’s awesome.

    And when the next console generation comes around, with their zero install base, I hope indies just go with PC or mobile and abandon Microsoft/Sony for good.

    What the fuck happened to Joe Danger?

  8. wireless says:

    For those of you who don’t know, The Behemoth is also closely tied with Newgrounds (Tom Fulp founded it and also works for The Behemoth) and they release short titles on it occasionally, like Dad & Me. It’s also a great site for flash games and animation in general.

  9. Leandro says:

    About time they went back to our beloved PC, the platform that made them famous!

    I’ve been drooling over Castle Crashers since it came out, and BattleBlock Theater looks deliciously like those old single-screen games that had everybody crammed around the keyboard duking it out and messing up keystroke detection.

    Feels like forever since I first heard of BattleBlock Theater, has it been in development for long? I guess they’re probably a small team.

  10. killuminati says:

    Is this game still coming out?
    Loved Castle Crasher on my Xbox!