Light Speed: Miner Wars 2081 Is All Sped Up

Spaaaaace. Staaaation.
Look, basically, Mine Wars 2081 is one of those games that I am keeping an eye on, but never really seem to get around to focusing on for long enough to do a full preview. We’ll fix that before the sun goes cold, but in the meantime you can have a look at some of the stuff they are up to. For instance, you can build spacecraft, space stations and even asteroids that can then be imported into the game. This means players can build their own sectors of space for their pew-pew and mining activities. The MW2081 team have shown some videos of that (all time-lapsed for your convenience) and they make for some moderately impressive watching.

I’ve put the most impressive one at the top, down there, because you know you are busy.


  1. frightlever says:

    I kept waiting for controversy to explode after they added their lovable Nazis faction. But it was not to be.

    link to

    Haven’t actually played the alpha since Santa Claus was made buzzable.

    • aldo_14 says:

      Apparently a developer comment;

      I don’t think that we have crossed any line by using Fourth Reich in MW. Actually I don’t understand why only Nazis have this evil reputation, when there are actually maybe even worse or equal examples – mafia guys in movies, Americans killing native Indians, Rome citizens and their slaves…

      It’s a shame, because I was seriously interested in Miner Wars before reading that.

      • Izzan says:

        I do hope you`re kidding.

        • RedFaust says:

          He’s not.

          Replacing the extract in the situation , the dev got his point , but i doubt this game will have a big echo in germany after such a statement. And if anyone think so , they live in another time…

          Anyway germany is one big pc market so we will see what happens next. Ive already bought it ( 5 € in pre alpha) so even if there’s nazi madness i’ll be happy to kill them or join them if i feel a sudden urge to go the dark side. But closing your eyes only for the opinion of a dev is kind of stupid.

          For example lars von trier is a notorious nazi lover but i don’t advice that you don’t watch his movie.
          Werner von braun is famous reich scientist (duh that just hurted my tong) but you can still appreciate his scientific work without being called a “nazi”.

        • dE says:

          Unless they’re using nazi imagery like the Swastika or the SS Sign, they’re pretty much in the clear. If they do use those, their game will end up confiscated. Otherwise, meh why should people be upset about this? In essence, the dev is just calling the faction what it actually is, instead of using “clever” shortcuts like “Rheinländer”. Let’s be honest here, most sci-fi games have a Nazi Faction or a faction very heavily inspired by Nazis.

          Let’s go tv tropes on this…
          link to

          • Izzan says:

            I`ve been misunderstood. I`m not offended by the Fourth Reich or any other number after that, nor am I offended by developers stating that there have been societies that are comparable to the Nazis and are not as vilified.
            I was just commenting on the reaction.

      • Jim Rossignol says:

        Wow. But source plz.

        Ah, I see it. Unfortunate choices, perhaps.

        • ReV_VAdAUL says:

          It is on the first page of the above linked thread, search for MarekRosa and you’ll find the post.

          • marek_rosa says:

            So now I am a Nazi lover, right? :-)

            Funny thing is that when I wrote that comment I was expecting that people will understand it in their own way.

          • R10T says:

            Really, gamers are “shocked” because “they are putting Nazis in game ! ” ??

            0) Jesus, it is a GAME.

            1) A non-racist will hardly start to hate his not-same-race neighbour because of THIS game.
            2) It is +1 option for game. More options in games means usually good, right? Unless you are FORCED to play as a Nazi.
            3) Nazis in space is actually very popular conspiracy theory, so it make sort of sense (see Iron Sky film)
            4) Do I really have to write all the strategy or FPS where you could play as “real” Nazi”, not a “4th Reich non-racist future Nazi”..?
            5) It could be FUN. The same way, as it was fun to play as slaver in Fallout.

        • Unaco says:

          Errr… Try the link given in the original comment.

          The Devs full post is…

          We are going to post a proper response in future, so just a quick note:

          I don’t think that we have crossed any line by using Fourth Reich in MW. Actually I don’t understand why only Nazis have this evil reputation, when there are actually maybe even worse or equal examples – mafia guys in movies, Americans killing native Indians, Rome citizens and their slaves…

          I don’t feel happy if Fourth Reich in MW made anybody unhappy … but on the other side I would rather live in a world where opposite opinions are not banned, even if they are extreme. It may seem weird to say this in discussion on Nazis… but I have grown in a communist country, so I am very careful when I see someone claiming “this is the only truth” or “you are not allowed to say this or that”

      • BobbyDylan says:

        Really? The dev seems to make a lot of sense to me. Sure, it;s not very PC, but, IMHO, that’s a good thing.

      • Dominic White says:

        That reads less like ‘Nazis are great!’ to me, and more like ‘There’s a whole lot of bad-guys and Nazis are just part of a broad tapestry of villainy’.

        • LintMan says:

          The problem is, the “4th Reich” isn’t a villain in the game, it’s a playable faction for you to play as. But hey, they’re not racist anymore so it’s OK for you to cheer for them, right? It’s not like racists and anti-emetics of today still fetishize about the Nazis or anything, right?

          Honestly, why take a group known for launching a world war, rounding up and killing millions of innocent people, and still today a symbol of hatred, racism and anti-semitism, an make them a faction for players to cheer for after giving them a thin whitewash to rehabilitate their image? I don’t like any of the reasons I can come up with.

          Really, if they want a “transhumanist” faction, why not make one, instead of tacking that onto all the baggage that already comes with the Nazis? Why are they trying rehabilitate the Nazi image? The “the nazis weren’t so bad – there were worse people!” comments ver on those forums really sicken me.

          • Universal Quitter says:

            Anti-emetics? Like Dramamine? You tried entering antisemitic on a smart phone, didn’t you.

      • Claidheamh says:

        As many have pointed out, I think the key word here is “only”. As in, nazis are evil and there are other evil people.

        • sinister agent says:

          Yeah, he could perhaps have phrased it a little better, and it’s a bit strange, but there are plenty of games that have included or even glorified regimes or people that did similar or even worse things than the Nazis. Hell, Stalin Vs Martians, anyone? Sure, it was played for laughs, but he still killed millions of innocent people.

          I guess it depends on how exactly it’s handled in game, mind.

      • GepardenK says:

        I see no problem with that statement, nothing extremely shocking at least. The Nazis where more effective than most in their evildoing, yes. But that dosent mean organizations have been equally bad or worse in their own actions (especially in Asian countries, even recently, but we western don’t care about that apparently). Stalin was pretty good at murdering his people too

        Point is, why is it so bad to have a Nazi faction that is not presented as only bad? Even the real nazis had some honorable ideas behind their madness and racism. Presenting something as not entirely black and white does not mean you are a bad person or promote bad ideas/racism. There is too much stereotyping in this world already, from all sides…

        • aldo_14 says:

          Nazism is synonymous with racism and anti-semitism; that is the very cornerstone of their ideology, and the aspect which survives strongest to this day.

          The problem I have is not so much the questioning of cultural relativism, but that the argument for having a Nazi-influenced faction (although the description text seems to state that they essentially are space-Nazis anyway) seems essentially based on diminishing the evil of that ideology by comparison to other acts. (If people don’t get why the Nazis have become almost the definition for ‘evil’, then it worries me)

          • sinister agent says:

            I don’t see how saying that multiple other terrible things exist diminishes one terrible thing. It’s not like “people being monstrous bastards” is a finite resource.

          • GepardenK says:

            Nazism has become the definition of evil based on popculture and or own cultural history. It is a symbol in this age and people’s opinion’s are not based on actual facts or comparisons with other bad regimes. I don’t say this to defend the nazism in any way but to bring forth my point that this naive black and white thinking is not a good way to look at the world. Why don’t we go ahead and say that the UN is the very dentition on the good and just while we’re at it?

            This symbol making and stereotyping is one of the reasons why anti-semitism etc is so alive today. Rather than discuss our history objectively we suppress persons who have a somewhat misguided opinion and make them even more extreme when they figure out we are presenting a non-objective picture of our past. Open dialogue is what brings people together, stereotyping by symbols works only when preaching to the choir and will make those who disagree more extreme, not less

          • aldo_14 says:

            I don’t see how saying that multiple other terrible things exist diminishes one terrible thing. It’s not like “people being monstrous bastards” is a finite resource.

            Because, to a point, it acts to reduce the extreme to the mundane or common – much like people can become jaded to things like gun crime in the US when it is frequent enough. Rather than focus on the individual horror of – in this case – the Nazis, it reduces attention to be towards the relative horror in comparison to other atrocities or ideologies. Rather than, say, consider the holocaust as a genocide of innocents, it becomes a numbers game versus Stalins gulags. The context changes from being set against good, to be being set against evil.

          • sinister agent says:

            I dunno, I’m not really convinced. Nobody’s saying the nazis seem less evil because they killed x million, but Mao killed x + y million. It’s more “well, we have games with these bastards in, so why not these other bastards too?”.

            How many games feature the European Imperial powers that actually succeeded in committing deliberate, organised acts of genocide? How many glorify Britain, the nation that flooded an ancient empire with opium, then raped and pillaged the entire civilisation, simply because there was money in it (fun fact: the word “loot” came from the Hindi “lut” at around the time the British were ransacking half of Asia).

            Yes, the nazis and their ideology were fucking terrible, without doubt one of the worst things humans have done. But they’re only considered the standard shorthand for the ultimate evil here because they’re more culturally ingrained and a more politically acceptable target than a dozen other comparably fucked up regimes or ideology. I don’t see how acknowledging that in any way diminishes their symbolism, though.

            It’s a bit like… well, imagine if everyone considered being shot the Most Terrible Thing. Fine, that’s awful. But being burned to death will still kill you, and arguably in a more horrible way. But nobody’s going to consider getting shot as any more desirable just because fire also exists.

          • Zenicetus says:

            I think the Nazis still occupy a special and controversial status for two reasons. First, they were historically recent. Many people still have surviving family members or some other direct ink to the events of WW2. That puts it in a different category than more distant historical atrocities.

            The second reason is that neo-Nazi and Aryan supremacist groups are still around today, although in fairly small numbers. Some members of those groups hang out on game forums and spit hatred. So when a developer posts something that sounds even remotely like a rationalization or defense of the Nazis, it immediately triggers suspicion of whether it’s a neo fascist talking, or just someone trying to make a point.

          • Baines says:

            Christians are still around, too. They just don’t tend to give swords to children and send them off to butcher their enemies. But the ideology that led to the Crusades, the Salem Witch Trials, the Inquisition, and other atrocities and warfare is still present and alive. The hatred, intolerance, bigotry, greed, and all those other negative traits showcased for centuries within the variations of Christianity are still alive, still taught, and still even celebrated worldwide. Within 10 miles of where I am, I can find plenty of “good Christians” who’d be happy if we nuked the Middle East, got those [insert racial slur] out of Israel, shipped the [racial slur] back to Africa, “fixed” the [sexual orientation slur], killed the abortion doctors, changed the system to keep the atheist Democrats out of power before they destroy America, etc…

            Of course you can do similar with others. It is just that Christianity seems to go out of its way to make itself a target, and (at least in America) is kind of the “anti-Nazi”. Say anything negative about Christianity, and you risk making yourself a target, just like saying anything that can even be construed as not negative about the Nazis/Hitler makes you a target.

            [Note: I do not endorse Hitler or Nazis. I include this disclaimer because I mentioned Nazis/Hitler without actively condemning them at the same time, which, as I said, is all it takes for someone to jump in and act like you are a supporter.]

      • innociv says:

        Isn’t he right?
        Americans nearly succeeded in wiping out an entire race of people. The Nazi’s were very short on that goal.

    • ReV_VAdAUL says:

      If you scroll down a bit you can find their announcement press release for the fourth reich.

      link to

      The weirdest part is their apparent renunciation of racism. Why even have a Nazi faction if you’re going to remove one of the most defining qualities of that ideology?

      Alas the reason is probably so as to have a built in “not racist” excuse for people who want to “Role play” being a Nazi while playing as the fourth reich.

      • BobbyDylan says:

        You do know that the word Reich means Empire essentially. Playing as the fourth Germanic empire doesn’t automatically make you racist. Assuming that it would shows a certain…. narrowness of mind…. that similar to racism.

        • ReV_VAdAUL says:

          Aha yes, people who oppose the Nazis etc are the real racists. Pathetic.

          If you actually read the post I linked you’ll note the developers themselves in their press release repeatedly use the word Nazi. But no no, gotta defend the Nazi faction so fast you haven’t even got time to read that link.

          As to your actual “point” the “Third Reich” was a term created and propogated solely by the Nazis and so its’ use here is solely as a means to reference the Nazis without actually using the word Nazi in the title. Its’ use clearly defines the faction in question as a successor to the Nazis.

          You can argue the semantics of a phrase with a very specific meaning and play very dumb to defend your favour for a very thinly veiled Nazi faction if you want.

      • Dominic White says:

        They’ve dropped colour-based racism and upgraded to transhumanist uber-racism, where only the proudly engineered cyborg clones of the fourth Reich are considered human.

        • ReV_VAdAUL says:

          The weirdest aspect of the Fourth Reich is their apparent super advanced science skills given how much they loved pseudo-science, the occult and homeopathy in reality:

          link to

          • GepardenK says:

            Never mind the pseudo-science, which was popular across the entire western world at that time. A lot of very significant advancements came out of Germany during the ww2 years, not least in the field of medicine. They were very good at science, and still are

            I’m not saying this to defend nazis in any way. But people seem to have a extremely narrow, almost cartoon like, view of our history and its ideologies

          • Dominic White says:

            The space-Nazis of Miner Wars are pretty cartoonishly evil. They got *exiled into SPACE* for their experiments on convicts, which involved brainwashing, mutating and cybernetically rebuilding them them into obedient and almighty supermen.

            They also have Hindenburg-class Space-Zeppelins, which makes me want to play as them, because they’ve got Hindenburg-class Space-Zeppelins. They’re totally over-the-top villains, and that makes them fun.

          • Smaug says:

            Whats the deal with nazis anyways in the western world? soviet consentration camps were way bigger but soviet faction in games does not generate such outrage.

    • Teovald says:

      Am I the only one that does not want to fire a torch because of this choice ?
      Unless it is in the context of an extermination/human experimentation/interrogation simulator, a 4th Reich faction is fine by me.

    • povu says:

      I can see why they would think it isn’t *wrong* to add a faction like that, but I also can’t think of any reason why having a Nazi faction would be beneficial to the game somehow, other than for drawing attention through controversy.

      It might get banned from Germany, that’s a big group of consumers gone for no benefit at all.

      • nizzie says:

        “but I also can’t think of any reason why having a Nazi faction would be beneficial to the game somehow, other than for drawing attention through controversy.”

        And giving certain people are faction they can identify with. I really can’t see why anyone would play a Nazi faction in a non-historical game, in which ideology seems to be a part of the lore, unless they actually sympathize with racism and nationalism. I’m German and play the German faction in most games with a historial context, such as Red Orchestra 2 and World of Tanks. But I definitly won’t choose the 4th Reich in Miner Wars, just as I wouldn’t play a Stalinist faction. I prefer to distance myself from that kind of crap.

    • Gnoupi says:

      I don’t really understand the need to have that kind of “historical references” in a game happening far in the future. Just make up your own faction names, with some generic republic/empire kind of thing, some rebels, some alien faction… I mean, honestly, it’s in space, and far in the future…

      I don’t need to have “germany” or “russians”. I’m in friggin’ space, not in any country.

  2. tikey says:

    Is there a report comment button anywhere in the comments? I can’t find any and spam started to pop up.

  3. Kestrel says:

    Looks good.

  4. FunktionJCB says:

    Oh look, another post about the game with the always-online DRM solution that funnily enough never gets mentioned on this website.
    And ironically, right after a post about Diablo III, a game that rarely gets mentioned without some joke about the always-online DRM featured on the title.

    I must say I’m a bit perplexed, I thought this DRM solution was an abomination, but apparently it’s only an issue with Diablo III and Ubisoft titles.

    So, I have to mention again: even for its SP mode, this game makes you both initially log-in to its service, and also makes you have a constant internet connection available.
    Funnily enough, the developers don’t call this DRM. To quote the game’s requirements:
    «The game will not use any sort of DRM protection or activation code. To play the game you only need to download, install, and enter your login/password. The game interacts with our servers during the gameplay – active internet connection is needed to play the game!»

    Fortunately, and according to the developer, that’s only a problem for players who, and I quote: «don’t have internet or who want to play in a forest, but according to some stats, that’s only 1-2% of possible players».
    link to

    Surely this kind of protection is worse than, say, Uplay, and it deserves to be mentioned on news posts about the game, so that potential customers can be aware of the always-online requirements (especially since this info is a bit buried on the game’s website). Yet, it never is. Go figure.

    • skinlo says:

      Because few people are actually seriously considering buying this game probably.

    • marek_rosa says:

      FunktionJCB, if we remove that “always online” thing, are you going to be finally happy?
      (I am not saying we will, I am just asking…)

      • Gnoupi says:

        I think he was rather complaining about the equity of treatment compared to D3. So it’s more about D3.

      • FunktionJCB says:

        Yes, if I can play the SP portion of your game without having to be connected to a server, I will buy your game on the spot. I mentioned on a previous post: I was about to buy your game, when I noticed the always online requirement.
        If it can be done for the planned Xbox 360 version (which won’t have this requirement), it certainly can be done for the PC version.

        Also, my post, unlike what it may appear, is not especially targeted at your game. I don’t have anything against you, nor am I interested in doing a “negative campaign” about your game. It’s just that RPS always complains, rightfully, about the always-online requirement for games such as Diablo III or a number of Ubisoft releases, but then lets off other games, such as Miner Wars.
        I, as a legit customer who always purchases my games, and someone who has been unable to play some of my SP purchases because the servers were having problems or were down, believe this always-online DRM practice is anti-consumer, and indeed a problem, but it’s a problem with every game that uses it, not just a select few because complaining about those probably brings a few more visits to the website.

      • 18Rabbit says:

        Just wanted to say that with always on DRM, just like with Ubisoft UPlay and Diablo III, as long as you have always on connection required DRM, I won’t buy your game.

        I don’t own D3 nor any of the recent UPlay Ubi games even though I love(d) Blizzard and Ubisoft franchises. I hate online play (with very few exceptions) and forcing me into it is a way to get me to spend my money elsewhere.

      • SquareWheel says:

        Personally Marek, I would be much happier. But I’ve already bought the game so perhaps my vote doesn’t count.

        • LintMan says:

          Same boat here for me, but I’m also unhappy about the Nazi thing. My pre-order is feeling like a big mistake.

      • ostermei says:

        Count one more missed sale due to the always-on DRM here. I was actually on my way to buying this game months ago after the initial mention of it that I saw here on RPS… had my credit card out and everything, but then I happened to notice the always-on thing being mentioned on the site and put the card away immediately.

        I want very badly to play this, but I won’t give you a cent while there is always-on DRM in play.

        If you remove it, though? Sold in an instant.

        • dE says:

          Same here. Well, I was interested until I read that post up there about the DRM thing. This is truely a pity.

      • Finarfin Greenleaves says:

        I am a very early supporter of MW and was very disappointed when online DRM for the singleplayer was announced. I really hope it will get dropped again. Online DRM for singleplayer is an abomination.

      • Bart Stewart says:

        An always-on requirement for a single-player game is an instant “no sale” for me as well.

        I can understand it for a game that has been designed as a multiplayer game, where most of the core content comes from interacting with other people. But there is no compelling *gameplay* reason to demand an always-on leash for a game designed to be content-complete for an individual gamer. The actual effect is to penalize paying customers instead of specifically targeting pirates — why would I want to susidize that?

        Frankly, I’m also not interested in paying to be tethered to games with a transparent fig leaf of “multiplayer content” jammed into what has been — for good game design reasons — a single-player game. Unfortunately, this means the new Sim City will also be a “no sale.”

        I don’t mind going online to get new content. I can even tolerate always-on when that’s baked into a game’s core design, as in Spore. But Sim City is not Spore. If people want to play Sim City with other people, great, new features can be worth adding — allow at-will connections for those who want them. But don’t penalize me for wanting to play Sim City in the traditional single-player way, and then try to tell me you’re just giving me some wonderful new “feature.”

        I never asked for this.

      • TyrOvC says:

        Always online singleplayer is equivalent to DRM in my book, and an instant no buy for me. Believe it or not, residential internet sucks in a lot of places across the ocean in North America, and not just “in the forest”. Game looks interesting though.