Splendid Prohibition: Omerta – City Of Gangsters Trailer

Location, location, machinegun cabinet.
Kalpyso and Haemimont have released a footage-driven trailer for Omerta – City Of Gangsters. What is presumably an offshoot of their most recent Tropico engine is actually looking pretty good for the big outdoor city stuff, but perhaps a little less shiny when it comes to dealing with the nitty-gritty of combat and gangster-hobbling – although it will probably please most of your to learn that the combat stuff is going to be turn-based, while the city-level management stuff is in real-time. Still, that aspect of it will, one would hope, diminish next to the real task of trying to take over the city, battle with other bosses, and to deck out your gangster headquarters with baubles earned with your ill-gotten blood/booze money.

Also: nice jazz. Take a look, below. The game is out later this year, although no date has been confirmed.


  1. MythArcana says:

    I’ll send my boys Tony Montana and Keyser Soze to check this one out…

  2. Seboss says:

    Cheap shot alert: will it be released six months before development completion too?

    Ah, that’s not nice for Kalypso/Novacore but the Legends of Pegasus experience has made me very careful toward Kalypso-published products.

    • RedViv says:

      Haemimont, so far, has been very solid. They’re experienced and generally not leaving the terrain they already mapped out for themselves, and it’s not their first (Novacore), or first fully retail (Coreplay), title either.
      I’ll wait for more on the turn-based stuff. That’s new for them.

    • Zarunil says:

      I’m going to avoid this one because of Kalypso, despite loving Gangsters 1 and 2. Still waiting!

      • socrate says:

        yeah kalypso is an horrible company…not only this they tend to take old product and either rename them or buy them off then overhype then sell disappointment and failure

        id rather get a real gangster 3

  3. chromeshelter says:

    looks cheap, but still it reminds me of the good old Gangsters. a game i loved so much :)

  4. ferdy says:

    It reminds me of Gangsters by Eidos. Loved that game.

    • Gnoupi says:

      Same me. Never managed to survive past week 4, though, from what I remember.

      • Shazbut says:

        I’ve never spoke to anyone who didn’t start losing by turn 3 or 4. Was the game even possible to win?

        • iucounu says:

          I dunno. It was a very odd game – I think it’s a bad game that I enjoyed playing a lot.

        • TNG says:

          It was possible, yes. I managed to reach the ending… once. It showed a great little black & white cinematic like a 40s mafia movie in the end when you had cleared from the map the last remaining opposing family. It was a bloody hard game, but once you managed to bring down one of the opposing families without losing too much territory to the others and if the feds didn’t lock up too many of your best guys it became easier then (although it was possible for new families to show up and try to move into your city). But that first bump that you mentioned was really hard to successfully pass.
          It really helped to also recruit the best attorney and accountant possible, although quite expensive, for all the behind the scenes dealings. I remember that reading the manual gave me some big tips. I loved that manual: it was themed as a newspaper from the day of the Valentine’s Massacre. Shame that I lost it.
          I’m going to have to reinstall it one of these days to give it another go, if the CD hasn’t been scratched too much.

          • stupid_mcgee says:

            There’s a rather vociferous bunch on GOG.com’s forums requesting Gangsters: Organized Crime to be rereleased. It’s one of the titles that I always wanted to pick up, but never did.

            Interestingly; I was thinking, the past Sunday while watching Breaking Bad, that a drug kingpin kind of game would be great, and fairly easy made, using Tropico 4’s engine.

            This seems like a fun step in the right direction. While some might criticize Hemimont for preying on old franchises, I think it’s great that someone is willing to make such strategy games. Otherwise, who else would make this? EA? HA!

    • TNG says:

      Indeed. If this one is half as good, it’s a must-buy for me.


      I’ve been waiting for a proper sequel to Gangsters for ages.

      It’s a pity Gangsters 2 decided to focus on the street section of the original when all the fun was to be had in the management section.

    • Jimbo says:

      Loved Gangsters. Actually I just picked up Gangsters 2 the other day from the Squeenix online store, which I didn’t even know existed until I saw it on there. I quite like some of Haemimont’s games too, so I’m all over this.

    • Slinkyboy says:

      Wtf how come I didn’t know about this game! Where can I buy this Eidos game?

  5. Shinan says:

    Is it turn based? It looks turn based. I really want it to be turn based.

    Looks like a lot of fun.

    • lordcooper says:

      Read the damn words.

      • Unaco says:

        He didn’t have enough Action Points to do both (Reading the words, and posting the words) in the same turn.

      • dontnormally says:

        He just likes it so much better when you say it.

      • Shinan says:

        I thought I did read the words and now I re-read them. And then I had to re-read them a third time until I found it. But there it is!

        (My APs were only enough for one read and I only had a 95% chance of reading correctly)

  6. Vegard Pompey says:

    Never heard of this before but it looks like the kind of game I’ve always wanted to play.

  7. Inigo says:

    Something went horribly wrong with those muzzle flashes.

  8. The Infamous Woodchuck says:

    PEGI 12? really?

    Guess we got used to violence so much that a game about gangster wars get the same treatment as a game about peacefully building a city.

    • ghor says:

      Even the PEGI voice guy sounds a bit surprised when he says “twelve”.

    • Slinkyboy says:

      You don’t need all the bullshit Pegi 18 has to enjoy a good game. I’m looking through the original Gangsters game and that one was also Pegi 12.

  9. philbot says:

    Any game that looks like Constructor is a big win in my book.

  10. DanPryce says:

    Yeah, it’s look a little rough around the edges but I’d love to give it a go.

  11. Legionary says:

    I liked it best when the bullets being fired from the machine gun travelled at a 90 degree angle from its barrel.

    • Mana_Garmr says:

      At 1:27? I think those are meant to be casings being ejected.

      • vorvek says:

        And how do you explain 1:24? Shotgun shells casings being ejected in an arc too?

  12. misterT0AST says:

    Nobody actually gives a damn about English grammar, I don’t know who would even care in the slightest about foreign grammar. But it’s supposed to be “omertà”, with a big fat accent on the last letter.

  13. vorvek says:

    They couldn’t get the weapons shooting straight before releasing the trailer? 1:27 is just hilarious!

    Bah, I’m too slow.

    • ukpanik says:

      They are shells. Bullets tend to be hard to see in flight ~_~

      • Bork Titflopsen says:

        Which is the reason people put tracer rounds in their magazines, a thing which is often overemphasized in games to make sure there is enough visual feedback for the player to understand what is going on.

        Furthermore, shells in real life as well as in games don’t glow and don’t get ejected halfway across a room in a straight line.

  14. Cpt. Beercan says:

    Wasn’t Omerta a town/area in Jagged Alliance 2?

    The game sounds quite Jagged Alliance like, which is a good thing.

  15. piggydiggy says:

    Wasn’t Omerta previously an online text-based game based upon the same themes, akin to Mafia Wars?

  16. doma says:

    Gangsters: Organized Crime was a fantastic sandox game back in the 90s.

    I hope like hell this will be good.

    I want G3 :(

    • Zarunil says:

      +1 for G3. Please! Someone!

    • Oak says:

      I would pay all of my money for a new Gangsters game. All of it.

      • CalleX says:

        Me too! A game made in the same spirit as Gangsters 1. Same depth or deeper, with emphasis on the management. This game seems to be not as deep and the maps are small. G1 had a whole city on 1 map. Sad I had really high hopes for this game but it seems more like Gangland than Gangsters. Also there donesnt seems to be teams under lieutenants as in G1..

        Ah well we´ll see if a worthy successor to Gangsters 1 will come one day..

  17. PoLLeNSKi says:

    This looks very interesting…and thanks various previous commenters for reminding me of Gangsters – I played the demo to death back in the late 90’s and am now waiting for a 1p amazon disc to show up in the mail :)

    Anyone else think a 1920’s MMO would be a ton of fun? LA Noire style detectives, mafia, jazz musicians and showgirls?

  18. D-e-f- says:

    So … Boardwalk Empire: The Game basically?

    Also reminds me a teensy bit of Pizza Syndicate/Fast Food Tycoon. Without Pizza. (Why even bother then?)

  19. The13thRonin says:

    You lost me at Kalypso…

    They absolutely gut everything they put their hands on and then release about a 1000 pieces of DLC.

  20. rizzon says:

    Looks like a new version of Gangland. Nice.