Ubisoft Boss Declares F2P Is Because Of 95% Piracy Rates

Rock, Paper, Shotgun is read by over 92% of the Earth’s population, and our most frequent readers are in the top 15% most attractive people on Earth! Yes, we all love statistics we don’t provide any evidence for. There’s so much fun to be had. Ubisoft have also been revelling in that fun, by telling GI.biz that they experience “93-95% piracy” rates. Which is odd, what with all their boasting that their always-awful DRM has been so darned effective at combating piracy. How incredibly confusing! Anyway, this, says bossman Yves Guillemot, is why they’re heading down the path of F2P games.

Here’s the logic: Only 5-7% of people ever fork out cash for the F2P models that are out there. And that just happens to match the piracy rates seemingly plucked out of the air. You may immediately say, “Er, if it’s the same, why bother doing something different?” But Guillemot explains that with the F2P model, that 5-7% who pay will keep on paying, over and over, making more money for the F2Ping company in the long run. Thus making the F2P model more financially effective.

But the problem is deeper than just believing that piracy rates are 95%. (Because of course you just can’t measure that. You can count torrents and compare it to sales, etc, but it’s still a guess.) Let’s just say that piracy rates are 95%, because I’ve no more evidence to say they aren’t than they likely have to say they are. The issue is determining what it’s 95% of.

There is no hard evidence to show that piracy affects sales. If Ubisoft has some, then they should share it. There is evidence to show that pirated copies almost never translate to lost sales (and as much anecdotal evidence to show that piracy encourages sales as there is to show it discourages them), and we absolutely cannot take the music and film industry’s laughable route of declaring every pirated copy as lost revenue. That’s plain deceitful, and of no help to anyone. So instead you could, if you were actually interested in business and not in scaremongering, say “We sold X hundred thousand copies of game Y”. Or indeed Z hundred copies. And then you could stop saying anything else, since that’s the only useful data you actually have.

Because really what matters is how many you sell, or – in F2P land – how much money you persuade people to give you.

The 95% figure is based on two numbers (one of them guesswork) happening to match up: F2P rates, and alleged piracy rates. It’s a comparison that is completely meaningless, as the two have little in common. When I buy a game, as much as the vile EULAs and licenses we are required to agree to may say otherwise, I do on some vague level have (if not own) a copy. When I play an online game, I am only ever visiting that game’s house, and the moment they switch it off (and they will) all my investment is gone forever. And one of them IS FREE. It says so right in the business model. I’m allowed to play it for free. And in doing so, by Ubisoft’s logic, means I am being compared with a pirate. That is so damned distasteful.

Conflating F2P numbers with piracy “numbers” is a handy way to excuse going down the path of the far cheaper development for F2P gaming, where sticking it in a browser, or cutting it down for a downloadable client, means players have their expectations severely cut down. A path that can, if you strike lucky, find your product catching a very large audience of people willing to constantly fork out small increments in order to be able to keep playing. Most don’t succeed, but one big hit can be enough. They’re cheaper to develop, they also have the potential of having players just keep on paying, and people don’t expect them to be nearly as good as full price boxed games – and hey, they’re free, right? So why would anyone complain?

Of course it’s absolutely fine for Ubi to head off in the F2P direction. It makes business sense for people to leap and grab cash before the fad is over, and the next new thing comes along. You may not like the business model, you may even think the way pay-to-play’s insidious increments work is distasteful. But if you’re a publisher, it’s a revenue stream you’ll want to tap into. But Ubi, please don’t make ridiculous excuses. Honestly, I find it bewildering that the entirety of Ubi’s board of directors hasn’t decreed that Guillemot is never allowed to say the word “piracy” again as long as he lives. Their reputation amongst PC gamers is so utterly terrible right now, despite releasing a ton of great games on the machine. It would just be amazing to see the company, for once, celebrating their PC customers, rather than berating them. Because they have customers. Paying customers. Maybe instead of pointing out that whatever their imagined piracy rates are, they could acknowledge they also have people who pay a huge chunk of cash for their games, and just maybe act like they’re grateful. Just maybe.


  1. Botoks says:

    Just wanted to point out that most “pirates” don’t even use stuff that they download. Sharing for the sake of sharing. You can’t effecitvly count your lost sales from pirating, but you can pull some numbers out of you ass.

    • Mollusc Infestation says:

      Yup. The few pirates that i have known have had huge archives of games, which they feel like they might fancy playing at some point in the future. A bit like my steam library, now that i come to think of it.

    • fish99 says:

      Most? Have you surveyed the pirate community to see how many play the games they pirate, because otherwise I’d have to accuse you of also ‘pulling numbers out of your ass’.

      I know when I used to pirate games I used to play plenty of them, and I also know I could afford to buy them, and would have bought a lot of them were piracy not an option. Then I realized it was hurting the industry, and putting developers out of business, and I stopped, completely.

      • Gothnak says:

        i think that’s the most honest answer about Piracy, and for some reason it’s more PC to argue that pirates won’t play games. If people couldn’t get stuff for free, they’d sometimes pay for it, that’s just basic human nature.

  2. Vinraith says:

    I sincerely hope they go bankrupt. Ubi has a hold of a number of brilliant development houses and developers. If they’ve decided to finally, totally seal themselves off from making games any rational person wants to play, I can only hope they collapse completely so that said developers can go back to making brilliant games somewhere else.

  3. woodsey says:

    Unfortunately, eight-paragraphs of logic is too much for the knuckle-heads in charge of Ubisoft to handle.

    Personally, they’re the most dividing company around. A lot of their stuff I like a lot, but then they do everything in their power to be as obnoxious as possible on the business-end of things. Activision haven’t released anything that’s interested me in the slightest since Modern Warfare, so I can’t say I really give a shit about them, and at least EA put on a real song and dance when it comes to their stupidity.

  4. poohbear says:

    i thought F2P was because ppl didnt wanna pay for monthly MMO subscriptions anymore? u can’t pirate an MMO, so his argument is completely off.

  5. RandomEsa says:

    link to pcgamer.com

    So their PC sales are down 90% and they have a 95% piracy rate hmmm…

  6. fish99 says:

    “there is evidence to show that pirated copies almost never translate to lost sales ”

    Where? Sorry but if you’re going to accuse them of not providing evidence, you can’t then turn around and make a statement like this without something to back it up.

    I know from personal experience that what you said there isn’t true for at least 5 or 6 people I know.

    • mondomau says:

      “I know from personal experience that what you said there isn’t true for at least 5 or 6 people I know.”


      • fish99 says:

        Should be pretty obvious what I meant there. He claimed piracy almost never meant lost sales and I’m saying I know people who have pirated games who would have bought those games if piracy wasn’t an option (and that’s most of the people I know who play games). So I have to ask where ‘almost never’ comes from and where is the evidence he is speaking of to backup that assertion, especially when he’s calling out the Ubisoft guy for not providing evidence.

    • SkittleDiddler says:

      Since you’re relying on personal experience to prove a point, I’d like to state that literally everyone I know that pirates games end up buying those games nine out of ten times. They don’t look at it like they’re getting a free game; they see it as a chance to get an in-depth look at a prospective purchase.

      Oftentimes demos just don’t cut it, and that’s where pirated versions come into play for many people. I’m not justifying piracy, I’m just saying that not everyone who pirates games is doing it because it means “free game”.

      • fish99 says:

        Let me guess, you live in an affluent area, probably somewhere down south right?

        You and me are just using personal experience to estimate piracy rates, but John Walker said there was actual evidence that piracy almost never translates to lost sales, but he then failed to show that evidence, despite just criticizing the UBI guy for failing to provide evidence. That’s grade A hypocrisy whichever way you look at it. Here’s what he said-

        “There is evidence to show that pirated copies almost never translate to lost sales”

        Does anyone with a modicum of common sense actually believe that, that piracy almost never has any impact on sales? Just to give an example Doom 3 was massively pirated, yet there was huge hype for it’s release. Does anyone seriously believe that almost none of those people would have bought it were piracy not an option? To me that’s the opinion of someone who is so devoted to their agenda they’ve lost grip on the reality of the situation.

        I should also point out that even if 20% of pirates had bought the game that would still probably double sales and make a massive difference to id’s bottom line.

  7. The Random One says:

    So the facts:

    Piracy rate is 93-95%
    The percentage of non-paying players in F2P is 95%
    If the numbers are similar then they refer to the same people, undoubtedly.
    92% of people on Earth read RPS.
    RPS accounts for almost all piracy in the world. Shame on you!

    On a related matter, just yesterday the Battle vs. Chess review linked to an old article with a Dave Tosser footnote, and today this. These facts are connected. The Tosserman shall return.

    • Brun says:

      Bleach is 70% water.
      Humans are 70% water.
      Therefore, we are bleach.

  8. derbefrier says:

    What i find funny is they are probably more right then the PC community is willing to admit because that would make you all the bad guys here and its much more popular to demonize big companies. These people get paid lots of money and have lots of resources to come up with these numbers, claiming they pulled it out of thin air is dishonest and only serves to move your own personal agenda forward. Ignoring the reality and screaming from the rooftops “COMPANIES ARE EVIL HURR DURRR!!” is not going to change anything and pirating out of protest only further reinforces their beliefs.

    If the community here wants to see real change you will all have to do something you don’t seem to want to do which is practice some self control and take responsibility for your own actions. Dont pirate at all, your not entitled to it and it is stealing no matter how you try and spin it. These business have a right to try and stop it. DRM is a direct result of your own actions so instead of bringing out the pitchforks and crucifying these guys for doing nothing more than trying to protect their property , you all need to accept your own role in the emergence of DRM and accept that fact that the only people that are ultimately responsible for this is us. Everyone who has ever pirated a game for any reason is directly responsible for the use of DRM. Until the PC community can admit that and accept this, nothing is going to change, in fact, it will only get worse as companies are forced, by your own actions, to think of better ways to protect their investment .

    I would say do what i do instead of pirating either don’t buy it or wait a few months until a sale and pick it up for 75% off or something. This will send a much more clear message that we don’t see the value in their games that they do and they will be forced by virtue of wanting to make money to accommodate us.

    • mrmalodor says:

      “These people get paid lots of money and have lots of resources to come up with these numbers”

      Yup, you pretty much nailed it right there. They get paid to invent fictional numbers.

    • Subject 706 says:

      While I agree which your general sentiment that piracy is wrong (yes I pirated in my younger student years, I never pirate nowadays), this statement here:

      “These people get paid lots of money and have lots of resources to come up with these numbers, claiming they pulled it out of thin air is dishonest”

      Clearly shows you have never worked for/with any big company. Lots of resources does not in anyway correlate to proper research and sound decision making. Nor does it take into account whether or not said research is ‘expected’ to provide certain results, if you get my meaning.

  9. Zohrdan says:

    Piracy fixes 95% of Ubisoft games:

    link to rockpapershotgun.com

  10. Greg says:

    Perhaps it’s a convenient excuse to explain to the board of directors and shareholders why their sales are slumping. I, however, blame iterant sequels, intrusive DRM schemes and poor PR. By all means though, blame the pirates, maybe then your problems will disappear?

    • mrmalodor says:

      When companies stop innovating, they start patent trolling. When game developers stop making good games, they start complaining about piracy.

  11. McTerry says:

    Ubisoft! Do you know why your games are getting pirated? That’s because they work better if they are pirated compared to the original versions. Not only that, you as a company suck! That’s why I have decided to NEVER buy a game from Ubisoft. This is one of the reasons you have no income.

    • Ajh says:

      I’ve pirated an ubisoft game after I bought it so I could play it. Does that mean I pirated it or bought it….

  12. Tom Walker says:

    So then:

    – Ubisoft’s games are released with very powerful DRM
    – Ubisoft’s games are pirated at a rate of 93-95%
    – World of Goo was an extremely critically acclaimed and desirable title
    – The DRM-free World of Goo release was pirated at a rate of 82%

    In conclusion, anti-piracy measures increase piracy by 11-13 percentage points.

    *Dusts off hands*

    Source: link to rockpapershotgun.com

    • InternetBatman says:

      And if Assassin’s Creed sold .75 million copies at $60 on the PC, that means that the ACII DRM cost about 4.95 million dollars in sales. Since the DRM cost extra to develop, implement, and support who knows how much it really costs?

      All of this is a bit unsubstantiated though, since the first AC was so bad that it probably hurt sales of its predecessor anyways.

    • MacTheGeek says:

      Let’s take those same numbers and look at them this way:

      – 18% of the people who played World of Goo paid for it.
      – Ubisoft’s games are released with very powerful DRM
      – 5-7% of the people who play Ubisoft games pay for them.

      In conclusion, Ubisoft’s DRM reduces sales by anywhere from 61% to 72%.

  13. Kirnl says:

    my friend refuses to even pirate ubisofts games because he hates them so much.

  14. Ajh says:

    I almost bought the assassins creed games I don’t own when there was a steam sale for them last month. Almost. (Decided I have too many games on backlog to buy new ones now.) I have never pirated them either.

    I rarely look at the company’s name. It’s not the programmer’s fault that their exec has their head in the sand. It’s not the designer or writers fault usually either.

    I do, however, crack the crap out of legally owned games. Always online? NTY. Must have cd in tray? For real? No, I want to play the game without getting the disc out. Does this count as piracy I wonder…

  15. beema says:

    If piracy of their PC games was really at 95% (again, whatever that means), wouldn’t their investors step in and say “Uhhh, you can no longer make PC games, we are losing too much money” ?

  16. Calabi says:

    I think there’s one way to prove a little bit how much piracy or whether their losing money to piracy.

    Its there sales figures. Do there sales figures suddenly plummet at any point by like 95 percent. A chart plotting their sales over a long time. Of course the drop in sales could be correlated to other things like DRM. But it would be interesting to put the two figures into a graph. Amount of sales and amount of piracy and see if they are close together.

  17. dandyguy says:

    Ridiculous numbers. 95%? We all know that it’s not true. It’s all just an excuse for Ubisoft to jump on the F2P bandwagon like EA did. Ridiculous.

  18. MythArcana says:

    But…why’s the smart gone?!

  19. rocketman71 says:

    What is really sad is that there is still people willing to give Ubi money despite their DRM and poor support, not to mention leaving your computer open to rape thanks to the browser plug-ins they installed without even asking permission.

    5%?. I consider 0.05% a PC gaming FAIL.

    Here’s hoping they go bankrupt already, unless they do a cleaning at the top and fire all those idiot suits who have no fucking idea what a PC gamer is and don’t mind babbling about PC gaming anyway.

  20. Bureaucromancer says:

    Hmm, how should I put it? Oh right.

    Fuck that loser.

  21. Korvus Redmane says:

    Hmm I wonder just how difficult it would be to put together an anonymous survey of piracy, it could even be distributed by torrents…

    I guess the biggest problem would be guaranteeing anonymity/ avoiding being forced to release the raw data in a format which can be used to prosecute people, so it might be necessary to get some kind of legal protection. But the mathematics of surveys and extrapolation etc are well known so producing a final number would be relatively straight forward…

    • RakeShark says:

      Yeah, the problem with a survey like that is while self-professed pirates will loudly declare their choice of distribution anywhere they like, they are very shy about telling that to people holding a clipboard.

  22. mmalove says:

    Something doesn’t add up here. Either their Fort Knox style DRM isn’t doing shit to stop piracy, or other game’s piracy rates are even worse and they are yet somehow managing to succeed – indicating Ubisoft’s games just suck.

    Either way you look at it, I’ll have a cup of smug satisfaction with my popcorn while Ubisoft experiences its death throes – cuz I don’t think F2P is going to do them very well in the long run – see Zynga.

  23. Lydia says:

    “95% piracy rates” means that pc gaming’s dead and buried. Except… it’s not ? Ah, screw reality and common sense, Guillemot looks too good in a suit to be wrong.

  24. Marik Bentusi says:

    Pirated Assassin’s Creed and Driver due to a lack of good demos, then bought them on Steam Sales. Would’ve bought em at higher prices, but didn’t want to support the terrible decisions of their publishing department (mainly uPlay DRM). Without piracy, I wouldn’t have looked into the franchise at all, it would’ve left my mind, and I wouldn’t have picked it up at any price.

    The system works.

  25. Xaromir says:

    100% of all sales are not linked to piracy of any kind, and i will not play any F2P bullshit. Make proper games or go away.

  26. InternetBatman says:

    People blame Eastern Europe for piracy all the time, yet Russia is Steam’s second largest market.

    • fish99 says:

      That’s because it’s huge.

      (reply to comment about Russia being the 2nd biggest steam market)

  27. Zohrdan says:

    Talking about loses in the PC gaming-industrie by any causes is a bit fishy any way… you want to know why, ok lets see…

    Darksiders 2:
    Recommded System
    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 260 512 MB
    Intel Quad-Core
    2 GB RAM
    Windows 7

    I bet no one could tell me how many systems are out there with this or better stats… so you don’t know how much you could actually sell to begin with…

    • Brun says:

      Er…what? Those specs are pretty mild. Anyone who wants to play games on their PC should have at least that much, especially given that the GTX 260 is what, 4 years old now? Anyone else will just buy it for their Xbox.

      • Zohrdan says:

        Ok I wil explain in in an other Way:

        the Wii sold 96.56 million times
        the most popular game was Mario Kart Wii which sold 32.4 million times so ~33.6% of all Wii owners bought that game

        How many ppl are out there with a PC able to handle your PC-Game no one can tell…

      • iainl says:

        Most of them are very mild. But the quad-core seems rather out of place.

        Until you remember their main markets are the three-core 360 and seven-core ps3, and wonder how rushed the port is.

    • Carra says:

      Simple, just check the latest steam survey.

  28. mrmalodor says:

    You completely forgot price for some reason. High-piracy nations pirate first and foremost because they don’t think 60 euros a pop is fair. When developers and sellers get off their high horse and start pricing appropriately, piracy rates drop and revenues rise. Case in point: Russia & Steam.

    • Sayori says:

      If a game can costs 15 euro in Russia it means the publisher still gains a profit.
      Now imagine their cosmic profit when the price is 60 euro…
      Inb4 GDP excuse for the pricing.
      Come on… Be serious. My country is part of EU but with ridiculously sh*t GDP, yet the prices are same as they are in UK, DE, FR etc. Some games are with reduced price, thanks “God”. Sleeping Dogs for example is 22 euro.

      • El_Emmental says:

        You do understand the idea of “profit” is not just how many bucks they make per copy, right ?

        The development cost is fixed (once the game is done and post-launch support budget already paid), then they’ll have a budget for localization (text and voice if possible), then they’ll have a cost to print, pack, ship, store, sell per copy.

        * To produce, pack, ship, store and distribute a copy, it costs around 3 euros per copy. In Russia, the pack/ship/store/distribute part might go down to 2.5 euros.

        * Localization cost is fixed (one budget). For the russian market, it’s mostly done in Ukraine because it’s way cheaper and easier to do.

        * Usually, retailer gets 20%-25% of the price, while publisher gross margin is around 50% (rest is distribution+producing, platfom royalty, returns)

        In Russia, it means getting 7.5 euros (gross margin) per copy. Now depending on the localization quality (voiceover or not), you’ll recoup that cost with decent/okay sales.

        If you sell the game for 60 euros in Russia, you won’t make enough sales to recoup the localization, let alone make some profits (to recoup the initial development cost).

        Why you (and I) pay 60 euros for brand new games ? Because 1) we technically can 2) people are still buying at that price 3) the video-game publishing market is rigged since the 90s in Europe.

  29. kahn_bloodbane says:

    they are right (besides the silly percentuals) I completely ignored assassin’s creed series because of piracy. Why? easy:
    when I first heard of assassin’s creed a friend of mine had a pirated copy. he said it was a very fun game and he decided to buy it and he, because I taught him to buy games that he likes.
    he warned me tho that in the original version the DRM was really really really heavy and bad, and even caused several problems to his computer and his playing experience.
    so, I did read up on the game DRM closely on the net, and gone.. “ok who the hell is the idiot that does a DRM like that?”.
    Consider I am proud stardock costumer since… years and years.. from galactic civilization 1, I bought almost every single game from stardock (I love 4x :) and strategy in general). and stardock did publish the “rights of the gamer” chart.

    thus I decided that I would NEVER buy anything or play anything from Ubisoft that had that stupid DRM. I completely ignored assassin’s creed 1 2 3 whathever and never ever looked at that game.
    Result? I played many other awesome games instead and I’m still proud legitimate owner of them all!

    there’s a plethora of games around, more than we can possibly play, we got CHOICHES, so we can CHOOSE to kill off a software house ignoring their work completely (sorry for the team behind said games..) if they are asses with us with stupid DRM and so on. we are games, we don’t need nazi DRM, we are used to KILL NAZI since the times of wolftein!

    now I’m back to playing minecraft… cya! :D

  30. Ellie says:

    They go free to play and they will lose ‘customers’ – I do not play F2P games, and this won’t change that.
    I hope Ubisoft just dies, this is getting ridiculous.

  31. ShadowLeague says:

    Farcry 3 and then fuck you Ubisoft. I want nothing more to do with those retards.

  32. dazman76 says:

    What a shame. I mean er, WHAT A FUCKING IDIOT, IN CAPS. I honestly wouldn’t believe a word Yves says, especially if he attempts to back it up with statistics. I suppose we should thank him for confirming the theory of wormholes however – because the shit he continues to spout is certainly not from our space or time. As mentioned in the article – how the hell has this guy not been sacked by the board of Ubisoft? Are we to believe that they’re as clueless as he is?

  33. Abbykins says:

    Goodbye and good riddance. I didn’t buy Ubisoft before because of their “legitimate rape” DRM, and they won’t see any of my money now because I don’t do F2P.

    I have 300 games on Steam. Ask THEM if it’s possible to make a nice profit on PC games.

  34. lexoneir says:

    I think they’re confused. I pirate ubisoft BECAUSE of their DRM. Its just them.

  35. Roshin says:

    You know, if 95% of you lot are pirating Ubi’s games, then I feel like an idiot paying for them. I might as well join the majority then, right?

  36. Arglebargle says:

    I have a skewed view on this: After checking out Ubisoft’s major recent games and game lines, there’s not one I would bother with downloading for free anyway. Even though them being yahoos about it makes me want to.

  37. Geen says:

    Wait, so with F2P we can’t pirate it… Hacking ho!

  38. TwwIX says:

    Talking out of your asshole as usual, eh Ubisoft? Why don’t you stick to consoles then if it’s so fucking profitable for you and since PC gaming apparently is not? Quit blaming piracy for your poor sales. People do want to purchase your games because they have legitimate reasons not to. It takes a next to fucking miracle just to launch one of your shitty games because everything is tied to your shoddy DRM and unreliable servers. I’d rather you not make any games at all than having me to listen to your incessant whining any further.

    You know where the exit is. So, off you fuck!

  39. Dave L. says:

    So, logically, this 95% piracy rate would have to hold true for EVERY company, yes? I mean, Guillemot can’t think that Ubisoft is uniquely blessed in having their games so much in demand that 95% of all people who played them did so illegally. That being the case, there’d be something like 100 million pirated copies of Diablo III floating around right now, wouldn’t there?

    That’s just insane on the face of it.

  40. AlienMind says:

    Yves, as some who tried to play Anno2070 on release know: People pirate UBI games to be able to play them. At all.

  41. Nick says:

    Can’t they just die already? Sick of heir anticonsumer bullshit.

  42. El_Emmental says:

    Today, the Ubisoft stockholders approved the “Swift Transition to Free-To-Play” motion with an astounding 95% favorable votes.

    A stockholder, who wished to stay anonymous, told our reporter: “He won us over when he warned us on the growing danger of piracy -it’s really terrifying to see the real numbers- and showed how much more secure the F-2-P way is: spread and smaller investments, no piracy at all, while retaining a high return rate probability”.

    He later concluded “In this economy, and especially in this thriving industry, you have to be on the move, surfing on the wave, innovation is the key – and our CEO Guillemot is exactly doing that, he’s the man of the situation”.

    Some activists claimed that the main problem was “D.R.M.”, an anti-piracy software used by the whole industry, while protesting on the quality of the recent games, being “dumbed down for consoles”. The brand new “F2P” business tactic elaborated by Ubisoft might be a solution for both players and game creators.

    The video-games market is currently valued at US$65 billion.

  43. Ruffian says:

    Whoever came up with those stats is an idiot. that’s really all there is to it. I’d be willing to bet my next paycheck that there isn’t anything on the internet, short of freeware or software you just can’t buy anymore, that actually really experiences 95% piracy. I mean I just have a hard time believing that they wouldn’t be completely bankrupt right (really a long time ago) now if that was true.

  44. Ruffian says:

    AAAnyway, at least they’ll have to find something else to blame it on when no one wants to play their shitty f2p games. Maybe then they’ll realize what Valve has known for a loooong time now.

  45. chatoalbert says:

    I think that Ubisoft does not inform the source of this statistic because it would be rather embarassing to publish a picture of the anus of their president.

  46. The13thRonin says:

    Title should read:

    Ubisoft boss… Is an idiot.

    Considering how much money indie bundles, Minecraft, STEAM games, etc, etc, etc make I don’t really see the problem… Are Ubisoft really so incompetent that they are unable to make a profit without adding cumbersome, insulting and borderline illegal DRM on top of their games?

    Seriously the board of directors or stockholders should fire this clown and bring in someone who actually knows even a TINY BIT about their own industry. Wouldn’t that be a refreshing difference… A game publisher having a CEO who knows SOMETHING, ANYTHING about the industry…

  47. uh20 says:

    if about 7,000,000 copies of assasains creed are sold, then does that mean 133,000,000 are pirated?

    i would love to see microsoft saying this for kicks, if 1 billion copies are sold, are 19 billion pirated?

  48. Crows says:

    So if 95% is the pirating rate the only conclusion they could come to was F2P? I sorry but the guys at UBI whom came to that conclusion are pure idiots. That’s all i have to say…

  49. RegisteredUser says:

    Come to think of it, the irony is that with F2P you are schlepping the 95% you claimto/will have not be paying and/or pirating along by having to provide them with free playing experiences _yourself_ via your servers, whereas pirated copies play offline, isolated experiences that burden you in no way.

  50. fish99 says:

    “there is evidence to show that pirated copies almost never translate to lost sales”

    Did we get this evidence yet?