Back From The Dead: I Am Alive Finally Coming To PC

Even gravity gets killed during the apocalypse.

Remember when I Am Alive was first announced, and we were all like, “Man, I hope this is coming out for PC!” And then it vanished entirely. And then it reappeared and we were all like, “Man, I hope this is coming out for PC!”. And then the developer said they weren’t going to bother making it for PC, because “no one would buy it”, and then accused all PC players of “bitching”. And how we all huffed and kicked our heels and generally grumped about that? And then they said maybe it would come out on PC after all. And then silence. It came out on consoles in March this year, and nothing for us? Well, Ubisoft have just announced the game will indeed be appearing on their most feared platform after all – on the 13th September, just a scant six months later.

When it came out earlier in the year, it received an odd collection of reviews. A bunch in the 8s, another bunch in the 4s, with both groups agreeing it wasn’t exactly an original take on the post-apocalyptic genre. But still, it looks awesome-cool, and having completely forgotten to get it on 360, I’m very interested to have a play by the time it reaches the mother-machine.

The PC version will apparently be enhanced, with improved resolutions and “graphics sharper than ever”. They’ve also added in a couple of new modes: Easy offers infinite retries and an easier start to a tough game, and Replay lets you go back to any particular level and hunt down all its secrets. It’ll cost £12 on Steam and Ubi’s own Ubishop, as well as other unnamed digital distros.

We don’t yet know which of Ubi’s ragtag mob of DRM unsolutions it’ll come with, but we’ve enquired. Meanwhile, here’s the new trailer:

Erk – Ubi done messed up – new trailer coming soon.


  1. Brun says:

    So is this going to be F2P then? Seeing as how it will doubtlessly have a 95% piracy rate.

    • drshtok says:

      Stop your bitching, you won’t buy this anyway.

      • TwwIX says:

        He’s not bitching. He just has a sense of humor, unlike you.

        • UncleLou says:


        • Suits says:

          Someone didn’t get it. But DRM probably blocked his memory of previous Ubi articles.

          • Milky1985 says:

            OK this can’t be a bot, i’m thinking more badly paid indian children in a spam sweat shop.

          • roryok says:

            That’s creepy. That’s someone who reads the site enough to know exactly how to sound like a commenter.

          • spindaden says:

            second part is a comment from page 2, no idea where the first bit came from.

            That is quite amazing botwork, i’m sure the author’s not reading, that would defeat the point, but wherever you are mr spamboteer, my hat goes off to you.

          • Daoler says:

            The first bit comes from a comment on Marek Spanel’s interview. This is really quite impressive.

    • grenadeh says:

      A) F2P doesn’t apply to single player games.
      B) Fuck Ubisoft.
      C) I already have this game on 360. I didn’t even get all of the achievements because the storyline progresses in a way that makes it ridiculous to go back and rescue dumb bitch survivors – especially the ones who are bait for an ambush that occurs EVERY TIME YOU GO THERE even if you kill everyone. Unless they expand the game into a full length title for PC or it is 4.99, there’s no reason for owners to buy a new copy.

      I don’t need to see dust in higher res than I already did.

      • atticus says:


      • alundra says:


        This thing has too many problems, it’s a mediocre game, the devs called me bitch, UBI calls me a pirate all the time, really, what reason is good to buy this??

        Maybe if UBI didn’t make part of the picture, who in their right man would support a company that for all intents and purposes is totally blind and unable to realize where they stand??

        Did you guys see Future Soldier is 33% off this weekend on steam? 33% off already, this must be because of piracy, not DRM, lack of respect towards customers and/or dlc exploitation

        It’s all because of piracy and PC bitches.

    • ojovemamericano says:

      We should have an ‘Occupy Ubi’ where we all hold signs that say “I am the 95%”

  2. Hoaxfish says:

    Too late.

    I was interested, then the reviews came which made it sound rather bland, then newer games got announced, then I forgot about it… now they announce it, and all I can remember is that it didn’t sound that interesting.

    • grenadeh says:

      If you base your purchases on reviews I pity your complete inability to make your own decisions. Reviews are wrong upwards of 90% of the time. If you like Fallout, if you like Prince of Persia, or assassin’s creed, then you’ll like the game. If not then chances are you aren’t an ubisoft customer anyway.

      • Hoaxfish says:

        I didn’t say I blindly base it on review scores…

        I read 5 or 6 different reviews, by people/sites I trust, watch the occasional youtube playthroughs, etc and then form a decision based on that… basically take a cross-section of “professional” opinions, mixed it with some amateur opinions, actual details about gameplay, to form a reasonably understanding of what the game might offer me as an individual.

        and frankly nothing made me think “I want this game”.

        Of course, a playable demo would be better, but none is currently available to me… so I have to make do with people who have played it.

      • Brun says:

        I base my purchases on Wot I Thinks.

      • Ragnar says:

        Numbers with a % sign after them are wrong up to 100% of the time.

        I’m very capable of forming my own opinion, thank you. However, I am limited in funds and time, and thus use reviews to screen for games that sound interesting and worth my time and money. From the Eurogamer review it sounds like this game is.

      • ojovemamericano says:

        How are you supposed to form your own opinion on weather to buy the game, when you are unable to play the game until you buy it (ruling out pirating it first.)

        Also basing his reviews on what you say is just as bad as what a reviewer says. Besides reviews are all opinions so it’s impossible for them to be wrong. The best you can hope for is finding a reviewer whose opinions and likes/dislikes line up with yours.

        • Archonsod says:

          It’s a skill. Best part is, once you’ve mastered it they even let you into the human race. You get a badge and everything.

      • Drake Sigar says:

        Don’t be dense, Grenadeh. Reviews exist to give us a general idea of whether we’ll like a game or not. You can argue their effectiveness or quality, but you can’t argue their core purpose. Gamers take their personal experience, professional reviews, user reviews, friend’s opinions, throw them all into a blender, and then make an informed decision.

      • Shooop says:

        If you don’t base any purchase on any review whatsoever then you must be absolutely loaded and have garage sales every 2 months.

      • Marik Bentusi says:

        Did you just write “Don’t listen to the recommendation of viewers! Listen to my recommendations!”? Because that’s what it sounded like as soon as you recommended it to owners of certain other titles.

        • Shooop says:

          He later does even better than that and says Ubisoft’s games have been rated very good by critics.

      • Phantoon says:

        “aren’t an ubisoft customer anyways”

        Which means you are a smart, intelligent, and probably good looking person for realizing that not every game needs your attention, and that there are things to boycott, that don’t even affect your life, like this bullshit.

        That is, Ubisoft doesn’t deserve a cent OR any of your time. This garbage isn’t even worth pirating. They want customers? Fine, the mainstream call of duty crowd you can pander to forever, right? But they don’t deserve actual attention from people who play more than the first five minutes of a game longer enough to spout endless “I TAKES AN AROW 2 DA NEE LOLROFLZOMGXDLOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

        • ffordesoon says:

          That’s the closest I’ve ever come to agreeing with one of your comments, and yet you still make me want to buy Ubisoft PC games simply to spite you. How is that possible?

  3. Baboonanza says:

    You had me until ‘Ubisoft’

  4. Anthile says:

    Always love it when devs go “lol PC gaming” and then “Oh yeah, about that…” with the follow up “Mistakes were made…” which really just means “Look, just give us your money, okay?”.

    • Hoaxfish says:

      I still wait for the announcement that Fez will be coming to PC, and hopefully a picture of Phil Fish’s face when he says it.

      • Screamer says:

        Phil Fish? Who’s that? Oooooh you mean the guy who took 4 years to make ONE game, with no enemies and no skill! THE GOD OF ALL INDIE!

    • AlienMind says:

      It’s like Cliff Blezinski “OMFG Gear Of War, NO PC because PIRATES”, and then console contracts ran out, and then he was like “great PC lineup is coming”.

    • x1501 says:

      With the game scoring 69 on Metacritic (link to, they should seriously think about changing the title to “I Am Stillborn”. I wouldn’t be surprised if the only reason Ubisoft finally decided to release this deeply flawed, bland-looking game on the platform is to be able to drive their “95%” narrative and blame the predictable lack of sales on the pirates.

  5. Impale says:

    I certainly wont be buying it. Firstly, it’s a Ubisoft game – secondly, the manner in which the developer slagged off PC gamers means I don’t really care if his game succeeds or not.

    Not that I was ever going to buy it anyway, surely I’d have pirated it.

  6. woodsey says:

    Played it on the PS3, it was quite enjoyable. Definitely felt like a proof-of-concept for a full game though, and it is ugly as absolute arse.

  7. renatomrcosta says:

    It’s like a self-fulfilling prophecy: They say: “No one would buy it” and SHAZAM! It actually becomes true. And this isn’t even taking into the account that the game seems really “BLAH” in comparison to this year’s other releases.

  8. Lord Custard Smingleigh says:

    Can’t buy it. Too busy bitching.

  9. Askeladd says:

    If Ubisoft abandoned the PC market entirely it’d actually be good for us and good for them, if you believe what they are saying. I’m sure other developers would gladly fill in the gap that Ubisoft would leave behind.

  10. mrmalodor says:

    95% of people will pirate it. It’s a fact. Because I say so.

  11. S Jay says:

    “here is the new trailer” – where?

  12. Neo says:

    I wonder if, after this ends up barely selling any copies, Ubisoft will use it as ‘evidence’ for why their philosophies are ‘right’.

    • mrmalodor says:

      Don’t they already have plenty of evidence to go to console land forever?

      • AlienMind says:

        I sure hope so. But the wait still longer until even the 95% pirates don’t care.

    • AlienMind says:

      Yeah, because if software is shit, pirates are it

  13. Eclipse says:

    I was kind of interested then I remembered that’s an ubisoft game

  14. x-jay says:

    “We will not release I AM ALIVE to PC because it’s not worth it”

    link to

    Ubisoft are really battling for my most hated company spot ATM.

    • Askeladd says:

      EA will never lose, because they are the best!

    • Pony Canyon says:

      “We’ve heard loud and clear that PC gamers are bitching about there being no version for them,” creative director Stanislas Mettra told IncGamers. “But are these people just making noise just because there’s no version or because it’s a game they actually want to play? Would they buy it if we made it?”

      “It’s hard because there’s so much piracy and so few people are paying for PC games that we have to precisely weigh it up against the cost of making it..”

      Q: Would I buy it if you made it?
      A: Not anymore.

      • Hug_dealer says:

        And its pretty much that statement as to why i wont buy ubisoft products. They dont treat us like customers, they treat us like criminals, and then make all kinds of accusations and general statements that bash me as a PC gamer.

        I will not purchase games from a publisher that treats me like that, no matter how many IPs and games they own that i really want to play. Ubisoft would probably have $500 of my money over the last 2 years if they were not such a shit company. Sure EA,Activision,steam, are all terrible, but Ubisoft takes it a step further in attempting to turn paying customers into either pirates or boycotters.

        PC gamers are definately harder to please, and there are less of us, but we do buy more games per year than console gamers on average.

        Honestly if diablo 3 can sell 10 million copies, an unknown dev named CD Projekt can sell millions in a genre that is smaller than others, there is no reason that any other dev cannot do the same and make money. The problem is when you hassle the PC gamer, we will drop you, and probably never come back.

        • x-jay says:

          No wonder people are dropping douchebag publishers and hitting up kickstarter. About time they made their own cash and relied on free media for advertising. Screw ubisoft.

          • Hug_dealer says:

            I hope i works out.

            The problem with these higher cost games need to sell well to keep these newly kickstarted developers in business. Sure we covered the costs of making the game, but they need to make a decent living also.

            It will be a couple years before we see if kickstarting is going to be a viable option for long term, or if it is just a fad that will see indie developers getting gobbled back up by publishers.

  15. Lydia says:

    Sorry, I ain’t pirating this.

    • Askeladd says:

      Ubisoft offends even pirates. So if nobody buys their games or pirates them, why are they even trying.
      (not a question; I know they lie about those numbers)

    • AlienMind says:

      So your 19 friends must be all pirates

  16. MythArcana says:

    Still irritated about Ubisoft screwing up HoMM6 and about eight other topics. Flopping a console port with ICR in my face isn’t going to fix it.

    • Phantoon says:

      I figured you of all people would know better than to give them another chance.

  17. grenadeh says:

    What’s with all this unwarranted pseudo-gamer pseudo-hate on Ubisoft? Ubisoft is one of the most solid developers in gaming history and has been responsible for tons of 9 – 10 rank games. Because they made one dumbass ignorant statement about a 95% piracy rate on PC? They may be retarded but their resume speaks for itself. If you don’t like Ubisoft games, you’re probably not a gamer.

    • Ultra-Humanite says:

      Have you been stowed away in a CIA prison for the past 5 years? One dumbass statement?

      • grenadeh says:

        Okay, recently, one dumbass statement. Excluding “Waaah pc gamers waaah”.

        • Brun says:

          They have a very long and distinguished history of making arrogant, sanctimonious, and downright ignorant statements about PC gaming. In that regard I consider them to be like the Apple of video game companies, and as a result I don’t give them any of my money.

        • mrmalodor says:

          Get with the program. Read up. Educate yourself. Then come back and talk about the PC, games and game developers.

          • x-jay says:

            You know RPS is a PC gaming site don’t you?

            If you don’t then I see you trollin’.

            EDIT: replied to wrong thread, was replying to grenadeh :)

    • MajorManiac says:

      I think Jim Sterling said it best. Something along the lines of; “We complain because we care” and “great games wrapped in awful services”.

      • Shooop says:

        …While giving MW3 a perfect score saying it’s one of the best things he’s ever played.

        Sterling’s a joke.

        • Phantoon says:

          Indeed, but I still only consider him more offensive than the Kotaku “writers” because he has a wider audience.

          Yahtzee is more objective, and Yahtzee is a comedian first and games journalist third.

        • ffordesoon says:

          So he liked a game. What, people aren’t allowed to like Call of Duty? I mean, it’s not my favorite, but I get the appeal.

          Liking a game other people like hardly makes a writer a “joke”. That’s a ridiculous, hyperbolic, astonishingly stupid statement with no grounding in evidence or argument whatsoever.

          And – assuming you’re complaining about Elite and not just looking for any flimsy excuse to hate on Sterling – Elite is actually a best-in-class service, for those who want it. It’s completely optional, it enhances the enjoyment of people who want it enormously, those who don’t want it never have to touch it, and its free version is fine; those sorts of services are not my cup of tea, but it’s hard to imagine anyone doing that sort of service better. Ballsing up the PC version of Elite was dumb, but how could Sterling know they’d do that? Not to mention that he’s repeatedly stated that he tries very hard to review games and not the services around them. Are there reasons to disagree with that approach? Absolutely. But it is a valid approach.

          Oh, and he gave MW3 a 9.5. Which isn’t a perfect score, unless my math is off. And a quick read of his review shows that he never called it “one of the best games [he’s] ever played.” In point of fact, he acknowledges multiple times within the text that the series is contentious among gamers, and outright says that whether you like the game or not is up to personal taste, but you can’t deny that it does what it does very well. A sentiment echoed by RPS’ own John Walker, who acknowledged in his very negative review that “…really the entire game is a spectacular effort. This is clearly the work of enormously talented game creators. It’s paced such that you always find yourself embedded in the next stretch of action, compelled to continue, to see what will blow up or fall down next.”

          Funny thing is, you commented on that review, Shooop! Several times! And a CTRL+F scan of the third page of the comments section for your name reveals a very interesting little comment you posted in response to a poster who called the review “awful”:

          “A review that covers both what the reviewer did and didn’t like about the game! How absolutely terrible!”

          Surely the author of such a comment wouldn’t be so mad that a reviewer enjoyed MW3 and gave reasons why they did that the same author would later claim that the career of the reviewer who liked the game is a “joke”! And yet.

          John didn’t find the experience of MW3 to his taste, and explained why. Jim Sterling did, and explained why. The only functional difference was the opinion itself. Both reviews cover what the reviewers “did and didn’t like about the game.” Why, then, does Sterling get dismissed as a “joke” while Walker earns a spirited defense from you?

          It seems to me that your hatred of Sterling is based on the fact that he likes games you don’t like. Which is a pretty silly reason to hate someone you’ve never met.

          • Shooop says:

            Did you read his review itself? He called it fresh and exciting. And do you know what he said about Serious Sam 3? He called it too much of the same thing he’d already played.

            The man is so full of hypocritical bullshit I wonder if he can find his way home.

          • ffordesoon says:


            Oh, I read both reviews. If he thought Modern Warfare 3 was fresh and exciting (which I don’t, to be clear), isn’t that his opinion? If he thought Serious Sam 3 was more of the same (and he loved Serious Sam 3, to be clear), isn’t that his opinion? That doesn’t mean he’s a joke, it means you disagree with him. You can point to the way his coverage can sometimes feel overly cynical and sensationalistic if you want to criticize him, or perhaps point to the way he doesn’t always use the right words for the points he’s trying to make. But no, you criticize him for having opinions that don’t sync up with yours.

            If the best argument against a games critic you can muster is “He doesn’t like the same things I like!”, then the only joke here is your argument.

        • MajorManiac says:

          Gotta say I love the work of Jim Sterling as much as I love John Walker’s. They have different styles, but are both very skilled reviewers, and share some of the best attributes. Sharp wit being just one of them.

        • jonnycardboard says:

          Sterling is just a troll. It’s rather obvious, which makes it baffling that people actually treat his reviews as genuine criticism.

          • Shooop says:

            So that means nothing he writes can be taken seriously! Figures.

            That leaves only RPS here as the only place I know that has any integrity in their reviews and editorials. Games journalism is in a very, very dark place these days.

    • mrmalodor says:

      I think Ubisoft’s pseudo-games are pseudo-awesome.

    • HothMonster says:

      I’d have agreed about 4 years ago but they have been running downhill as fast as possible. Not that they don’t still put out some gems but they do their best to make even their best games as unenjoyable as possible.

    • Shooop says:

      9 – 10 rank games according to who?

      IGN and Gamespot? Two of the most widely mocked “review” sites there are? And didn’t you just say no one should base their purchases on what professional reviewers think?

      Do you need an oxygen tank to breathe with your head so far up your ass?

    • AlienMind says:

      Like the solid developers on Anno2070 who failed to provide servers for their shit drm so only the 95% pirates could play it in the launch weeks, always with a very professional “sorry, we are working on it” comment without further explanation?

  18. MajorManiac says:

    Us PC gamers, we’re all Pirates and Bounders.

    • oWn4g3 says:

      And according to Ubisoft also: Bitches!

      • MajorManiac says:

        There should be an RPG with those classes. Maybe Fart-Cops: The hunt for the missing can of beans.

  19. Ultra-Humanite says:

    If you end up playing it, Ubisoft would have you believe there is a 95% chance you got it for free one way or the other.

  20. grenadeh says:

    The only reason not to buy this game is the disappointing (read: modern) ending that reveals absolutely nothing and expects you to choose your own conclusion, while turning the title of the game into irony. If you can’t fork over between 5 and 15 bucks for any reason, even because you hate Ubisoft based entirely on fabricated premises that don’t exist and are contrary to reality, then it’s pretty easy to say that you don’t deserve to buy games or even have any consumer power if you can’t risk 15 bucks.

    They may be dumb jackasses and say “Herp pc gamers dont deserve our gamez” but they ALWAYS release their games on PC and, unless you literally just started playing games in the last 6 years – whichj apparently over half the market did – you would know that Ubisoft made its reputation by making PC games. The only thing they have nearly as many titles on is the PS2.

    • Azradesh says:

      @ grenadeh

      “even because you hate Ubisoft based entirely on fabricated premises that don’t exist and are contrary to reality, then it’s pretty easy to say that you don’t deserve to buy games or even have any consumer power if you can’t risk 15 bucks.”

      Wow, have you being living under a rock or are you just an idiot? I’m going to go with the latter.

      • CrookedLittleVein says:

        “Wow, have you being living under a rock or are you just an idiot? I’m going to go with the latter.”

        You’re a real charmer, aren’t ya?


        Ubisoft have made it consistently clear they don’t want my money and that, for reasons beyond me, my preferred choice of gaming platform somehow offends their sensibilities. This isn’t a bunch of PC “fanboys” pointlessly whining so please stop trying so hard to defend Ubisoft. They dug their own hole.

        OT: I was initially interested in the game, but there are plenty of other games I’m interested in being developed by companies I’m far more comfortable giving my money to. Might pick it up if it receives a heavy discount during a Steam sale.

    • Pony Canyon says:

      I so want to agree with you. Normally I’m that optimistic guy that chimes in on defense of the much maligned and evil dev/publisher.

      But no. Just no. Not this time. Somewhere around the time Ubisoft called PC gamers that actually wanted this game ‘bitches’, I threw in the towel. Ubisoft have worn out their free pass several times over. No more. Screw them and their little dog too. I don’t care if they even bring back Beyond Good and Evil at this point. I’m out.

    • Meusli says:

      That is the third nonsense statement in this thread you have made. I am beginning to think that your account belongs to Yves Guillemot…

    • ffordesoon says:


  21. Nokterian says:

    Whahaha ooh ubi..stay classy!

  22. Inigo says:

    Remember when I Am Alive was first announced, and we were all like, “Man, I hope this is coming out for PC!”


  23. Urthman says:

    Poor Ubisoft. They make some good games. There’s a huge crowd of PC gamers standing right over there, ready to give them lots of money in exchange for those games.

    But they’ve developed this incredible phobia about the OTHER people, lurking in the shadows, the scary PIRATES, ready to enjoy Ubisoft’s games without paying them anything! And they’re so scared of those horrible dread pirates, out there having fun without paying for it, that they can’t bring themselves to go over and take all that money from the PC gamers. The fear has literally driven them insane.

    First they have to bundle up, put on a bulletproof vest and a life jacket and a raincoat and a hard hat and welding goggles until they finally feel safe to walk over and approach the PC gamers. In the mean time, half the PC gamers have wandered off and found other things to spend their money on. And of course the pirates still play their game without paying for it. But at least all that useless stuff makes them feel safe and gives them the courage to at least try to sell their game on PC.

  24. Njordsk says:

    Why on earth would anyone buy this crap after being slapped 2 or 3 times in the face by ubisoft.

    A mediocre title, a hateful company.

    I think I can handle not playing this.

  25. Mattressi says:

    I was really interested in this when I first heard about it, then it disappeared. Later, it reappeared and I found out actual details about it and realised it was just another generic shooter with a different setting (if you can really call it “different”). Then it came out and everyone spoke about how crap and bland it was.

    And now I have no desire to play it, but Ubisoft will, instead, assume that my lost sale is due to piracy, not because they made another crap game and released it on PC months after the console release (and hype). If you set something up to fail, it will – don’t blame piracy.

    • Phantoon says:

      Ubisoft isn’t trying to convince the public anymore- just like EA, they’re trying to convince their shareholders.

  26. mrmalodor says:

    The only way Ubi can redeem themselves for me at this point is if Watch Dogs is going to be as awesome as it seems and won’t include always-on DRM.

    • KenTWOu says:

      Recently released Ubi games don’t include always-on DRM and have fully functional offline mode.

      • Saldek says:

        Past episodes of lucidity are no guarantee of future sanity.

  27. Slinkyboy says:

    Don’t buy from these PC hating bastards. They’re calling all of us Pirates. Fucking Ubiscum.

  28. Kein says:

    I saw the let’s play of this on youtube. While the core concept is damn good – the game itself is way to “arcadish” and not so serious, unlike “Last of Us” or Heavy Rain. Random first aid kits everywhere? Random gasoline? Random people in need, that re-appears on the same place often? Random thugs? It really ruins immersion and consistency of well-build game world. There is no solid setting that would help this game shine, unfortunately. One of these mediocre XBLA games.

  29. RegisteredUser says:

    I read the article until it said “Ubisoft”.

  30. Phinor says:

    I actually quite enjoyed the X360 version. It wasn’t necessarily a great game, but it was different enough and had a very specific tone that I enjoyed.

    Now though I feel like I wasted my space points buying the game as I will undoubtedly double dip on the PC version at some point.

  31. RakeShark says:

    I’m somewhat interested in this game still, even after all these months/years.

    Suppose I’ll have to figure out some way of both buying the game and sending a message to Ubisoft that I’ll buy their games if they don’t treat me like an outlaw. Maybe a well worded email and post on their forums that rationally explains my viewpoint without vitriol and spite.

  32. beema says:

    I was planning to buy this on ps3 but it’s taking me forever to get around to that. Maybe by the time I do it, it will be out on PC. But it’s ubi. So I don’t want to buy it. Damn them and their poisoning of games.

  33. JackDandy says:

    Heh-hey, that’s nice. I wanted to play this one.

  34. Ruffian says:

    Yay! Another reason for Ubisoft to bitch about piracy.

  35. Totally heterosexual says:

    It’s not that great really. Sad, since it had some really nice ideas.

  36. ffordesoon says:

    This game was awful. It’s a bunch of interesting ideas kneecapped by Ubisoft accessibility initiatives, weak level design, and crap AI. Don’t be excited for it.

  37. Valvarexart says:

    Just a question; isn’t that really, really cheap? I expected it to cost €50 like most other games of the sort

  38. sinister agent says:

    Crap, I didn’t even know it was on the 360. Thought it was PS3 only, for some reason. Possibly stupidity. This should be fun! I spent ages looking for a game like this last year.

  39. TwwIX says:

    Gee, i wonder why? Could it be because this shitty game did poorly on the consoles? NOOO! That can’t be it. And once it comes out, even though nobody gives a flying fuck, they’ll start their whinny shtick again about how bad the PC market it is and how piracy is affecting their game’s success. Followed by insults towards the PC community, in general.

    Fuck you, Ubisoft! You spineless piece’s of french shit! You frog eating fucks got no integrity whatsoever.

    • sinister agent says:

      If it did poorly on the consoles, the sensible thing would be to let it drop, rather than throw more money at it. This is true whether or not Ubisoft are bastards. This game sounds like it would have a significant audience on the PC, which should make it worth their while porting it. Indeed, it’s rather silly that it wasn’t on the PC to begin with, but better late than never.

  40. CNJ says:

    Jay Wilsoned!! Or as he does say : **** those Ubi guys!

  41. malkav11 says:

    Wait, this came out?

    Huh. I did not notice.

  42. Talnoy says:

    Welp. Not buying it.

    It’s Ubisoft. They’ve insulted me too much recently. It looks really rad, but no.

  43. Archonsod says:

    I can’t actually recall if I cared about it or not. Which is a shame really, since I’m now going to dismiss it based on those screenshots.

  44. whoCares says:

    Quite a lot of bitching around here.

    Somehow I can understand Ubis point in this case. They might be aware of the fact that I Am Alive was not such a highlight and are simple calculating their expected success with a port.
    “Okey, this game did not sell very well. We could make a PC-Version and it would probably not sell well and we would have to support it for quite a long time or get some bad press (which we can not really afford anymore). This will be expensive, unimportant and probably fall back on us…Määä!”

    Also “stop bitching” != “You are all bitches”

    The Stupid move on Ubi is to release the game now and not just let it sink into forgotteness…ness.

  45. Shivoa says:

    I wonder how solid it will be technically. The 360 version seemed to have some weird issues that shouldn’t have got past QA.

  46. Wisq says:

    I’m surprised at the price tag. Is it possible that Ubsoft are finally realising the best way to fight piracy is to sell decent products at decent prices?

  47. Dr I am a Doctor says:

    12€? cool, gonna get it

  48. RadCap says:

    While I see it in the US ubishop, I don’t find any reference to it on steam in the US.