Starcraft II’s 1.5.2 Makes “The Arcade” Into A Thing

It's ready!
Back in June Blizzard showed off the beta stages of their Starcraft II community forum, The Arcade, and the latest patch makes it official. In case you missed the fuss over this, it’s a pretty major event for the SC2 community because it provides a new platform for sharing content created in the game’s hefty editor. Custom games will now be easier to track, even before they are released (assuming the author updates and so forth) and it should make it easier for folks to promote their creations to the overall community. As closed a system as Blizzard games are right now, this seems like a large and positive step in the direct of acknowledging that the PC is just as much about making stuff as it is about playing stuff.

And in case you were thinking “that inevitably means DOTA in Starcraft II, right?” Blizzard are already working on it, as announced last year. “Soonish“, indeed.


  1. misterT0AST says:

    …and then we have Storm Of The Imperial Sanctum. Is that one any good?

    • jrodman says:

      As compared to dota 2 or LoL? No.

      It’s a decent diversion though.

    • Azradesh says:

      It’s now been renamed Aeon of Strife, which is actually the name of the Starcraft 1 mod that gave birth to DotA in Warcraft 3. It’s pretty good but will take a good few years to get to the level of DotA polish.

  2. Hoaxfish says:

    “Insert Coin to Continue”

    and then they invented DLC

    • Brun says:

      Don’t think so (although they may deliver paid DLC through the platform) – it appears to be akin to Steam Workshop more than anything else.

  3. Fazer says:

    Wait, wasn’t Arcade already official and out of beta in 1.5.0? 1.5.2 just fixes some small bugs.

    Also, creating custom maps and mods was possible from day 1, they only organized it better now.

    • Azradesh says:

      Yeah, it’s been here for a few weeks, patch 1.5.2 is just some minor bug fixes.

      • Fazer says:

        Man, quality of some RPS articles goes downhill lately, I still remember those about “OpenGL-only Source engine” speculations and “Why endgame in Diablo 3?”, when previous titles had it.

        Edit: On second thought, I didn’t want to sound so harsh. I just noticed a couple of mistakes in last articles.

    • Jim Rossignol says:

      > Wait, wasn’t Arcade already official and out of beta in 1.5.0?

      Not according the patch that said 1.5.0 beta. Look, I even crossed it out in the main picture to indicate the change.

      > Also, creating custom maps and mods was possible from day 1, they only organized it better now.

      Really? Why didn’t I say so in the article. OH I DID.

      • Azradesh says:

        Not beta 1.5.0 come out a few weeks ago Jim, I even patched the game and tried it out. The beta version was a whole different client, I used and tried that too.

        Here’s a link link to

        Not trying to sound like an arse. (For once)

  4. HexagonalBolts says:

    Yeah, I thought the arcade was already there but maybe this is something different? It really hasn’t changed that much unfortunately, the ranking systems still suppress fresh content, the top games are always unexciting safe choices that everyone must like rather than some of the wacky stuff you got on WC3. I used to love joining a random server and it would be GTA 3 recreated in painstaking and thoroughly confusing detail within warcraft 3

    • Edradour says:

      There’s a “fun or not” function for that…i think it was build in from release.

      You get thrown on a random custom map with other people who clicked the button at the same time

  5. pkt-zer0 says:

    Some pretty cool stuff up there, like BomberBot and Star Strikers.

  6. Moraven says:

    Blizzard showed announced Blizzard Dota 2 blizzcons ago. BlizzCon 2011 showed a new version which was remade from the 2010 version. (never had the time to try either at blizzcon).

    Now after the DOTA trademark stuff and agreement, they named it Blizzard All-Stars and was supposed to be the launch of the Marketplace, where a Steamworks system is set up for maps and people can buy maps and content for them. B.Net Marketplace is also mentioned in every Blizzard quarterly report as a future revenue stream.

  7. marcusfell says:

    I don’t mean to be mean, but seriously RPS, you could not be more out of touch with the SC2 modding community/high-school-game-dev-studios.

  8. Moraven says:

    You just need Star Battles for your SC2 dota like needs.

  9. Tolkfan says:

    I know RPS have to make a jab at Blizzard in every article, but saying their games are a closed system but they’re making a step in the right (ie. modding) direction? Really? REALLY?! Diablo is the only game that never had any modding support.

    • Fazer says:

      Previous Diablos had mods. Don’t know how much supported they were, though.

      • Azradesh says:

        Diablo games have had mods, but they’ve never been supported. Diablo 3 would also have mods, support or not, if it was an offline game.

        • Alevice says:

          Diablo 2 got some late mod support for the record. Where in older versions most spells and data were hardcoded into dlls, they were eventually relegated to easily modded datafiles, extending greatly modding possibilities. I think median made great use of them.

  10. Alevice says:

    I recommend trying Photon Lightcycles. Along with the far more popular Mafia and Debates, it’s one of the few fresh maps for the game that is quite fun. I think the developer left before the arcade went beta, so it wasnt updated with enough bells and whistles (I think he open sourced it), but it is still a great map.

  11. MadTinkerer says:

    So we finally have a feature they should have implemented at launch or shortly thereafter, but they were too busy adding monetization thingies for Diablo III. Dagnabbit Blizzard, you try my patience.

    • Azradesh says:

      You realise it’s a completely different team, right? There are 4 major team at Blizzard with some cross over involing sound, music, cinematics and networking. What the Diablo 3 team does has nothing to do with what the Starcraft 2 team does.