Clan Wars To Connect World of Tanks And Warplanes

Think hard, everyone. Can you remember ever *not* being in the cockpit of an airplane? Ever? Oh god. What form of vile wizardry is shaping our lives?

Believe it or not, most of the wars waged over the course of human history haven’t been confined to a single variety of vehicle at all times. I mean, tanks are great and all, but they’re a bit rubbish when it comes to swimming and flying, and I imagine the subtle nuances of both thumb wars and food fights elude them as well. So Wargaming, naturally, is slowly but surely expanding its F2P empire into new arenas of war. First up, it’s taking to the skies with World of Warplanes. That, however, doesn’t mean tanks are taking a backseat. Wargaming’s been planning to connect its major franchises all along, and it’s taking the first step with World of Warplanes’ extension of Clan Wars.

Wargaming explained where the Global-Map-based metagame is headed next in a recent Q&A.

“This game mode proved to be very popular amongst dedicated World of Tanks players and we want to introduce this aspect of the game for our virtual pilots as well.  After all, there was a big war fought for dominance in the air in WWII in real life.  So it makes sense to have this feature in the game as well.”

“And we even want to take it one step further!  With the arrival of World of Warplanes, we’ll be able to combine the worlds of tanks and planes on the global map.  Not only will plane fighters fight on their own in Clan Wars, but they’ll also be able to interact and influence battles fought on a combined world map that’ll be populated and played both by World of Tanks and World of Warplanes players alike.”

Currently, the system is more of a turn-based strategy to-do than anything else, so we’re not quite at the point where tank drivers will be able to crane their turrets upward and see planes dancing among the bullet-perforated clouds. That said, Wargaming would like to also eventually bring World of Warships under this umbrella as well – so that’s something, at least.

If nothing else, it’s an ambitious plan, and it’ll be interesting to watch it evolve as Wargaming figures out what’s feasible and what’s not. And then, one day, maybe we’ll simply have World of War – which will force us to ponder why anyone would ever choose to live on a planet dedicated exclusively to unending heavily armed combat. Maybe the weather’s nice?


  1. phelix says:

    Let’s see what buyable pay-to-win bonuses they smack in this time…

  2. Walsh says:

    I liked this idea better when it was called WWII Online, ho ho ho.

  3. Dana says:

    Lame. I hoped we will be able to play in the same matches with planes and tanks, not in this meta nonsense.

    • U-99 says:

      Well, you’ll need about 100 to 300 km² for a proper air combat. To make such a map suitable for ground units is hard by itself, but you will also need to add quantity of ground players – from 30 to at least 300, or 3000 – that’s a very heavy load for servers. But, I guess we might play something like that in 10 years or so.

      • perruci says:

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  4. Nintyuk says:

    I’m more exited about world of Warships. I want to be High Admiral of my own British fleet.

  5. NightShift says:


  6. MuscleHorse says:

    This has just reminded me: I got an email inviting me to the beta of this at work yesterday! Thanks RPS.

  7. Arathian says:

    Pff…pay to win games? No thanks

  8. marcusfell says:

    Weren’t they planning this from the very start?

  9. Berious says:

    Hope the grind isn’t hellacious before you can participate as with World of Tanks.

  10. Classicgamer says:

    Warplanes looks really similar to Heroes in the Sky , I’ve never played it but I love flying games. I’ve played World of Tanks for awhile now and love it. I’m also looking forward to World of Warships! I can’t wait!

  11. racccoon says:

    “This game mode proved to be very popular amongst dedicated World of Tanks players and we want to introduce this aspect of the game for our virtual pilots as well. After all, there was a big war fought for dominance in the air in WWII in real life. So it makes sense to have this feature in the game as well.”

    This sentence by the devs above makes no sense at all, they have never associated the dominating country of WWII, Great Britain in any of their games, i.e. World Of Tanks nor in World Of Warplanes. Its like they are truly ignorant of WWII history and facts. This is one of the reasons I am now a past player of WOT and dumped WOWP immediately. Maybe a history lesson is needed, like who created and built the first tank who had the best air defense and attack, and lastly who had fought bravely at sea and underneath it who made the first working submarine. I’m sorry for being whats know as patriotic! but a point needs to made! what the hell are saying! WWII?

    • Vander says:

      Dominating country? Great Britain? Errrr…okay…you seem to be the one who need a history lesson.

    • Loyal_Viggo says:

      @racccoon – I agree completely, it’s incomprehensible that the UK with it’s history, massive enduring influence and involvement in tank and aircraft warfare in WW2 has been completely overlooked by the devs, and is also why I stopped playing this Pay-To-Win title.

      The devs though, are Russian, and it’s partly funded by the French… which is why you have overly powerful Soviet tanks and then unheard-of-footnotes-in-history French tanks before the British!

      @Vander – by your vacuous and inane comment I assume two things, 1) you never read all of racccoon’s post, and 2) you are an American, hence your condescending tone and complete lack of historical knowledge. FYI – WW2 did not start when the US deigned to join, also please refer to the nation that operationally used tanks in warfare first, then wonder why this nation is still not in a game called ‘World of Tanks’. Then re-read racccoon’s comment, taking note of the context and subject matter… now understand your comment for what it is.

      • Vander says:

        I am a fucking belgian, not american, and i know history well. Not perfectly, but well enough to know that Great Britain, while its true developing a lot of tech, was not the dominating country in WW2 (or that the war did not start when america joined, after all it is not like most of my grand-grandfathers and grandfathers died in this war….oh wait, they did, two of them when the war was lost and the Belgian army still fought to let the french and Great Britain’s expeditionary force to escape ) .

        They could not have done the DDay without the americans, and that’s only against what, 15% of the german army? (True, a amphibious assault is a very hard thing to do.) The dominant country of WW2 was Germany at first, then Russia who would have won the war even without the americano-britsh intervention. Note that i am very glad that this was not Russia who liberated my country, and the “armistice” day, i do pay my respect to the guys who died fighting against Germany, they deserve it.

        And even taking in account the context, Britain did not dominate tank warfare. Air warfare, it is a position that i could agree on. But raccoon did not precise he was talking about that precisely, he was making a general statement. Or i did not understand well, English is not my first language, but “[b]the dominating country of WWII[/b] Great Britain in any of their games, i.e. World Of Tanks nor in World Of Warplanes.” seems to me clear enough.

        I do agree that Great Britain should be in the games tough, especially world of warplane.

        So yeah, you assume wrong in both account.