Prepare To Sigh (In Relief): Dark Souls’ High-Res Mod

My kingdom for better resolutions. That's it right there: my kingdom. Do we have a deal?

I suppose, on some level, beggars can’t be choosers. We got our much-requested Dark Souls port, and early reports make it out to be quite the functional purveyor untimely, needlessly brutal death. So basically, exactly what we were all begging for. But – and I must briefly make sure there’s not a copy of the game in earshot; otherwise, it’ll totally kill me (no, really) for saying this – it’s not much of a looker. OK, scratch that: it’s a blurry, washed out mess. But wait, what’s that in the sky? Is it a bird? A plane? A… oh, wait, it was a bird. Anyway, here’s a mod for Dark Souls.

Titled the “Dark Souls internal rendering resolution fix,” it does pretty much exactly what it says. With this mod, the arbitrary shackles of former consoledom fall right off, and Dark Souls’ resolution soars to freedom. Or at least, whatever resolution you want it to be. Here’s the quick two-part installation process:

“Place [downloaded files] d3d9.dll and DSfix.ini into the game’s binary directory. (The place where DARKSOULS.exe is). You can open DSfix.ini with a text editor to adjust the desired internal resolution.”

Modder “petert” also notes that you’ll need to turn off in-game anti-aliasing, or else everything will still look blurry. Also, given that Dark Souls just emerged from From Software’s lair of from-liness, no one’s really been able to reliably test this mod throughout the whole game. So apply it at your own peril. Or just wait a couple days until all the kinks have been ironed out. It’s your call. And now, for your viewing pleasure, pictures! (Click for GIGANTOVISION.)




  1. Shortwave says:

    Looks like night and day clearly! I’m excited to play this.
    But one needs to ask.. Why the hell couldn’t of they just done this themselves?
    I mean, why did someone else do it for them? Lol. It’d of taken them a day to add AA to the game?
    I don’t get it.. I’d be sort of embarrassed about that if I were them.

    • SimulatedMan says:

      Adding a feature is easy.
      Testing, fixing and assuming responsibility for that same feature involves a lot more time and money.

      • Eclipse says:

        that’s not a feature at all, and setting the resolution of a frame buffer is stupidly easy in any game engine\graphical library (dark souls uses phyre engine)

      • hosndosn says:

        No, I don’t buy this.

        What I do believe, to a certain extend, is that it’s unlikely they genuinely didn’t know that fix. It’s more likely it was some (misguided) idea of keeping the aesthetics intact (think of how texture res and polycount often become more apparent the higher the resolution and sticking to 720p might be their idea of “hiding” it) or that this leads to some unexpected late-game problems when the card runs out of vRAM or things get stretched/cut off in different resolutions.

        But it could also be that they’re just utterly incompetent. There are levels of “inexperience” when it comes to PC ports but not “switching on” a basic feature belongs in the lowest of the low tiers of PC port expertise. It’s utterly lazy and merely shows a respect for the platform.

        The lack of mouse controls is a similar beast. No matter how much the fanboys want to defend controllers (and they might indeed feel better), it’s just not true that it can’t be done. Plenty of games do it and Dark Souls doesn’t use any kind of magical control scheme that couldn’t be replicated on mouse&keyboard. It’s just not true.

        • liquidsoap89 says:

          The developers admitted they didn’t have enough talented PC developers. They actually said that making the game work on the PC was a challenge for them.

          Yea, it should be better… But for them to admit that they CAN’T make it better because of a lack of talent is pretty big of them.

    • KenTWOu says:

      It looks like you missed this part of the post: …no one’s really been able to reliably test this mod throughout the whole game.

      • Eskatos says:

        Actually that’s not true. I’ve been playing with the mod since about the two hour mark, and I’ve had no crashes or other graphical issues in the eight hours since. There has been a bit of FPS slowdown, but that’s to be expected with a higher resolution.

        • NthDegree256 says:

          Wow, you beat the whole game in 10 hours?

          • voidmind says:

            There is a 90 minutes speed run of that game on YouTube

          • Eskatos says:

            Not at all, I’m just saying that in all the time I’ve played I’ve had no issues with the game. It’s entirely possible that some will pop up but the odds are low if it’s worked this well so far.

          • jrodman says:

            Well, that’s a reasonable statement, but it doesn’t contradict what you phrased as a contradiction with your “that’s not true at all” claim.

            So you didn’t write what you meant, apparently. Or you didn’t understand the statement you were responding to.

            Neither’s a great crime, but be careful!

      • bakaohki says:

        So what?? This is an overlay/passthrough solution – why the hell would I have to test the whole game with it? If you wrote similar software, you would know, this is the least invasive “hack” of all.

    • Kaira- says:

      The dev worked about a week on writing the framework before implementing it to the game. And as SimulatedMan said above, writing stuff is easy. But it isn’t free, especially when you need to test and maintain it. And we should remember we’re talking about Namco here, who will do everything in their power to spend as little as possible.

      • Tuco says:

        It took him roughly a week because he HAD to create all the tools he used. With direct access to the source code it would’ve take From/Namco *minutes* to implement multi-resolution support and then they had just to test it.

        They made a damn poor job trying to spend as little as possible, clearly without any faith in the market they were diving into.
        Let’s not try too hard to make up excuses for them.

        • stupid_mcgee says:

          Think about what you wrote a little bit more. One guy. One week.

          We don’t know how many people in From Software were working on the port, but I doubt it was one guy doing just one tweak for a week. Typically, devs will have multiple tasks that need to be completed within a limited timeframe. They don’t get to spend time working on just one thing. Also, it seems that From Software decided to create additional content. That, too, has to be created, tested, tweaked, and on multiple platforms.

          I’m not saying that the handling of the port was flawless or perfect, but people need to understand that things aren’t always as easy and reasonable as they think.

          Is it a shame that it couldn’t be a better port? Yes. Hell yes. But crapping all over From Software isn’t going to somehow make it any better and all it will do, in the long run, is hurt From Software’s attempt to break into the PC side of multiplatform. Caveat away and inform people that it’s a barebones port, but if the game is good, then why slander the whole thing for simply not being that great of a port? Dead Rising 2 wasn’t the best port ever, but it’s a fantastic and fun game, IMO. I’d even say the same for Res Evil 5. At the end of the day I like to play games, not argue over tech-specs and whose rig can push more polys. If a game is good, but has some annoying port-quirks, I don’t really care as long as it plays well and the game itself is fun.

          • Eclipse says:

            nope, there’s no excuse at all, it took him one week only because he did a DLL injection framework, because obviously he had no way to change the game code itself.
            Supporting full hd would took the devs ZERO hours, it’s something you can do in a lunch break while you eat.

          • jrodman says:

            Agree with you, Eclipse, but yet don’t.

            Actually making the change: easy. Deciding if it’s the right thing to do with push and pull between art team and so on, having people look at the game in this way in various points and deciding if it’s okay to ship this way? May not fit into the available time.

            Should they have spent that time? I think so. But we’re talking about a couple days project from 4-5 people at least, not a 10 minute submit. Unless it was done by an irresponsible coder.

      • Eclipse says:

        that’s because it’s an HACK, with the source code setting a ini files to read and set a resolution is matter of one minute net of coding.

    • bakaohki says:

      Because the game itself is badly written. The team itself aknowledget that they’re totally inexperienced with PC ports – but I would say the Xbox version sucked mightily at places too. Sudden decrease in view distance, choppy rendering, terribly low frame rates – I played through the game and while I really loved it, I can assure you, it had some terribly annoying issues, and I’m sure as hell, even with the best videocards around certain parts will be laggy even on the PC.

    • tatties says:

      It pretty much is a night & day difference to the original. Weirdly the textures themselves are actually high res, but you wouldn’t get any of that detail with the default render settings.

      I’ve played from the start up to blight town, all of undead burg and the depths with no problems so far.
      The jolly-cooperation seems to be working ok too, I’ve summoned in a couple of people to help with the bosses.

      Now just need some bright spark to get it running at 60 fps!

      • Wedge says:

        The engine ties the gameplay to the FPS, so running at 60 literally makes the game run at double speed. That’s something unlikely to be fixed with hackery I would think…

    • Shortwave says:

      Yea, you guys do obviously bring up some good points about it being properly tested.

      One guy, one week, no help or finical assistance..
      By himself has just made this game look twice as beautiful.
      So yea..
      Why couldn’t their entire company accomplish this?
      Right, they simply didn’t want to.. Not that they couldn’t.
      That’s just how I see it. And it’s a shame cause, well.
      They probably could of gained a lot of respect and sold more copies..

      I might be looking at it wrong, eh.
      It’s not a deal breaker for me, I’m still gunna’ buy this game.
      it’d of just been nice if they actually did try to make it as nice as it COULD of been.
      Instead of relying on community service to do the simple things they should of handled already.

      And tattie, exactly..
      Why even bother spending ANY money on art assets when in the end you just degrade the quality of them anyways? LOL.. Like really?

    • Hematite says:

      One of the most frustrating things about being a programmer in a corporate setting is that you can implement a cool feature in an hour, but it will take days to test and possibly more days to debug because you can’t have it ‘only’ working 99% of the time. Particularly with changes like this which could be about four lines of code when the renderer is initialised, but by its nature affects the entire game from start to finish.

      Happily mods aren’t held to similarly high standards, so it’s comparatively easy for someone else to release a mod like this and let the lucky 99% have their fun.

      I’m also reminded of jsawyer.esp for Fallout: New Vegas – it would be impractical to put all of those changes through the normal QA process even though it was made by the lead designer, but as a mod it doesn’t have to be held to the same standard as another item on the main menu would.

      (cue snide remarks about how most commercial code doesn’t work 99% of the time anyway)

      • Hematite says:

        Self-reply because I wrote my last comment before Shortwave posted his.

        Yeah, for a PC port they really should have tested rendering at different resolutions themselves. I don’t mean to comment on what is appropriate for PC ports, just that apparently small changes come with a big QA overhead if you’re making a commercial release.

    • F. Lynx Pardinus says:

      You can tell who’s worked in large-scale software development by their reaction to the parent question. It’s easy to create an unofficial fix that works most of the time. It’s not so easy to create an official fix that will pass QA on a horde of possible PC configurations.

      • arccos says:

        Additionally, in development you draw the line at some point on what features you’re putting into the finished product. There are dozens of things that could be done with more development time on any project. Even if this took a couple of days to develop and test (and it would likely have taken longer since it affected the whole game and all of its art assets), it wasn’t a feature designed to be put in the final project.

        It’s not like they lied and said “we’re adding tons of new features and better resolutions” when they announced the PC port. They specifically said it would be as straight of a port as possible.

  2. LionsPhil says:

    I suppose, on some level, beggars can’t be choosers.

    But paying customers can.

    • Prokroustis says:

      A not so subtle difference many fail to notice..

      • Unaco says:


      • Imbecile says:

        But presumably those customers were beggars if they signed the petition? ;)

        • Unaco says:

          Signing the petition gets us a copy of the game for free? Woohoo! I don’t need to pay for it… right? I begged for it, and now I get it, for free?

          Or… the petition wasn’t begging, it was asking them to bring the game to PC, and if we were then willing to pay for the game, we could.

          • Imbecile says:

            Obviously I was being slightly tongue in cheek, but I think its fair to say that the petition was begging for the game to be made for the pc. Now, if no-one buys the game, obviously begging/ petitioning next time is likely to be less successful – irrespective of whether the port is lousy or not.

            I’m not saying its right, but while PC gamers can choose not to buy it this time, they will be hurting their opportunity to beg in future. So yeah, beggars cant be choosers.

          • Unaco says:

            No. Petition != begging.

            Petition = ASKING for the game to be made. We are not BEGGARS, we are CUSTOMERS. Unless they give us the game for free, we are not beggars, we’re not begging for anything.

          • Crane says:

            This is true, but there’s a difference between wanting to be able to play the awesome game that all the console owners can play, and wanting them to make the game better for your platform.

            I can’t deny this is a pretty bad port, but it certainly doesn’t look any worse than the console version, and I think it’s a little unfair to complain too much, considering that Dark Souls was never designed or billed as being a PC product in the first place.

          • Imbecile says:

            Ok then, let me rephrase.

            Petioners cant be choosers :P

          • subedii says:

            Allow me to be candid:

            I was really looking forward to Dark Souls, moreso than Darksiders 2.

            – I pre-ordered Darksiders 2, because I had good expectations on how it would run. Aside from the options menu malarkey, at least it runs well (better than the first game I’d say) and at a good resolution.

            – I didn’t pre-order Dark Souls, because after everything they said about it I wasn’t sure about how it would run and “wait and see” seemed a better approach in this instance.

            Clearly we CAN be choosers, at the end of the day, we’re still buyers. I’m choosing what to pay my money on, and I have options on where it can be spent.

            All that, and I didn’t even sign the freaking petition.

            I don’t mean to hammer the point home, but with Dark Souls there seems to be this constant strain of conversation of “HOW UNGRATEFUL!” you must be if issues with the port might be keeping you from buying it.

            None of this is to say that I won’t buy Dark Souls at some point, but I would only consider it ungrateful if they didn’t expect me to pay money for it. As they do (of course), I am going to weigh my options.

          • Imbecile says:

            Yeah, thats not really the point I’m making.

            All I’m trying (unsuccessfully) to say, is that if Dark Souls doesn’t sell, then petitions in future are unlikely to be as successful.

            Obviously the fact that its a poor port wont have helped, but developers wont see it that way.

          • subedii says:

            It think it all depends really. There’s always the possibility for a good response and a bad one.

            Resident Evil 4 was quite possibly the worst port I have ever played (and that’s saying something).

            But when Capcom looked at how badly it failed, their response was basically to say “OK, this time we’re doing it right, and we’re doing it in-house”.

            The result is that Capcom’s ports today are some of the best ports I’ve played (again, not being hyperbolic, they’re genuinely well done). And they release much more on the PC these days than they ever did during the previous console generation (and early years of this one) as a result.

            From Software don’t have any PC experience, so in their case outsourcing PC ports might be the better option. Either way, we don’t know how well Dark Souls is or isn’t going to do PC-side. But regardless, if their take away from this whole thing is one of “We shouldn’t bother” instead of “We can do better”, then that’s their problem.

            EDIT: One final note: Steam shows a peak concurrent playerbase on Dark Souls of about 10,000 players. From seeing other devs talk about these stats over the years, a rough indicator of how many people played a game over the course of a day is to take the peak concurrent playerbase and multiply by 10. Which brings us to 100,000 people. Even if we assume less than that was sold on Steam, Steam doesn’t track copies sold by other retailers and in-store. So yeah, I’d be happy guessing at around 100,000 sales so far.

            And100,000? That’s roughly the number that signed the petition IIRC, and From Software said they’d do the port if they hit 90,000. So it does appear that people have put their money where their mouth is.

          • stupid_mcgee says:

            @ Unaco; You don’t have to get something for free for it to be begging. Also, you aren’t a customer unless you buy it. Simply signing a petition doesn’t make you a customer. A potential. customer, yes, but not an actual customer. And yes, a petition is still a form of begging.

          • Hoaxfish says:

            I think it’s best to think of this as two separate events:

            Petition: People begging for a PC Port… they can’t choose how many resources the company spends on the the port though, even if they’re willing to do the work themselves (unless they work for the company I guess).

            Buying: People can choose not to buy it if they don’t want to as it’s their money to spend.

          • bill says:

            “beggars can’t be choosers” doesn’t mean that we can’t choose, but it means that the two actions don’t go well together and are unlikely to make a good impression if they are used together. They also mean “be grateful for getting something”.

            If there is a disaster and people ask for donations of clothing, clearly they have the right not to wear the clothes I donate. But if I go out of my way to help them and then they decline my help because they don’t think the clothes are good/cool/stylish/new enough then I’m likely to lose a lot of sympathy for them and unlikely to donate in the future.

            No one has to spend their money on Dark Souls PC, but after kicking up a big fuss and begging for it to be ported to the PC, it seems remarkably rude to then kick up a big fuss and whine about it. Buy it or don’t buy it (or, if you have the skill, improve it)… but don’t be ungrateful and whiny.

  3. Lydia says:

    This would have been soul-crushingly difficult for the game’s developer to make.

    • hosndosn says:

      The vibe I get is that the devs are pulling a kind of Japanese “honorable shame” thing by over-apologizing for not being good at PC ports but I don’t buy it. Something tells me they plain don’t like the PC, see it as a chore and just punch out a minimum-effort project on principle, even to a point that it doesn’t make sense (going through all the hoops of getting it to work *at all*, then skipping an additional week of polish that could add a gazillion levels of features and polish that could turn it into an actually great release).

      I see a lot of Dark Souls fans defend them, which is cute and all but IMO misguided. Many seem to actually *already own* the game on PS3 which should only add to the importance of the PC port being solid and adding PC-specific features.

      There really is no good excuse. I believe that’s not ungrateful to say. Note that I never signed the petition but even if I did, *this is not charity.* This is a developer, rather a publisher, deciding that the game might sell a few additional copies (and potentially, quite a few). There is no need to feel submissive for the honor of getting Dark fucking Souls on the PC. Even if it’s a great game that started as a console exclusive.

      • bill says:

        It does sound ungrateful though. Particularly when it’s amplified by the internet’s ability to bring out everybody’s bitchy comments.

  4. Cruyelo says:

    Other things to note :
    – You can choose a resolution higher than what you screen can handle, the resolution will be downsampled to what you chose ingame. This means that even if you would normally play at 1920×1080 (for example), you can choose 2560×1440 or 2880×1620, or basically anything you want.
    The game looks *even better* this way, tho the higher you go the higher the risks of poor performance happening.
    – The mod also brings texture filtering with it, you can fiddle with it in the ini file.
    – This mod really makes a huge difference. Pictures hardly describe the blurry mess this is when playing the game normally. (They do come close to telling how bad it is tho.)

    Next step : for someone to fix the mouse control.

    • D3xter says:

      He’s actually working on fixing the low resolution Depth of Field the game uses right now e.g. the blurry mess in the background of the images for the next version and has gotten it working, but not for higher resolutions than 1080p: link to

      And there is already a fix for Mouse control, it’s called an “Xbox 360 Controller for Windows” and costs ~25-30€ depending of if you get Wired or Wireless: link to

      • Cruyelo says:

        Somehow I don’t see how buying an accessory originally made for a different platform is “fixing” something that could be fixed by the developers with a minimum of effort. All it requires is giving me the actual input from my mouse. That’s all.

        Right now it feels like my mouse is controlling a joystick, and that joystick is controlling my cursor in-game. The way the cursor move is choppy, blocky, and doesn’t follow the speed of my mouse.

        I don’t actually need any other change to the controls, that’s really all I need. Everything else works fine (the lock-on camera is also terrible, but it’s ALSO being fixed by the guy who made the resolution mod) and I simply wish the camera would make more sense.

        After a few hours I’ve learned how to handle the camera and it’s not *as bad* but I still don’t understand why it behaves this way in the first place. Why not give raw input of the mouse? Why emulate a joystick? The game plays fine with a kb+mouse otherwise.

        • Makariel says:

          “Why not give raw input of the mouse? Why emulate a joystick?”

          Because it significantly changes the experience. The same way Killzone 2 on that strange black box plays so “weighty” compared to shooters with mouse control, where my avatar seems to have no mass.

          Also, pvp balance.

          • Cruyelo says:

            I’ve played it on console, I’ve played in on PC. It wouldn’t significantly change the experience, it wouldn’t even come close to it actually. This isn’t a FPS shooter, this is a game where you spend a lot of time locked-on to enemies.
            Even without the locking, it would remain a very small advantage. It’s mainly a quality of life issue : the current mouse has blocky and inaccurate movements. That needs to be fixed.

            And how exactly would it impact the PvP experience? I don’t believe PC players are mixed with console players, so how would it affect PvP? Everyone would remain equal since everyone would have access to the same control, just like they do now.

          • NathanH says:

            PvP balance clearly can’t be a reason, unless you’re saying that mouse and keyboard would be, if not deliberately crippled, superior to a controller. If that were the case, mouse and keyboard should be the principle supported control method.

        • PatrickSwayze says:

          So you will a game designed for another console but not an accessory?

          Failure of logic much.

        • Tiax says:

          “Somehow I don’t see how buying an accessory originally made for a different platform is “fixing” something that could be fixed by the developers with a minimum of effort. ”

          Actually, you’re buying an accessory specifically made for the game you intend to play. I’ve been a PC-only gamer for years, but as well as I can’t stand playing a FPS with a gamepad, I couldn’t think of playing a game such as Dark Souls with a keyboard+mouse.

          And porting quality doesn’t have anything to do with this, no amount of programming skills can make a game that was built from the ground up around analog controls to play just as well with digital inputs.

          • Ragnar says:

            Agreed. I’m primarily a PC gamer, as it is my platform of choice, but I still love my Xbox 360 Controller for Windows for games such as this, Burnout, Batman, Assassin’s Creed, Prince of Persia, etc.

            10 years ago I had a Microsoft Sidewinder hooked up to my sound-card’s joystick port. Now I have an Xbox 360 controller wirelessly connected to a USB receiver. It’s a direct evolution of PC gaming peripherals.

      • phenom_x8 says:

        25-30 quids?? thats insane. Just grab yourselves a 5 quids USB controller (I’m not prefer with x360 controller layout,BTW. Love that dual shock 2 layout very much) or any spare controller you have and then download this free fix link to Done!!

        • Sparkasaurusmex says:

          Exactly. You don’t need an Xbox controller, most PC USB controllers are knock offs of the Xbox controller anyway.

        • D3xter says:

          If you want to fiddle around with Emulation tools and rebinding of keys and the likes and not have proper On-Screen display of the keys or risk getting some low-quality non-robust plastic junk then yeah go ahead, I’d rather have driver support in almost all Multiplatform games out of the box and I don’t particularly think it it is too expensive.

          • mwoody says:

            Yeah, agreed; just buy a 360 controller and save yourself the time and energy needed to make some generic thing work. I’m all for sticking it to the man – especially when that man is Microsoft – but spending hours swearing at games and screwing with bindings just so you can use an inferior $5 gamepad can’t possibly be worth $30.

          • phenom_x8 says:

            You don’t have to fiddle around the bindings on x360ce, just connect it to the internet and it will find the one that match any of your controller button layout automagically (in my case, the A are matched with X, B with O,D-pad with D-pad, RB with R1, etc). About the unmatched on screen display button prompt, maybe I’m just so get used to it, so that’s never been a problem for me (except for my 8yr old nephew that plays those TOY Story 3 when he came to my apartment)
            Done! Again!

            BTW, like I’ve said before, I just prefer those Dual Shock controller layout more than the x360 controller. So, no offense here. Everybody are on their own.

          • malkav11 says:

            Suit yourself on whether to buy a 360 controller or some other gamepad, but if you do get a 360 controller I would recommend a) skipping the official “for Windows” branding, as all that does is potentially add to the price and include a CD of drivers you can download off Microsoft’s website for free – any wired 360 controller will work, and b) getting a wired one. It may not be as convenient but they are cheaper, and fully supported in all games. The wireless drivers (and PC receiver dongle) are less reliable and some games don’t detect them properly, like Assassin’s Creed II.

          • Jad says:

            “The wireless drivers (and PC receiver dongle) are less reliable and some games don’t detect them properly, like Assassin’s Creed II”

            My wireless 360 controller works perfectly with Assassin’s Creed II, I was just playing it last night that way. I’ve never had any problems with the 360 wireless controller that couldn’t be chalked up to the game just not supporting gamepads in general well.

          • malkav11 says:

            Perhaps you’re just lucky, then. I read more than a few accounts of Assassin’s Creed II improperly detecting the controller and mapping incorrectly if it was wireless, but switching to wired made it work fine. I had similar symptoms, although in my case, I was using a MadCatz knockoff wired controller and switching to an actual Microsoft wired controller has made all the difference. I’ve not bothered with the wireless variety myself, admittedly.

          • D3xter says:

            The “for Windows” brand on Wireless Controllers is critical, since they come with the required Receiver: link to (you only need one USB Receiver to operate up to 4 Controllers).
            Other than that I can say that I own 2 Wireless Controllers and a Quick Charge Kit: link to and have never had any problem with the Input whatsoever. You just need to install the drivers and you have Support and On-Screen button prompts out of the box.
            I must’ve played dozens of games with it by now (on TV) without any issues…

            Just some of the titles off the top of my head: Batman: AA/AC, Darksiders, HAWX, Alice: Madness Returns, Tomb Raider Series, Prince of Persia Series, Assassin’s Creed Series, Psychonauts, Dead Space 2, Space Marine, Super Meat Boy, Trine 1/2, Bastion, Braid, Bully, Dungeon Siege III, LIMBO, Torchlight, Witcher 2, Hunted: The Demon’s Forge, The Saboteur, Renegade Ops, L.A. Noire, Alan Wake, Rayman: Origins, Sonic Generations and some other games I probably can’t remember xD

            The only thing that sucks with them is Fighting game, because the DPad isn’t worth shit and imprecise as fuck, it is funny because I initially bought the Controller for Street Fighter IV back in 2008, and that was one of the games where it didn’t work and even Mouse+KB seems better. Really need an Arcade Stick for those games…

          • Ragnar says:

            For the record, I have a PS2 controller with a PS2->USB adapter, and a PS3 controller with the 3rd-party driver. So when I say that the Xbox 360 Controller for Windows is one of the best purchases I made for my computer, you know where I’m coming from. The ease of use and built-in in-game support make it worth every penny. It’s so much better than fighting with other controllers that I bought a 2nd one to hook up to my wife’s computer. And they’re so easy to re-sync in case we want to play co-op Trines or Jamestown on one computer or the other.

            I was hesitant to buy the Xbox 360 Controller for Windows, but looking back I wish I had bought it sooner. Damn, I sound like a salesman, but I really think it’s a great peripheral if you play any 3rd person action games, or arcade racing games, or 2d platformers, or shmups, or even JRPGs.

        • mashakos says:

          Hate the xbox360 controller layout but need that xinput compatibility? This is what you need, the best of both worlds:
          link to
          This update to the excellent logitech rumblepad design adds analogue triggers and a switch on the top that can change it’s mode from Directinput to xinput. You will need to install the windows xbox 360 controller driver for maximum compatibility.

          No, I’m not a spam bot.

          • Shortwave says:

            I retired the logitech controller I have cause I found the 360 ones to be endlessly more responsive and accurate with the analog sticks. Also the analog R/L are epic. And yea, it always just works.
            And the safety cord that pulls out is AWESOME to have. Super long chord length also.

            I’m sort of sick with messing with controller profiles usually.
            I already have to fight with them enough for my joystick.

      • Vagrant says:

        Because it’s impossible for a game to be based around a specific controller ! I demand Guitar Hero be playable with a mouse, like every other game in existance! And only console babies use steering wheels for racing sims!

    • Shortwave says:

      Good tip. Recently I’ve learn how much more just doubling the resolution can rock.
      Forget about AA.. Ha. Looks better and runs better. Looove it.

  5. andytizer says:

    There is a great fixes and workarounds guide up for Dark Souls PC port – link to – if you discover a new fix, please add it in, no account required.

  6. HexagonalBolts says:

    The team who made this port must be either unbelievably stupid or unbelievably lazy and apathetic towards PC gaming…

    • gunner1905 says:

      or just inexperienced

      • fish99 says:

        Stop making excuses, I’ve seen plenty of games programed by a single amateur programmer that have properly working resolution options. It’s not that difficult. The funny thing is, the game already has resolution enumeration, just for some reason they render internally at 720p. I would have thought it was something to do with UI scaling, but since the mod doesn’t break the UI I guess not, so god knows why they did it. Just Namco giving them too little time ($$$) I guess.

        • hosndosn says:

          Hear hear. Any excuse is better than “inexperienced” because even if you never wrote a single line of code on the PC, you can change the resolution.

    • eks says:

      They are inexperienced with the PC. When the petition was made, they literally said (in an interview IIRC) that it will be a direct console port.

      I’m not usually one to defend console ports, but they made it pretty clear this was what it was going to be like because they have no experience with the PC and people continued to sign the petition and said they would still throw money at a port…

      • Cruyelo says:

        A lot of ports were made by inexperienced developers. Very few were quite as bad as this one. Even Resident Evil 4 gave you the option to change resolution, it didn’t simply upscale to what you chose.

        The problem here is that it doesn’t feel like the work of developers who were inexperienced, it feels like the work of developers who didn’t try. They couldn’t even have real mouse control! Instead it moves the way a poor joystick would move.

        And really, if they’re gonna ask players to pay money for a product they make, they should either do it right or let a different studio take charge. There are plenty of studios out there who know how to make good ports, they could have asked them to do it.
        The only reason to do it themselves would be if they wanted to learn how to do it but this port doesn’t show any learning whatsoever, since it doesn’t even offer the very very basic of PC games : proper resolution and proper mouse control.
        (Hell if they don’t want to make a PC interface taking advantage of mouse +keyboard, fine. If they don’t want to change the gameplay in any way whatsoever, fine. If the game plays *better* with a controller, fine. But not even giving you the real input of your mouse? How can you screw that one up?)

        There’s nothing to let us believe they made any effort.

        • Kaira- says:

          >very few were quite as bad as this

          Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah, about that. No mouse control, no shadows, no… okay, let’s put it this way, RE4 was maybe the worst port I’ve ever played on PC. Ever.

          [E] Though I get your point, it’s bit shameful for DaS to not have that feature.

          • Cruyelo says:

            Let’s hope they do learn one thing from RE4 tho : releasing a patch to fix the things you screwed up is always a nice thing to do.

          • dE says:

            Gosh the RE4 Port was a mess, but somehow everytime I think about a bad port, the Saints Row 2 one comes to mind first. Probably the first program I had to artificially slow down in quite some time – despite it having Framerate Dips and crashes like mad.

        • noodlecake says:

          Why would you wants to use a mouse for this kind of game anyway?

          • RakeShark says:

            Screw a mouse, I wanna use my Sidewinder joystick, just because. That a problem?

      • Lucas Says says:

        This. It’s not like they said, “We’re going to make an awesome port!” and then they didn’t. They said, flat out, “We’re pretty shit at this PC business. We probably don’t employ a ton of programmers. Look at how bad the Xbox port came out.” It’s not like they’re pulling a fast one here, and that’s why a lot of the media coverage has been positive: they did what they said. And now modders (reason #43 why we love the PC so much) are fixing it. This is, I’d say, how it should be.

        Because sure, they could have spent a ton of time, hired a lot of Japanese PC programming talent, and made a killer port. But that would require expanding their infrastructure to accommodate a new wing of development in their company. When you’re making a pretty risky business decision, do you spend millions of dollars in increasing infrastructure overhead to do it? Hell no: you do it cheaply, and see if it’s worthwhile.

      • psyk says:

        “but they made it pretty clear this was what it was going to be like because they have no experience with the PC and people continued to sign the petition and said they would still throw money at a port.”

        Makes sense, do gamers ever read about what they are getting in to?

    • Unaco says:

      Why does it have to be either/or?

    • HexagonalBolts says:

      I get that they’re inexperienced and I do sympathise but some guy was saying it took him literally 23 minutes once he got his hands on the game to make a resolution mod. If they lack the ingenuity or dedication to pay some bloke who can do it £200 to add it in then I really can’t help but be a bit scornful.

      • Kaira- says:

        About a week more than just 23 mins, he stated in the NeoGaf post that he had written the framework beforehand and after that it was 23 mins to implement it and test that it basically works.

        • Unaco says:

          So… 23 minutes once he got his hands on the game, as Hexagon says then?

        • TheD says:

          It does not matter one bit that he was working on and off for a week to make a DX9 framework to he could catch some of the calls and change them, anyone with code access could have done this in a few minutes.

          • TillEulenspiegel says:

            Exactly. Changing resolution if you have the source code is really, really easy. Messing with Direct3D calls is a bit more of a chore, which would be totally unnecessary if the developers had done their job properly in the first place.

  7. Moloko Lynx says:

    I’ve been having quite an issue where this fix has made starting the game incredibly finicky in that it’ll freeze and crash almost every time on start-up. Not to mention how the summons seem broken for me to the point that I have to try summoning every person I see for about fifteen minutes, almost every time getting a “summon failed” across my screen.

  8. CommanderJ says:

    This is an incredibly bad port. Not just the graphics..the menus, the controls..everything is basically shit. The in game help only ever references consoletoy commands, and I had to press all over my keyboard to find the hidden magical MENU button.

    Gave up after 5 minutes. This game’s not worth it.

    • AndrewC says:

      It is important for prospective PC Game developers to note that there are lots of PC gamers who think games consist of graphics options menus with some kind of controllable testing demo attached.

      • CommanderJ says:

        Actually, I wasn’t talking about a lack of graphical menus, although that is a case as well. I wanted to find A menu, so that I could actually load/save/exit/enter inventory.

        And yeah, not too much to ask, I should think.

      • bill says:

        @AndrewC: heh. thanks for putting into words what I was thinking.

      • Hallgrim says:

        @ AndrewC: Can’t you be bothered to apply your snark properly? Since when is wanting a functional UI on a $40 game the epitome of PC gamer entitlement?

        • AndrewC says:

          The UI functions.

          • Hallgrim says:

            CommanderJ: “and I had to press all over my keyboard to find the hidden magical MENU button”

            Functional isn’t the same thing as functioning. But hey, have fun complaining about people complaining about their own experiences with a game, whether or not they actually did.

          • MikoSquiz says:

            Actually, I was just thinking about how remarkably bad it is even with a gamepad. With a keyboard and mouse, it’s fine work, unfortunately in the field of comedy. I really wouldn’t bother even trying to play this thing without a pad (but fortunately it’s easily worth buying a pad for).

      • TheD says:

        Grow up and stop making excuses for bad programming.

      • Sparkasaurusmex says:

        THIS! This is how I want my games to be made!
        But truly a PC game is an ini file with a graphical engine to test my changes

      • Gira says:

        Hey, AndrewC, do you actually do anything in the RPS comments other than relentlessly defend people that sell you things? I have actually never seen you stick up for the consumer in any context. It’s quite interesting. You actually believe any kind of customer complaint about a videogame is trivial, immature, and disrespectful to software developers.

        Dude, being able to FIND a menu on the keyboard – or at least have it accessible using the “Esc” key, which has been the standard since time immemorial – is a pretty basic request. Doing this so you don’t have to Alt+F4 to quit the game is kind of a big deal. Being able to sort through UI items without the camera spazzing out in the interim, or having to trudge through slow-moving tabs with inconsistent buttons with your mouse-joystick is tedious, tiresome, and actually adversely affects gameplay, so why on earth are you trivialising the issue?

        Demand more.

        You paid for this thing.

        It’s not a gift.

        • greenbananas says:

          It is also important for prospective PC Game developers to note that there are lots of PC gamers who will defend their games beyond reason, regardless of the quality of their product or the effort put into creating it.

        • ffordesoon says:

          God help me, I agree with Gira.

    • thestage says:

      the game shouldn’t even support keyboard and mouse, frankly. if you’re trying to play it that way you’re not going to get anywhere

      • Imbecile says:

        Having played it on the 360, that controller works fine for it – assuming they haven’t ballsed up the controller functionality?

        Admittedly if you are going to provide a keyboard and mouse option, you should do it properly, but yes – I would stick to a controller if possible, though obviously using one will automatically drop your IQ. Ahah. Ha.

      • Quatlo says:

        And why is that so? I have 5 fingers so I want to use them, not only my thumb like some kind of a monkey.

        • Imbecile says:

          Jesus Christ. What worries me is I that I generally view RPS as the best slice of the PC demographic

          • wu wei says:

            Those days have gone, I’m afraid, and they’re never coming back.

        • Synesthesia says:

          good god.

      • inoajd says:

        Fuck off with your close-minded views. I’m using a gamepad, but saying it shouldn’t even support mouse+kb is fucking idiotic.

        The game would work even better with proper mouse support due to better camera control. What is good camera control, you ask? Well, dear friend.. it’s not using analog sticks.

        Don’t even know why I bother replying since reading comments here, you’d think most “PC gamers” want mouse+keyboard completely gone from all genres.

        • thestage says:

          well thanks for your opinion, Dark Souls expert, but I’ve actually played the game for 200 hours. if you think keyboard and mouse could somehow be better than a gamepad, you’re talking out of your ass. I know the kinds of people that identify as PC gamers to the point of, you know, not actually caring about games so much as caring about PC Master Race idiocy tend to equate “game design” with “menu options” and/or “is it open??,” but this game is actually designed, and that design is quite fully integrated with a gamepad. If you don’t like that, you can not play the game, I suppose. Your tremendous loss.

          • MikoSquiz says:

            Funny, I was just thinking how much better this thing could be with properly thought-out keyboard and mouse controls instead of the just-about-passable default gamepad settings. Or even if you could remap the gamepad, which I can’t find the functionality for. UI really is not From’s strong suit.

    • Qazi says:

      It is 2012.
      Why are there still people that do not hunt down the Key Configuration options when they launch a PC game for the first time?
      If not to just to A) see how they’ve been configured in that particular game, or to B) see what key functions the game will be offering us, or C) to at least to reassign things to your personal configuration tastes.

      • psyk says:

        Most games seem to tell you what keys do what and if the default is fine to use why bother looking at what you can change?

        • Quatlo says:

          Simple example -> Quick save
          I always used F5 and F9, but some games have it in weirder places and instead of saving you load, or instead of loading you save.

  9. Imbecile says:

    Well, it was never a good looking game in the first place, just a good game. Hopefully there are more reliable fixes ahead.

    Also – consoletoy? Gnnn

  10. razzafazza says:

    great game, shame the port isnt better but at the end of the day as long as its functional i d take a bad port of a great game over a great port of a bad game.

    and unfortunately there s been nothing like Dark Souls on PC for a long time.

    also while it probably cant compete with a maxxed skyrim or witcher 2 i do think even an 1:1 console port of Dark Souls should (i havent played the pc version yet) look better than Risen, Two Worlds 2 , Divinity 2 & co. At least i know that the PS3 version i played looked better than those games- mostly of course thanks to better art direction or whatever you d call it.

    while i of course understand the drama over the half-assed port at the same its kinda disheartening to see a lot of guys who were all “graphics dont matter, we want good oldschoolgames like Ultima Underworld” and who claim to play nothing but ascii rogues because thats how non-graphicwhore they are ….. shit on the greatest dungeon exploring game of the last 10 years.

    lets also not forget that while tech-wise it might be a bad port its
    a) offered for a slightly lower price
    b) includes substantial DLC others would charge another 10 to 20 bucks for
    c) the inexperienced because pc games apparently dont matter in japan developers never claimed
    to be doing a great pc port.

    oh well. if Dark Souls PC sales tank i ll guess i ll have to bite and buy a next next gen console again just for the follow-up. i got a PS3 just for Demon Souls and even for that game alone the money was better spent than the money i spent on the mediocre to awfull PC RPG titles of the last years.

    I want more Ultima Underworld (Dark Souls), less Interactive Movies (Bioware/Witcher) or soulless sandboxes (skyrim, two worlds) !

    • braincruser says:

      Dont spit on Skyrim, it has a lot of soul. Anyone that calls it souless doesnt have any idea what he is talking about.

      • Makariel says:

        Bethesda’s openworld rpg are wonderful, ambitious and exciting, but I also always found them lacking… “soul” for lack of a better word.

        • MarigoldFleur says:

          You’re insane. There’s loads of soule in Skyrim! link to

        • mike2R says:

          Yeah this. Skyrim is an excellent game, but soul?

          Its a compromise. The game is so open, you can build so many different types of characters, who approach the world and quests in so many different types of ways, that the developers have no clue at any point what the player’s experience has been to date.

          So NPC dialogue in a sidequest, for example, has to account for the fact that the player might be in their first hour or two of game time, or an all conquering hero who has already saved the world, or an evil murderer that has depopulated the entire region. It all just creates the feeling that the player is not part of the world, unlike a more linear game where there are one or a few set paths that the player can take.

          There are some great quests in Skyrim, and some fantastic locations, and within them you get a much more linear structure and a real sense of effecting the gameworld. But you know when you finish them and leave them behind, nothing has really changed. You’ve got some loot and xp, and marker has changed colour on the map and a quest has updated. If you are really really lucky you might get a throw-away line from an NPC at some point in the future that references it. But it doesn’t feel real. It lacks, for want of a better word, soul.

      • Sparkasaurusmex says:

        Yeah, Skyrim is cool enough, but that is exactly the metaphor I would use, since it’s difficult to pinpoint the flaw… Sometimes I want to call it empty… but Skyrim isn’t empty, playing it just creates an empty-like feeling. Soulless is probably the most accurate description.

        • fish99 says:

          It’s hard to create a meaningful narrative in such a sandbox game that places so little constraints on the player. It’s the same thing as the people who say there’s nothing to do in Minecraft. Games like this aren’t for people who lack imagination.

          • SkittleDiddler says:

            I’m gonna get roasted alive for saying this, but Kingdoms of Amalur is an RPG that successfully pulled off what Bethesda have been trying to do for years: create an open-world sandbox with a coherent, well-written narrative interconnected in lore, side quests, and the main quest line itself. KoA manages to have a ton of soul without sacrificing immersion, something Elder Scrolls games have never been able to pull off IMO.

            “Soul” in a sandbox RPG is totally doable, it just takes some effort (or maybe just good writers) on the part of the developers.

          • fish99 says:

            I do really like KoA:R, in fact I seem to be one of few people who do, I’ve played more than 60 hrs of it, but IMO it’s not a true sandbox in the Bethesda style because there’s no reason to return to areas you’ve done. For instance I haven’t returned to the Fae city once since I left it. It’s a kinda left to right progression across the map, and there isn’t really much ‘random stuff’ to find if you just go exploring. If you just do all the quests, you’ll have seen pretty much everything.

            A Bethesda game, start anywhere on the map, pick a random direction, and you will find something interesting, and before you know it 3 hrs have passed.

          • SkittleDiddler says:

            fish, I’d argue that KoA is just as much a sandbox game as any of the Elder Scrolls. If you play through KoA right, there’s a ton of hidden material hidden in places that are easily bypassed on your first trip through any particular area. Some locations are hidden so well that they’re almost impossible to find without a maxed-out Detection skill.

            Not only that, randomly exploring the map can lead to hidden quests and story bonuses, and resetting your skill points (something the Elder Scrolls series has never done AFAIK) can lead to an entirely different way of experiencing the game.

            I’ve got well over 60 hours in the game, and I finally just hit the middle of the main quest line. I can’t say the same for Skyrim, a game that just felt so “dead-eyed” to me that I quit after around 30 hours. KoA just has a sense of story and scale that Bethesda will never be able to match.

          • D3xter says:

            I think Gothic 1+2 and Risen are much better examples, and they had some of the features Bethesda was touting off and never really worked for them a long time before.

          • fish99 says:

            SkittleDiddler all I can really say is that hasn’t been my experience playing KoA. Every time I’ve gone off the beaten track and found something, like a dungeon, I’ve ended up doing the same area again later on a quest.

            Seems to me it’s become cool to criticize Bethesda games since Totalbiscuit decided he hated Skyrim, even though he loved Oblivion which was basically the same game.

        • MikoSquiz says:

          It’s hollow. There’s next to nothing going on under the surface. It’s better on that front than Oblivion, but it’s still the opposite of an iceberg.

    • D3xter says:

      “while i of course understand the drama over the half-assed port at the same its kinda disheartening to see a lot of guys who were all “graphics dont matter, we want good oldschoolgames like Ultima Underworld” and who claim to play nothing but ascii rogues because thats how non-graphicwhore they are ….. shit on the greatest dungeon exploring game of the last 10 years.
      What you (and a lot of people) don’t seem to understand though, is that this isn’t about “graphics” (please point out the comments asking for DirectX11 features like Tesselation and whatnot or even improved Textures or higher Poly models in regards to the console version).
      It is about the technicality of the rendering output, which produces a blurred and jaggy image instead of a sharp one for no reason. No game I can remember in the last 10-15 years with 3D assets does this and even 2D games and RPGs like Baldur’s Gate, Planescape Torment or Fallout have fixes for Higher resolution nowadays…

      There is NO reasonable argument for a 3D game not having resolution options and looking all blurry instead. The Keyboard+Mouse problems people have are also of a technical nature (they should’ve said this game requires a gamepad instead).

  11. D3xter says:

    Here’s some better comparisons than above:
    link to
    link to

    • D3xter says:

      link to
      Also a comparison video on YouTube (set to 1080p and maximize): link to

      • Tei says:

        Wow… this don’t just better. the original version is too low res to apreciate the art of the textures. Its a crime to play this game on 720p.

      • Sparkasaurusmex says:

        What a neat way of comparing screens!
        It looks like comparison of a PS2 game and a recently released remake of the same game.

    • NothingFunny says:

      Damn, Im starting to feel sorry for console players and even for the artists who had made this game – you can hardly see the textures due to the crappy upscale from low res internal rendering

  12. bill says:

    Sometimes I wish people would just play the game and stop worrying about the K&M control options, viewports, textures, resolutions, menus, etc..

    I mean, sure, those are nice to have, but I don’t buy games to have lots of menu options, I buy games to play the game.

    (though I do love the way mods allow people to improve PC games)

    • Tei says:

      *cast Call of Trainwiz on bill*

    • Cruyelo says:

      I would agree if this was a case of people nitpicking, but this isn’t what’s happening here.
      The developers legitimately screwed up.

    • Magnusm1 says:

      I want to have as fun as possible when I play.

    • Sayori says:

      Sorry but I have to say it – Typical thinking of console gamers…

    • inoajd says:

      If only games were actually free gifts from your so-called gods, then surely this would be a valid point. This is, however, not the case, so stop whining about the whining that is entirely justified.

    • SelfEsteemFund says:

      Are you on the correct website?

      Completely serious.

  13. Metalhead9806 says:

    This guy just saved From Software from a PC failure. Now that the news is out that the res fix works many more people are buying Dark Souls for PC. It’s been in the top 3 in sales on steam since the news of the res fix broke.

    There were over 10k concurrent users on yesterday that would equate to around 70k+ copies maybe even more sold so far. For a PC port that took hardly any development resources selling around 100k copies (and probably much more over the next year) should guarantee that we see the next Souls series title on PC.

    Let’s just hope that the next game wont need to be fixed by a modder.

    • Demiath says:

      The game was already high on the Steam’s bestseller list before the mod became widely tested…which happened within 24 hours of the game’s release anyway, so even talking about a “before – after” comparison at all is dubious to say the least. More depressingly, a substantial part of those 10 k concurrent users could be pirates and thus unrelated to the Steam sales. I don’t know that, and neither do you.

      • subedii says:

        Uh, we most certainly DO know that.

        If it’s a pirated copy, it has to operate outside of Steam’s tracking and can’t show up on the figures. That 10,000 + concurrent is a real figure, not conjecture. That is also not the total amount since IIRC, Dark Souls is not a Steamworks game and as a result, any store-bought copies (or those bought elsewhere) won’t be tracked by Steam.

        Now here is where I go into conjecture territory:

        We’ve seen a few PC devs over the years say that if you want a rough idea of how many people are playing a game over the course of a day, basically take the “peak” concurrent user number and multiplay by 10. Which would put it into the 100,000 region on Steam alone (excluding sales elsewhere. So even if it’s less than that, I’d say sales from other stores would probably bring it up to the 100,000 mark). Considering the game only just came out and sold about 1.2 – 1.5 million console-side, that’s pretty freaking good. Doubly so when considering that it had a pretty hefty amount of negative hype surrounding its port.

  14. Unaco says:

    What’s the ETA on the RPS WiT (or verdict) on this? Didn’t seem to be any reviews before release, couple places complaining about not receiving review code etc., only 2 that I can find out just now, which doesn’t bode well.

    Enquiring minds need to know.

    • Premium User Badge

      Adam Smith says:

      Early next week!

      • Metalhead9806 says:

        Dark Souls is going to get blasted on metacritic. Critics usually dont score with mods in mind… and without it Dark Souls looks like ass on PC.

      • Unaco says:

        Doesn’t really help with the weekend purchasing conundrum, but oh well. ‘Beggars can’t be choosers’ when it comes to the WiTs, I guess (not the game… I’m not a beggar if I’m willing to hand over my shekels).

        Did RPS receive review code? Prior to launch?

  15. rokmek says:

    Started “playing” Dark Souls when it came out, tested it in vanilla and it was horrible. Muddy textures, the mouse pointer moving all over the screen and the mouse movement overall was giving me a headache, looking for the keyboard buttons was a pain too.

    For a moment I thought I wouldn’t be able to play the awesome game. Then the first DSfix came out, so I decided to test, and god the difference was amazing. Now with the current DSfix v0.3, the game looks amazing and I can hide the mouse cursor with F9. However, moving the camera with the mouse, even with the in-game setting in 0, was painful to watch. So I searched for one of my old ps2 controllers and my PS2toUSB to play it (haven’t used a controller since Devil May Cry 4).

    Moving the camera with the analog it so smooth that it sometimes feels like it’s on 60FPS, however the 30FPS it’s still very noticeable for any PC gamer used to 60FPS.

    Well to wrap the wall of text, the port is horrible, there is no doubt about it. However, if you have a capable PC + Controller + DSfix, the game is amazing. Have been playing for 10+hours and haven’t had a single crash or problem with the game.

    For reference, I have a GTX 560TI and a 2600k at 3.4 GHz, and I can set the native resolution to 1920×1080 with the forced 16xAF option of the fix and get a constant 30FPS. Setting the native resolution higher for Supersampling, make the game lock to 15FPS, seems like the card can’t handle it.

  16. Cryo says:

    Seeing as it’s an online game, won’t you get banned for modding it?

    • NothingFunny says:

      But its not Blizzards game

    • MikoSquiz says:

      Considering the amount of people running around with endgame/postgame gear on their first-level (not level 1, but still) characters for ganking new players, I doubt you could get banned for much.

  17. EOT says:

    I thought it was ‘Durante’ who made the fix. Not the chap mentioned in the article.

    • rokmek says:

      His blog username is ” petert” and his NeoGAF username is “Durante”. So depends on what are you taking for reference.

  18. Hoaxfish says:

    I’m all for complaining about bad ports, but I think it’s getting a bit weird the level of which people seem to be bitching at From because someone modded their game to be better.

    They made it very clear that they were going to do a minimal/bad job… something other companies generally don’t own up to for a product they haven’t released yet. It’s like they chose to be honest at the cost of possible sales and hype.

    I wouldn’t say they deserve a free ride because of the original petition, but they only deserve as much as any other “bad port” would normally get. Hell, other companies actively try to ban you from modding your game to be better (especially where a PvP multiplayer exists).

  19. NothingFunny says:

    They didnt even bother to change the tips to correspond to keyboard binds, it still refers to the xbox controller. Sigh..
    And hurray for PC games being modable (and hackable) so enthusiasts can fix the shoddy work of the gamedevs!

  20. golem09 says:

    I don’t really understand how many people are talking about how PC gamers are only thinking about resolution and graphics.
    A selectable resolution is so basic, that I don’t know ANY 3D game in the last 15 years on the pc that had a fixed resolution. Ports or not. Concerning the image quality it’s like the difference between watching a DVD and a Bluray. It’s the same, but better, and usually it’s not even something you even THINK about. It’s just there, ALWAYS.

    What all those people don’t think about is that you can’t even turn the resolution DOWN if your PC isn’t good enough. Also you don’t get any options about the aspect ratio of your Monitor, the image is just stretched until it somehow fits.
    Sure we could just enjoy the game. Or spent 30 seconds of our time to install a fix that makes the game look a lot better. Why wouldn’t I want to do that?

    • TheD says:

      Damn straight, anyone who says otherwise is a self entitled tard that thinks they have a right to talk about things they have no idea about.

    • malkav11 says:

      The game has a selectable resolution. What it does not have is a selectable internal rendering resolution. And aside from ARMA II and Guild Wars 2, I’m not sure I can think of a PC game that does allow you to pick that independently of the main game resolution. That said, most games do the internal render at the same resolution as the screen, rather than the fixed res that Dark Souls does.

      I dunno. I don’t see this as a *bad* port – it runs identically to the console version by default, but with a bit more configurability and more content, mouse-usable menus, etc. To me a bad port would be something like Resident Evil 4, which completely failed to use the mouse even for menus, actually turned off rendering functionality that the console original had, did not support gamepads properly even though it was clearly designed to be played with them (and would have been way better with mouse aiming), and had prerendered cutscenes at a terribly low resolution even though the PC was fully capable of real-time rendering and the original RE4 release on Gamecube did them in real-time. What this is is a -basic- port, that takes no particular care to optimize the game for the PC experience. And yes, that’s too bad. But it was a great game on console and it remains a great game here. Except better, because you can mod it and it has that extra content.

      • ffordesoon says:

        Darksiders II doesn’t run on my PC, which is amply equipped to play it. It starts, then crashes to desktop. Yes, even after the update.

        That’s a bad port.

        This is as bare-bones as you can get, but it runs perfectly well, it has extra content, it’s cheaper than it is on consoles, and it’s a great game.

        This port is shonky as hell, but it’s tolerable compared to a lot of them, Darksiders II included.

  21. D3xter says:

    New Depth of Field Fix version is Online :P
    link to

  22. The Sombrero Kid says:

    It’s almost certainly just injecting code to setup the frame buffer with a custom resolution, the ingame anti ailiasing almost certainly renders the final frame to another buffer the same size as the standard game resolution which effectively causes it to cancel out the high resolution of the frame, there is 99.9% chance this wont cause any issues whatsoever throughout the entire game.

  23. fish99 says:

    Can anyone report on the framerates, especially in the problem areas? That’s the one thing that made me wait rather than playing the console version, the possibility of areas like blight town running better.

    • subedii says:

      Eurogamer’s Digital Foundry did an article on it just now:

      link to

      Long story short: The framerate is locked at 30 FPS, but if you’ve got a decent setup you should be able to run it without the kinds of framerate drops that were seen console-side. Whether or not that remains when upping the resolution is another issue though. Again, it depends on your PC, but it sounds like it ought to be OK.

      • fish99 says:

        Thanks :)

        Looks like I should be able to run the resolution mod and get much less FPS drops than the console version (GTX560, I5-760).

    • Kohlrabi says:

      I’ve played Blighttown today and did not notice any FPS problems (Intel i5-3570K, Geforce GTX 560Ti 448, 8GB RAM).

  24. smacky says:

    I just wanted to say that Adobe Photoshop is crap because I can’t use it with a game controller.

    • Jehuty says:

      Is that really how people are seeing these complaints? Remember that people are saying the porting is crap, not the game itself.

      Speaking as someone who now owns DaS for both ps3 and pc, the quality of the game itself is unassailable. But when something is brought to a new platform, I would expect it to have adequate functionality on that platform’s native control device. And the current pc version of Dark Souls just does not have adequate kbm support. I would describe it more as barely functional. The mouse cursor hangs around on screen pretty much all the time, the camera is jerkier than a Jamaican chicken, the default keymapping is terrible (lock-on, an essential function, is “o” and the main menu and inventory screen is the End key, so good luck figuring that out if you didn’t check before you started), certain functions are split across multiple keys depending on the situation. The onscreen button prompts don’t even change depending on what you have plugged in, they just always display the 360 buttons.

      I know they’re inexperienced, and when they announced that it was going to be a fairly barebones port I way turned down my expectations, but I was still disappointed. Being candid about their shortcomings is very nice, I admit, but they aren’t going to sell games with apologies. As it stands, I need two pieces of third-party software, the res-fix and MotioninJoy, to play their title properly, and without them, I wouldn’t even consider it a bargain-bin purchase. That’s not good. And if for some ungodly reason someone decided that porting Photoshop to the 360 was a bright idea, then yes, I would expect it to support a controller.

      • Memphis-Ahn says:

        Middle mouse-button works for lock-on as well. They don’t list mouse controls because you can’t rebind them.
        Also, the End key for the menu makes sense, because opening it up doesn’t pause the game allowing you to keep your hand on WASD while using it.

  25. Sir-Lucius says:

    I can’t help but feel like From Software never wanted to do the port in the first place and Namco kinda forced their hand. They definitely get credit for being upfront about the nature of the port, especially now that it can be so hit or miss as to how well a game will handle on PC, even from more experienced developers. But like others have said some of the issues are so basic that I’m not sure lack of PC experience is really a legit excuse. Especially when From Software HAS released PC titles in the past. I’m willing to give the benefit of the doubt that it was a different team working on Demon’s Souls/Dark Souls than Ninja Blade, but I can’t help but feel that in a company of 200+ people there would be a few guys still there with PC experience able to give a guiding hand.

    That said I’m glad it seems modders are cleaning up. If they can get the majority of the PC-centric bugs fixed up I may still end up getting Dark Souls for PC. Otherwise I’ll just get it for PS3 for 20 bucks off Amazon.

    • Eclipse says:

      you don’t need to have “PC expecience” to change a damn frame buffer from 1024×720 to full HD, it’s matter of changing a single line of code, really.

      Same with fps lock, it’s beyond stupid why they decided to lock the game at 30 fps, maybe they hardcoded all the game logic to run well only at that framerate, but that’s not about PC experience, it’s about being truly stupid programmers. I’m not the best developer around, but even I don’t do those noobish mistakes. And still, it’s something you can fix withing a day, max two, of work of a single person.

      • wu wei says:

        Anyone who says “it’s just a matter of changing one line of code” is talking out of their anus and has clearly never coded a day in their life. In a complex piece of software, it is never about one line of code.

        You’re also criticising developers for decisions made based on the ridiculously low performance of modern consoles. Have you ever written a game for the PS3? Are you absolutely certain they could have had a physics engine independent of the frame rate and not have even worse slow down than they do? No? Then stop acting like you’re an authority on something you know nothing about.

        • fish99 says:

          It may not be one line of code, but it’s not that hard either. I’m entirely self taught in c++, win32 and Direct3D and have no training in programming whatsoever and yet I can do it. Also you’re forgetting From Software already wrote the 360 version which uses D3D9, so it’s not like a totally new API to them.

          • wu wei says:

            have no training in programming whatsoever

            Well, obviously, because you clearly don’t understand how there might be a difference between a multi-million line code base with 3+ GB of associated assets all of which has delivery-related obligations to financial backers, and whatever “look, ma, I’m coding!” fluff you cobbled together from a 24 Hours guide for fun.

          • fish99 says:

            I’ve programmed some pretty advanced stuff, like my own LOD terrain engine involving some heavy maths, and more importantly I’ve programmed full D3D device/caps/resolution enumeration for my current project and it wasn’t hard. And all without guides. I’ve also programmed my own software rendering engine.

            Also explain to me how the amount of assets or the size of the codebase affect the small section of simple code that sets up the rendering surface in the same resolution as the screen? It’s actually more effort to render to a seperate fixed sized surface than just setup a regular flipping chain automatically when you create your rendering surface.

            You can’t claim this stuff is hard when every other game manages it just fine. The game is simply rushed because Namco didn’t give them enough time.

      • Sir-Lucius says:

        That’s kinda the point that I was making. Hence why I don’t think they wanted to do it in the first place. Given the amount of time they had to do the port they should have been able to make more PC friendly changes and have plenty of time to run them through QA. They were most likely working on the DLC already so that probably didn’t really factor into it, especially since it should be out on console by the end of the year (which would make sense given MS and Sony certification time).

        And to play devil’s advocate, Wu Wei is right, it’s never as simple as one line of code. I’ve seen it in early builds of my own game where our programmers fixed “simple” UI scaling fixes only to cause other issues in a different part of the UI. And that’s just one example. It is very easy for what should be a simple change to cause ripples and change other aspects you wouldn’t necessarily think are even linked.

        Considering that they had been working on the game for probably a good 2 years for PS3 and 360 and then going straight to the PC port it’s conceivable that they didn’t even recognize the issue. It looked, played, and ran the same as it did on the two platforms they launched on previously, why should it look any different on PC? And considering the low prevalence of PC gaming in Japanese culture as a whole it’s possible they just didn’t recognize the problems at all.

        I still think that publisher pressure is the main reason they did the port in the first place, and that their lack of interest is the reason we got the straight port we did. There’s no hard evidence to back that up but I still find it to be the most likely reason for the quality of the port. But it is entirely possible that they just weren’t aware of the differences in expectations between the platforms.

        I certainly don’t support these kinds of ports in your typical situation, but I do think From Software deserves a bit of a break here. It’s disappointing, but they have been nothing but forthcoming about the quality of the port. Dark Souls is niche enough that I think the vast majority of it’s audience has probably been following the development of the port and was well aware of it’s issues going in. You can only fault someone so much for saying upfront “This is going to be a subpar port, but we’ll sell it to you anyway if you really want it.”

  26. Eclipse says:

    still with GFWL, still locked at 30 fps, still a shitty port that makes me sad :( It would have been SO EASY for From Software to make it right, without any additional costs, and no. They messed all up.

  27. Voice of Majority says:

    Perhaps the developer does not want the PC version to look different (=better) from consoles. The consoles is where they made all their money.

  28. pilouuuu says:

    It makes sense that such a hard game is hard to configure properly. Editing that INI is like part of the gameplay. It could never be as easy as a menu option!

  29. Kinth says:

    I’d much rather have something that fixes the frame lag every time a big particle affect happens.

    I can’t get close to the lake Hydra because every time it spits water I go to about 5 Fps. Same with the dragon fire on the bridge. The game seems to have severe problems with alpha.

    Other than that though it’s great, really enjoying it.

  30. Jupiah says:

    You know, even if it’s one of the crappiest pc ports ever made, I’m just glad it exists on the PC at all because I know modders are already hard at work fixing everything that’s wrong with it and with the new resolution fix it already looks way better then the console version. I can’t wait to see what else they can add to the game. And hopefully the excellent sales will convince From Souls to release all their future games on the PC and maybe put a bit more effort into porting them.

    • Shooop says:

      If anything they’ll be encouraged to do as little as possible when porting anything. Why would they do any more than they have to if it costs them time and money and idiots will buy it anyway?

      • Kinth says:

        Why exactly do you need more? We got what the console players got plus some extra content at a cheaper price.

        PC games are often £10 cheaper than the console version why is it we should have, neigh, DEMAND the better version?

        They could have given it better KB/M controls yes but I don’t see why we need to have all the other bells and whistles attached just because we are on PC. It’s this attitude that gives others the impression that PC gamers are all elitist snobs.

        They make the effort to port the game over despite never doing a port themselves before (very few Japanese games go to PC) just because we asked. They were completely honest about it the whole way through telling us that it is going to be a straight port. Then everyone bloody cries because they get the same as the console version and no extra fancy graphics or frame rates. If anything we have probably convinced them to never attempt it again. So hurrah the snobs have likely just made it so we get even less games on the PC now.

        If the sales are good they wont just go “oh look what we can do with a quick port, let’s do that again” They will wonder just how much they can get with a good port, since they are fully aware that the quick port has scared off people. They will likely develop the PC version alongside the console version of next games. Borderlands was a pretty rubbish port, but it sold so well that Gearbox are putting extra special attention into the PC version of Borderlands 2.

        I’ve played Dark Souls for over 10 hours already with out the resolution fix and enjoyed every minute of it.

        Just because some people can look past outdated graphics does not make them idiots. The idiots are the ones who cry and refuse to enjoy a game just because it doesn’t look like Crysis despite getting it cheaper than everyone else.

        • Shooop says:

          Because it’s not working properly on our platform. They didn’t even change the pop up text telling you to press B to run.

          And if you make some kind of “entitled” reply I’ll know for sure you’re full of shit.

        • woodsey says:

          ‘PC games are often £10 cheaper than the console version why is it we should have, neigh, DEMAND the better version?’

          So? That £10 is Sony or Microsoft’s cut – it’s not done out of the kindness of developers’ hearts.

          • fish99 says:

            Well, yes MS and Sony do take a cut. But anyway, the PC version should be the best simply because the hardware is more capable. 360 has 512mb combined ram or something versus 4gb ram + 1GB vram for your average PC. GPUs in consoles are generations out of date etc.

  31. mikmanner says:

    I have played 10 hours with this mod and have not had one single issue with it.

    I’ve also beaten Sen’s Fortress.

  32. Iskariot says:

    I expected a minor difference, but this is rather shocking.

  33. Shooop says:

    Still not worth $40. Not when they still have on screen prompts to press B to run.

    The modding community may make it worth $10 at most.

  34. dangerman77 says:

    Internet petitioning, and internet petition-signing, only gets you the barest of minimums.

  35. ffordesoon says:

    I respect not buying something because it’s an unsatisfactory product, and I would not prsume to tell you how to spend your money.

    This fix has got to be rather embarrassing to From, especially since I would imagine they probably didn’t even get that this was an option, seeing as how they’re dedicated console developers who have never had to support multiple resolutions before. I can see how it comes off as lazy, but we don’t and can’t know what actually happened during development. Still, if this is a dealbreaker for you, not buying it is an option.

    However, I am annoyed by the perception that not buying it is the only option, because it isn’t. It is, in fact, a demonstrably inferior option most of the time. It tends to work out like killing a cockroach with a hand grenade: you kill the roach, but there’s plenty of collateral damage. You can buy the game if you want it, and then turn around and complain mercilessly about the port. It doesn’t make you a hypocrite. I say that if you want the game, you should get it, then whine everywhere you can about the quality of the port. You are, in fact, harder to write off, because you are a dissatisfied customer with a very specific complaint, and no company wants the bad press that comes with that.

    Think about it; did Borderlands 2’s PC-native interface happen because people who didn’t buy Borderlands complained about its shitty PC UI? No, it happened because people who bought the game complained about it to the people who made the game. If nobody’d bought the game because of the shit PC UI, Gearbox might’ve decided to focus exclusively on consoles with B2, because the lack of sales would have only shown them that the PC market was a lost cause.

  36. orient says:

    For anything 3rd person on PC that’s not an over-the-shoulder shooter or point & click, a controller works best. Controlling something in 3D space with WASD is less accurate (there’s a reason we don’t use D-pads in 3D games anymore), especially if your character has different running speeds based on analog input.

    If you’re playing Dark Souls, a game designed with analog movement in mind, with a keyboard, you’re doing it wrong.

    I tried to play Bastion using a keyboard and the isometric perspective made it unbearable. Sometimes you’ve just got to accept that there are smarter ways to do things. Most console gamers know that keyboard & mouse is better for first-person shooters but they’re still happy using the inferior input device — that’s what some people are choosing to do here with Dark Souls.

    • absolofdoom says:

      I agree with you, except Bastion. For some reason I way preferred m & kb for it and I’m not sure why.

      Damn, that game was awesome. I’m gonna listen to the soundtrack now.

      • fish99 says:

        Yup, I finished Bastion twice through on kb/mouse and it was 100% fine, in fact it was easier than on a pad. I got most of the top awards on the proving grounds first time just through being able to aim better on the mouse.

        Having said that it did get a patch to fix the keyboard movement about 48 hrs after launch IIRC and before that patch the movements didn’t line up with the game world.

        Amazing game btw, amazing soundtrack.

  37. Metonymy says:

    I downloaded this just to see what the fuss was, and I was literally laughing like an idiot, 5 minutes in.


    Its a chasecam game with just horrible controls, apparently in addition to that, you need to use mouse, keyboard AND controller, (what is an A button? You mean this one? aaaaaaa)there is no first person view, it has a bunch of menus and things which are completely superfluous for something this simplistic, there is apparently a run and jump back button and different strength attacks, some ~~spells!~~ and you run around, and things GASP attempt to strike you with customary fantasy attacks. There are even models of __evil creatures.__

    This could have been made in a few days, with a Doom mod, back in the early 90s. Except it would have been a superior game, and it would have looked better, too.

    I’m not trying to say ‘you suck and your game sucks,’ I’m trying to say, why don’t you have higher standards than this? How do you continuously let this kind of vacuum of design to continue to exist?

    • absolofdoom says:


    • rokmek says:

      Your post gave me cancer.

    • D3xter says:

      I can’t even find any words to properly express how stupid and incredibly sad what you just said is.

      Just… I need to be alone now…

    • ffordesoon says:

      Let me get this straight: your sole criticism of a third-person fantasy action-RPG is that it is a third-person fantasy action-RPG?

      I mean, I’m not even going to attempt to refute any of your mind-numbingly stupid points. I’m still wondering what the hell your argument is. You don’t like third-person fantasy action-RPGs, and are annoyed that other people do? Is that literally what you are trying to argue?

      There is one valid criticism in there (the thing about the console button prompts), and it’s of the port, not the game. The rest of it could be summed up by, “I don’t like this kind of game, and I’m a superior human being to all of you, so I’m going to shame you into disliking it with my OBJECTIVE FACTS.”

      This is maybe the dumbest post I’ve ever read on RPS. And I’ve read Wulf’s rants about Morrowind.

      • Metonymy says:

        That’s basically correct, 3rd person rpgs should not exist, they’re terrible games. Name a single good one. You can’t use something like fallout3/NV, everyone plays that in first person.

        The only reason the 3rd person view even exists, is that terrible players can’t grasp +moveleft and +moveright, mouselook, or they’re attempting to play an FPS without a mouse. My question, is why do you intentionally allow this design failure to continue to thrive by playing and/or buying games designed for little children? Are you going to refute my premise that 3rd person games exist for little children? It’s a bad place to stage your argument, since you won’t be able to provide anything but your opinion. I, on the other hand, can state a long list of facts of why first person is always better, and #1 on the list will always be that you don’t have some big honking model cluttering up your view.

        • orient says:

          So, let me get this straight…Dark Souls is for children, because every third-person RPG is for children, because first-person is better?

          Cool. You’ve gone wrong in the head.

        • ffordesoon says:

          I would refute that premise, were it a premise. It’s not. “Third-person RPGs are for little children and shouldn’t exist” is purely an opinion, and an idiotic one, at that. You can do things in third-person that you can’t do in first, and vice versa. I have nothing against first-person games, but the idea that all third-person games would be better in first-person is complete and utter horseshit.

          FACT: Third-person affords you more situational awareness than you have in first-person games, which is actually closer to the level of situational awareness you would have in real life. Your situational awareness in a first-person game ends at the edges of the screen., which is why so many of them utilize those Spider-Sense-like arrows that flash red when you get shot at from behind, and similar UI cheats.

          FACT: It allows for aesthetic customization of your character, which a lot of people quite enjoy, and is a literalization of the paper doll system of earlier RPGs.

          FACT: Third-person games, because of their increased sense of spatial awareness, are ideal for complex combat involving facing, range, positioning, and timing, as in Dark Souls (OPINIONATED ASIDE: and yes, I know you said it’s simple, but it just isn’t, and that you think it is reveals how badly you misjudged the game). I’m not going to say that first-person games can’t do interesting things with facing, range, positioning, and timing, but it’s undeniably much more difficult, and often requires unnecessary UI clutter and excellent sound design, as I mentioned before.

          FACT: Third-person, even “chasecam” third-person, makes keeping track of multiple characters much easier. Dragon Age: Origins didn’t do a perfect job of this, but switching between each party member would have been a nightmare had it been a first-person game, because your spatial awareness of each party member’s situation would’ve been completely fucked unless you happened to be looking at them already. Now, there are ways to mitigate that confusion, but you’d have to design around those workarounds, which would make the game very different, and probably inferior.

          FACT: Many people find third-person more aesthetically pleasing, because they get to watch their character that they created be a badass and kill dudes in (to them) awesome, beautifully rendered ways. This is why games like Skyrim move to third-person for slow-motion killcams occasionally: it’s a reward for playing the game well.

          FACT: The physicality of third-person movement provides for more varied movement options, such as Ninja Gaiden’s wall jumps or Dark Souls’ dodge move. You can do both in first-person, of course, but it’s much more difficult to do well, and usually involves some sort of cheating on the part of the developers (Mirror’s Edge’s red-colored ledges, for example). Third-person makes this simple, saving developers time and money.

          FACT: “Third-person” could technically encompass games as diverse as Super Mario Bros., Monkey Island, and Fallout. Even “chasecam” games have a great deal of variety in their movement. God Hand, Resident Evil 4, and Uncharted feel completely different, for example, but all are technically chasecam games.

          There are so many more facts I could muster without ever resorting to a subjective statement.

          Oh, and here’s a question: even taking every one of your points as a given, why is designing an accessible game a failure state in the first place? Because you don’t want them to?

          I leave you with this: Half-Life 1 had so-called jumping puzzles. Most people despised them. They’re barely more complex than any ten seconds of the very first Super Mario Galaxy level. But people hated them, because they had only a tentative grasp of their physical position. If first-person is always better, why is a six-year-old able to negotiate a Mario Galaxy level with ease when adult human beings can’t figure out quite how far a jump will take them from one crate to the next in Half-Life?

        • mashakos says:

          @ Metonymy: congratulations. you are superior to us all.

          link to

      • Metonymy says:

        I need to add that Wow was obviously good in it’s prime, and it’s clearly designed for the 3rd person view. Since I can’t provide a strong refutation to that one, I’ll concede it. But I want to clarify that I consider it to be, at core, a team battle game, that requires a lot of situational awareness due to how slow the player moves and how many attacks are modified by facing and range.

    • Unaco says:

      I lost some my confidence in humanity reading your post. I feel hollow inside now.

      I can’t tell if you’re serious or not… you are a parody of yourself I believe. You don’t get the game. That’s fine. I know people that can’t grasp that the world is older than 2012 years, or why the plural of anecdote is not data.

    • Yosharian says:

      Successful troll is successful

  38. Mordsung says:

    All they had to do was port it properly to get my 40 bucks.

    That’s all I needed.

    And they couldn’t even pull that off.

    So they shall get 10 to 15 dollars at a later date.

  39. RegisteredUser says:

    All these retarded excuses that the dev “didn’t know much about PC”.
    As we have right in front of our eyes, all it takes is a single guy hired for 1 week(less than 2k in your budget) to not deliver a total crapfest.

    But we can’t make it so painfully plain that the PC is capable of much superior visuals and fidelity than all of the current generation consoles, I guess?

    (Or “worse” yet, maybe we’re already ahead of the next generation as well?)

    One way or another, FROM have no real excuse. There has to be a sincere underlying intention not to have the PC get to proper HD resolutions.

    If you have people smart enough to construct a full game on a professional level you can’t tell me they don’t know how to hire people, manage a project and enable features. That’s just hollow.

  40. derbefrier says:

    game is awesome despite the bad port. I recommend you all buy this game and enjoy the best 40 bucks you’ve spent on a game in a looooong time. even this bad port cant overshadow the awesome gameplay tucked away inside. quit crying, deal with the clunky menus, plug in a controller, install the graphics mods and lose yourself in this game. The game plays flawlessly with a controller and is one of the best RPGs and most fun combat systems i have played in a long time. The online gameplay is truly unique and fits the mood nicely. I guess what i am trying to say is this is one port that’s worth the little bit of frustration it causes. Once you start playing you’ll forget all about that stuff i gauruntee

    • mashakos says:

      I have to say this is the only rpg I’ve ever played that didn’t have a completely crappy combat system based on “stats”. My street fighter skills came in quite handy with whatever crap you get to start with in the game.

      • Uninteresting Curse File Implement says:

        My street fighter skills came in quite handy

        Wait, Quarter-circle, Forward, Punch works in the game?

  41. Uninteresting Curse File Implement says:

    Did the game look like such enormous arse on consoles at all times?? I don’t think I’d be able to play it without that mod, period. Well, all’s well that ends well, right? All of you who are refusing to buy this on principle are only punishing yourselves. Game’s rather Decent.

    • Hardlylikely says:

      I’m not Dr Graphics, but to my eyes it looks fine on a 42″ TV compared to other PS3 games. Of course, you could rightly argue that all PS3 games look awful compared to what PCs are pumping out, but comparing apples with apples it looks nice enough.

      Not so good as to justify the frame rate problems, of course.

      edit: Come to think of it, I thought Demons Souls looked better. Dark Souls looks like it might have as many as eleven more graphics, but Demons Souls has a nice style. Wish they would port that too.

      • Uninteresting Curse File Implement says:

        I think I heard that PS3 games all render in 1080p internally as opposed to most 360 games? It was supposed to be PS3’s big selling point or something. Although at this point I wouldn’t put it past FROM to not use the full potential of that platform as well.
        I’m talking out of my ass of course.

        • mashakos says:

          “I’m talking out of my ass of course”

          You have just saved yourself a lot of aggravation from the console vs pc warlords (i.e. massive nerds).

        • fish99 says:

          Most PS3 games render at 720p. I can think of some that can’t even manage 720p, like GTA4 which is 720p on the 360 and about 576p or something on PS3. Then again there’s games on the 360 which can’t manage 720p like Halo 3.

          Basically the only games on PS3/360 that render at 1080p are games with relatively simple graphics, or 2D games, the consoles just don’t have the GPU horsepower to do the big AAA titles in that res. And no that was never a selling point of the PS3 AFAICR,