Walking Dead Ep 3 Taking Short Road To Release

Now imagine a world in which zombies subsisted on guns instead of human brains. Wouldn't that be something?

Well, relative to right now, anyway. Originally, Telltale was dead set on a “mid-August” date for its next helping of zombie-driven drama, but time – the fickle, obstinate beast – had other ideas. Time ideas. But now, in the darkest, most hopeless reaches of late August, there is hope. You may have had to wait an extra between-five-and-fifteen days, but here it is: The Walking Dead Episode 3 – Long Road Ahead will be out later today. But why wait until midweek of late August when you can watch a (slightly spoilery) trailer in Q1 of early now?

Meanwhile, here’s Telltale’s tale of the tape of the tale it’s going to tell.

“The stakes get even higher in episode three as Lee, Clem, and the group are forced to move on from the motel. The fallout from treachery within the group will lead to some shocking moments, and – depending on the choices you make – one of the hardest things that Lee has ever had to do.”

Which sounds fairly tantalizing – though admittedly so spoiler-avoidant as to be almost comically vague. The trailer, meanwhile, takes a pretty in-your-face approach to the proceedings, but I’m not sure if I’ve ever seen a truly subtle zombie trailer. And no, that other one definitely doesn’t count. Thankfully, the previous two episodes have done an excellent job of making the small moments really stand out (granted, the second slipped a little in that regard), so here’s hoping that trend continues. And if not, well, hm. I suppose there’s that Activision TV show adaptation. Maybe it’ll… surprise us? OK. I have used up my allotted total of optimism for the day. I need to go lie down.


  1. KeyboardGato says:

    I’m worried about the Steam version, mostly… they didn’t even hint at a release date…

    • Bobka says:

      We can only hope that the release date is the same, implicitly – I don’t see why they’d pull a Dawnguard on us.

    • mikebeas says:

      The achievements just showed up in Steam, so it looks like it’s coming REALLY soon!

    • dyldan135 says:

      ya keyboard gato ur right like right were i live in canada its 1 pm and there is absoulutly nuthin about walking dead ep 3

  2. Hyoscine says:

    Waiting a bit for Episode 3, eh?

    • povu says:

      Half Life, The Longest Journey, The Walking Dead… There’s a curse on third games/episodes with unresolved storylines.

    • Skabooga says:

      Well, that’ll teach me to skim headlines.

  3. sophof says:

    I’m still hoping that the TV series will Grow the Beard, it definitely has the potential imo.

    Have only played the first episode of the game (one of those games I play while travelling), but I was really enjoying it. I only hate that it takes away control quite often for a cinematic and then sometimes let’s you take control, totally at random. They missed an opportunity to make it cutscene free.
    Mostly I’m surprised I enjoy a game so full of QTE like gameplay.

    • Stromko says:

      I wish it weren’t so padded out with unskippable dialogue and slow movement over sprawling areas. It makes the game hard to replay, especially if you’re replaying it because it once again screwed up your saves. Half the times I’ve played NPCs have started referring to things that specifically didn’t happen in my timeline, because apparently they didn’t carry over.

      I mean I literally just finished Episode 1, the end of episode screen said that I supported X or did Y, but then I started the next episode and the ‘Last on: The Walking Dead’ had Lee do the exact opposite of that.

  4. Stromko says:

    Tsk, the title image already spoiled it for me. Now it’s obvious that Lee ends up on Hoth where he has to battle a zombified T-47 Airspeeder pilot.

  5. sfaok says:

    RPS unless I’m seriously mistaken you’re spoiling a sequence in Episode 3 with that image. However minor it turns out to be I now expect to be attacked by a zombie pilot at some point. You did the same thing with Sleeping Dogs with a certain Wedding image (anyone who’s played the game will know how big of a spoiler that was too). STOP DOING THIS!

    • Dr. Shenanigans says:

      That’s the screenshot Telltale released the day before yesterday, so you might want to talk to them, instead.

    • whydidyoumakemeregister says:

      The unskippable “next time on the Walking Dead” trailer that goes on and on and on at the end of episode 2 probably took care of all possible spoilers already. I had to mute the speakers and walk away for what felt like minutes.

  6. Discopanda says:

    My opinion on this is YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!

  7. Drungawunga says:

    Screencap instantly reminded me of Pearl Jam

  8. gary2121 says:

    cant wait