MGS: Ground Zeroes Is “Open World” And On PC, Maybe

Me, yesterday
Last night Kojima Productions had a big party to celebrate twenty-five long years of the Metal Gear Solid franchise. There’s going to be a movie! But who cares about that because there’s also going to be a new game: Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes. There are only twitter reports from the event to go on so far, but apparently the new game has an open-world structure, and according to at least one onlooker, was “amazing”. It was shown on a PC, although it’s not clear whether that’s definitely a target platform or just a development setup. My feeling is that PC gaming is dead, and that no one should attempt to launch games on the platform, for any reason.

An official announcement is incoming. Hell, it might even be here by the time I post this. Let’s see, eh?


  1. lordcooper says:

    Grand Snake Theft?

    This is bloody good news.

  2. Jams O'Donnell says:

    Having just come out of MGS: Peace Walker on the PSP I’m not sure what to think. The games are fun enough, but the story? Jesus, that series needs to take a pill.

    • JackShandy says:

      Mmm, it seems like an open-world MGS would be mired in storytelling that works against the open world.

      I’ve never been convinced that Metal Gear Solid is a good game series, but I shouldn’t speak out – I’ve only played 2, 3 and 4 for a few hours each.

      • Ephaelon says:

        So that’d equate to a quarter hour of actual playing per game.

        • JackShandy says:

          No, I spent a few hours on each game, as I said. E: Specifically, I played up to the demolition Big Shell bit of MGS2, the demo of MGS 3, and the motorcycle chase of MGS4.

          Man, look at this terrible boring nitpicky clarification comment you made me post.

          • lordcooper says:

            You both made me sad :(

          • Orija says:

            He’s referring to the MGS games being filled up to the brim with overlong cutscenes.

          • CrookedLittleVein says:

            I may be missing a very subtle joke here (tired and all) but I think Ephaelon was jokingly referencing the fact that MGS is rather infamous for being more cut scene than game.

            Edit: Them’s some mighty fine ninja moves you’ve got there, Orija. :P

          • JackShandy says:

            Aha! You’re right, I am a fool, and my terrible boring nitpicky comment has been posted for nothing.

      • Azradesh says:

        The first Metal Gear Solid is the best. If you’re going to try one, try that.

        • Unholymess says:


        • Obc says:

          yup, its one of my favourite games of all time. i played it sooooo many times and if my playstation was still working i might play it again right now.

          it wasnt bogged down by overlong cutscenes, those that were there were not too lengthy and oddly fun.

        • wireless says:

          And the sequence taking place on Shadow Moses in MGS4. That was epic, mostly for the nostalgia trip.

        • Xercies says:

          Yep! its got the most open levels of all of them and its not to bad on the cutscenes i don’t think especially compared to the other ones…and also the stealth just feels great and works.

        • 2helix4u says:

          You misspelt “third” Metal Gear Solid.

          *Crosses arms*

        • brau says:

          i think i played MGS 1 the most. But my all time favorite one is Snake Eater. Holy smokes was that game amazing.

    • Magnusm1 says:

      You crazy. The story is great. Oh, and if you think PW’s story is crazy, you should play MGS2.

    • wireless says:

      Peace Walker’s story wasn’t as great as the other’s, though this is coming from someone who loves every bit of MGS to death (but hasn’t played 2 and 3 yet).


      The whole “Boss recreated in an AI herp derp” was stupid, but seeing how Big Boss got started as the leader of MSF and becomes the antagonist of the first two games, that was awesome.

      And the whole what’s her face thing with Zeke.

      Yeah you’re right.

      But like the other’s said, play MGS1.

  3. KikiJiki says:

    I’m just wondering if it will contain A HIND D?

    • Snids says:

      A Hind D?

      • KikiJiki says:

        The Hind D is responsible for one of the most godawful bits of dialogue in MGS1:

        Snake: A HIND D? Colonel, what’s a Russian gunship doing here?

        Col: I HAVE NO IDEA.

        • Snids says:

          I know, bromeo.

          Snake often repeats things back as a question.

          As a question?

          • KikiJiki says:

            Well that one went over my head like a suspiciously overweight elevator.

          • apocraphyn says:

            Ahh, the constant confuddlement of Snake in MGS1 is fantastic.


            “It looks like they were cut by some type of blade…”

            “Metal Gear?!”

          • KikiJiki says:


        • Fox89 says:

          “I got all of the inferior, recessive genes!!!”


          • hjd_uk says:

            Of course, having brown hair while his brother has blonde hair defies this – Blonde hair is recessive while brown hair is dominant – although blue eyes are reccessive so maybe both brothers dye their hair ?

  4. frightlever says:

    “There’s going to be a movie!”

    Seems redundant. Last few MGS games have all been movies, interrupted with occasional button pressing.

    • Unaco says:

      Last few? I remember playing watching the first MGS game on PS1… and it wasn’t even a good movie.

    • felisc says:

      I tried mgs2 recently, indeed, those cutscenes are endless.

  5. AmateurScience says:

    I haven’t played an MGS game past the PSX version, which I really loved. Keep meaning to go back and have a go at the PS2 instalments but y’know, so many games, so little time. Were the subsequent ones any good?

    Konami seem to have lost all interest in porting them since the first two as well, which is a bit of a shame.

    • welverin says:

      Yes, but they’re not for everyone.

      If you enjoyed MGS, give MGS2 a try. If you like it move onto the next one.

      If you have a PS3 or 360 you could pick up the HD collection for 2,3, and Peace Walker.

    • 2helix4u says:

      MGS3 is, in my opinion, the best one.
      Its got the most restrained story (Not to say its not still ridiculous, BEE MAN!) and its got more game than 4. MGS2 is also good, but the story is bananas and you have to play as a whiny young man with beautiful hair and child-bearing hips.

      Even 4 was a good game for the 20% of the time it let you play it, its just most people didn’t have the time to find this out (me included, I only warmed to it after watching a playthrough by someone who knows all the secrets) because they are feel like they’re being crushed to death by cutscenes.

      • Rad says:

        “…but the story is bananas and you have to play as a whiny young man with beautiful hair and child-bearing hips.”

        Thank you. That’s one of the funniest things I’ve read in awhile :)

  6. BlackeyeVuk says:

    I like that sarcasm of yours. :D

    Actually I bought PS3 ONLY because of MGS . Altho, i have PSX emulator, so older games are kinda pirated. Technically… I have PSX , buster one, and CDs, that does not work… Hell. Im even enjoying MGS2 as Front Mission 3 even today.

  7. Slinkyboy says:

    More Publishers seem to be interested in Windows 8. Oh joy.

  8. Flukie says:

    Adore MGS here. Fantastic games throughout.

  9. Universal Quitter says:

    “My feeling is that PC gaming is dead, and that no one should attempt to launch games on the platform, for any reason.”

    Sentences like this are why I keep coming back here. That’s not a cue to stop, either.

  10. Lars Westergren says:

    > My feeling is that PC gaming is dead, and that no one should attempt to launch games on the platform, for any reason.

    Somewhere in the world, someone read this and gasped so hard they inhaled their monitor.

  11. TechnicalBen says:

    I hope for sanitie’s sake that the movie is based on MSG1’s or at most MSG2’s story (not played 3). Because 4 was just insane and weird. I mean (minor spoiler warning, because it’s so strange I’d not count it as a spoiler anyhow…)

    it even had a wedding!

    • Obc says:

      the story of 3 was better, if you just focus it on big boss and the boss. the betrayel at the bridge, the survival in the jungle, the last battle in the fields and the final revelation about the boss. soooo good. (everything else was crazy MGS nonsense)

  12. JackDandy says:

    I didn’t get to play 4 since I don’t have a PS3. I did love the PS2 & 1 titles, though.

    Would be great if we get a PC release.

  13. iucounu says:

    The MGS game I would really like to see on the PC is the excellent, excellent METAL GEAR ACID (and MGA2). A turn-based tactical combat game powered by deck-building and card-unlocking. It’s such a shame it was only ever on PSP.

  14. MarigoldFleur says:

    An open world MGS game that won’t require me to buy it on PS3 or a next-gen console? If this ends up being true this could very well be the best news I’ve heard all month.

    Unless it ends up being as boring a slog as MGS4 was, in which case it’s the worst news I’ve heard all month.

    • Geen says:

      This, and sorta hijacking it:
      People, not the entire series had a terrible amount of shitty story and cutscenes. Look at MGS3. It is NOT MGS4 or 2.

  15. Snids says:


    The Metal Gear Solid series has very long cutscenes!!!

    I sure wish someone could make a very fresh, innovative joke around this fact. I’m actually amazed that they’ve not already.

    …oh wait absofuckinglutely everybody has. Over and over again.

    • Unaco says:

      Yeah, but they never get any less funny (the jokes and the cut scenes). And in the end, you can always just skip over the jokes, and not bother with them or let them bother you. Unlike the cut scenes.

    • tetracycloide says:

      The never ending stream of unoriginal jokes are ironically similar to the never ending stream of never ending videos in every MGS game.

    • Snids says:

      The jokes are about as funny as:

      “This table has a teapot on it”

      Merely an observation that there is a table with a teapot on it.

      I’m not defending Kojima-san as the cutscenes are far too long. But then I lap them up. I’ve always been a fan of that kind of thing and sort of see the cutscenes as a “reward” for progressing in the game. Like how in the old days the end sequence was a reward for finishing.

      I’m a fan of knife edge arcade action games as well though. Something something salad analogy.

      • JackShandy says:

        “I’m a fan of knife edge arcade action games as well though.”

        Well, parts of MGS4 did remind me a lot of Time Crisis.

      • grundus says:

        Metal Gear Solid has consistently had some of the best cutscenes ever featured in a game. Unfortunately, yes, Hideo Kojima seemed to get a little too enamoured with his story to let the players actually play, but then when they were allowed to play it was all excellent. Honestly, I was a little disappointed by Act 3 of MGS4 (because it seemed like all the gameplay had been in the first two acts) but then Act 4… Goodness me. I still remember the goosebumps.

        Anyway, with any luck an open world Metal Gear will mean that we can avoid obviously signposted cutscene triggers in favour of sneaking around. With any luck there will be some Peace Walker-style meta games to boost the replayability beyond the conditional unlocks of the other four games, by which I mean a recruitment system, weapon schematics and all that stuff, not necessarily GTA-style hidden packages though… I want good stuff.

  16. Shooop says:

    How exactly would it play? The entire series is a pacifist Hitman movie. If you do the usual gaming thing and screw around you get punished for it.

    • wireless says:

      MGS4 was much better about this. It had a gun store in the menu. You can play it aggressively if you wanted, though reinforcements, etc.

    • MortalWombat says:

      As far as I’m concerned… MGS was all about messing around and playing with the system, hence it’s high replay value (Preferably in a tuxedo/stealth suit).

  17. brau says:

    We all knew Kojima could not stop making MGS games.

    • RedViv says:

      He’s trying his best to make everyone WANT him to stop. But he just can’t manage to do that. It’s quite curious.

    • Srethron says:

      I’m surprised Hideo Kojima hasn’t figured this out yet. To destroy Metal Gear, all he needs to do is make the game he actually wants to make and just call it Metal Gear. The fans will revolt, his reputation will be tarnished in the eyes of the fanboys and shareholders, and he can finally go off and do something else. (Citation: Wacky Deli)

  18. smoke.tetsu says:

    Welcome to the PC, we are all games platform necrophiliacs here! Let’s all gather around and chant ONE OF US, ONE OF US! To anyone new to the platform. ;)

  19. woodsey says:

    Ah, because what the open-world genre needs is more bad storytelling.

    • 2helix4u says:

      At least he tried… I appreciate that in MGS you are an independent pacifist, anti-military organisation and MGS4 deals with PMCs and the militarisation of the global economy. It ended up batshit and overly expository but at least it wasn’t:

      Pick one:
      You are a destined fantasy hero, fight the evil thing and save the world.
      You are a newbie solider in an elite unit, kill hundreds of people from a real nation that we don’t like, invade Tehran! Why not?
      You are a space marine, kill aliens.

      • woodsey says:

        If your cutscenes are pushing 5 minutes you should probably considering cutting back a little; if they’re pushing an hour then you might have ‘tried’, but you’ve failed miserably.

        If a film spent half of its run-time as text on a screen no one would say “well at least it tried”.

  20. wireless says:

    EDIT: Woops, wrong place.

    I agree. And the cutscenes are skippable from what i’ve said. I didn’t want to sit through them a second time during another MGS4 playthrough, but I’m not going to moan and pout about them on the internet because they’re really great the first time (and maybe later on after i’ve forgotten them).

    But I don’t see why people on the internet always have to bring up the cutscenes anytime MGS is mentioned anywhere. Or just complain about it general. It’s one of the best stealth action franchises ever right? Am I stupid for thinking that?

  21. Eddy9000 says:

    I hope for the UK regionalisation the title is changed to ‘ground noughts’ or ‘ground O’s’

    Bloody American english with it’s fetishisation of the letter ‘Z’ and woeful disregard for the importance of the letter ‘U’.

  22. MortalWombat says:

    What’s wrong with all you guys saying MGS is only cutscenes and no gameplay?
    All I ever did in MGS and especially in MGS2 was messing with the guards and finding new ways to get past an area or clear it or just have fun shooting pidgeons… hell, I even spent hours with the demos of each of those games before I got my hands on the actual thing.

    I remember MGS1 & 2 very fondly but your memories have seemingly all been corrupted by playing MGS4 (which I haven’t played) and MGS3 (which for my didn’t feel like a MGS at all… all that jungle camouflage stuff… meh!).

  23. Cam says:

    Enough with the cut-scene hate. God forbid you sit still for 10 minutes while playing a game that heavily features STEALTH. If you’re that impatient, just press the skip button and stop wasting everyone else’s time with your complaints.

    • woodsey says:

      Stealth gameplay has tension and still requires active participation, even if you are sitting still. And they’re longer than 10 minutes.

      It’s a valid criticism, so it’s not wasting anyone’s time – if any other game did it it’d be crucified.

  24. hjd_uk says:

    Please be in the timeframe of Pre Metal-Gear (NES) / Post MGS3 :- You are BigBoss, setting up Outer Heaven, going on missions, recruiting soldiers, performing mercenary missions for corrupt dictatorships…

    in any case : Squeee!

    • Kinth says:

      You’re definitely big boss, the only publicly released screenshot shows snake wearing NV goggles and you can see the eye patch string.

      Most likely post MGS3 ,looking at the equipment he has on it’s a bit to high tech for it to be set pre MGS3

      It will likely have something to do with outer heaven.

      Here’s the picture
      link to

  25. sinister agent says:

    Oh great, that’ll be fun. Instead of sitting through terrible forty minute cut scenes every ten paces, we’ll have an entire city of terrible cut scenes. Maybe they’ll even cut to the chase and just disable the controls entirely this time. Go Kojima!

    Or! Maybe the “release” will just be a note sellotaped to a door telling you to open it, and when you do, a fat man with a banjo spends the next three days sighing, grunting, repeating what the note said, and then eventually tells you that you’ve been playing MGS since you were conceived, and wowwwww that’s sooo meta and cool and I am such a storytelling geeenius, now here’s my friend Raiden who is now God and has committed suicide but is alive again because of the Patriots, who are your wife.

  26. Kinth says:

    We need MGS 3 and 4 though! I’ve played 3 but not 4.

    I hope it does hit PC though this is a remnant of my console days that I sorely miss.

    Oh and a screenshot over on kotaku, the graphics look amazing and it apparently runs on current gen PC hardware.

    link to

  27. Geen says:

    As long as it’s like 3 and not 4. I loved throwing animals at people and messing with the guards.

  28. Uninteresting Curse File Implement says:

    It won’t come out on PC, but it would be nice if it would as long as it’s a proper MGS game and not some kind of hack’n’slash or Pokemon knockoff.

  29. squirrel says:

    I dont appreciate Kojima’s style of marketing: intentionally create a cloud of mystery.

  30. Ownageinacan says:

    “PC gaming is dead”?
    Holy fucking shit I have never seen such a stupid fucking sentence in my entire life.

  31. PartVI says:

    Says PC gaming is dead. Fails to recognize the trends of game sales which have been increasingly in favor of PC’s because of digital distribution services, easily accessable discounts and the fact that even a mid-range PC is likely to be far more powerful than even a PS3 at rendering graphics at vastly superior resolutions.

    Add in cloud services, the popularity of game mods… Yeah, PC gaming will take over again. The big companies will acknowledge that. You’d be wise to change your tune, sir, since you’ve been wrong about PC gaming being ‘dead’ since Steam first started selling games online. Get with the times, baddie.