Gotham City Imposters Now Free To Play On Steam

Aha, perhaps rather predictable, eh? So predictable, in fact, that when Craig wrote his thoughts about the game down for us, he said: “You feel awfully like you’ve just bought into a free-to-play shooter. On one hand it offers a range customisations for you to trim the fat from the character, or add to it if you want a tougher head to deflect the bullets. There’s an overwhelming number of weapons, body types, and costumes you can tweak. But on the other hand it’s stingy in the way that f2p games are.” But now, with it quietly going free on Steam, the primary element of stingyness, actually having to pay for it, has been removed. That probably doesn’t make it a better game, but hey, at least you can try it for nowt…


  1. Greggh says:

    Oh my, I thought this game was a shooter on rails… Guess I was wrong by a mile!

  2. nasenbluten says:

    Also GFWL is gone! Wohooo!

  3. Tuimic says:

    This is an alright game. It did feel very f2p though and I think it would’ve enjoyed more success had it started that way. I picked it up as part of a bundle in the last sale and while I did play it for a while, it didn’t offer me very much in terms of grabbing me and pulling me in.

    It’s got style in spades though

  4. BrendanJB says:

    I bought this game for $7 in a Steam sale and got about 30 hours out of it. It is an extremely fun game to play and I wholeheartedly recommend at least giving it a whirl.

    • Cooper says:

      Worst £3 I ever spent in a Steam sale. Got maybe an hour or two out of it…

  5. Brodo Swaggins says:

    Are there any bonuses for people who bought the game? I can’t find anything on the Gotham City FAQ (other than the transfer to steamworks means that “what you’ve done on other platforms has to be left there”). Did they just get completely screwed over?

    • Tuimic says:

      I think the most the could offer is special hats or something like TF2.

    • Legion23 says:

      As I just heard you get around 75% of the F2P DLC/unlocks and a unique calling card background by redeeming your old game key into steam. My own bought stuff seems to be unlocked in the f2p version too. Sorry I cannot find a detailed list right now. It is not entirely clear if you can migrate your stats at some point in the future or not. Personally I do not expect it.

  6. Ninja Foodstuff says:

    I played the beta of it, hated it and then after some patch or another came out I gave it another look and it was actually quite fun. It had boatloads of microtransactions and the cursed GfWL but you could ignore most of that.

  7. SouperSteve0 says:

    So when do I get my money back for putting up with gfwl?

    • alundra says:

      While I’m glad GFWL lost yet another game on their lineup, these conversions from standard to the F2P model without any kind of bonus are always a big up- yours-sobs to the people who supported the game with their money, specially the early adopters.

    • Lakelly says:

      You don’t get any, you bought the sodding game without learning a damn thing about it. Your fault for purchasing it.

  8. DickSocrates says:

    Being free hasn’t tempted me to try a single game yet.

    • smoke.tetsu says:

      Same here, in fact going F2P has deterred me from trying games instead. Generally speaking I dislike the whole F2P movement.

  9. Rubyace says:

    I played it for 30 hours and would have played a lot more with out all the problems it had with connecting (and staying connected to server) and matchmaking back then. I do not know if these problems still persists but they killed the game for many as sometimes you had to wait for over half an hour to get a match where you would get disconnected after one round.

    I just logged in to check if I had received any compensation for buying the game but there seems to be none. Even though I got quite a lot of entertainment from the game, I still feel bit screwed over with this. It is Heroes of Newerth all again for me.

    Oh and GFWL is still there.

    Edit: Apparently they introduced completely new download for f2p version, even though having the game already on computer, I have to download the f2p version again for some reason. Have to see if it is any different than the old version

    • alundra says:

      GFWL can be so tightly integrated into a game that maybe that’s the reason why they had to make an entirely new version.

      • Rubyace says:

        Yeah I checked their official FAQ and it said just that. I also noticed that those who had bought the game received all the DLC there is. Unfortunately your progress is completely wiped out, You can continue with old client but that is not officially supported and has GFWL.

    • Thunderkor says:

      Actually you get quite a bit of stuff for having bought the original game. You have to get your GFWL game key and activate it on steam, then you’ll get access to a bunch of stuff. Here’s a link with info on how to do that:

      link to

      I did it and it worked great. I got almost all the basic costume options from before any of the DLC, probably 3/4 of the original sets of weapons, all with full upgrades already unlocked. You get a couple of freebie Mascots. You also get an XP bonus and costume coin bonus. Also, all the costume and loadout slots will be unlocked already. Before, these were doled out every few levels and when you would rank up every 100 levels, it would all reset.

      I did this last night and everything worked perfectly. I had given up on the game but played some last night and remembered what fun it could be. The biggest flaw was GFWL and the terrible matchmaking.

      I noticed another thing that could have been in the GFWL version but added after I left, so not sure if this is just new to the Steam version or was simply added after I stopped playing the old one, but the Prize boxes in a match can have prizes other than just the temporary damage/resistance/speed buffs. For example, I found a Dinosaur skin for my Partisan last night.

  10. jiaco says:

    This game was dead just after release. Apparently one of my kids tried to play it today and spent his entire time waiting for a match to be made…Anyone know if the matches are made of people playing the old pay version and the new f2p version together? I had to dig up his gfwl info and deal with the crapware, as before seeing it here just now, I did not know that we now have to redownload the game.

    IMO, if you pay for bandwidth, this game is not worth it, not matter what the size.

  11. kzrkp says:

    OR you could make better use of your time with a good free2play game, like Blacklight or Tribes

    • RiptoR says:

      Tribes, yes. Blacklight, not so much.

      Also, GCI is actually quite good imho. I liked the “old” GFWL version very much and enjoyed the gameplay thourougly, but finding a match was difficult (practically impossible if you tried anything other than Team Deathmatch).

      The move to F2P and removing GFWL in favor of Steamworks have made the game even better, as the matchmaking has improved a hundred fold and there are actually players online to play with/against.

      I know, everyone’s entitled to their opinion, but it seems a lot of people that “hate” the game have actually never tried playing it.

  12. vato76 says:

    Oh great – now i can color my hair red and go on a shooting rampage as the joker without getting in trouble!

  13. Hatsworth says:

    It really does not make the game any better, but it serves as another example of how F2P is corrupting game design since this was probably the plan to begin with. Also glad to see another game being cured of GFWL, hopefully this kind of thing becomes more widespread.

  14. wyrmsine says:

    This is such a weird failure of a game. The idea alone was a guaranteed purchase for me, then they added GFWL, made the customization options exclusively unlockable*, and… I’m not sure what else, actually. The game just ended up not being fun, despite having fine level design and a lot of good ideas. I’m really glad I didn’t buy it during the summer sale, now that it’s F2P.

    * Making me play a game for X amount of time, before I can change my default appearance/setup to anything else, is not “Customization”. It’s an annoyance at best, and a punishment if I actually paid for the game. Looking at you, Brink.

  15. valz says:

    This game is actually a lot of fun. None of the complaints I’ve seen lodged against it in the comments here are true. (Disclaimer: I just started playing yesterday.) I don’t think most of the people who are complaining have actually played the game more than 10 minutes, if even that. I recommend spending at least 30-45 minutes before making up your mind. That’s long enough to get the gist of it.

    My only complaint: their server system doesn’t work so well. It’s not uncommon for a server to shut down mid-game.