Warrin’ faces in the WARFACE
I faced the war and the WARFACE
I needed war ’cause I had face
I warred the face and the WARFACE

I faced my war and it wars so face
Guess my face is war
She’s the best war that I ever faced
I warred the face and the WARFACE
I faced the war and the WARFACE


  1. DigitalSignalX says:

    Attention all enemies of the FASCIST US REGIME: All their WAR is launched from just north of Columbus Ohio. ATTACK IMMEDIATELY.

  2. Cratesmith says:

    Can I warcraft my warface onto a warframe, which is actually some kind of medal honoring warfighter?

  3. Victuz says:

    *Insert face related pun here because everything good is already taken*

    In all honesty though the game seems laughably dull. I don’t think I’ve seen a trailer for an FPS this boring since… Soldier of Fortune maybe? But that was a good game!

  4. Geen says:

    Eh, screw this game, Faces Of War is better, and so is it’s sequel (men of war)

  5. Tei says:

    Two soldiers are cleaning his shotgun, then one say “i think theres something in the barrel”, the other take the weapon and start looking… “In dont see what is seems…” and then the shotgun accidentally shots, the remaining soldier look at his dead comrade with and say ” dont look at me with that face, I am also surprised”. End of joke.

  6. Oliver the Deckboy says:

    Can’t stop laughing! 8D

  7. Hunchback says:

    Have these guys been informed of all the rage that their silly game-name is causing in these ends of teh internets?

  8. Hanban says:

    I stood there at the precipice, hesitating. Could I do it? I didn’t really have a choice did I. Uttering those fateful words I could feel the world falling around me.


    • The white guar says:


    • Belua says:

      I released my war from the face. And then it was over. To make any kind of sense of it, I need to go back three years. To the night the puns started…

  9. AbyssUK says:

    This is crazy, so WARFACE me maybe ?

    • Makariel says:

      I threw a WAR in the FACE,
      Don’t WAR me, I’ll never FACE
      I FACE to you as WAR fell,
      And now you’re in my WARFACE

      I’d trade my FACE for a WAR,
      Pennies and dimes for a FACE
      I wasn’t looking for WAR,
      But now you’re in my WARFACE

      Your FACE was holdin’,
      Ripped jeans, FACE was showin’
      Hot WAR, FACE was blowin’
      Where you think you’re going, WARFACE?

  10. Lambchops says:

    II can feel it WARRING in the FACE tonight, oh Lord
    And I’ve been waiting for this WARFACE for all my life, oh Lord
    Can you feel it FACING in the WAR tonight, WARFACE, WARFACE

  11. mOrs says:

    Aw Feces!

    Faceless War

    War of the Faces
    Modern Warface
    Total Warface
    Warface off
    Theatre of Warface
    Men of Warface

    Wahwah Fade


    War Face, Face War
    War Face, Face War
    War Face, Face War
    War Face, Face War

    They’re forming in a straight face
    They’re going through a tight war
    The kids are losing their face
    The Warface War

    They’re piling in the blank face
    They’re generating steam war
    Pulsating to the back face
    The Warface War

    War Face, Face War
    Shoot them in the back face
    What they want, I don’t war
    They’re all ripped up and ready to face

    War Face, Face War
    War Face, Face War
    War Face, Face War
    War Face, Face War

  12. Rao Dao Zao says:

    “Wow. What are all those heads?”
    “These are the FACES of WAR. You must conquer each.”
    “I guess I’d better get going.”

  13. MadJax says:

    Face….Face never changes….

  14. GallonOfAlan says:


  15. xcession says:

    I’ve been out of the loop of in-joke for this release. Is it funny because this looks shit? Because it does. It looks shit.

    Oh, oh… and….WARFACE!

  16. YourMessageHere says:

    Oh, a war is threat’ning
    My very face today
    If I don’t get some warface
    Oh yeah, war gonna face away

    Warface, children, it’s just a shot away
    It’s just a shot away
    Warface, children, it’s just a shot away
    It’s just a shot away

    Ooh, see the face is warrin’
    In just the same street again
    Bloom like a washed out filter
    Mad warface lost its way

    Warface, children, it’s just a shot away
    It’s just a shot away
    Warface, children, it’s just a shot away
    It’s just a shot away

    The warface is threat’ning
    My very privacy today
    Gimme, gimme warface
    Or I’m gonna face a war

    Warface, children, it’s just a shit ol’ game
    It’s just a shit ol’ game
    Warface, children, it’s just a shit ol’ game
    It’s just a shit ol’ game

  17. Hmm-Hmm. says:

    This title truly deserves all the ridicule we can hurl at it.

  18. Triangulon says:

    Make love not WARFACE

  19. USER47 says:

    Looks like Crytek has some very outdated map.

    Yugoslavia? Srsl?

    • EPICTHEFAIL says:

      This is what I get for not checking beyond the first page…

  20. lijenstina says:

    The title is a bit discriminatory to other geometry elements. What about Warvertexes and Waredges ? Without them Warface would be zero. Without Warsmooth Warface would look bad.. Without WarUVmap Warface would be even uglier. Also what kind of faces they are ? Wartriangles, WarNgons, WarQuads.

  21. FunkyDarkKnight says:

    Looks like battlefield but with increased mobility.
    Remember Brink?

    • Makariel says:

      Brink was great, just didn’t work at launch. Every 2nd or 3rd match my sound would cut out and be replaced with cracking noises.

      Was not helping getting my WARFACE! on.

  22. Cpl. Kaos says:

    I used to be a soldier like you, until i took a WAR to the FACE. (sorry guys i know this is probably the most used quote since skyrims release) =P

  23. Axyl says:

    Well, I for one am most excited to play BattleFace WOAR!!!

    But seriously though.. retarded name aside, the game looks like the lowest-common-denominator kind of crap that would potentially be named, Warface.

    I don’t think I could possibly give any less of a crap than I already do.

    So glad I have Planetside 2 to fill those FPS cravings, lest I find myself playing something THIS bad. :)

  24. fish99 says:

    I love the smell of warface in the morning.

  25. Jonith says:

    WARFACE is the face war deserves, but not the face it needs right now

    …. WARFACE!

  26. MadTinkerer says:

    This is still going? All right then:

    The land was at peace, until WAR arrived. The people were in turmoil. Enemy soldiers covered the land. From another world, one ordinary man was called to help. Now, with all the fire power at his command, he will FACE this WAR head-on. Crushing the enemy troops, leaping over deep chasms, and capturing all the flags, he’ll stop at nothing to defeat the enemy lieutenants in their underground strongholds.

    Those that know him think he is harmless. But soon he will show everyone his true WARFACE!

    Super Mario Bros. coming soon only on the Nintendo Entertainment System.

  27. Troll says:

    Warren Bufface

  28. Shooop says:

    It is as generic as you’d think. But it is free and it’s better than Blacklight Retribution. But then again, what isn’t?

  29. EPICTHEFAIL says:

    How do these guys not realise that Yugoslavia no longer exists? And hasn`t existed in the form depicted for over a decade and a half now? As a Serb, I find this indescribably annoying.

    • Triglav says:

      A Slovene agrees.

      In the quick glance on the global map, you see bits of the Czech Republic and Slovakia, not Czechoslovakia. You see Belarus, Ukraine and Russia, not the Soviet Union. Yet in spite it breaking up at about the same time as those two, you see a nicely preserved, united Yugoslavia, no sign of Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia and Kosovo.

      Surely it shouldn’t be too difficult for the makers of the game to take a quick glance at Google maps, or an average world atlas made after 1990 and get their geography straight, eh?

  30. Kevlmess says:


  31. Totally heterosexual says:




  32. Breemis says:

    For thine is the WARFACE
    for FACE is
    WAR is
    for WAR is FACE

    This is the way the WAR ends
    This is the way the FACE ends
    This is the FACE the WAR ends
    Not with a war but a WARFACE

  33. LJFHutch says:

    I give up, end of page three and still no discussion about the article, only endless face memes. I can’t go on =D

  34. MurderFish says:

    Mother of god, a modern FPS with vibrant colors!