Sandman Mystery Theatre: A New To The Moon Episode

Dream life-exploring adventure/RPG To The Moon was one of John’s favourite reasons to cry in 2011, and perhaps the same will prove true in 2012. Free Bird Games‘ IGF nominee is to see a brand new episode added, and ahead of that will arrive on Steam next week.

September 7th is the Steam release date, lead dev Kan Gao reveals, and apparently players who’ve previously bought the game via other channels will be granted a Steam key for it so long as they manually request one.

As for the new episode, there’s no release date as yet but last month FBG offered that “The life will be that of a new patient; however, there’s always a chance to see some familiar faces since the story takes place in past memories.”

If you need a cry sooner than that, here’s an alternate version of one of Laura Shigihara’s songs from the game, released in Feb.


  1. JohnS says:


  2. Lambchops says:


  3. lokijki says:

    Oh, why did you have to put that song there? I just got myself to stop listening to it. Now I’m sad again.

  4. Hakkesshu says:

    I tried it out for 15 minutes and couldn’t get past the extremely trashy dialogue that they tried to pass off as witty banter. I’m guessing it’s not like that all the way through, but should I keep at it even if I really didn’t like the beginning?


    “Where were you looking, Neil?!”
    “Well, EXCUSE ME for heroically evading that squirrel coming out of nowhere!”
    “… you ran over it anyways.”
    “… oh.”

    *Cue laughtrack*

    Fucking barf.

    • Lydia says:

      Yeah, but crap writing like that doesn’t count as long as the game makes you cry.
      Hey, my grandma used to cry at soap operas all the time, does that mean they were actually good ?

      • twig_reads says:

        I didn’t like the humor in the game at all, but come on, this is now just lashing out at game for being popular and you disliking the humor. While yes, spotty, it also had some pretty solid storywriting, it’s not like you’d expect a first-time storyteller to be perfect. Yes, you criticize so the author would know what worked and what didn’t but I’m in no way saying that Kan Gao was a bad storyteller, just a still developing but a promising one. If he manages to lose the lapses in tone he will get a solid story out. I, for one, am waiting to see his artistic growth, for the sake of better stories and less humor that doesn’t click. But to just 100% love or hate something, doesn’t seem reasonable, I think growth should be expected in authors, at least when they show promise.

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      FhnuZoag says:

      It’s not for everyone, but I liked it. It makes sense in the context of their characters, and narratively, the sadder parts of the story would be unbearable without the humour as a palette cleanser. If you are looking for a requiem mass from the first sentence, To the Moon is not that game. Rather the story arc is about two characters who are jaded and brash about a job where death is constant and everpresent being nevertheless caught up in the moment.

      Also, I’m consistently annoyed by the generic ‘bad writing’ complaint. *What is bad about that piece of writing*?

  5. Lydia says:

    Ugh, languorous sentimentality and witless humor. Do not want.

  6. StranaMente says:

    I’m afraid I didn’t like the first episode that much because of all the excellent praises it got. Sadly it left me quite flat.

    • Kobest says:

      Same here. I played it for the story (concerning the lack of gameplay), and apart from some genuinely funny, interesting and touching moments like uncovering the early memories, it seemed like an overtly angsty Korean drama. I would have felt sad at some parts, but then moments later logic kicked, and told me “this event again could have been avoided/altered for the better with so little input.”

    • liquidsoap89 says:

      Wait, so you didn’t like the game because other people said it was good?

      I didn’t know that stereotype was actually TRUE!

  7. twig_reads says:

    “To The Moon” hit more then it missed but boy did it miss with the humor part. It was equivalent of having Weird Al Yankovich music numbers in “Schindler’s List”. It didn’t ruin the game for me, but every time dr Watts opened his mouth I sighed a little. Those tones didn’t match at all.

  8. Nemon says:

    Well, I guess it’s time for lasagna again then.

  9. Charles de Goal says:

    Will they improve the gameplay? The first episode feeled very linear.
    Also, any word about a non-Steam release?

    • suibhne says:

      What do you mean by “a non-Steam release”? It’s been available outside of Steam for a long time now…which I presume you know, since you’ve actually played it. (?)

  10. Secundus says:

    no thanks

  11. Hunchback says:


  12. CrookedLittleVein says:

    Sandman Mystery Theatre

    One of my favourite comics.

  13. lordcooper says:

    Bought it, played it, loved it. I’ll buy it again on Steam simply to give the developer more money.

  14. googoogjoob says:

    I really liked the first half of To the Moon. It was a interesting and sympathetic portrayal of the man’s relationship with his wife, and, barring some spotty writing and humor, was pretty good.

    Also the end sequence was meant to be dramatic but I didn’t cry because a) it was so overtly emotionally manipulative, b) all of this was happening in the mind of a man who died immediately afterward- I hadn’t actually changed the past, just a dead man’s memory of it, and c) they were riding a SPACE SHUTTLE to the MOON, what must have been years after the space shuttle was decommissioned, and space shuttles can’t even leave Earth’s orbit anyway.

    Then there was a huge stupid sequel hook at the end which just felt like a kick in the gut, and an unnecessarily angsty subplot about the stupid comic relief dude being addicted to painkillers.

    • mooken says:

      Goodness, please leave more room between the SPOILER tag and the spoiler proper.
      Twist, ruined.

      • Jerakal says:

        Clearly that miniscule spoiler tag is there only for the purposes of avoiding a ban, since this person is clearly mentally handicapped and looking to irritate people.

    • Jaft says:

      Do not pass if you don’t want to read.

      Just wanted to mention that you didn’t pay attention to the story enough. They explained those things you find illogical.

      Beta blockers actually exist. They also have the real side-effect of memory loss. So… Bananas.