EG Expo: DayZ, Hotline Miami & A Mini Rezzed

A computer convention, yesterday

The Eurogamer Expo 2012 approaches at frightening speed – I’m measured it with my Velocitometer, and it’s headed towards us at exactly 81.7 terawatts per nanoclick. Like I say, terrifying. If you’ve been holding off from attending due to its apparent focus on hiss-spit console games, you may be cheered to hear that its One True Format contents have increased exponentially. Avuncular DayZ bossman Dean ‘Rocket’ Hall will be holding a talk, and now EG have taken the wraps off the Rezzed PC and Inde Games Zone, an attempt to recreate some of the delightful amicable, laid-back mood of last month’s lovely, RPS co-headlined PC-only Rezzed show in Brighton.

This means some EXCELLENT and POTENTIALLY EXCELLENT PC games will be there. Hotline Miami! Prison Architect! Natural Selection 2! Guns of Icarus! Carrier Command: Gaea Mission! Imagine how awful it would be if I actually spoke like this! Yes! Would you like a cup of tea!

As per EE tradition, there’ll also be a new, improved Indie Games Arcade – the show’s biggest ever, and once again carrying a selection of indie games so good that we put Rock, Paper, Shotgun’s name in the close vicinity of them. It’s not It is too late to have your own game considered for inclusion. [Edit – oops, sorry].

You can also point those darkly soulful eyes of yours at the full speaker line-up and names of other hiss-spit console games right here. The show runs from 27th-30th September at Earls Court, London, her majesty’s tyrannical island of malevolent glory ENGLAND, BRITAIN and tickets are probably somewhere around here.

Some of RPS will be there. We might even get drunk too. After the show, of course. Well, not ‘of course.’ I will almost certainly be at least partially drunk throughout.


  1. AmateurScience says:

    I have to submit my thesis in 3 weeks. Submit is definitely a scary word.

    • mondomau says:

      Get back to work!
      Ha, I kid. My girlfriend is on pretty much the same deadline for her Thesis and I feel celebrating her success by heading to a gaming convention may not be the smartest move so, alas, this may be the first EG Expo I miss..

    • scannerdarkly says:

      me too!

      it’s good to see that i’m not the only one working on his thesis on RPS :D

      • felisc says:

        For a moment there i thought you were writing a thesis about rps. I wonder what it would look like.

  2. rauper says:

    Also – there’s a Wild Rumpus (indie game “thing”) happening on the Thursday night: link to

    • v21 says:

      Which has :
      MegaGIRP, a giant game of GIRP played with dancemats.
      Swordfight, a game of jousting with Atari 2600 controllers strapped to your crotch.
      Uprok, a game about rocks flying through mountainsides controlled by footpedals.
      BariBariBall, which is kind of like an indie Super Smash Brothers.
      and Kompendium, which is an entire album of 2-player games, which’ll be played head to head on a custom built arcade cabinet.

      It’ll be great, tickets are a fiver and it’s the Thursday night. Come along!

      (Disclaimer : I’m helping put it on)

  3. Hezzy88 says:

    I hope we get to hear more about Prison Architect there. IV isn’t very good at getting information out or interacting with the public

    • HexagonalBolts says:

      yeah I would REALLY like some more solid information about this.

  4. fyro11 says:

    ‘Hotline Miami! Prison Architect! Natural Selection 2! Guns of Icarus! Carrier Command: Gaea Mission! Imagine how awful it would be if I actually spoke like this! Yes! Would you like a cup of tea!’

    The Hobbit will be out soon! Don’t be such a downer!

  5. CmdrCrunchy says:

    Line up is looking pretty solid, looking forward to being there.

    Is there room for bribes? I will buy each and every one of the guys at RPS a bag of penny sweets if you manage to get Antichamber in there again. I want my mind to explode once more. Not to mention it was brilliant stuff to watch. My personal game of Rezzed.

    Edit : Apparently it IS too late for bribes! Gasp and alarm!

  6. BestFriends4Ever says:

    That’s not very PC : (

  7. Defiant Badger says:

    I would love for another Brighton rezzed, I missed the last one and I can think of a bunch of people who would also like to go; especially if introversion do anything again.

  8. merc_rmw says:

    Speaking of Hotline Miami, does anyone know who is replying to the texts sent to the hotline number? The replies are far too grand, and on topic with what you sent to just be canned responses.

  9. perfectheat says:

    Pretty excited about going to this. Especially the developer talks, indie arcade and the NS2 booth. Hopefully one can demo Doom 3 with the Rift. Moving to London the week before the event, don’t know anyone going, so guess I will follow the forum closely for social events. Will there be a RPS gather?