Guild Wars 2’s Auction House Trading Post Lives

My only friend :(

While Guild Wars 2 is clearly pretty brillo, its early days have been somewhat hampered by an apparent bug that fouls up groups being in the same place and has meant the in-game auction house, aka Trading Post, has been offline most of the time. The latter has surprisingly been no biggie, and in some regards has meant people could get on with the business of going out there into the world rather than feverishly trying to ensure they have all the best kit all the time. As an obsessive leather crafter (and in the game) though, I would have killed for the Trading Post to have been an easy source of rawhide, if only because it would have spared me wandering the lands and brutalising all the wildlife I could possibly stick my dagger into.

No matter, the Trading Post is apparently now fully functional as of last night, which means the Great Loot Hunt is very much on. Grouping remains troubled, sadly.

That problem, which sees players being splintered between different ‘Overflow’ servers in busy zones and unable to join each other, or being torn asunder if they are in the same place but one player starts on an instanced quest, remains unresolved as yet. “[We] still have capacity constraints causing issues with party and guild functionality,” say ArenaNet in the latest update notes, “including symptoms such as party members not appearing on the map, parties not staying together as they travel between maps or into dungeons, and guild manipulation not working. We’re working on a fix and will provide a further update tomorrow.”

It’s a real shame, that bug, and a critical handicap to an otherwise spectacular game. Not being able to play with friends during those crucial early days means my interest in playing has faded more rapidly than it otherwise would have done, and it remains to be seen whether I’ll return once it’s all resolved – I’ll probably have been distracted by a feather, or perhaps a strange smell. Most players aren’t as flighty as me, however, and I have little doubt that GW2 will prove a long-term success.


  1. Spider Jerusalem says:

    even though i was severely undergeared, i enjoyed the trading post being down.

    now i will only spend my money on items to toss into the mystic forge, that great, evil, terrorizing, wonderful, wonderful machine.

    • frightlever says:

      I’ve surrendered everything, right down to my socks to the Mystic Forge.

      Re: inability to group – I’ve been exchanging letters with my friends. And in the game. Very 70s.

    • Gorf says:

      i hate that machine…its like my fruit machine addiction all over again.

  2. Flukie says:

    Don’t tell people about it :(

    Will probably be down when I get back from work.

  3. Vorphalack says:

    ”I would have killed for the Trading Post to have been an easy source of rawhide, if only because it would have spared me wandering the lands and brutalising all the wildlife I could possibly stick my dagger into. ”

    I hear that. With no face to face trade option I had to resort to swapping my spare resources with complete strangers through the mail system, which brings a high risk of being ripped off. Thankfully everyone I traded with was honest. Says something positive about the player base I think.

    • Tacroy says:

      The worst part for me is that once you get to zones appropriate for character level 15+, you start getting the next tier of crafting materials – but you can’t use them until crafting level 75. Apparently I’d been neglecting my crafting, because this happened around crafting level 25 for me.

  4. JimDiGritz says:

    Am looking forward to this being released!

  5. mashakos says:

    Why is the brave pied knight fighting with that goat? Is he on crack or something?

    I will never understand the appeal of MMOs….

  6. gunny1993 says:

    Okay just 1 thing i will say to people who wish to use TP to sell items they find …. DON’T SELL THEM AT 1 COPPER BELOW THEIR VEDOR VALUE, not only does it lose you money you fools, it also damages the economy for no gain.

    • GrandmaFunk says:

      You can’t actually do that, the trading post will not let you list an item under it’s vendor price.

      • Quatlo says:

        Yeah, but there is Listing fee, and these morons are actually losing profit than simply vendoring these items.

        • JD Ogre says:

          Problem is that ArenaNet decided to make it difficult to see what people are selling their stuff for, and therefore what you should be selling yours for, in the selling interface – you get the lowest selling price and the lowest buyer price. In order to see the listings of all the prices, you have to go into the buying interface for that information. :/

          • CrashMaster says:

            It works just like any commodities market – bid and ask. You see the lowest seller and the highest bidder. Because of the problems, there isn’t a whole lot of liquidity right now and it should balance out once the trading post is up reliably. Yeah it would be great if would could see more than top of book (Edit – should have had more coffee, the order book is indeed available in the buy interface. Now all I need are charts…)

            If folks are willing to take a loss to clean the common materials out of their inventory, don’t get mad – buy up the cheap materials and make something that people will buy at a price you can make a profit on. One reason to post stuff on the auction house at a loss is that you’re deep in the wilds and don’t want to walk to a vendor and your collection stash is full. You can dump them on the trading post from anywhere in the world.

            There are so many things in Guild Wars that are just close enough to a WoW-like MMO that people expect them to work the same, but they’re actually much different (and better in my opinion). The strategies for making money in other MMOs aren’t going to work in GW without some tweaking. The trading post is across all servers and there are no randomly generated items. It’s much more like a real economy than an MMO auction house.

            You want to make a living harvesting raw materials? Well because everyone can harvest everything, you’re not adding a lot of value to the economy, and you won’t be getting paid much. Skilled labor and rare items are where you make money.

          • gunny1993 says:

            Good point crash … time to wipe all WoW memories ajnd start again

          • Arathain says:

            Crash, you make it sound a bit like the City of Heroes market. Lots of players there would dump materials or other stuff for the lowest possible price because they happened to be at the market and couldn’t be bothered to run/fly/jump/teleport to a vendor. It could be handy for a new character, since buying them up and taking them to the vendor yourself could make a nice little starter fund. You could watch the prices spike at peak times on higher level enhancements as just this sort of thing was going on.

            The lack of information also sounds familiar- CoH had a system that did a blind match between the highest bidder and the lowest seller, and only told you what the last five transactions were. It makes for an interesting economy, as long as there is sufficient transaction volume.

          • CrashMaster says:

            City of Heroes was also set up to be more like a commodities market than an auction. The problem was that the market wasn’t cross server (and for a while not cross faction), so there wasn’t enough volume. There was already sooo much money in the economy by the time the market was set up that people could manipulate the prices quite easily.

            There was also so many different types of salvage that it wasn’t easy to go out and find the type you needed. If you wanted alchemical silver, you had to find arcane enemies of a certain level range, but they could also drop enhancements, inspirations, recipes, and 17 other types of salvage (or nothing at all). The idea was good, but the implementation was terrible.

      • gunny1993 says:

        woops i put below i meant over

  7. AngoraFish says:

    The fact that leather is almost impossible to find makes crafting largely a waste of time. A good crafting system should allow you to collect more or less enough materials to be able to craft kit that’s a tick or so above what you’re getting from misc. drops. So far, up to level 21, I’ve only been able to collect enough leather to make four bags, total, by scavenging everything, including vendor items that are now no longer scavengable. As an obsessive crafter, I see this as the single biggest flaw in GW2. I don’t recall it being this hard in the early betas, and I’m not clear what changed between then and now. The crafting system was one of the things I really liked in theory, but at present, in my view, it’s badly broken.

    • gunny1993 says:

      They do need to increase leather and jute drops, i mean for jute scraps the price is 28 copper a peice… fucking stupid.

      • Chris D says:

        Jute is at 28 now? Excellent! It was 40 last time I checked.

    • Malk_Content says:

      It odd because I’m finding my limiting factor for crafting is the stat up items. I have an abundance of leather and jute but not enough of the insignia items. Maybe it is due to my obsession with critical hits and everything having to be + precision. I get enough scraps from salvaging.

      I’ve also found that crafting does not make better gear. This is a good thing, means you don’t have to craft if you don’t want to. What it allows you to do is choose exactly what build your gear supports.

      • JD Ogre says:

        Yeah, crafted gear is no better than stuff of the same level and quality/color that you get from other sources – but finding gear from other sources is a LOT more difficult. If it wasn’t for Tailoring, my level 11 Asuran Necromancer would still be running around in mostly level 5-8 armor. :/

        • aliksy says:

          er, 3 levels is hardly a big gap for gear.

          There are vendors that sell adequate weapons and armor at 5 level intervals.

    • CommanderZx2 says:

      You have to learn what enemies drop what and then focus on them if you want materials.

      For example for Jute kill bandits and for leather kill Centurs. In an hour I can easily have 50 jute or leather.

      • AngoraFish says:

        I refuse to grind for an hour for 50 jute

        • CommanderZx2 says:

          Then trade with friends, guild members, general players or the trade post.

          • Stellar Duck says:

            This is correct. The small 8 man guild I’m in, consisting of mostly old clan mates, is a communist haven where we share all. If I find a yellow that seems good I’ll ask if anyone can use it and send it to whoever.

            The same with crafting materials. We’ve set it up so we mostly do different stuff. That means that I never lack iron as I get what the others find and I send my leather to the leather guy and my gems to our hilarious jeweler. He kitted me out with new rings and accessories last night for free (well I did send him my gold).

          • gunny1993 says:

            Damn you, you socalist bastard

        • FriendlyFire says:

          First of all, farming in the traditional sense (killing the same mobs in the same area over and over) is pretty much impossible and mobs tend to stop giving drops and XP after a while if you keep killing the same ones.

          Second of all, who said grinding exactly? Just complete the heart quests and participate in dynamic events in centaur or bandit areas and you’ll get plenty of drops. For instance, there’s the bandit cave in Queensdale that is a good source of jute and is also part of a heart quest. Likewise, there’s a plain with some DEs and a heart quest south east of the fort which is continuously assaulted by centaurs.

          Just by playing in those zones and salvaging the drops you can get a lot of jute and leather.

      • Durkonkell says:

        Indeed, I believe the OP meant that you should get more or less enough through normal play to at least keep your crafting skill level appropriate. As it is, if I am level 21, I need to get my leatherworking to 50 to make level 20 items. If I farm for ages (remembering that you scale, so you can’t just round everything up and AoE it down), I’ll probably get distracted by various events and accumulate vast quantities of XP. By the time I’m finished, I’ll probably be level 25, and need leatherworking at 75!

        EDIT: Also, after farming the same mob for an hour, I’ll be quite ready to exit the game and never touch it again.

      • CrashMaster says:

        You also have to make use of your salvage kits. I never had problem with leather and cloth for my leatherworker – it is the fine crafting materials you can’t get from busting things up that are the limiter. As far as keeping pace with your level, you get much more crafting progress from discovering recipes than grinding out components. And once you discover all four flavors of an item, take your prototypes and toss them into the mystic forge and get something better back.

      • Nick says:

        You can also salvage any medium armour drops for level specific leathers and any light for cloth.

    • damndirtyyank says:

      Another pro-tip is to always do the massive dynamic events when you come across them. They might be slightly seizure inducing through the sheer number of particle effects, but I find that I farm both base crafting materials and the blue, ‘finer’ materials much faster in this fashion – plus if there’s a heart quest around, you’ll surely complete it by event’s end.

  8. quintesse says:

    I would just be happy to be able to play it *at all*! But they’ve closed down the store for now :/

    • Lemming says:

      Just buy it retail. It’s cheaper anyway. Tesco are selling it for £33.

      • jasonisme84 says:

        They’ve got it advertised at £33, but they’re out of stock like everyone else selling it for less than £40. Serves me right for being patient.

  9. gschmidl says:

    Would REALLY like to see some of the people who pissed on Diablo 3 at every opportunity do the same here, seeing how the launch is exactly as botched, if not more, given that you can’t even buy keys for it.

    • Stellar Duck says:

      You can buy the game anywhere but on the Anet store. That’s hardly the same as you can’t get a key.

      • fish99 says:

        Good luck with that if you’re in the UK, it’s sold out everywhere.

    • Gnarf says:

      Eh. I got enough retarded hate from the D3 stuff and will manage quite fine without the same here…

    • Malk_Content says:

      The game isn’t as botched. Despite a slew of bugs, you can actually play the game. Far better than Diablo on release.

      • Zael says:

        Speak for yourself. I was hacked last Friday, submitted a ticket and have yet to even get a response, never mind a resolution. This is despite the fact that I titled and phrased my problem exactly the way they wanted me to phrase it in order to get priority.

        I can’t ring them because they have no number, I can’t even write on their forums because they’ve closed those down. I enjoyed the two days I got to play this game, but this Customer Service is far worse than anything I received from Blizzard with Diablo 3, and I had a lot more issues with that game.

        • Tacroy says:

          Bet you a dollar you weren’t “hacked”. Someone figured out your password by hook or by crook, and once that happens there’s not much they can do for you.

          • arccos says:

            The same thing happened to me, and it looks like it probably was just a guessed password for me. I haven’t been waiting very long with my support request, but they do return your account if it gets stolen.

            They can and will do something, which is nice. They even tell you how far they generally are in the queue, along with other game statuses. Much better than anything I’ve seen from other online games:
            link to

          • Ultra-Humanite says:

            Thanks for clearing that up for us Captain Semantics.

          • Zael says:

            Not much they can do for me? I’ve posted the ticket from the email address which I used as my original account name. I sent a screenshot of the original email they sent to me when I first registered my code. I’ve sent them my ANET id name and my subscription key. I think there’s a lot they can do for me actually.

    • mondomau says:

      Don’t tell lies please, even on the internet.

    • Nick says:

      The launch of an MMO is always turbulent, the reason people were pissed off at Diablo 3 is that they couldn’t log into their SINGLE PLAYER GAME because of INTERNET SERVER ISSUES.

      Why is it so fucking hard to understand the difference?

      Not to mention the GW2 launch wasn’t really that bad as far as MMOs go.

    • Gentlemoth says:

      Which part? The fact that game had a rocky launch? Well to begin with, it’s an MMO. Diablo 3 is not. Diablo 3 is a singleplayer game, so they had no excuse. It has problems, but it’s playable. ArenaNet has been very good at containing the leaks to a few rooms(Grouping, trading house, sever overflow) rather than letting the entire house get flooded. I can tell you that for an MMO, this is one of the smoother launches I’ve seen(And I’ve seen WoW, Age of Conan, Warhammer Online, Startrek Online and TOR)

      Or are you referring to the fact that they closed down their online store? How is this a bad thing, you can still buy the game anywhere, including online retailers that only offer game-keys. Consider what closing down their own store means, they either want to keep their servers more stable(better custom quality) or try to keep the player numbers down until they can hammer out the edges(also better customer quality).

      So yeah, Diablo 3 had one of the worst launches of a game I’ve seen in a long time, worse than most MMOs, and definitely worse than Guild Wars 2.

    • Grygus says:

      That fact that you think it’s justified to compare the release of a single player game to an MMO launch actually highlights the number one complaint with Diablo III. I wonder whether you are already aware of this.

  10. aliksy says:

    I was able to keep jewel crafting above my character level with trivial effort. You have to discover new recipes to level it up instead of just grinding out the same piece over and over.

    The fine crafting materials are tricky, but so far I’ve had just enough to get tailoring up to the next level. I haven’t bothered trying to make stuff to wear, though.

    It seems that gear isn’t really super important, which I love. I’m wearing a mix of gear from current-level to 30 levels ago, and it’s fine. I’m probably missing 1% of my total power.

  11. DrSlek says:

    As soon as I logged on, I instantly bankrupted myself buying crafting materials on the TP. However, I then made 50s by selling all of my jute scraps and rawhide. Tier 1 crafting materials are quite overpriced right now. Having just entered tier 3, this is great news for me. Some of the tier 2 items are relatively expensive too. Vials of thin blood sell for 1.5s each, and they drop like crazy from skales

    Play the market and become a bajillionaire…