Point & Spelunking: Latest Pics Of The Cave

Mr Ron Gilbert, inventor of clicking, has released a bunch more screenshots of his forthcoming adventure, The Cave. The existence of The Cave does seem something of an anomaly – Doublefine ran their famous Kickstarter campaign on the basis that publishers won’t fund the development of adventure games. And almost simultaneously announced they’re developing a new adventure game published by Sega. Huh. IS the sort of disguise as a platformer really that effective? You can take a look at how it’s shaping up below.

You can read lots more about the game in Nathan’s interviews with Ron Gilbert here and here.


  1. Lars Westergren says:

    This is looking awesome, and I am looking forward to this game so much. Love the puns on the vendor machines on cave8b.jpg.

  2. InternetBatman says:

    That’s absolutely beautiful. I’m loving the creativity that’s coming out of games these days; I just saw this article after seeing some really cool Shadowrun in-game artwork.

  3. Rikard Peterson says:

    You have two sets of tags for Double Fine: Doublefine and Double-Fine. You may want to merge those.

    • Lars Westergren says:

      Probably they’ve seen in the logs that people are using both Doublefine and Double-Fine when searching.

      • Sic says:

        That’s not helpful unless they use both tags on the articles.

  4. Wang Tang says:

    How can it still be Mr Ron Gilbert instead of Sir Ron Gilbert.

  5. MikoSquiz says:

    Looks lovely. I want to play it. Also I want to put down $100 for two copies of Psychonauts 2 please.

  6. Urthman says:

    I think they told Sony, “Why, it’s no more of an adventure game than Stacking was!”

    (Stacking was totes an adventure game)

  7. Contrafibularity says:

    This looks superb, I can’t wait.

    And almost simultaneously announced they’re developing a new adventure game published by Sega. Huh.

    Looking purely at the timing of the DFA Kickstarter and the announcement of The Cave, I’d say The Cave was in development well before they discovered KS was feasible.

    Of course, SEGA, to my knowledge, also isn’t an evil publisher like Activision/EA/Ubisoft etc. or at the very least, one of the better publishers. But those are RARE. ^^

    • Memphis-Ahn says:

      Quite clearly.
      And it was a good thing they waited to announce this until after the KS was over, I probably wouldn’t have pledged if I knew this was coming (it definitely looks way more interesting that what we’ve seen of DFA so far, too).