The Rift: Storm Legion Demon Is Quite Large

I’d be lying if I suggest that I am posting this for any other reason than the demon. He’s a large demon (not pictured, but damn, look at that dude!), and he’s not happy. Apparently he’s miffed because he overslept. I know how that feels. And so that’s the premise of the Storm Legion pre-order trailer, which you can see below. You might also be able to infer that the Rift expansion is now available for the pre-purchasing masses, who will no doubt be aroused to learn that they will not only secure themselves a fight with Ol’ Sleepy, but they also get early access to “Exodus of the Storm Queen”, which is one of the new dungeons in which exotic and unlikely beasts are waiting to be clubbed for their loot. You also get an “exclusive cape.” Presumably a digital one. If it were a real cape, all silky and flowing, then they might have been on to something. I’d wear it whenever RPS had an exclusive. Like today! Yes.

Anyway. Storm Legion is out on November 13th.

You can play the first twenty levels of Rift for free, by the way. “Rift Lite”, they call it. I’d have called it “Wee Rift”. Much better.


  1. President Weasel says:

    This is spectacularly ill-chosen timing. Their target audience are all happily playing Guild Wars which not only is free to play but also came out so recently that very, very few of them will have had time to get bored.

    (assuming their target audience consists of former RIFT players they want to lure back; perhaps it doesn’t, but a paid expansion for a game most of their friends have stopped playing versus a brand new shiny no-subscription-fee game that, judging from my own experience, ALL of their MMO-playing friends are into? It’s bad timing I tell you).

    • Dowson says:

      In 2 months time I can easily see me being bored of Guild Wars PvE stuff.

      Rift being a PvE based game probably doesn’t have to worry about losing out to GW PvP.

    • Carra says:

      That, and the next WoW expansion is out end of the month.

  2. tobecooper says:

    Mmmm, silky cape. If it was real, I’d wear it at home all the time. Even when otherwise naked. Especially when naked.

  3. aircool says:

    I really liked Rift, and even though there was lots to do after the initial levelling, I drifted towards pvp as pve demanded extended, uninterrupted periods of play.

  4. origo says:

    Hey, RPS, its all nice to write keep writing about games like secret world and rift, but how about some attention to other, less popular, but no less interesting games?
    I mean i hoped you’d mention Vanguard: Saga of heroes as it went free to play couple weeks ago. Game that failed so hard at the beginning due to premature release, but it still has amazing in-game mechanics, that people should experience (card based diplomacy, interesting and complex crafting system).

    • mjig says:

      I forgot all about that game. Wasn’t it the one with XP penalties and whatnot?

      • origo says:

        Maybe? i’m not sure. I’m not playing it at the moment (GW2), just have the good memories about that game’s mechanics.

  5. Nevard says:

    I suppose Quite Large is an accurate description, despite having read that I went into the video expecting “Huge” or even “Enormous” and was then disappointed when it was merely as tall as a city’s walls.
    Perhaps I’d even downgrade it to merely “Slightly Large” or “Very Big”!