Portaling Onto Steam And Desure Next Week: Gateways


The absolutely fantastic Gateways is due to arrive on Steam and Desura (and something called XBLIG) on the 13th. Which is splendid news, as far more people need to play one of the best puzzle games in absolutely ages. And if you need more convincing, there’s a brand new trailer for it below.

You can already buy the game right now should you wish, via the Humble Store. There it costs $10. Or you can wait a week and get it on Desura for £3. And presumably the same price on Steam, who don’t seem to let the riffraff have pre-orders. If you want to know why I’m ordering you to get this game, take a look at how much I enjoyed it when I played it a while back.

Here’s the snazzy new trailer:


  1. tobecooper says:

    Steam and Desure?
    John Walker, have you been drinking again?
    Edit: Or did I miss a pun? Oh, God, I hope I didn’t miss a pun.

    • Kaira- says:

      If you were wooshed, so was I. Anxiously awaiting for someone to ruin the pun (or bring joy in the heart of those who enjoy pointing errors in others).

  2. Fazer says:

    It gives me the same WTF feeling that Portal trailers did. Sold.

  3. subshell001 says:

    I really wish this was on the Mac or worked in Wine (tried getting the demo to run in Wineskin, but it requires DX10). I hate using Parallels or Boot Camp, but I really want to play this…

  4. Author X says:

    I absolutely loved this game. I keep thinking I should go back and finish it, but them I remember the final(?) puzzle, which I have yet to solve, and consider curling up and crying myself to sleep instead.

    • emertonom says:

      I got stuck there too. (or, I guess I’m assuming it’s the same puzzle, but it seems pretty likely.) There are a few more puzzles after that one, but there’s only one that’s cry-inducing. Stupid shortage of portalable surfaces!

    • Soapeh says:

      In the beta it was the only puzzle that didn’t have a hint station and one of few that I needed all the help :( Great game though, vastly enjoyable.

      • Author X says:

        That’s the one I mean, the only one without a hint station. By “in the beta” do you mean it has one now? And I could go pay some orbs and pretend I actually finished the game? Because if so, hooray!

  5. Dominic White says:

    The purchase panel on the official site uses the Humble Store. Buy now direct from the developer, and not only does the dev get more money, but you get a Steam key thrown in when it launches too.

    So, if I hadn’t made myself clear: Buy it now. Direct. It’s good.

  6. pertusaria says:

    This looks lovely, but I’ve already promised myself The Adventures of Shuggy, which is by the same developer, when this month’s somewhat-disposable income comes in, so it will have to wait. It sounds at least as good, which is awesome.

    • MadTinkerer says:

      Having already played Adventures of Shuggy, I have to say it is quite good. In particular, the main platforming mechanics are quite fun, but it also contains a whole lot of levels that mix things up unexpectedly. Quality and quantity in spades.

    • Caenorhabditis says:

      Adventures of Shuggy is really great!

  7. Zyrxil says:

    It looks spectacularly creative and difficult. That said, I wish they had had enough money to hire an actual artist.

  8. Cor Cordis says:

    The Hero join the cast of Old Snake, Sam Fisher, etc… it’s cool to be an elder action hero.

  9. Wisq says:

    “This video is currently unavailable” :(

    Edit: scratch that, so is the Dishonored video, so it’s probably just me.

  10. Berzee says:

    I’ll just be over here putting the shattered pieces of my mind back together.

    • Sinomatic says:

      So very much this. I’d love to play it but ye gods, it looks hard.

  11. Ian says:

    I’ll be needing to have a go at this, though not any time soon as I’ve got too much stuff to play already. :(

  12. plsgodontvisitheforums says:

    It’s ONLY $5 isn’t it!!!