Techland Making Call Of Juarez: The Gunslinger

That's my house, that is.
Ubisoft have revealed that their cowboy ’em up series will return next year with Call Of Juarez: The Gunslinger. Once again the game is being developed by Techland, and the new game will place you at the controls of frontier bounty hunter whose antagonists are famed gunslingers, such as Billy the Kid, Pat Garrett from VG247, and Jesse James, who is bad. The Joystiqs report that the game will be closer to Bound In Blood in terms of how it will play, although they note that “You can’t bend down and pick up a fallen enemy’s gun until you purchase that skill.”

There’s a – sigh! – live action teaser below.


  1. DestructibleEnvironments says:

    Someone explain to me why they crafted Call of Juarez: The Cartel. Thank you.

  2. MordeaniisChaos says:

    Does this mean I need to buy a Kinect?

  3. jikavak says:

    You need skills to bend down?

  4. jyrque says:

    I’m pretty sure the quip about having to buy skills to pick up guns was a joke. Original context (at the end of the news article):

    “These numerical rewards are funneled into a set of skill upgrades, which improve your gun-twirling prowess in diverse ways. Acquire the right abilities and you’ll extend your bullet-time bravado, decrease your reloading times and make perfect headshots mid-air.

    Such incredible maneuvers must be hell on your back, though. You can’t bend down and pick up a fallen enemy’s gun until you purchase that skill.”

    • Mattressi says:

      I dunno, to me that sounds like they’re making fun of the fact that the game really does require you to get a skill to pick weapons off the ground.

      I hope I can shoot enough bad men to unlock the “breathe in and out” skill, before I die…

  5. Uglycat says:

    Video nixed for me :(

  6. Schadenfreude says:

    Bound in Blood was fun but I much preferred the first game (Your mileage may vary depending on your tolerance of Billy’s stealth sections) but I’m surprised that the first-person cover mechanic wasn’t ripped off wholesale from Bound in Blood. Thought it worked really well.

    Honestly, Gul Dukat in a cowboy hat is the best thing ever.

    • Captain Hijinx says:

      I found the stealth sections were much improved by that big patch they released for it. I still think the first of the series was by far the best. The gun play in it was just awesome and felt quick and brutal. The second one was pretty bad and clearly designed for consoles, the third should never have been made. I wish they would just use the formula of the first and just give it a better presentation.

  7. Snids says:

    I like the original. Never finished it but I had a good time. I’m a sucker for old timey firearms in games and I enjoyed the silly story.

    • YourMessageHere says:

      Once the variably infuriating stealthy bits were out of the way, I really liked Billy’s endgame; I felt it made up for the aggravation of previous dodgy sneaking. The climb up the mountain for the feather was a really unusual and interesting idea, and then…the bow. That damn bow was really awesome, had such good basic mechanics, and it got used in only one level. I was so disappointed

  8. Maritz says:

    No more Ray then? Bah.

  9. SirKicksalot says:

    The Cartel is a good bargain bin purchase. A solid B-tier, microscopic budget COD-style shooter with a couple of spectacular missions and a rather shitty introduction. The more you play the better it gets. It goes from being a Steven Seagal movie to being Bad Boys 2.
    It’s certainly better than Bound in Blood.

    • bob. says:

      Please tell me you are joking – Bound in Blood was awesome. The Cartel was… I’m seriously struggling to find words for it. I only know that I’m still crying sometimes when I remember how I purchased it blindly because I loved BiB so much.

      • brulleks says:

        He meant Bound in Blood. He meant Bound in Blood. He meant Bound in Blood.

        Please oh Holiest God of games let him have meant Bound in Blood.

        Edit: “It’s certainly better than Bound in Blood.”


    • BrendanJB says:

      Dude, Bound in Blood was great. Certainly not the most amazing game, but it had some brilliant mechanics and unique, if unrefined, ideas. The Cartel was as bland as you can possibly get in a shooter these days.

  10. Dyst says:

    I played Call of Juarez: The Cartel from start to finish. I hated it. I will probably not play this from start to finish.

    • Maritz says:

      It’s a shame that The Cartel sullied the CoJ name so much, because the first two games were really quite nice.

      • Dyst says:

        Are they actually worthwhile? I stumbled into owning The Cartel on GetGamesGo somehow and that’s why I played it all. I remember seeing the first game on a shelf in Blockbuster when I was younger and thinking it looked great, but quickly forgot about it.

        • Mrs Columbo says:

          I still adore the first CoJ – it has cowboy atmosphere coming out its ass. Like in Blazing Saddles.

        • Maritz says:

          I certainly think they are. The first had more open levels, with the second being generally a more scripted experience, with the odd open map thrown in (including side missions). If you like the western setting though, then you should find them enjoyable. A good selection of period weapons and a competent script and voice acting add to the fun. If you see them reasonably priced go for it! I promise you, they are a world apart from The Cartel.

  11. maninahat says:

    I still think the first is the best, even with the streamlined mechanics of BiB.

    The one thing I want less of though? Cutscenes that interrupt the play. In one mission in Bound in Blood, you can’t do anything for more than 40 seconds without a cutscene interrupting play. Very aggravating. Hopefully Gunslinger will have only one main character on screen, thus cutting down on the constant chin wagging – as was the case in the first game.

  12. Faren22 says:

    In Red Dead Redemption, once you get to West Elizabeth, go west as far as you can and take the trail past Tanner’s Span northwest to Aurora basin. This area looks eerily similar to that one.

    Am I going insane here?

  13. Zarunil says:

    As long as it’s nothing like Cartel and everything like the original, I’m buying.

    The Cartel was just… well… it was a complete and utter embarrassment for Techland.

  14. Zenicetus says:

    I hope they don’t screw this up too badly, because I love the Western setting and there aren’t enough games like that. I played the second one in this series (Bound in Blood), which I managed to finish even though the on-rails design got tiresome.

    It should be possible to create a great action/RPG in a more sandboxy Western setting without all that Call of Duty style scripting of action sequences — “You’re on a wagon with a gatling gun, quick… start shooting”…. “Now you’re inside a stagecoach… start shooting”! If the next one in the series is like that, I’ll probably pass on it.

  15. tet5uo says:

    Techland seems to be a very bad developer now.

    The first COJ was pretty cool and showed lots of potential for them, but then we get crap like Dead Island and The Cartel.

    Their engine is dated and is only suitable for consoles and they’ve lost all the creative talent they once had it seems.

    • Uninteresting Curse File Implement says:

      Dead Island was actually pretty cool underneath all those bugs, and bugs, and brokenness, and forgettable story, and bugs. For a developer’s first attempt at a game of open-world dickery they got a lot of mechanics right, and the atmosphere was fantastic.