Free Crawling: The Mighty Quest For Epic Loot

Loot loot loot.

We’ve currently smuggled Adam out of the country to investigate all things new, French and Ubisoft, but to scoop him ourselves, they’ve just announced The Mighty Quest For Epic Loot. It is, and this is one to get your head around, a free-to-play asynchronous dungeon crawler/tower defence. And it has a brilliant name. There’s an announcement trailer below. It is very silly.

Coming from the team at Ubisoft Montreal – they who usually bring us things like Prince Of Persia and Far Cry – this is a multiplayer crawler with elements of tower defence and money-sucking decorations. There will be two ways to play – looting or defending. Players can create castles, and then fill them with traps, minions, then make them available to other players. Players who will then attempt to battle their way through into the central treasure room, and loot loot loot. Castles you’ve created will earn you rewards as other players die within them, and of course you’ll be gathering bonuses when you succeed in other people’s castles.

It’s not quite there, but the CGI trailer has clearly learned some lessons from Valve’s TF2 output. I laughed a few times! AND I HATE LAUGHTER.

The “Go fuck yourself” was a bit of a surprise, eh?

The site claims it’s open to registrations for the beta, but that appears broken at the moment. Although the 500 page I get when trying to register is pretty funny:

It sounds like a promising idea. One that will likely succeed or fail based on how it tries to make its money.


  1. Dyst says:

    I’m far more excited for this than any reasonable person should be. I love this new generation of actual good looking free to play games, rather than “good looking for a free to play game” games.

  2. DJJoeJoe says:

    “There was an error communicating with uPlay”

    Eh, I’ll wait to check this out. I kinda dig the humour. Kinda have to cringe through a lot of it but it seems to be knowingly cheesy and that’s a hard thing to pull off.

    • SelfEsteemFund says:

      So it has forced uplay? I’ll be skipping it then, had enough of that rubbish with Ass Creed on Steam completely neglecting to mention it’s required on the store page. Dirty tricks

  3. Worcanna says:

    I…like the idea. There was a Vita game that kinda wants to do something like this, “Ruin” i think? :) I do love the idea of making a dungeon and seeing if people can loot it. :)

  4. rocketman71 says:

    Yeah, Uplay. No, thanks, I like my browser without holes.

    • ReV_VAdAUL says:

      Indeed, this looks like it might be fun (although fancy CGI trailers can make most things look good) but computer security definitely trumps potential fun so I’ll be avoiding this.

  5. golem09 says:

    I wonder if there will be any way to prevent people from making super easy dungeons with massive loot just to level up friends…

    • lasikbear says:

      Seems like it could either go that way, or alternatively people will go the other way and use the most abusive traps and such. The difficulty here seems to be making it so you are rewarded for making a challenging dungeon, but also one that is fun to play.

  6. Inigo says:

    I miss Dungeon Runners.

    • rusty5pork says:

      Yeah. Dungeon Runners was basically NCSoft’s playground, where they tried everything out before they put it into other games. It was great.

  7. Choca says:

    If they don’t botch the free to play model, this could be interesting.

  8. JackShandy says:

    I wonder how they’ll manage difficulty level. I hope it’s fine to make massive, horribly difficult castles.

  9. golem09 says:

    Now that I’ve seen the video, did anyone else feel an old spice vibe when watching this? Unliminted gold flowing out and all.

  10. groovychainsaw says:

    If i was setting this up, i would say the number of ‘points’ used in laying down traps should equal the quality of the loot at the end/in chests (however they choose to dole it out). Takes the risk/reward out of the user’s hands and allows for difficult dungeons to have more loot whilst making it harder for people to game the system. But hey, I’m not a designer, who knows how this will work. It does sound like a neat concept though, and I’ll certainly try it for free (assuming all paid items are cosmetic??).

    • Noc says:

      I’m also wondering if a wager/pot system might work, where you bet gold to run a dungeon; if you win you get it back with some extra dungeon loots for your trouble, but if you lose your entrance fee goes into the “loot pile,” increasing the potential reward for subsequent runners. Conversely, winning depletes the loot pile and reduces the reward value, making the value determined by the k/d ratio of its runners.

      So if you make a super-easy dungeon that anyone can get through no trouble, the rewards will be proportionately piddly – and conversely, super-hard dungeons that rack up kills will have correspondingly juicy rewards at the end. And an “entrance fee” by the runner should help cut down on people artificially inflating their ratio by using other accounts and intentionally dying all the time – and if the dungeon owner gets a cut of the wager when a runner dies, then it provides incentive for them to make their dungeons as lethal as possible. I’m sure there are ways to exploit this system, but it seems like a fairly reasonable starting point.

  11. MadTinkerer says:

    Normally, I’d be put off by Free To Play, but I do already have a UPlay account (thanks to previously draconian UBIDRM) and if they can produce a trailer with this amount of personality, that’s a very good sign.

    I’ll bookmark it and try it when it’s a bit further along.

  12. MythArcana says:

    Whatwhatwhat? Ubisoft? Pass.

  13. Kein says:

    Oh wow, this looks damn lovely and the trailer is quite genuin–
    > uPlay
    haha no, thanks.

    “This is my PC! There are many like it, but this one – is mine! There is a big software and small software, good games or bad games. But one thing will never take its place here – uPlay.”

  14. ShineyBlueShoes says:

    Whatever’s going on seems intriguing even though the trailer gives no insight to what we’re doing or whether we’re the knight or what.

  15. golem09 says:

    Registration works now. In fact, my first broken registration went through.

  16. fyro11 says:

    Not sure about this Uplay nonsense. Otherwise, looked like a really fun premise.

    Loving the Shrek-styled trailer!

    Anyone know the music from 0:28 onwards?