Weather Or Not: Tripwire Show Off Rising Storm

Oh, he needs a step ladder.
Tripwire have released a bunch of footage of Rising Storm, narrated and explained by the lead dev. It shows some of the extremely diverse maps, as well as the combat in those environments. There’s some great detail in there, showing features such as Japanese riflemen using their grenades as boobytrap mines. Oddly, Heroes Of Stalingrad multiplayer is going to be included in this expansion, which basically means that by buying Rising Storm you’re going to get the meat of both games for free. That might raise a few eyebrows among the existing Red Orchestra onwership. Anyway, detailed nine-minute gameplay trailer below. Take a look!


  1. DuddBudda says:

    Was a great shame when BF3 came out and RO2 server pop died; very much looking forward to this

    • bob. says:

      That’s just not true. I still play this game every now and then it’s still great fun and never was empty. There’s a lack of good arcade and classic servers for me, but I prefer realism anyway. May depend on where you live though.

      • mrmalodor says:

        It’s absolutely true. The server pop has fallen under 1000 again. It’s truly a waste of a good game.

        • bob. says:

          Why is 1000 people unplayable? Oh by the way I’m not trying to make RO2 look like better, I was extremely disappointed as well. I actually cancelled my prepurchased limited edition because 5 minutes into the beta (which you got as LE prepurchase owner) I realized that this is buggy as shit and just not fun. It’s better now, though. And frankly there aren’t many alternatives to RO2.

          • DrGonzo says:

            Agreed about the pop cap. I preferred RO1 to the second game, but I think that’s down to the community. I enjoyed when there was just the one 64 player server full all the time, everyone knew everyone. No one was an arsehole. It was the friendliest community for a game I’ve ever played with and I miss it.

            So, imo 1000 players is too much. Lets get back to those old numbers!

            Also, Darkest Hour made RO1. I really hope the developers know this.

      • DuddBudda says:

        finding a server with less than 50% bots was impossible in the first couple months after BF launched

        things have recovered somewhat now, with a handful of fullsize servers consistently over 90% full, but it’s not like it was before BF3

        I really can’t see why – RO2’s restricted classes, atmosphere, maps and objective systems make for a much more interesting game than BF3

    • derbefrier says:

      heh BF3 had nothing to do with RO2 server pop dying, the game did that all by itself with probably the worst launch i have ever been a part of. The launch was a complete failure and it took modders to fix the horrible hit detection\lag issue by adding in client side hit detection even then it was too little too late.
      I haven’t tried it since the GOTY edition released since i have no interest in playing the same map over and over, i mean really releasing a game with only like 4 maps is dumb by itself. The only way i would even consider picking this up is if there was a substantial discount for RO2 owners who still havent got all the advertised features (co-op campaign anyone?). I hate being so negative about the game because when everything comes together like its supposed too its truly a wonderful experience but the launch was such a failure, combine that with missing features only a handful of maps, very low playerbase and a dumb progression system and you get a game that could have been great but ended up being quickly forgotten.

      • mrmalodor says:

        4 maps? Are you completely retarded or just blind?

        And you know what else is ironic? Vanilla BF3 had only 9 maps while RO2 had 10.

        • derbefrier says:

          ok so i was exaggerating a little. but the last time i played half the maps where not even in the one or 2 populated servers rotation and i would end up playing the same couple of maps over and over and over and over. I know i never played all 10 maps which is why i only remember 4 or so of the most played ones. still there’s no excuse for the game being out over a year thats still missing the advertised features that convinced me to give this game a shot. Tripwire is one of the few companies i’ll probably never buy from again I mean people bash blizzard and other big companies relentlessly for making a less than stellar game calling them sellouts and whatnot but an indie company straight up lies to its customers with promises of awesome sounding co-op modes and multi-player campaign modes and not a peep out of anyone.

          • ScubaMonster says:

            Only thing I’ll ever buy from them again is a Killing Floor 2. If they somehow mess that one up I’ll be pissed off.

          • mrmalodor says:

            1) Nobody gives a damn about co-op in a competitive multiplayer shooter. That’s why bot-enabled servers are so hated.
            2) Blaming the game because you happened to play in a server with a shitty map rotation is the peak of idiocy. Admins have full control over their servers, they can play the same map over and over if they want to.

        • Echo Black says:

          Writing a polite, well-articulated, long paragraph only to be unceremoniously called “blind or just retarded”. Why can’t we report comments (at least I don’t see the button)?

          • DrGonzo says:

            It was factually wrong. RO2 had more maps than BF3. It doesn’t matter how well you write crap, it’s still crap.

          • mrmalodor says:

            It couldn’t possibly have anything to do with the fact that he stated several outright lies? Don’t even get me started on how “well”-articulated that mess was.

        • SkittleDiddler says:

          Maybe he originally meant “4 maps worth playing”. RO2 has some truly shitty maps that only a handful of the community bother to play.

    • Motsew says:

      It was the ineptitude of the Tripwire developers for failing to listen to the community feedback that killed RO2, not the launch of Battlefield 3.

    • SlimPickins says:

      population dropped off after they wiped stats and all the other issues that plagued the release. it took me nearly 20 hours to unlock the barrel mag for my PPsH and for some reason I didnt feel like doing that all over again…

  2. MistaJah says:

    I pre-ordered RO2 and was disappointed. Was even more disappointed when the game went on sale only a few weeks after release. Including both games will surely increase sales but appreciating those who’ve already bought Heroes of Stalingrad would’ve been welcome . I’ll probably grab this from the bargain bin if I’ll still have interest and time for it, because the new setting looks nice.

  3. Njordsk says:

    I love RO2, seriously.

    But…. Too many games to play, don’t have time for this one :(

  4. Shortwave says:

    Thankfully this game finally runs properly for me since the huge long LONG awaited patch.
    Since then i’ve managed to get lots of fun out of this game, glad to hear this will be integrated right in.
    The balancing seems brilliant and I simply cannot wait to play the beach map / the jungle map.

    now just show me some in game of Vietnam so I can wet myself a bit more, thanks!

    Side note, I always seem to be able to find a 50+ populated server without bots lately so.. No complains here for that.. Canada..

  5. Echo Black says:

    Wasn’t this going to be free? The least Tripwire could was living up to that promise after not releasing any new tanks/vehicles/APC for RO2 as they promised they would. Tank battles, once a mainstay of RO (many people played tank maps only! There were Tank-only clans!) are a neat little diversion in RO2 and nothing more

    • Livebythesword says:

      They never promised it would be free. What they said from the start was that if they think it’s good enough they’ll charge people for it.

    • Mattressi says:

      I was thinking that it should be free, too. It’s one thing to release a new game that everyone loves and then to capitalise on it by releasing an expansion. It’s another to shoddily release a broken new game with some of the great features of the original missing (big, open tank and infantry battles, not just small skirmish maps, occasionally with one tank on each team) and a host of horrible additions (levelling system which is broken and forces you to use whatever the latest thing you’ve unlocked is, with no way to go back to your previous weapon; unauthentic/unrealistic loadouts; a levelling system at all), then to try to capitalise on it anyway. I don’t think Tripwire have a lot of goodwill left from the community and RO2 is all but dead. Rising Sun could have been released as a free expansion (or just a mod) in order to gain back some community trust and to hopefully revive RO2. Instead, they’re further frustrating their fans by forcing fans to buy the expansion, while others can just buy the expansion and get the only good part of RO2 (the “campaign” was a joke). I wonder how many of the hardcore fans will actually buy the expansion. They’re the ones that run the servers and keep the game populated, so if they don’t buy it, other people might buy it and find there’s no one to play with.

      Anyway, it’s their decision, but I hope that the community that they’ve screwed around will head elsewhere. I know I sure will.

      • Echo Black says:

        You have put it better than I ever could.

      • wengart says:

        RO2 isn’t dead though. Ever since the first big content patch with the new map population has been between 800-1,500 concurrent players. In fact a lot of the complaints you have are no longer valid.

        Currently Tripwire is working on its next RO2 content patch which will contain two new light tanks and I believe half-tracks, along with a big combined arms map. They also are running a custom map competition so there are about 3-5 custom maps on most rotations now.

        Now I will be a little annoyed if I don’t get a discount on Rising Storm, but I will still buy it because Tripwire does post launch support unlike most of the industry. We’ve got stability fixes, new game modes, new content, and all of this stuff is free.

        • Jimmy says:

          Hear, hear, to a discount for HOS owners. Good to hear about the combined arms map, as I miss those maps most of all.

        • Snuffy the Evil says:

          It’s important to keep in mind that they’ve been working on the “next big content patch” for more than a year.

      • DrGonzo says:

        The weapon unlocks thing is fixed by the way. You can use whatever you want now, remove bayonets or sights if you don’t like what you’ve unlocked.

        But I agree about charging for this add on. They said that RO2 sold more copies than they had anticipated. Good for you, now give us a free content add on like this and I will like your company a lot more and actually come back to the game.

        As it is currently, this add on actually puts me off ever going back to RO2, rather than making me want it.

        • Mattressi says:

          It’s a shame that it took them so long to fix it. I held off a few months before buying, due to hearing complaints about the beta being way too buggy. I ended up buying it and already there weren’t many players on (I’m in Australia, btw). Apparently there was a large number of Aus players, then they started to leave when the game wasn’t being fixed. I stayed around for quite a while until I was seeing the same few faces (well, names) every round – everyone else had left. At that time, the unlocks still weren’t fixed.

          It’s great that they fixed it finally, but it’s too late for me now. From what I’ve heard, the Aus servers are all pretty empty. It’s sad – it took a few years before RO1 servers were empty enough that the Aus community had to organise around one server and agree to play on Friday nights (every other night, few to none were on). Yet, it sounds like it’s taken RO2 one year to achieve that.

          Perhaps I’ll check it out again once they’ve released this big update – I’d love to play some big maps, which don’t just feel like WW2 CoD with a bit more realism.

          • Pelt Hunter says:

            Agreed. I played it for 10 hours before they fixed everything. That’s not a lifetime obviously, but once they reset those stats it was like… where’s the incentive to get all those unlocks and achievements again? One would’ve thought the beta had ironed those issues out but even big games can’t foresee problems. I’m looking at you id with RAGE…

            Another huge put-off for me is the menus for some odd reason. They are so antiquated and hideous. Not even in the way of skeuomorphism.. just bad, clunky, unsightly menus.

          • StoneMason says:

            link to

            If you are in Aus and want to find a game, hop in this Steam Group. The event notifications are for a custom map server that is usually full 2-3 nights a week. Some of the recent custom maps like Bridges of Druzhina really add back some of the combined arms gameplay that was completely absent from stock RO2.

            Unfortunately the RO2 server browser seems to bug out and not show all servers, definitely enhances the feeling of the game being dead/empty. I’m very thankful to the guy who runs that Aussie server, he’s almost always on hand to fix problems, change maps. Well worth checking out.

  6. ShatteredAwe says:

  7. Pelt Hunter says:

    BF3 and CS:GO are currently my go-to FPSs of choice but I’m definitely buying this to support the dev. I enjoy a good round of RO when the mood strikes and it deserves a higher population than it has garnered.

    It somewhat disappointing that the game has been discounted to ridiculous prices and some very close to release but that’s the way it goes. I’ll still day one purchase games like this, ones that I feel deserve the support.


    • Meusli says:

      I agree with supporting them to a point. They were man enough to come out and apologise and fix the gameplay to different modes/styles and also fix most of the bugs.
      I did think this expansion was going to be free though and I do play a lot of other games that are vying for my attention. So I am going to wait this time and see which way the wind blows.

  8. Torgen says:

    So, I hope this will be a decent PTO infantry sim. The fighting and hardships on Guadalcanal were unbelievable. (read “Guadalcanal” by Richard Frank.) There hasn’t been any Pacific shooter other than that one.. World at War or something?

    • Velko says:

      Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault. Which, unfortunately, was a bit crap and entirely forgettable. I bought it for €2.5 from a bargain bin though, so playing the campaign through gave me value for money…

  9. tigershuffle says:

    was playing RO2 last night and it does make you wish for the heady days of Orel tank maps etc on a full server.
    Got very bored very quickly playing HouseClearance 2.

    Would love Darkest Hour 2 but will probably carry on playing Invasion44 mod on Arma2 for my WW2 shooty stuff …..for now

  10. Bweahns says:

    The game runs awesome now unfortunately it wasn’t released in its current state and the only maps that get played now are small custom maps designed for the max people I can find on a local server which is around 12-16 people. 8(

  11. TheSetler says:

    i really don’t like that if you buy the expansion pack you get the ro 2 multiplayer for free (i bought the game already)