Now You Remember Me, Now You Don’t

Now I will hurt your eyes with bright lights. TO DEATH.

The reason, of course, that the hypothetical “you” in this scenario no longer Remembers Me is that you’re unconscious. You were trying to chase hypothetical me down, I think, but then I used my cyberpunk Power Glove to overload your brain. Also, I did a bunch of flips and narrowly escaped a bullet-spewing helicopter at every turn. Seriously, we’re out of turns now, because I used them all up. So, in this hypothetical situation, who am I? You may be devastatingly shocked to find out that I’m the main character from Capcom’s Remember Me. Don’t let me blow your mind with this revelation, though. As evidenced by ten new minutes of action-heavy footage, that’d be very, very bad for you.


OK, so dialog probably won’t be this one’s strong suit. Beyond that, this snippet is much more Assassin’s Creed than the previous, shockingly stirring bout of mental meddling. And on principle, I certainly don’t mind that, but the execution here looks… questionable. Running and clambering look nowhere near as smooth as in Ubisoft’s eagle-scream-powered opus, and the basics of combat seem a bit stiff as well. Granted, the special powers seem like they could be interesting, although the ones displayed here just seem like variations on brain grenade – which sounds far cooler in writing than in practice.

I also have to echo Craig’s fear of thinly veiled linearity, seeing as the helicopter chase, especially, seems to crib more notes from, say, Uncharted than even AC. Speaking of, a sidenote: that poor helicopter pilot. I feel like, if I managed to miss every single time while expending such a torrential total of bullets, I wouldn’t even be able to look at myself in the mirror the next day. I mean, honestly, maybe it’s time to find a new job. I’ve seen Storm Troopers who are better shots. Dead ones.

Anyway, Remember Me! There’s promise here, but I’m pretty wary at this point. We’ll see. If nothing else, it’s more cyberpunk – which I’m all for – but of the current crop, Watch Dogs‘ methodical approach fascinates me far more. Maybe Remember Me still has an ace or two up its gray-matter-melting digi-sleeve, though. It’s out in May 2013, so there’s certainly plenty of time.


  1. Moni says:

    Something really bothers me about seeing someone platforming in heels.

    • Lagwolf says:

      Best comment of the week… by far.

    • The Magic says:

      They’re not too bad, relatively modest and certainly one would be capable of doing some action in those shoes. They’re probably not amazingly comfortable, nor suited to such activity but it doesn’t seem like she was expecting a helicopter chase when she got dressed in the morning.

      • SuperNashwanPower says:

        I just found myself really hoping the bullets would find their target. Not a likable character at all, at least based on this.

        • Hmm-Hmm. says:

          Yeah, I found myself thinking that as well. I usually don’t feel that way, but with her.. perhaps it’s because messing with people’s minds feels more intrusive? I honestly don’t know.

          • SuperNashwanPower says:

            No she’s just really irritating :) She has the same accent as where I am from, and so to me just sounds like a really flouncy, annoying mardy cow from my local pub. The kind that would be outside at about 11pm mouthing off at the bouncer for daring to chuck her out after she puked on the bar …

    • S Jay says:

      platforming in heels and on rails…

    • skittles says:

      The bit that got me compared to the unlikable protagonist, is what an awful shot the other guy is. Like enemies are shit shots in all games, but here she is damn well running in straight lines most of the time, yet somehow is never hit by a damn minigun. Completely immersion breaking.

  2. Lord Custard Smingleigh says:

    AMNESIA? I can’t remember that plot device ever being used in a game before.

  3. Chaz says:

    Looks very much like Tomb Raider with cyberpunk window dressing.

    • dontnormally says:

      Looks like what a proper Oni sequel could have been.
      (pre-microsoft Bungie cyberpunk action game)

      link to

      edit: Oh god, I just got to “THE HUNTED BECOMES… THE HUNTAAAAAAH.” What cheese.

      • Lagwolf says:

        Yes alas Oni was bloody awful. I would love a good version Oni and yes this game trailer reminded me very much of Oni.

  4. MaXimillion says:

    Really linear and completely unrealistic chase sequence. Combined with the previous linear footage, this has pretty much killed my hopes of this game being any good.

    • noodlecake says:

      Oh no! A video game not being realistic? How terrible. It’s funny that you didn’t pick on the holograms and gadgets. They aren’t very realistic either.

      Linearity in games isn’t always bad. You can tell a better story with linear gameplay. Look at The Witcher vs Skyrim.

      • liquidsoap89 says:

        I love linear games, but this didn’t look fun. I love the aesthetic, anything sci-fi is gold to me. But that dialogue really kills it for me, as do those animations, and that was a pretty lame chase, and my suspension of disbelief was pretty much gone seeing that dude miss her so much, and she literally yelled the story cliche to us…

        I did like the look of those people’s minds exploding when she punched them though.

    • SelfEsteemFund says:

      It’s sad as the aesthetic is actually quite nice, everything else is just uninteresting though.

    • cspkg says:

      ‘ I wouldn’t even be able to look at myself in the mirror the next day’. This. How can developers still sell this stuff as a fun way to pass leisure time?

      A non buy for me.

  5. Xocrates says:

    Is Neo-Paris the same city as regular Paris? If so why “Neo”?

    And for that matter why Neo instead of New? I know it sounds futuristic and whatnot, but “neo” is ancient greek, it’s actually an older word than “new”.

    Also, why am I concerned with this?

    • Toberoth says:

      Neo-Tokyo is about to E.X.P.L.O.D.E.

    • aamosnyc says:

      Nouvelle Paris?

    • Belua says:

      It has nothing to do with “new”. The building this scene begins on is the Paris-based church of a cult called “Neo”, which is basically a french club for fanboys of The Matrix. Every saturday they watch the now ancient movie and celebrate the fact that they succeeded in erasing the sequels from the history books.

      The main character has just discovered this secret and is about to retrieve evidence that The Matrix was indeed a trilogy, so the Neo guys send a chopper to stop her from unleashing the horrible, horrible truth upon the world.

      • sbs says:

        I’m loving the comments so far, RPS at it’s best <3 I love you gentlemen

        RE: Game – What stuck out to me was that it seemed like every few steps the gameplay was interrupted by some mini-cutscene. That might get a tiny bit annoying? However, that first gameplay footage didn't seem as undynamic and a little more free, this excerpt may be one setpiece within the other gameplays(ungh).
        Question seems to be which video represents the major bulk of gameplay better – I sure hope it's the former.

        edit: wasn’t meant as a reply. can’t seem to edit out reply. terribly sorry.

      • liquidsoap89 says:

        I like the sequels… So there!

    • AlwaysRight says:

      Because futurism

    • maninahat says:

      It’s also embarrassing that we have to be told its Paris, in spite of the fact that the Eiffel tower is in plain view. Where else could it be? Blackpool?

    • Tatourmi says:

      Well, thing is, new paris is even more unlikely than neo paris. Neo is a somewhat accepted prefix in french, as it is from greek origins as you pointed out and that makes it sort of a universally accepted prefix, something new will probably never be. The frenchpeoplez don’t speak english. Nouvelle Paris is sort of wrong, nouveau paris would probably be the way to say it. But nouveau paris just sounds dumb anyway.

      Also yeah, I realise that this game probably didn’t think too much about that but still…

      • Xocrates says:

        Continuing the pointless discussion:

        Given the “neo” prefix implies it’s not Paris, and added to the fact that no-one in the trailer speaks french or even has a french accent, we could reasonably argue that the game isn’t set in France.

    • Aedrill says:

      One of the chapters in game will be played in N3w York

    • ElVaquero says:

      Because Akira.

  6. noodlecake says:

    The visual style looks fantastic! Especially for a Capcom game. They are usually unbelievably tacky. I do find that hologram thing on the back of her neck pretty distracting though and it does seem to have some pretty corny writing and voice acting although in comparison to other Capcom games it’s probably the best I’ve heard in that regard too. This seems like one to look forward to.

  7. Grey Ganado says:

    I love the glitchy music but the character design and her walking animations just look wrong somehow.

    • noodlecake says:

      I like the character design but she does have a weird walk. Kinda like a chav swagger.

      • Toberoth says:

        Swagger jagger, you mean?

      • maninahat says:

        I’d buy it if they did make the protagonist a chav. A chav would make a brilliant protagonist: she’d be irreverant, slightly stupid, and cocksure like most protagonists, but in a much funnier way.

        • The Random One says:

          …That’s kind of brilliant actually.


  8. Premium User Badge

    FhnuZoag says:

    Does anyone actually *like* these timed platforming segments? Whenever I see them in games, I find them more a chore to be endured than anything else.

    • The white guar says:

      ^ This.

    • Valkyr says:

      Well I liked them in Prince of Persia 2 (the Dahaka chases). It felt like streamlining all the moves, something I found back in Mirror’s Edge.

    • Premium User Badge

      particlese says:

      I know people who love that stuff. For me, though, it depends on how much there is of it how forgiving it is: If the helicopter never kills me, then it’s irritating noise while I tomb-raid my way across town; if making an unscheduled move usually leads to death, I’ll probably go play something else. I’m guessing the trailer shows a more or less perfect progression, which makes it hard to tell what the gameplay is really like. As a point of comparison, I loved getting good at the chase sequences in Mirror’s Edge.

      Looks like a fun game to watch if the player’s good, at any rate.

  9. c-Row says:

    So, it’s opening with a zooming and panning camera showing your character walking, followed by 2 seconds of what seems to be actual player input, then followed by yet another cut scene right after landing on the platform. Uh-huh…

  10. Yargh says:

    I much preferred the game when it was about being all stealthy making a (supposed) scumbag chief of police falsely remember that he had murdered his wife so he would put a bullet in his own head.

    Much better than having to punch the EXPLODE command into the back of the guard’s skulls.

  11. Delicious Narwhal says:

    Why does she have a Chozo artifact stuck to the back of her head? Is this game Metroid canon now?

  12. BatmanBaggins says:

    For some reason the dialogue and one-liners bothered me way more than they probably should have. Really distracting and cringe-inducing.

    • lowprices says:

      The reason is that the writing and voice-acting was very bad.

      This is a Capcom game, however, so that’s par for the course.

  13. Milky1985 says:

    Yeah i think this is a lot more uncharted than ass creed, not that this is a abd thing, just its gonna be linear.

    Linear isn’t always a bad thing if the plot is any good, but it needs to be good if they are gonna pull this sort of thing off.

    TBH i havn’t yet heard from capcom if it is meant to be open world or linear, just press commenting on the footage.

  14. westyfield says:

    Logic bombs: now actual bombs, apparently.

  15. povu says:

    8:30 That voice acting, that writing. Yeah, I’ll pass.

    • maninahat says:

      I can’t believe the villain actually shouts: “Curse you!”

      What is this, He Man?

  16. woodsey says:

    The art direction is pretty ugly and the gameplay seems pretty uninspired. So, uh… whoop?

  17. BrendanJB says:

    Sounds like they hired the voice actors from Hydrophobia.

  18. Arclight says:

    From “might be interesting” to “think I’ll pass” in less than 10 minutes. Impressive.

  19. subenji says:

    Ugh why do devs still do this!? I thought this practice had been put to bed.

    The first time it appears you as a player have control, after watching their cinematic camera pan to her on top of that crane, you run and jump forward – then ANOTHER cutscene plays.

    If you’re going to give me control, DO NOT wrench it away from me less than 5 seconds later!

    • AlwaysRight says:

      That annoyed me too:
      “you’re free”
      *jumps over barrier*
      “WHOA! Ok thats enough”

  20. maninahat says:

    I think the saddest part is that the team probably thought they were being clever by inserting a Strong Female Protagonist . It seems like that’s the driving force behind new female protagonists these days, (c.f Hydrophobia); let’s simply copy Jade from Beyond Good and Evil; progressiveness and good character design means doing things exactly the same!

    It’s good that we’re seeing more female protagonists. It’s bad that they’re all boring, tough guy, 20-something models.

    • The Magic says:

      It would be nice to have variety, but atleast this isn’t going too far into the “Strong Female Character” stereotype. But then we’ve only seen a tiny bit of very non character illuminating footage.

  21. Monkeh says:

    IMO the animations look alright, they’re just too slow.

    • Mana_Garmr says:

      Indeed. Every time she hit a ledge or railing that required climbing her movements lost all sense of urgency. It actually seemed to move faster during the indoor sections, like she was is a hurry to get back to where the helicopter could find her again.

  22. JiminyJickers says:

    The video did not make me want to play the game at all.

  23. Turkey says:

    Different aesthetic. Same old crap.

  24. Lawful Evil says:

    I think the game looks interesting. Of course there are those few unfortunate statements made by the protagonist and the enemy, but stil I’m not horrified at least. Also, perhaps I’m wrong but the caracter animations have improved significantly when compared to the previous showings of the game.

    The parts that I disliked actually were those mele combats. I don’t know for sure, but it’s like the enemies are battling her one by one, as if they’re waiting for their turn… I would have expected from them to be more cooperative and, well, agressive (Also, why the enemies aren’t using guns or something similar?).

  25. PikaBot says:

    Every single line of dialogue was cringeworthy, her running animation is stiff and awkward, the platforming was slow and ungainly…What little there was here that didn’t look awful appeared to have been reproduced directly from the Arkham Asylum games. Definitely going to give this one a miss.

  26. digitalsoap says:

    If you like cut scenes right in the middle of action and platforming sequences then this might be the game for you.

  27. kud13 says:

    Cyberpunk Paris run by a memories cartel that’s slowly turning the City of Lights into a police state is a great idea for a setting.

    But unless they throw some actual non-linearity and exploration in there, it’ll feel kinda wasted. And the dialogue and characters so far do not a epic, uber-compelling story make.

  28. kwyjibo says:

    Meh – I liked the original trailer, because the setting and premise looked cool.

    The gameplay though, looks like a dull as fuck linear action cinematic-’em-up, so I’m probably going to pass.

    The last “looked cool” game I went for was Syndicate 2012 dubstep edition. Complete fucking waste of time.

  29. Lord of the Fungi says:

    I use to think this game may end up interesting. Then I got this linear, cutscene-riddled video of boring jumping and fighting to the knee.

  30. T-Bone says:

    “Careful sis, he’s eccentric”

    I don’t know why but that stands out as one of the silliest lines of dialogue I’ve heard in a long while

  31. Andy`` says:

    Somehow the style and setting make me believe that, with proper treatment, they could have made a really interesting scifi movie, or with awful treatment something that’s at least a bit entertaining like the Aeon Flux movie. Instead they made a game, and it looks like a really rigid and wobbly game.

    The punchathon looked really neat though.

  32. Aatch says:

    I agree with many of the posters in this thread. Seems like a very boring, lackluster game.

    What the hell is with that thing on her neck? I spent the entire video watching it. It’s clear that it is something in this world, but does it have to be so obvious?

    The writing is bad. Not just the dialogue, but the events, it’s cliché and uninspired. She can take memories (maybe) and at least knock people unconscious with that weird spike thing, why didn’t she do that to the helicopter guy? Since he is “eccentric” (really…?) then making him forget why he went on a helicopter rampage seems like it would be a good strategy. “Cap’n Trace shot up some building with a helicopter” “Why?” “Says he doesn’t remember” “Typical Trace… We really should install breathalysers in the cybertanks and neo-copters”