Spare A Thought For The IndieFort Bundle

The new IndieFort bundle over at Gamersgate is like a pick and mix stand, allowing purchasers to select three, six or nine games from a selection of 24. Three for £2.49, six for £4.49 or nine for £6.49. There are a few obvious savings, with Telepath RPG: Servants of God and Air Buccaneers valued at £17.95 and £24.95 respectively. There are deals to be had then and some decent games in the selection, including the two aforementioned, Dark Scavenger, Cardinal Quest, and Tiny and Big. The deal runs for three weeks and starting from the 21st it’ll be possible to vote for your favourite three games. The winners will be sold in a $3 pack. There’s a trailer below that shows all the games in action

Like any pick and mix, the choices include some unidentified confections, the ones that tend to be in overflowing containers because no one has decided to try them yet. I don’t know what Devil Whiskey tastes like, for example, although judging by the name it’s what my mouth tastes like after a particularly heavy night out. Brimstone, fear and sin. Ordinarily that particular RPG would cost £19.95 but here it could be part of your cut-price selection.

If nothing else, it’s a cheap way to get hold of Air Buccaneers.


  1. Zelius says:

    I’m currently slightly strapped for cash. If you were to choose only 3 games, wich would you recommend?

    • randjamal says:

      I got Project Black Sun, Tiny & Big, and Three Dead Zed because I’m a sucker for platformers and because I already own the majority of the other games (I’m a bundle addict). I would recommend cardinal quest, black market, and will fight for food as well.

    • AngryBadger says:

      Tiny and Big is fantastic. Its worth the asking price just for that game.

    • tobecooper says:

      I’d go with: Tiny and Big, because people seem to like it. Dark Scavenger because it is a fantabulous game. And a third game… I don’t know.

      • Baines says:

        Hrm. Most of the positives that I’ve read for Tiny & Big were written *before* the game came out. Afterwards, I’ve read more middling or even negative things, like it being a good concept that suffers poor design. Which makes me reluctant to add it myself.

        • tobecooper says:

          That is true. But at this price I’d throw reluctance out the window.

    • Carlsson says:

      I am at Tiny&Big, Air Buccaneers and …

      • frightlever says:

        You and everybody else probably. I’m waiting for the 3 for $3 deal which will almost definitely include those two.

    • Oozo says:

      Dark Scavenger really is the most lovely kind of batshit insane. Plus: It’s the rare kind of game with newish mechanisms that actually work fine. The developers described the game as “turn-based combat point-and-click adventure”, and it’s pretty accurate… if that does pique your interest, the game is well worth a look. For me, it’s one of the nicest surprises of the year, actually.

      (Adam thought so, too: link to

    • Memphis-Ahn says:

      Project Black Sun is a damn good Metroidvania type game (it’s no La Mulana though) and Survivors of Ragnarok certainly has a ton of potential but it’s in a very alpha stage.

    • Zelius says:

      Thanks for the suggestions! Looks like I’ll be getting Tiny & Big, Air Buccaneers (simply because I’m a sucker for airships), and Project Black Sun.

      • Ragnar says:

        Dark Scavenger looks the best to me, but it’s also now available via Bundle in a Box, which may influence decisions to pick up something else here instead.

        Going to try the Telepath RPG demo, see how that is.

    • Ragnar says:

      My 3 would be Dark Scavenger, Telepath RPG, and Girl with a Heart of.
      If picking up Dark Scavenger from link to instead, then probably Air Buccaneers for the third one.

      FWIW, I thoroughly enjoyed Sentinel 3 on my Android phone. I wouldn’t rate it as highly as Defense Grid or Defender’s Quest, but it’s the Android game that I’ve spent the most time playing. My biggest complaint about Sentinel 3 is that there are too many waves, and the missions take too much time to get through towards the end (easily 20-60 minutes to get through a mission on double speed).

  2. Revisor says:

    Is Telepath RPG worth it?

    • Martel says:

      I’d like to know as well, but the fact that it says it’s a steampunk setting might mean that I’ll get the bronze pack just to try it out. Hard to resist that

    • Cpt. Beercan says:

      Is it worth £0.83? Which is the most you’d have to pay for it.

      Without having played it, i can say it certainly is.

      • Revisor says:

        Not worth the money – worth the time, which is how I judge all games nowadays.

    • Droopy The Dog says:

      Played the trial and enjoyed it greatly. I jumped at the chance to get it for a fraction of the asking price though.

      Bought star prospector and air buccaneers to go with it and it feels like a massive bargain to me.

      • Droopy The Dog says:

        Ok, star prospector is pretty atrocious in every way, in case anyone else felt like taking a punt on a random game.

        • Mattressi says:

          Good to know. I was considering it, among others. Still trying to narrow down which 3 I’ll get. The only one I’m certain of is Air Buccaneers.

        • frightlever says:

          I bought Star Prospector a coupla weeks ago sight unseen because I liked the idea, but yeah it’s a fairly clunky RTS. It’d be tolerable if they improved the controls.

          It’s not THAT bad though. A bit like Total Annihilation you have a commander figure, but it can be upgraded with money you earn from beating the randomly generated levels and with random equipment drops. Nothing really stands out, but it tries to be something different at least.

          • Droopy The Dog says:

            The pace is glacially slow. The AI is non-existant. The randomly generated missions are incredibly simplistic and formulaic. You can only select 12 units at once. The engine can only move maybe 30 units at once, even though it lets you build far more, once it hits that limit nothing else can walk untill something stops. The unit design is dull. And again for emphasis, the pace is so incredibly slow it hurts.

            Basically, there’s better free flash RTSes by the dozen than this. It certainly doesn’t deserve even a superficial comparison to something like TA.

  3. Nice Save says:

    Seems like my IGN 15% discount changed into 15% blue coin cashback.

    • Colonel J says:

      Mine too.
      And considering I paid for the thing with spare Blue Coins, this was the bargain of the week. I’d have paid more than £2.49 for AIr Buccaneers or Tiny & Big individually.
      I struggled to chose a third game I thought I’d ever install but went for Black Market.

    • SkittleDiddler says:

      I hope that’s not a permanent thing and only applies to the bundle sale.

      • Kaira- says:

        Well, either way you save 15%, though the blue coins are obviously a little less operateable because they are store credit.

        • SkittleDiddler says:

          They also expire after six months, so there’s that too.

          I don’t buy enough regularly-priced games at GG to really make use of their reward system.

          • qrter says:

            It’s 12 months, not 6.

          • SkittleDiddler says:

            @ qrter: so it is. Thanks for clarifying that.

          • qrter says:

            Thanks for bringing it up!

            I didn’t know GG had a limit regarding earned Blue Coins. Good to know.

          • Llewyn says:

            Have you actually had blue coins expire on you though? I’d read the same condition a while ago but had (earned, not bought) blue coins older than 12 months on my account at the time, which were still valid when I subsequently bought SoI for CKII. I can’t work out if it’s a “we reserve the right to expire blue coins” situation, if it’s 12 months from the most recently added coins, if it’s 12+X months to give a little margin for error or if it simply isn’t working properly.

      • Colonel J says:

        It’s just for this bundle. My IGN 15% still works for other things.

        • Droopy The Dog says:

          Yeah, just tested it on mine too. It’s only the bundle that turns into a blue coins cashback, anything else I put in the cart comes with the usual 15% discount off the price.

    • Delusibeta says:

      For some items, the 15% discount is changed to a store credit bonus of 15% of the purchase price, evidently this is one of them. Makes sense, since it’s an offer where you can theoretically get £50 (by RRP) worth of game for £2.50.

  4. Keymonk says:

    I thought, I bought.

  5. Dr I am a Doctor says:

    Yeah well
    where’s my steam
    that’s what i thought

    • The Random One says:

      …Are you singing?

    • SkittleDiddler says:

      Ah, one of those.

      • Lord Custard Smingleigh says:

        I’ve never seen any proof he’s a doctor, either. His avatar has squinty, suspicious eyes, too.

        • SkittleDiddler says:

          You look like a doctor, though. A Lord Doctor, a master physician if you please.

          Do you know anything about anal polyps? I’m having some problems.

  6. pertusaria says:

    Dark Scavenger looked awesome in RPS’ writeup, and I’m curious about Telepath RPG, so I guess it’ll be those two and Air Buccaneers.

  7. Temple says:

    First I would like to say I often understand things. It is often remarked upon in my social circles, my understanding of things.
    It just happens I post here when I don’t understand things.

    So, we buy the games we want and THEN we vote on the games we want for them to offer us them cheaper at a later date… I’m missing something?

    • The Random One says:

      Yeah, well, how will you vote for your favorite games if you haven’t played them yet? Basic common sense, man!

  8. Risingson says:

    Devil Whiskey is actually the semi-remake of Bard’s Tale. Has anybody tried it?

    • Ice Cream Jonsey says:

      I bought it when it was first released several years ago. It has Bard’s Tale / Wizardry / Might & Magic-style gameplay, but it is not a remake. It has beautiful music, hand-painted graphics and tons of spell and weapon options. It really is a great addition to the CRPG genre if you like that sort of game. I don’t really tend to get addicted to games, but I didn’t do much else after purchasing it. It’s got that “one more dungeon level” thing going for it.

  9. The Random One says:

    I’ll probably pick up Telepath Servants Whatever because I remember its author talking about how game journalists didn’t pay attention to its symbolism and I want to see how well it compares to, say, that free game Lim from yesterday.

  10. seamoss says:

    Many of these games have Linux ports – I wish GG would offer Linux downloads or maybe just activation keys that worked on all platforms.

  11. Falsen says:

    Here’s a Steam Greenlight collection with the Indiefort bundle games. In case anyone is interested:

    link to

  12. KDR_11k says:

    Urk, 3079, such a waste… I’d like a game like that without such a totally effed up combat. You can fire most weapons of your level maybe 3 times before you have to wait for your energy to recharge and that’s usually not nearly enough to kill anything so most of the time you’re staring at your target (or hopping around to avoid counter fire) waiting for your energy reserves to climb high enough for another shot.

    • thaumoradiance says:

      I was considering it as well, but the gameplay videos really put me off. Not that I feel like trying it now – but doesn’t playing it online, with a few other people to provide support, make it more tolerable?

  13. BooleanBob says:

    Holy samovar, it’s Demise, the first game I ever read a review of in PCG.

  14. Servizio says:

    I wish they had Intrusion 2 on here. I could kick myself for missing it when it was in the IndieFort 2 bundle.

  15. brulleks says:

    Sounds like there’s going to be quite a few of us populating the Air Buccaneers HD servers then. Excellent stuff.

    On a side note, for anyone that’s worrying about the buying process, the games download and install individually from Gamersgate’s servers without any third party software, and extremely quickly – I just downloaded and installed both TIny & Big and AB HD in under 10 minutes.

  16. RogB says:

    survivors of ragnarok appears to be a terraria/dwarf fortress hybrid.

    if this is even remotely true, this would be the best thing ever. Anyone tried it?

    • njursten says:

      Quite confusing in the beginning. But after my one dwarf settlement had died 4-5 times, I started to get the hang of it. My two longer plays both lasted only for 5 minutes because a dwarf jumped down into the ground, causing the game to lock up.

      • njursten says:

        Did another try. Got a bit further this time, but still locked up after about 10 minutes. This time I regularly saved, though. Unfortunately that didn’t help, as the game crashes when I press the ‘load’ button in the menu.

        Also, if anyone buys this game: you can scroll around using WASD. Only took me 20 minutes or so to figure out, as it’s not mentioned anywhere. You’d think the arrow keys would work. It’s not as if they’re used for anything else.

  17. eleven0911 says:

    Meat processing machine
    Pleased to be here and see this. Many thanks for sharing.

    • Dilapinated says:

      I thought for a moment this was about A Machine For Pigs.

      Spambot + tiredbrain has made me sad and disappointed.

  18. thaumoradiance says:

    Hm. Before reading the comments, I did not expect much out of the games apart from those recommended by the Savygamer folks. I suppose I might be getting the 6-pack after this (not that, and definitely not *that* one, but one consisting of lovely indie titles).

  19. montfalcon says:

    Just to point out, you can get Black Market as a free download from the Developers Website.

    link to

    As far as I can tell, it’s the full game, no restrictions or activations needed.

    From my few minutes toying with it, it seems like a fun Elit/Freelancer style space-shooter/trading sim. Worth a look, you can play a low res version of it in your browser on their website at link to

  20. Yglorba says:

    Am I the only one who thinks the voting thing is a bit odd? Obviously I’m going to vote for games that I didn’t purchase, since I want the three-best bundle to consist of stuff I don’t already have.